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HP Officejet 4000 Driver Download. The HP Officejet 4000 printer has been used multiple times and still very affordable and compact color laser printer with duplex printing. With USB connection can be used simultaneously. Standby mode available. Not whisper quiet. Jumbo toner usable with a range of about 2600 pages. Clean print, although black should be a bit stronger. On the other hand, he could be a bit more reserved with color. Color saving mode does exist, but then does everything in draft. Typeface (b/w, color) without errors. Fine grids are displayed cleanly. Clear menu. Firmware upload very easy. However, the cheaper the HP Officejet 4000 printer the more expensive the toner unit. That also applies here.

HP Officejet 4000 Printer Driver Download
An original Jumbo Toner costs one third of the purchase price. HP Officejet 4000 is small compact color laser with duplex unit for occasional color prints. For private purposes sufficient for small offices one should decide on the toner price per printout if it is the right one. I had already opted for this printer because I have more HP printers. The HP Officejet 4000 printer is for households and smaller businesses. However, it is a bit too loud in the company. So I've been using this HP Officejet 4000 printer for a long time and it works fine.

HP Officejet 4000 K210a Driver Download
HP Officejet 4000 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Officejet 4000
Granted, I have never subjected it to a stress test, but I print for the university often page by page scripts (double-sided works well, if you can live with 2mm offset, otherwise you have to turn the page just manually) and have been on thicker paper printed a birthday card. Then the device moans and groans something, but it works. Meanwhile, I have already replaced the toner (before that, I got the original toner but only about the counter reset to the last "drop" empty, but not with the original toner. Works well, quality is a little worse, but sufficient for my purposes. Total: absolute purchase recommendation!

Download Driver Printer HP Officejet 4000
And I would like to say that this printer is very stable. HP Officejet 4000 is not too big for a laser printer. All in all, I can easily and well give 4 stars. I still want to deduct a star. I think the print image for graphics and images really bad. The colors are not nearly as given again as they should be. That there can be no 100% agreement, I know myself, because for a proofer would be advisable. But the prints are basically too dark. Everything that has to do with documents, HP Officejet 4000 is excellent. I have already looked, if you can adjust the colors better somewhere. Unfortunately, I have not found anything yet. Unfortunately!


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