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HP Envy 7643 Driver Download. The Envy 7643 is a 4-in-1 is the ultimate in HP's consumer inkjet portfolio. It embeds everything that is currently done: touch screen, Wi-Fi, NFC, automatic document feeder, duplex, SD card reader. A machine that wants to be complete and versatile in short, for individuals, but also small professional structures. This Envy 7643 is a strong reminder of another HP model, the Officejet 5740 series. And for good reason, they are visually identical in all respects, apart from the touch screen that passes here at 8.9 cm diagonal (against 6.75 cm) for a slight gain in terms of user comfort; nothing transcendent for all that. I am pleased to note that HP still attaches so much importance to ease of use, a common feature of all its printers. In addition, behind the hatch on the left of the printer, there is a USB port and an SD card reader. Wi-Fi and NFC are also present, such as RJ11 and RJ45 ports.

HP Envy 7643 Printer Driver Download
The format of this 7640 allows it to fit on a desktop easily, much more than a majority of 4-in-1 models, often more imposing. The paper tray is separated into two parts: one can accommodate up to 100 A4 sheets, the other is for small photo paper. If access to the larger of the two does not pose a particular problem, the photo tray requires a little more contortions. In office, the Envy 7640 provides good data rates (19 pages per minute) in black and white and 15 ppm in color. It is therefore among the fastest consumer printers, without reaching the speeds of a Officejet Pro X576dw (40 ppm). The double-sided comes a little tarnish the table since this mode drops the flow rate to 5 ppm. The quality is present, the texts are no problem, the graphics either. They are well detailed and readable, even if the gradients are not very respected. 

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Download Driver HP ENVY 7643

Download Printer Driver HP ENVY 7643
With the passage to two cartridges instead of 4, one could fear for the quality of photo prints. It is not so, at least, compared to the previous generation. The drops are not very visible and the drift of colors is not catastrophic. The deltaE which measures the difference between the ideal colors and the printed colors is indeed measured at 6.5. The only real criticism that can be made here is the depth of the blacks, which could be better. Photo printing is done relatively quickly. It takes 1 min for A4 and 35 seconds for a 10 x 15 cm. Rates close to those of the best printers on this point, like the Canon Pixma MG7550 (respectively 40 and 20 seconds for the same tasks). Duplicating a document, whether in color or B & W, often costs its quality at the exit. Here, this is not the case. I simply note a slight desaturation of the colors. The copier is fast (16s for a B & W document and 23s for color). The scanner is rather standard in terms of speed. The document feeder on the top of the printer can accommodate up to 25 pages, making it easy to scan and copy a folder or set of pages.

Download Driver Printer HP ENVY 7643
The consumption is at a good level since it goes below the Watt in standby mode. The Envy 7643 only goes up to 13 W in operation. Note in passing that it is a little noisier than his little sister 5640. I measured it on average at 49 dB (A). Whether it is the black cartridge or the monoblock color, both offer, in their XL version that I advise, a range of 600 pages. I therefore achieve a cost per page of 7 cents, which is below the average (9.3 ct) of the printers I tested. The HP Envy 7643 needs 8 seconds to output a first page while it is on. In the wakeful exit, it will ask for 13 seconds, and 22 seconds since a complete extinction. The HP Envy 7643 is a 4-in-1 that has everything you need to appeal to individuals and SMEs looking for a versatile machine. However, difficult to justify the € 70 that separates it from an Officejet 5740, so I would tend to prefer it.


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