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Monday, November 20, 2017

Download Driver Canon PIXMA MP160

Canon PIXMA MP160 Driver Download. This Canon PIXMA MP160 printer is a cheap purchase, good print quality, but with color cartridge very, very high follow-up costs. Have the device are about 3 weeks and I would not buy it again. Already the third color cartridge is through. After about 14 to a maximum of 18 copies of the front and back of the CD, the color cartridge is no longer usable. At a price of 21 euros per color cartridge way too high. The hint of 155 copies in color, with 5% coverage is hardly mentioned. And who makes texts in color? In practice, there are more images that require a color cartridge. An indication of how many pictures can be printed in about 10cm by 15 cm or in another format would be worth mentioning. If you print a lot in color, you should keep your hands off. For all the other a good device.

Canon PIXMA MP160 Printer Driver Download
By a coupon I came to me to buy the Canon Pixma MP160. The scan function works very well. Copying without having to turn on the PC is also very easy. You can even choose to have the expression in B/W or in color. In fact, the colors are not very long. I once 20 color pages with photo copied, then the cartridges were empty. Also, I often have the problem that I dry the colors, but maybe the device can not help it. The expressions are always quite good and if, for example, the color has gone out black, you can "persuade" the device to make the expression in a different color and if you now necessarily need an expression immediately.

Canon PIXMA MP160 Software Driver Download
Canon PIXMA MP160 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon PIXMA MP160
If the Canon Pixma MP160 prints, you should know that this is very loud, so do not be scared. The inks can also be refilled then I spend 10, - € per cartridge. The Canon PIXMA MP160 will indicate that it has run out of ink, but it will still print correctly, so do not let the ad irritate you. The Canon PIXMA MP160 is cheap to buy for the price it can be a lot even the driver installation is very simple. If you buy a cheap printer, then you should not expect too much, for example, then fall back on "refill". But I think the price-performance ratio is quite good. Especially the scanner offers some functions! One should already pick up the old cartridges at least to be able to scan. They can be completely empty, this does not annoy the device, but there must be some in the printer!

Download Driver Printer Canon PIXMA MP160
This is not solved well, because I do not need any ink to scan! Unfortunately, you can not refill the cartridges "infinitely", at some point they are broken. Also, in the meantime I had to realize that the ink dries regularly and therefore unusable, rather the problem of the device and is not due to the conditions in my apartment. Another disadvantage I have discovered: often in promotions in supermarkets & Co "no name" ink cartridges offered, the cartridges needed for the Canon Pixma MP160 never! A shame, because the original ink cartridges from Canon are so expensive that the price for the printer itself compared to the price of the cartridges is completely insane!

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