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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Download Driver Brother DS-600

Brother DS-600 Driver Download. I have and have always had a conventional scanner. Means: One side per scan, then turn or insert next sheet. If they were good, smooth sheets, then you could even refrain from closing the lid while scanning. But if 50 or 100 or more sheets to be scanned, then that's quite annoying. Especially because I had to press "Enter" on the keyboard every time to start the next page for my Multi-PDF. For 5 simplex (one-sided) scans I needed 70 seconds for 150 resolution. Yesterday came my Brother DS-600 and had to be tried out immediately. I've long struggled with the selection, first wanted a duplex scanner with automatic sheet feeder, but it should not be too expensive. But in the reviews I often leave a paper jam and so I chose this Brother DS-600 scanner.

Brother DS-600 Scanner Driver Download
The scan speed for my first test at 200 resolution was about 70 seconds for 5 pages with duplex scan. Compared to my conventional scanner, it is twice as fast in duplex, with simplex the speed is pretty much the same. There are several software items on the included CD. What they should do in detail is not revealed to me. I used the first one (I do not know the name right now), and that's okay. It is not inflated or overloaded, it can make the important settings quickly. It is also possible to scan multiple pages in a single pass and then optionally save them as individual pages or create a "multi-PDF" that captures all pages of the scan in one file.

Brother DS-600 Software Driver Download
Brother DS-600 Driver Download

Download Scanner Driver Brother DS-600
The Brother DS-600 scanner receives power via the USB cable. The packaging also comes with a protective cover for the scanner. The Brother DS-600 scanner recognizes the next sheet, pulls it on (grasps it, so to speak) and then another 2 seconds it is fed. When moving in, it seems advisable not to just leave the sheet lying, but to hold it in your hand (do not push, just hold). This avoids that the scanner leaves the sheet, so simply does not feed. Otherwise it can happen that the rollers run, but the blade just does not pull in. I have been using the Brother DS-600 for a few weeks now and am largely satisfied. When scanning in a multipage PDF file you have to be careful.

Download Driver Scanner Brother DS-600
It happened to me several times that the device suddenly did not scan anymore without being noticed. Meaning: Pages were still accepted and scanned, but no longer saved. One notices, however, that even the number of scanned pages is no longer counted up. Apparently, the sound is also slightly higher when scanning. Since the error occurs only now and then, I could not analyze it yet. Overall the Brother DS-600 is a nice compact scanner, very fast installed, no superfluous functions and fast simple scanning. Absolutely recommendable. Good alternative to the market leader Canon or other providers.

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