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Epson L6171 Driver Download. Do you want high quality photos? The answer is this new Epson L6171 printer! It does not want to save and choose a higher print quality, and if you want to print pictures, you have to invest and unfortunately for you, even in a quality base. So do not print on plain paper, but use photo paper to increase the print output quality of the printer to the maximum, for example, in the Epson Print mobile application as Best. I have used Epson DURABrite photo papers specifically for color prints and top-quality graphic outputs to test print output. And what was slow but surely coming from this multifunction was a few horsepower ahead of what I had seen before on plain paper.

Epson L6171 Printer Driver Download
The first thing that sucks you right now is that the darker colors are actually darker and the contrast of the whole printed photo increases. In particular, that the girl had darkened her glasses and that the color of the nail polish was more pronounced. Secondly, the soft veil around her legs disappeared, and the photo was made much more realistic than the basic quality of plain paper. But there's one more thing to play here and photo resolution and photo compression. If you print a JPG with great compression, the tangles of the colorful TVs from the old days that receive the color signal are visible on the sharp transitions (legs and behind them). But this is not a matter for the printer, but it is due to high compression, which is just reflected on sharp color or luminous transitions. 

Epson L6171 Driver & Software Download
Epson L6171 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson L6171
Surprisingly, these "little things" but stand out on a photo taken on plain paper, but with the increase of the color intensity on the photographic paper, but these "spirits" recede into the background. So I put a very good turn of a cotton ball. And here the multifunctional really surprised us. If I compare prints to plain-paper plain paper and the best-quality photo inkjet paper, it's "heaven and bagpipe." Blunt details can be seen on the ball, the colors are exactly the same as the original. Of course, I need to point out that I have entered color paper of similar quality from the selection menu as a printed medium.

Download Driver Printer Epson L6171
Normal paper: that I have entered color paper of similar quality from the selection menu as a printed medium. So, to summarize. The text output in black and white is excellent for multifunction. Text output in color as well. Scanning and copying very good. Print business graphics is very good. Printing photos on paper is good to good on plain paper. Printing photos on a special photo paper designed for inkjet printing is very good. You have purchased a multifunction device for printing documents and scanning and copying them. This Epson L6171 will do this without any problems. But if you want to print photos, you can, but with special paper. I strongly recommend it.


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