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HP LaserJet 1015 Drivers Download. The HP LaserJet 1015 is a smallest laserjet in my opinion has the perfect price and performance ratio and at the price of an inkjet, there is a 'real' laser printer. A normal-sized toner is included (and not such a narrow-gauge cartridge, which is all after a few prints), but the USB cable is missing and as usual with HP. So order a "Type A on Type B" plug right away! With the running costs one can not complain either: The toner cartridges ("Q2612A") hold around the 2000 pages, to my knowledge there are unfortunately no cheaper replicas. But even so costs a print (paper and toner) far less than in the copy shop (or with the ink jet). On print quality: The Laserjet 1010 is "only" a 600 dpi printer.

HP LaserJet 1015 Printer Driver Download
For the text ideally suited, with photos one sees of course the printing grid. However, the print image is without any streaks, even on gray areas. Nothing compared to the previous 600 dpi lasers. The HP LaserJet 1015 power switch is unfortunately hidden on the back, so if you 'hide' the Laserjet in the bookshelf (due to its small size no problem), you have a problem. For that it is, if it does not print, absolutely silent. Nevertheless, in addition to the USB cable and a multiple socket with power switch is a good additional investment. One more thing that is very important to me personally: the 1015 is also Mac OS X compatible, contrary to the official data sheet. 

HP LaserJet 1015 Drivers & Software Download
HP LaserJet 1015 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP LaserJet 1015
On the included CD are Mac drivers, on the HP homepage, of course, too. Of course, the printing features of Mac OS X are also supported, such as printing only even or odd pages, so that the backs can be printed according to their size. The rendezvous function is also supported: the printer can be used by all other computers in the network without any restrictions (as long as the Mac to which the printer hangs). This saves an external Ethernet print server, which would be more expensive anyway than the whole printer. Whether Windows or Mac OS the "small" Laserjet 1015 can not be a bad buy because of its price.

Download Driver Printer HP LaserJet 1015
But even so, there are really no major flaws that could have annoyed me not to have resorted to a more expensive model (like the Laserjet 1012 or 1015). So after receiving this HP LaserJet 1015 printer, I was once pleased with the ease of use of the printer. On Windows, the installation is a breeze. The HP LaserJet 1015 printer is very quiet, not heard in standby at all. However, I did not enjoy it because the printer has wet stains (grease, oil?) At the bottom and top of each print, and the paper has slight grooves after printing. The stains dry, but the perforations and grooves remain. So you can forget applications and business letters!


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