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HP Photosmart D7160 Driver Download. The HP Photosmart D7160 installation, drivers and related software is very easy. Connecting HP Photosmart D7160 and computers is very simple and takes place in a few steps, which, among other things, involves automatic alignment of heads, as well as printing a test page. The complete HP Photosmart D7160 driver and software installation comes on a single CD, it's relatively short, and after a couple of mouse clicks, both printers are ready to use. The flow of the installation took place normally without any major problems. Drivers and complete software can be installed directly from the menu that will start after inserting a disc into a CD drive or using the Windows HW wizard.

HP Photosmart D7160 Printer Driver Download
Support comes with all current Windows operating systems including 64-bit versions and there are drivers for a large number of Linux platforms as well as complete logistics for Macintosh computers. Logistics is conceptualized in the same way for both models, the complete drive structure is performed over four tabs. The first tab is called "Advanced" and brings with it a set of advanced settings. Here you can perform the order of printing pages (from the first to the last or vice versa), select the number of copies and define the drying time of the media. 

HP Photosmart D7160 Software Driver Download

HP Photosmart D7160 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart D7160
A very useful feature that is present in this tab is choosing to print text exclusively in black "Print All Text To Black" regardless of whether the file contains color parts (if you remain color-free in the cartridge or choose a black-and-white print, and your document has color parts, the print will be printed in gray, and this option prevents it and prints all the text in black). If you want a slight text dimming, the option "Print All Text To Darken" is also offered. The following is the option of defining the orientation of the media (portrait and landscape) and printing multiple pages of the document on one side of the page "Multiple Pages per Side" (values ​​are 2, 4, 6, 9 and 16). Contrary to the above, "Poster Printing" option offers the reverse process, ie, shares one side of the document on multiple pages of paper (2x2, 3x3, 4x4).

Download Driver Printer HP Photosmart D7160
The next tab "Printing Shortcuts" brings already ready-made templates for printing different types of documents. I especially liked the settings for the photo frames and the ways in which the presentation files can be printed. The only non-activated mode is Two-sided (Duplex) Printing. This feature becomes active if you have one of these two models of the printer equipped with a special optional accessory (HP ph5582) for two-sided printing accessory. For most users, the most important is manipulation with basic settings. The options are grouped into a separate tab called "Features" that brings paper-related set-ups.


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