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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Download Driver HP Ink Tank 318

HP Ink Tank 318 Driver Download. The HP Ink Tank 318 is a great wireless printer. Finally I can print without this annoying cable. I like the mobile app best, so printing is very easy. The decor did not last long. HP Ink Tank 318 printer can not be set up in a simpler way - switch on the printer, press the WLAN key, install the assistant software on the computer & start and done. The device prints from all PCs in the home network, from mobile phones (Android and iOS) and can be accessed via a separate email address from anywhere (if you want that). Print result perfect (I do not want to print photos - for occasional prints purchased, but also CD / DVD cases).

The day before yesterday for 10 ¬ more bought this printer at Real, because I urgently needed documents in the afternoon. I print very little, if there is a lot then times one or two pages per week. Unpacked, connected, connected via WPS to the router, the app installs on the hsndy, done. Then the 123.hp called on the Pc, about it the software installed schwupps also done. Both the mobile phone and the PC print jobs reliably executed. I did not register with HP to avoid using this automatic cartridge delivery service. I also throw in original Patrinen, because I have often come with the refill have been so many HP printers bitchy.

HP Ink Tank 318 Drivers and Software Package Download

HP Ink Tank 318 Driver Download

I think it prints something slower than his predecessor, but for home use, it's all in all. Quality of the prints is also completely ok. The predecessor has now barely 6 years done his service at a purchase price of 60 €. So all in all, a cheap satisfactory purchase. For occasional printing a cheap alternative. The HP Ink Tank 318 wireless printing works optimally and the quality is more than acceptable for the price. I use this HP Ink Tank 318 printer for occasional printing only. If you print a little you can even complete a free cartridge subscription at HP. For advanced printers, there are cheaper alternatives (note cartridge prices!).

I am very satisfied with the new HP printer. But unfortunately there was no CD included in the delivery queue to install the printer. It took me some time to install the printer. Exactly as described and how I looked for a printer. Can now print everything right from your smartphone. How long the supplied cartridges will hold up will show. After my old HP PSC 750 did almost 30 years (!) Good service, I had to take it to the dump today. The new one can be easily installed and quickly finds the router. Now I can finally print from all PCs and laptops wirelessly in the house. Small printer for a small price. Let's see how it will behave with the consumption of ink. HP ink has always been something very expensive.

  1. Download Driver HP Ink Tank 318 for Mac OS X 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
  2. Download Full Driver HP Ink Tank 318 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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