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Friday, March 23, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-L6450DW

Brother HL-L6450DW Driver Download. As a potential device and compared to cheaper inkjet printers, the relatively high price of the Brother machine jumps in the eye. Although the power consumption of the Brother with 740 watts is much higher than with an inkjet printer, but the toner with a maximum print output of 8000 pages is much more productive than an ink cartridge, which usually enough for about 200 pages. A replacement toner (Brother toner TN 3480/8000 pages) costs about 100 euros for this device, the same capacity corresponding ink cartridges would cost about 400 euros. Of course, this only pays off if you print a lot. Therefore, the Brother may at first glance be designed for the office rather than for home use.

Brother HL-L6450DW Printer Driver Download
The Brother HL-L6450DW printer paper tray fits 520 sheets. The paper cassette is closed and the paper is thus protected from dust. With a print speed of 46 pages per second, the printer is particularly suitable for printing large documents. Like all laser printers, the blower fan produces more noise than you would expect from an inkjet printer. But the haunting is over even faster, even if photos are inserted into documents, because the laser does not have to scan line by line, in contrast to an inkjet printer. This Brother HL-L6450DW printer offers optional resolutions of 300 DPI / 600 DPI and 1200 DPI.

Brother HL-L6450DW Driver & Software Download
Brother HL-L6450DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-L6450DW
For pure text documents, a 300 DPI resolution is already sufficient. Again, the laser proves to be an advantage because it can not come to streaking through dirty print cartridges. The Brother HL-L6450DW software is installed in about 3 minutes. Since I connected the printer to the PC via a USB cable (not included), I can not judge how fast a WiFi connection is set up. The printer has a hinged touch screen, which is kept so simple in the menu navigation that there should be no problems at all in this regard. Beneath the touchscreen are more control buttons. Unfortunately, they have to submit to the design and stand out so badly in their white color that I can see as a progressive lens wearer virtually nothing. But that does not bother me, because I control the printer anyway over the monitor of the PC.

Download Driver Printer Brother HL-L6450DW
The Brother HL-L6450DW built-in duplex unit allows two-sided printing with automatic feed / page change, which also saves paper. It may sound paradoxical that my recommendation is also aimed at buyers who print little. It may take forever for the investment to pay off. But because the toner works on a powder-based basis, it does not allow any ink to dry-a problem that I've had with my inkjet printer over and over again, and that sometimes made a good new cartridge unusable. That can not happen here. However, it should also be clear that the device is a decent block that needs space (even for the fan). You should not squeeze it somewhere in between. Anyone who wants to use the printer like me with a USB cable should also keep in mind.

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