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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sony DSC-RX0 Firmware Download

Sony DSC-RX0 Firmware Update. Good overall performance and good image quality. This device fits in a jacket pocket or purse and it weighs 111 g. Adventurous appliances are designed to resist dust, shock and even water. They are ideal for outdoor activities or simply for those who like to take their device without special precautions. The choice of adventurous models is rather limited and their prices are quite high. It has a 24mm (f / 4) lens with a 1x zoom range. This allows you to take a wide angle shot, which is useful for photographing interiors, landscapes and people.

Sony DSC-RX0 Firmware Download

Sony DSC-RX0 Firmware Download

The possibilities of telephoto zoom are rather limited, this device is more adapted to a general use or to urban photos. The stabilizer works well but the low light pictures are not as good as expected. The camera captures details in the shadows and in bright light and the color rendition is excellent. Video quality in excellent natural light but mediocre in artificial light. Be aware that this camera does not have a viewfinder. You will need to use the LCD screen on the back of the case to frame your photos. Average screen quality in natural light but among the best in artificial light. The simplicity of use sometimes leaves something to be desired.

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