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Friday, May 11, 2018

Download Driver HP Envy 5540

HP Envy 5540 Driver Download. Simple, fast, simple, what the multifunctional device HP Envy can do and how it does, you'll find out in our review. The HP's Envy is an ink-based multifunction printer with print, scan and copy capabilities. HP includes a power cord, a color and black-and-white cartridge, a driver CD, and an operating manual. Unfortunately, as is common with many printers today, there is no USB cable from HP. At first glance, the device seems a bit powerful, but this is mainly due to the weight of 6.82 kilograms. With a width of around 46 centimeters, the Envy 5540 is not a little thing, but it can easily fit on a normal side table. The HP Envy 5540 design is subtle and elegant.

HP Envy 5540 Printer Driver Download
The insertion slot for A4 and photo paper is completely covered to avoid dust and perforation of the paper, that is cleverly solved. In the tray of the output tray, a small blade is also attached, which pops out automatically when the paper output. As a result, finished printed sheets do not fall to the ground. Good tutorial, missing connections! Commissioning is extremely easy: Connect to power and PC, then HP's own tutorial on the printer's display will guide you through the entire setup from inserting cartridges to configuring mobile devices. Unfortunately, HP does not use a network port, the Wi-Fi connection is faster. For mobile Apple devices was thought of AirDrop, the multifunction device with Android, Windows Mobile 8, Windows RT and BlackBerry works wirelessly. The rather small display (5.5 inches) shows the basic functions and device settings.

HP Envy 5540 Driver Download

HP Envy 5540 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Envy 5540
It is a pity that no Qwerty keyboard is displayed, which makes the entry of the WLAN key somewhat fiddly. A goodie: You can print out templates such as sudokugitter, sheet music, calendar pages, etc. under "Standard forms". In the case of Sudoku, the Envy 5540 already prints some numbers, so you can start right away. Funny. The Envy 5540 is not very greedy, since it is satisfied with only 10 W in operation. On standby, it still goes up to 1.6 W, which translates into a year-round consumption of 14 kW per 1,000 printed pages. At the noise level, it ranks in good students, with only 49.5 dB (A) in operation; to say that it is relatively silent.

Download Driver Printer HP Envy 5540
We find the same cartridges as the HP Envy 5640, which, in their XL version, can print 600 pages in black and white and 415 pages in color. This gives a cost per page of 4.5 euro cents in black and 6.5 cents in color, for a total of 11 euro cents. The HP Envy 5540 prints the first sheet 45 seconds after it is turned on. In standby, it is as responsive as when the screen is on since the printing of the first page is done in 16 seconds. The HP Envy 5540 is a very good printer. It magnifies the maximum note by little because of its black and white touch screen too small and the lack of card reader. For the same price, the Envy 5640 - the high end of last year is more interesting. It uses the same cartridges, and therefore the same printheads, but has a larger screen and a card reader.

  1. Download Driver HP Envy 5540 for Mac OS 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
  2. Download Full Driver HP Envy 5540 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)
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