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QUMOX SJ4000 Firmware Download. The QUMOX SJ4000 is an extremely cheap GoPro competitor with good results in the test. The action cam records in Full HD resolution and offers overall good picture quality. Considering the costs under 100 Euro, the equipment is fully in order. Wi-Fi or advanced features are not available. QUMOX SJ4000: Very favorable GoPro competitor. Less than 100 euros for an action cam. One that looks confusingly similar to the industry leader GoPro at a fraction of the price. One that is even compatible with GoPro accessories. No wonder that the QUMOX SJ4000 leads the list of the most sold action cams on Amazon for weeks. The QUMOX SJ4000 films at best in Full HD resolution and at 30 frames per second.

QUMOX SJ4000 Action Cam Firmware Download
The image sharpness moves with a maximum resolution of 418 line pairs per image height in the satisfactory range. The image noise remains pleasingly low, the color fidelity in the green area. When viewing the practice shots, I were only partially convinced by the motion representation and the amount of detail in dark areas of the image. PhotosCheck out the latest photos on Pixum! land on the micro SD memory card with twelve megapixels. The QUMOX SJ4000 uses a lithium-ion battery. In the test this lasted 1:40 hours a satisfying result. The loading takes just under four hours. Charging is via USB connection, a power supply attaches to the manufacturer.

QUMOX SJ4000 Firmware Update
QUMOX SJ4000 Firmware Download

Download Action Cam Firmware QUMOX SJ4000
The users of the QUMOX SJ4000 report a poorly fixed USB port, which can break out with frequent use. Caution seems appropriate. This QUMOX equips the SJ4000 with four buttons and a small display. The 1.5-inch screen shows a rather rough picture, but is sufficient for the scene control and all camera settings. The menu offers enough information and setting options. Wi-Fi to connect to the smartphoneDiscover the latest bargains at Saturn! is not available. An advantage is the compatibility with the widely used GoPro accessories: attachments of all kinds - whether for surfing, skiing or skating - fit on the QUMOX. Overall the QUMOX SJ4000 is a cheap and good action cam, but not the best.

Download Firmware Action Cam QUMOX SJ4000
In the test, the picture quality surprised us absolutely positively: Although this does not come close to the GoPro 3+ Black Edition, but the differences are largely completely acceptable. The most striking are the comparably pale colors, but you should not be fooled by that. After all, these can be corrected on the PC with just a few clicks in a common video editing program. The sound quality of the QUMOX SJ4000 is good as long as you use the camera without housing. If it is safely stowed in the protective housing, the sound is already very dull and relatively unusable. Here is so absolutely take care when recording. The question is often only: Do you need the sound at all in "extreme" movie moments in which you need the case? Usually, such scenes are actually underpinned with music anyway. What do you all mean?


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