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Canon Pixma TS304 Driver Download. The Canon Pixma TS304 printer is really great would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap and good printer and who wants to print cheap. A clear fast typeface graphics are displayed clearly and completely via WLAN. I am very satisfied with the Canon printer. The Canon Pixma TS304 printer makes very good pictures! However, the setup takes a bit too long. Otherwise, I can recommend it. Ok, ok. I bought the printer especially for the function of photo printing. For colored prints on plain paper, the result is excellent. But I have in the company a color laser printer, which takes over this function. And I also have a normal black and white laser printer with scanning function for daily office use. So the Canon Pixma TS304 printer has been purchased only the photo printing function.

Canon Pixma TS304 Printer Driver Download
I am very satisfied with the print result: the colors are bright, the printer prints a photo pretty fast, and for speed, the photo is fast dry, so that the colors do not run out. The collection with my photo could certainly have been easier to solve. Why the printer has to have this preparation back and forth, which costs time, I do not understand. You have to stand directly at the printer, because you still have to manually confirm the start. If you have a whole series of photo to print, the thing is a bit difficult because you have to stand at the printer. In addition, the memory is quite quickly full: it can not print more than 10 photo afterwards. That means: you have to start a new print job, with a new pre-production mimic with the trailer feeder etc.

Canon Pixma TS304 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma TS304 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS304
But when the printer has just started, then it prints quickly and well. The connection via the WLAN is quite simple. Canon Pixma TS304 is not only work over Wi-Fi. So if you have no Wi-Fi, this printer is not the right one. It does not have a normal connection via USB or network. Finally, a word about the application ImageGarden, with which the layout for the photo is prepared. There is no 100% freedom of design, but the number of available design options is quite large. If you have calibrated the image accordingly for the layout externally and loaded in the program, you can achieve a good result. Certainly, the printer offers more in this case than the competitors.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma TS304
For the other functions, I can not rate the printer, this is certainly a good solution, which is recommended. Also a wonderful part. No longer relying on cablesl. If only the device was not so loud, otherwise great. From the switch on to the beginning of the first printout via WLAN, it takes an infinitely long time. Otherwise, the Canon Pixma TS304 is OK! Obverall the Canon Pixma TS304 is a true expert. It is fast and offers a high print quality that I did not expect. Even those who want to print CDs, is well served here. Which is not so convenient that only a few pages have space in the paper tray. But that is to get over. All in all, a successful printer that you can recommend.


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