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HP LaserJet M632h Driver Download. You get frightened when you see the box and you think it's a giant printer. But that's just the very good protective packaging that ensures safe transport. There is a Basic User's Guide, installation instructions and a CD-ROM for installation. Particularly noteworthy here is that all printed manuals and manuals are in Europe. There are no big collections with all kinds of languages. For a number of other languages, the instructions can be found on the CD-ROM as a PDF file. This HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M632h multifunction device is easy to set up if you follow the steps in the installation manual. Here you will also find information about the toner change, paper filling, etc. The connection to the existing network is no problem.

HP LaserJet M632h Printer Driver Download
The LAN connection can be made using easily or manually set up with the password. And after switching on, the touchpad activates, next to which is the number pad (for dialing phone numbers). With the touchpad you can choose to copy, fax, scan or web. The latter is used to connect to an Internet service. The printing is via the PC/laptop. For this you do not have to turn on the device, it activates itself by the print command by itself. If you install the appropriate apps, you can also print with your smartphone. That's a fine thing if you need it. Like all copiers, this one has a number of settings, such as number of copies, size, brightness, contrast, etc. There is a USB port on the device, from which you can print directly from the camera or the USB stick. This is of course not quite as tingling as it sounds in a black and white printer.

HP LaserJet M632h Software Driver Download

HP LaserJet M632h Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M632h
Incidentally, the copier can copy up to 50 pages from the automatic document feeder. Faxing is not easy. Because you can not fax from this device or send a fax via the PC. The HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M632h scanner can be set via PC with the program Controlcenter 4. Scanning can then be done in a few simple steps. The default setting here is always copy mode. And against my Kyocera (which is a laser color printer), the Brother has an extremely short heat-up time. Printing can be instantaneous even when the device is in standby mode. Incidentally, it is also very quiet.

Download Driver Printer HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M632h
I rarely print hundreds of pages at a time, so I can not give judgment for large quantities. For normal mediocre operation, the device is definitely great. There was a small paper jam while printing Hermes' Christmas gifts address labels. The display indicated which steps to take. It was really easy and worked right away. With normal paper, there has been no paper jam, the labels are much thicker. Presumably, the HP is not intended as a label printer or one of the Hermes labels was not perfect. Conclusion: If you do not need color printouts/scans urgently, this HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M632h multifunction device is more than great. It works fast and reliably and does not take up much space. Therefore, the full five stars are justified here.


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