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Friday, May 11, 2018

Download Driver Brother DCP-1510E

Brother DCP-1510E Driver Download. A typical budget device. The appearance is pleasant, it does not irritate but the execution is very economical. The biggest disappointment is the scanner. I was hoping that it would not be worse than what I was allowed to stand 15 years ago. The Brother DCP-1510E scanner works well with the copy function (xero), but scanning photos for publication on a website or for printing is a misunderstanding. In the printer, the rollers grabbing the paper during the printout imprint themselves on the sheet, leaving 2 visible prints along the entire length. I will not print a diploma thesis. The simple copy option works fine. Only the sound of gears dragging the lamp under the glass irritates. The failure is a small, pale display. Searching for the settings we are interested in tires. After purchase and short tests today I would look for something else. I use it for 2 years. Works great and almost without problems.

Brother DCP-1510E Printer Driver Download
The quality and speed of printing is quite sufficient for me. I print office supplies, documents, text, sometimes prints from the browser. The print works well and without problems. I have used the fax several times and it works well too. The scanner works with good quality, but it could work faster. In addition, the scanner software does not work on my single computer (an attempt to reinstall it did not help and it only works once after installation and back up). Toner is long enough and the replacement is simple and fast. The cost of the replacement is unbelievably low. Everything has been working for 2 years. If it was not a problem with the scanner software, I would say that the Brother DCP-1510E is great.

Brother DCP-1510E Driver Download

Brother DCP-1510E Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother DCP-1510E
The only drawback is the lack of cooling, after printing 20-30 copies, prints a few sheets of paper, a cooling break, and so on. Nothing can enter the RJ 45 network cable yet, it can not be done by a printer working in the network. very good scanning. I bought the equipment for economic reasons. I did not expect rockets, but it's enough for typical housework and the use of equipment for college, what the company offers. After the adventures with inks the choice of laser Brother is the most reasonable. Overall, I'm happy. The Brother DCP-1510E has a hopelessly small and illegible display. You must have exceptional eyes to use the device without any problems. If I knew how bad the display is in no case I would not buy this equipment.

Download Driver Printer Brother DCP-1510E
Another drawback is the paper tray extended quite far beyond the outline of the device, it is very easy to be lost. Brother DCP-1510E. I do not recommend it. I recommend the Brother DCP-1510E printer, you need to be aware that at this price it will not be a super quiet equipment, but the drama is not plugged in. Even as a network printer at home, a quick one arises. The disadvantage is the small display. Printouts and scans OK. It works very quickly eg prints in 5 seconds, etc. The quality of scans and their printout is very good. Quite cheap toners, even the original ones. The brother has a company and even for companies currently offer a 3-year warranty, and in such a harvester has something to break.

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