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HP Photosmart 5525 Driver Download. I've been running this HP Photosmart 5525 printer for a few weeks now and I'm thrilled. The decor worked flawlessly, the WLAN and E-Print function was completed very quickly. The printer is very fast when printing and scanning, but very quiet. The print quality is great, but it is very economical. I deliberately chose a single-cartridge device, but it is important that you (or a woman) print a colorful page at least once a month so that the cartridges do not dry out. As I only had HP printers recently, and was very happy with them, I looked for a successor model for my Phososmart C5180 and came across this HP Photosmart 5525 printer. A very nice, and in the dimensions relatively small held model, which scores with its very easy and understandable operation.

HP Photosmart 5525 Printer Driver Download
About its ink I can not give any rating. since I use the device recently, and the germ purchase ink supplied is not yet out. I can recommend this device in good conscience. All in all a very good printer for the house use! Good print quality, fast, quiet and easy to use. I would buy the printer immediately. But if there is too little paper in the paper tray, it draws it wrong. You then have to pick it up again from the printer. After switching on it is relatively loud at first (if you only need one page, it is quite annoying because it takes a few minutes). In itself a very good printer with little quirks. So I think the HP Photosmart 5525 is a super device works perfectly. Easy to install. I recommend. Super with WLAN, thereby wireless. Purchase this device again at any time.

HP Photosmart 5525 Software Driver Download
Download Driver HP Photosmart 5525

Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart 5525
The HP Photosmart 5525 printer is just perfect for people who are not technically gifted also easy installation and perfect quality have convinced me. I'm an absolute HP fan when it comes to printers. The HP Photosmart 5525 is already my third one. After almost 4 years my last (B109a) had the first quirks (card reader defective, but the rest did not work properly), I thought it was time for a new one. What excites me in advance with the HP Photosmart 5525 AIO is the integrated duplex unit for automatic two-sided printing. This I knew from my first HP. There it was however optional accessory. I had then missed the B109 synonymous. The printer is also quite sufficient for home use / home office or small business. Ordinary print quality in all areas and the scan quality is also without complaint.

Download Driver Printer HP Photosmart 5525
Actually, the printer would have earned 5 stars. However, there was a small flaw: The first printer shipped had probably a power problem, which was so that when the printer was off, he could not turn on the power button. You then had to unplug the power cord and plug it in again. Then it worked again. I've just received a new PSU through HP Customer Service. This was not the mistake. After another call to HP, I got within 2 days a replacement device which also works fine. Had probably caught a "Monday device". Here again a big compliment to the entire customer service of HP. Competent, friendly and helpful. That's the way it should be! Needed an AirPrint printer that can operate the MacBookPro, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and 2 other Windows PCs (controlled by AirPort Extreme). Simple, lightning fast installation and integration into the home network, high printing speed, fast scans and easy operation. A really clear recommendation.


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