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Friday, November 24, 2017

Download Driver HP AMP 130 Printer

HP AMP 130 Driver Download. I will look into this HP AMP 130 Printer has both a small price and a small size, yet has the most features as it is known from full-size all-in-one devices, both scanners, color printing and Wifi connectivity. In the box I find the HP AMP 130 Printer itself, two demo cartridges (not filled up as retail cartridges), a USB printer cable, power cable, setup CD and user manuals. To my test, I also received a pack of HP's social media snapshot photo paper with self-adhesive backing. The HP AMP 130 Printer is a very compact inkjet printer, in beige and blue colors. When the paper and print holder has not been pulled out, it only fills 40 cm x 17 cm x 14 cm and weighs only 2.3 kg. It's a rather compact device, but in spite of this, it also includes a scanner. More about the functionality later.

HP AMP 130 Printer Driver Download
When you need to use this HP AMP 130 Printer, pull out the paper holder at the back and the back of the printed pages at the front, and then fill it a little more on the desktop. On the upper side we find the switch on the left and a control panel to the right. I connected the HP AMP 130 Printer to the computer via USB and put the CD in the drive and the first one I was notified was if I would rather not download the installer from the net. It did and after quite a short time, the printer was set up, and then I used the setup to connect the HP AMP 130 Printer to my Wifi, and then disconnected the USB connection.

HP AMP 130 Software Driver Download
HP AMP 130 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP AMP 130
All tests are then performed with HP AMP 130 Printer connected via wifi as it is by far the most flexible connection method. This is where you can remove paper jammed, enable Wifi, both ad-hoc (direct to a mobile phone) or normal connection to the network. There is also an info button (because of the simple display) prints a page with the printer's current settings and state of Wifi and ink levels. Here are two buttons that control black and white copying and color copying, respectively. On the backside, the USB socket and the power socket are located.

Download Driver Printer HP AMP 130
There are three quality settings when you want to print text from an application on the computer, Draft, Normal, and Best. In Draft, there were some clear white lines across the text in some places, but it went quickly. In normal terms, it actually finished fine on plain 80 grams of printer paper. In Best, the letters get a bit sharper, but the ink also tended to pull a little more into the paper and some letters were close to flowing. So in daily use, Normal gives me the quality I know from inkjet printers and excellent home-based quality.

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