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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Download Driver HP Envy 5661

HP Envy 5661 Driver Download. The HP Envy 5661 is a solid all-in-one both literally and figuratively. Small and nice you can not call the multifunction printer, well done well. After you have pulled all tape and plastic outwards and inwards it is time for the installation. HP's printer can handle online manufacturer's services, but if you do not have a message, the installation will run very quickly. After all, you can easily add the printer to your wifinetwork. On your computer, just navigate to the control panel and add a printer. In no time is your device ready for print. You can of course also use the included installation CD-ROM, which, in addition to the necessary drivers, contains too much bloatware. This way you get the choice of installing useless software useless and asking the wizard whether you want Chrome with toolbar.

HP Envy 5661 Printer Driver Download
Fortunately, this HP Envy 5661 printer itself performs properly. From the moment you print on Word in Word, it does not take 15 seconds before a printed black and white text page appears. A colored spreadsheet will turn off at 20 seconds. I then tested how fast the printer printed a 40-page black and white course, and it turned out to be 4 minutes and 20 seconds. The Envy print smoothly, handy and good for the environment. On photo paper you can print very beautiful pictures. The colors are truthful and deep, and the sharpness is also true for an inkjet printer. Of course, you can do more than print with an all-in-one.

HP Envy 5661 Software Driver Download
HP Envy 5661 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Envy 5661
The copying and scanning are also possible. Loading a color image takes 32 seconds, but the result is on the flatter side. Not disastrous, but there are better scanners. Finally, the Envy connects with your smartphone, so mobile printing is one of the options. Also for an SD card there is no place for a USB stick. All in all, the HP Envy 5661 is a solid all-in-one that does not give us a sense of wake but also does not disappoint. HP Envy 5661 is a multi-function inkjet printer that lets you print, scan, and copy. The special feature: in addition to a black ink, the just under 130 francs cheap all-in-one device integrates a single tri-color cartridge that integrates the colors cyan, magenta and yellow.

Download Driver Printer HP Envy 5661
The compactly built desk model is equipped with an automatic duplex printing unit, WLAN function, memory card slot and a colored 6.75 cm touch screen. With the latter, the MFG can also operate autonomously. The touch screen menu is simple and reacts quickly to the inputs. The connection to smartphones and tablets also appeals well: the HP Envy 5661 printer is equipped with HP's typical ePrint function, enabling it to work wirelessly with the corresponding ultra-mobile devices. The paper tray holds a maximum of 125 sheets, and the machine has a photo paper tray (10 x 15 cm) for up to 25 sheets. The source from where you print can be set in the easy-to-use driver menu.


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