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HP AMP 100 Driver Download. One thing must be left to HP, their devices at the current time are almost all the same in the technical field and also in the handling, there are only a few differences. To test with the printer, I used a Mac Book Pro Retina 13 "and an iPhone 6s. When the package arrived, I was amazed not bad, especially since the carton as packaging was rather small and light, above all almost dainty device, where one gets his doubts whether this is suitable for everyday use to become all the features.The HP AMP 100 is also offered in three different colors such as gray, blue and turquoise. The device comes with all the necessary equipment, which it needs for a start. The content consists of the printer, cartridges (but the smaller version) once in color and once in black. Also a USB cable, quick start guide and an "installation" CD.

HP AMP 100 Printer Driver Download
The latter only showed a link that referred me to the HP page or forwarded to subsequently load the necessary drivers. After successful installation, the configuration of the printer follows, which is a matter of a few minutes. This HP AMP 100 printer can be operated both via USB cable and in the network without the aforementioned USB cable. Especially on the desk has annoyed me the last years of eerie cable salad, which is why I am very grateful for this feature. For a smooth communication you should make sure that both the printer and the computer are in the same network. After opening the cover behind which the cartridges are inserted, the device shows exactly where the respective cartridges are to be inserted.

HP AMP 100 Software Driver Download
HP AMP 100 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP AMP 100
My older printer did not have this feature, which gives the whole an uncomplicated touch. After the first mandatory test pages, I have to say that the picture quality is really good. Compared to my predecessor, the pictures look a lot cleaner. The other HP Deskjet 3630 brings some improvements I could not do without. The quality resolution of the scanned images / documents can be varied in the settings. The ppi can be raised up to 1200 here. For comparison, my older printer just could not recognize older documents, stamps and signatures. The new HP AMP 100 printer recognizes even on the middle settings all signatures like stamps. The disadvantage of this HP AMP 100 printer is that you do not have a DinA4 compartment with flap on which you can also put in a few more documents which are attached by a clip.

Download Driver Printer HP AMP 100
The HP AMP 100 is also suitable for on the go next to the desktop, if necessary. The device is really compact and also fits in well-proportioned backpacks, if a mobile use eg in the university should be necessary. For everyday life, the device leaves nothing to be desired with me, at least for the moment. The HP AMP 100 driver installation is fast. Both over Wi-Fi and via USB, the printer prints very well and does its job as it should. The quality corresponds to the usual HP quality in this price range. I think you can not complain at all. It is well known that the printer manufacturers make the money with the cartridges and barely with the devices themselves.


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