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HP PageWide Pro 772dw Driver Download. The HP PageWide Pro 772dw is pleasantly quiet, especially in the activated idle mode. It prints even in idle normal text / line graphics pages surprisingly fast, probably also because it prints A4 in landscape format and is finished with 3-4 passes of the carriage. High print quality takes much longer.For demanding print jobs (eg: photo), a bottleneck becomes noticeable when transferring with WLAN: The first page is still running smoothly; from the second page, the print interrupts again and waits for data. Unfortunately, I would not be able to test how this works with cable LAN. The HP PageWide Pro 772dw text and graphics (eg: architecture plans) come in the standard setting on average 80gr paper clean, finely resolved and with straight lines to advantage. Possibly is the saturation a bit pale (paler than the color laser in the copy shop on perfectly smooth 90gr paper print it is anyway, but that's not surprising) and maybe that's in one of the myriad of settings (in the printer driver this time) or also adaptable with other paper. In any case, I would describe the printed image as "good".

HP PageWide Pro 772dw Printer Driver Download
The HP PageWide Pro 772dw printing of a photo on a coated paper called "photo paper" especially for inkjet also brings a good, colorful result for my term. I did not expect much due to the various reviews on the net, all of which say that the photo print quality of the HP would rather good and the comparable Epson would print so much brilliant, etc and I am now positively surprised. But here is true anyway: I am missing the comparison to other current devices and I would have to try it once on real photo paper, which is then only gonna be better.

HP PageWide Pro 772dw Software Driver Download

HP PageWide Pro 772dw Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP PageWide Pro 772dw
In any case, a much more expensive color laser in the professional league does not make it any better. HP PageWide Pro 772dw scanner: I'm not sure yet how good it is. Not bad, but. The scan image tends to display cooler and harder colors than the original. A with the HP with the setting "Fine" printed photo scanned again with the maximum 1200dpi of the scanner in the scan image also significantly grainy, but as I said "not bad". With 300dpi inscribed plans represent gray-scale surfaces peculiar iridescent. Again, the impression that the scan looks harder. On the whole, it seems that the contrast is unnecessarily intensified by the software. But: It's an office device!

Download Driver Printer HP PageWide Pro 772dw
The scans are sharp and easy to read. I have to manually readjust something in the contrast setting here. The dual-scan staple feeder up to Din A4 (scans both sides in one go) is very helpful when working a lot with them. When operating, especially when opening various flaps and lids you quickly realize that the low price must also be achieved somehow. It is all a bit of very hard plastic, sounds a bit too hollow, seems a bit lighter than it looks, etc. Also, the individual trim parts, especially on the sides of the device against each move and almost a bissi wobble, makes the impression not better than badly deburred Edges in areas away from the control panels.


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