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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Download Driver Epson Expression ET-2500

Epson Expression ET-2500 Driver Download. Especially cheaper printers are often purchased according to the razor blade model. The initial purchase costs little, for the consumables the main price is asked so that the costs per print are substantial. Epson tries to reverse this at the EcoTank ET-2500 printer. The purchase price of 299 euros is compared to board printers, but on the other hand you get a lot of ink directly and that extra ink is also cheap. According to Epson, the average household can print for two years with the ink supplied, after which another two years of ink can be bought for forty euros. Interesting when you print a lot for a home office or school children, for example. Also read: 6 tips to print more economically. No matter how interesting the concept is, € 299 is a hefty purchase and you will not see it in the printer itself. In terms of housing and possibilities, this is almost the same printer as Epsons Expression Home XP-322 printer, a printer that you have for 70 euros. The supplied EcoTank ink set sells Epson for 40 euros. So when you buy, you definitely pay what you need to get into the EcoTank concept. With the ET-2500 you can print, scan and copy. Thanks to Wi-Fi, you can also use the ET-2500 as a network printer with support for Wi-Fi Direct. Finally, you can also print directly from an SD card. A USB port for a USB stick, for example, is missing and we prefer to see this option with a printer that is not specifically intended for photos. As you would expect from an entry-level model, the printer has a tiny 1.44-inch color screen. You control the interface with buttons on the control panel that you have to fold out manually. Yet that is not so bad, usually you give a print job on your PC. The real savings you notice that this is an entry-level model is in the way you have to load paper.

Epson Expression ET-2500 Review
Paper is placed upright in the printer in an upright position that allows you to load up to 100 sheets. I prefer to see a horizontal input at the bottom. That looks tougher and your paper will not hang unnecessarily over time. The built-in scanner also satisfies what I expect from an entry-level machine: it is a simple copy without a sheet feeder that makes excellent scans. In the previous version of the EcoTank, the ink reservoir was clearly attached to an existing printer. With the new line of EcoTank printers, this is a lot nicer solved and the ink reservoir is a seamless part of the housing. You get the ink supplied with the printer in four bottles of 70 ml. To use the printer you must prepare the four bottles by breaking a cap and removing a foil. Then you open four filling openings and pour the contents of the bottles into the correct filling opening. The job is easy to do, but my hands were not completely clean. After filling you can see on the side through a window that the ink reservoirs are full. Then you have to turn on the printer, after which it takes twenty minutes to pump the ink through the rest of the system. The Epson Expression ET-2500 printer does not keep track of how much ink is still in stock. The Epson Expression ET-2500 driver does make an estimate, but you see the printer regularly passing the warning that you have to keep an eye on the ink level. Epson's printing system with a fixed print head can be damaged if the system runs dry, so it is extra important to always have ink in the system. So keep an eye on the windows to know if you have to refill.

Epson Expression ET-2500 Driver & Software Download
Download Driver Epson Expression ET-2500

Download Printer Driver Epson Expression ET-2500
The Epson EcoTank ET-2500 concept is mainly about low printing costs and in that respect Epson does not disappoint. The bottles of ink have a capacity of 70 ml where you can make 4000 prints with the black ink while the color ink should be enough for 6500 prints. If you convert this into costs per print, including the purchase price of the printer, you get 1.8 cents for a black-and-white print, while an approval print costs you 5 cents. Are you ready for new ink, then you will really save. You have a complete set of ink for forty euros. A black-and-white print costs you 0.25 cents while a color print is 0.71 cents. You have the choice between different quality levels when printing. The text does not look good on the standard quality. The letters are too light and jagged. The best print quality is sufficient, it is blacker and sharper. In the best quality you can print at three pages per minute with the first print after 15 seconds from the printer. On the standard quality it goes a lot smoother and you can get nine pages per minute. Photos look very acceptable on the best quality, but the ET-2500 is certainly not a photo printer.

Download Driver Printer Epson Expression ET-2500
All in all, it is a great printer for ordinary documents that quickly become superfluous. After all, most prints are thrown away the same day. You can print on mobile with the Epson iPrint app available for iOS and Android, but Apple's AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are also supported. Print quality via mobile is also less good than via the PC. The fact that the Epson offers a unique product with the EcoTank is no doubt about it. You only have to think carefully if this is really the printer for you. Do you really make more than 4000 prints in two years, then purchase is interesting. You then have a printer with which you already have low printing costs immediately after purchase. If you are ready for your second set of ink, you will really save money and a print will cost you almost nothing. So you pay a little to get involved in the concept. If you do not print much, then the story is a lot less interesting for us. You will then lose a lot of money immediately when you purchase, while you still have to wait and see what the shelf life of the ink is after two years. In terms of print quality, the EcoTank ET-2500 is not very special, but for the average print it suffices.

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