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Brother DCP-L2531DW Driver Download. If you want to install Brother DCP-L2531DW printer via USB and WLAN, you must carry out the installation twice. The second time you can Deselect ControlCenter and StatusMonitor, because anyway from the first installation available. Now you have but two printers the same name. So under Start / Printer go in and look under Printer Properties which port the respective printer has. Then rename and add USB or WLAN in the name, so you can later choose the right printer when selecting a printer. Then necessarily restart PC. Otherwise StatusMonitor and also the copy function in ControlCenter will not find the printer. However, if you only install USB or Wi-Fi, you only get one printer and do not need to rename anything.

Brother DCP-L2531DW Printer Driver Download
Then in the tray in the bottom right in the StatusMonitor and go to "device to monitor" mark both ports (of course, only if you have installed USB and WLAN driver). Now, "StatusMonitor show" for each port the printer status must be shown. If offline, it will not find the printer. eg USB cable not plugged in or PC not started after renaming. Then go to the right bottom of the tray in the StatusMonitor and under "Other settings". I think "never touch a running system". However, once manually "search for software updates" and install them. Then the ContolMonitor, which is also in the tray (or under Start / Programs / Brother / BrotherUtilities) open and there (if you want) the file names and folders to be scanned where).

Brother DCP-L2531DW Driver & Software Download

Brother DCP-L2531DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother DCP-L2531DW
If you have USB and WLAN installed, then you have to make the settings separately for each of the two ports. At the top of the "Model" field you can change the connection. And set it in all 4 pictures in the tab "Scan". However, the settings are only saved when you click on "Scan", ie perform a scan. The "Apply" button. Also in the tab "device settings" there are 4 sub-tabs where you can mahen these settings. For each printer connection you have to make 8 settings. If you have USB and WLAN installed, so there are 16 settings. (Hello, are you still leaving?).

Download Driver Printer Brother DCP-L2531DW
The printers in the field "model" are not called as we have named them, but that with the addition LAN is the WLAN connection and that without additional LAN is the USB port. Under configuration / settings I have also disabled the start of the ControlCenter. I start it when I need it and put the program "Brother Utilities" on the desktop from the start menu. Then Start / Devices and Printers / Right-click on Printer / Print Settings / Advanced and Print Profiles Activate Toner Save Mode there. Then get out and back in and check if it is activated. Because it was not activated even after activation. Or maybe this will be thrown out if you rename the printer. Therefore, proceed exactly as described in this description.


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  2. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother DCP-L2531DW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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