Download Firmware Canon Rebel XTi EOS 400D

Canon Rebel XTi EOS 400D Firmware Download. After the successor of the Canon 20D became 30D, the EOS enthusiasts were waiting for the next step of Canon. Before the upcoming Fotokina trade fair, which was to take place at the end of September 2006, it was considered whether the latest model will be the successor of the amateur 350D, or maybe the professional 1Ds Mark II reflex camera. The media noise started for good when, on August 23, information appeared on the internet along with pictures about the new 400D, and thus a modernized version very popular among 350 fans. The leaks were the result of a mistake of the operator of the Chinese service of Canon. The day before the official premiere, information about the new DSLR appeared on the site.

Lovers of large corps felt disappointed. Canon 400D inherited small dimensions after the 350D model, but after that, a lot has changed in it. A new matrix with a resolution of 10.1 million pixels has been inserted in it. At the time when competition in new models (Nikon D80, Sony A100) places matrices with similar resolutions, Canon could not remain indifferent. As a result, the successor of the 8-megapixel camera received two million pixels more. Do these extra pixels change a lot in the quality of photos? You can definitely read about this later in this article.

Another clear difference between 350D and 400D is the display. Here, too, certainly took the top marketing, because now every self-respecting camera manufacturer gives the user a large LCD display. In the new Canon model it was possible to fit a 2.5-inch screen but at the cost of a small rectangular control panel that showed information about the current camera settings. The role of two screens, which were in 350D, was replaced by a large one with properties that we write in the following chapters.

Canon Rebel XTi EOS 400D Firmware Update

Canon Rebel XTi EOS 400D Firmware Download

Some surprise was the introduction of a completely new feature in the 400D: EOS Integrated Cleaning System. This is a novelty long awaited by users of the EOS standard. Problems with dust on the matrix are often the bane of a digital photographer.

As often happens, new SLR cameras from the lower shelf inherit functions on more advanced models. In 400D, this applies to the nine-point autofocus that EOS 30D has so far prided itself on. The same is with the viewfinder and the number of controls displayed on it.

Apart from the above Differences between 350D and 400D must also be mentioned about the 30D expanded Picture Styles function, the histogram of Luminance components or RGB (Red, Green, Blue), the added Auto option for noise reduction, the recording of up to 9999 photos in the folder, the possibilities the so-called. ''fast printing'' and three options for rotating photos.

You can read the detailed specification of the Canon 400D firmware below.


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