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Friday, November 10, 2017

Download Driver HP OfficeJet 6954

HP OfficeJet 6954 Driver Download. After a long time back and forth, I replaced my Photosmart 3310 with this HP OfficeJet 6954 printer after the duplex unit did not work anymore and the scanner did not want to work with Windows 10 (support discontinued). This printer is very easy to set up, the printer and scanner worked smoothly. Even faxing worked immediately and without any problems. Since I swore I did not spend so much for a printer, I'm completely satisfied with this device. And if HP here again after 10 years, the support ceases although the device actually works, it does not hurt me at least so much! The HP OfficeJet 6954 printer is really great. The print quality is great. It got connected without any problems and works fine. The previous printer cable has been used and the cartridges have been with me for a long time.

HP OfficeJet 6954 Printer Driver Download
Very easy to use, it is very easy to use! I would buy it again immediately! I also have a super good print result. So, the HP OfficeJet 6954 printer meets my expectations, it is easy to handle, easy driver installation, clean print and I would buy it again. The printer fulfills all wishes: the copies are very good, fax sending works well and scanning works well too. Therefore, the device is recommended. The printer was well packed, shipped quickly. It's easy to install, delivers great print results, and fully meets my expectations. I have the HP 6970 since May in use and am super satisfied with it to date. Visually very chic, operation with the small touchscreen is good, the display could be slightly larger.

HP OfficeJet 6954 Software Driver Download

HP OfficeJet 6954 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP OfficeJet 6954
Print and scan quality are good enough for my normal needs. Unfortunately, it does not make color pictures so beautiful, color shades are not true to color. Since I do not use it for photo printing and bought, he still gets 5 stars from me. The HP Instant Ink, which was a year for free is also top, will definitely continue to use and book thereafter. It does everything I want and without annoying cable, cartridges are to change individually. I am very satisfied so far. Hope it will last a long time. This HP OfficeJet 6954 printer is recommended for those who want to print, scan, copy and fax. Easy installation, good operation.

Download Driver Printer HP OfficeJet 6954
However, the device should be constantly on standby because each time it is restarted it consumes ink. The HHP OfficeJet 6954 printer came as a replacement for a 10-year-old all-in-one printer. Mainly it was about the possibility over the WLAN to address the printer. And most of all without installing extra apps. So the printer also works with Android devices, there you have to install only a small extension of HP and immediately you can print. With Apple you can get started right away, because the printer is supported. Three single color cartridges are of course better than a combination cartridge with the three standard colors. And as a side effect, of course, the much lower power consumption.

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