Download Firmware Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha A6000 Firmware Download. The camera has various programs. The beginner will appreciate the program automatics that Sony has donated to the device. I usually use the aperture priority. That is, I specify the aperture and the camera calculates the time. Normally, I trust in the hiking and the ISO automatic. In dim light, I use the ability to adjust aperture, shutter speed and ISO manually. Thanks to the two wheels, this is very comfortable as with a large DSLR. It was important to me in the purchase decision for the Sony Alpha 6000 synonymous, the digital viewfinder - a camera without viewfinder I would not come into the house. Sony has donated the camera an electronic viewfinder with OLED technology that dissolves properly. There is nothing to complain about the color reproduction. The images can be viewed in the viewfinder, but also conveniently viewed on the up or down folding display. With the battery you get along well - Sony gives 360 shots. That's enough for long hikes. Of course, the Sony Alpha 6000 can easily pair with the smartphone via WiFi.

Interesting for videographers: The Sony dominated Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) at a maximum frame rate of 60 fps. We now use the GoPro Hero 5 Edition in combination with the Gimbal FeiyuTech G5.

Download Firmware Sony Alpha A6000

The picture quality of the Sony Alpha 6000
That Sony understands something of camera sensors, proves not only the Sony Alpha 6000th The picture quality is outstanding . ISO noise virtually does not occur under normal lighting conditions, and even at twilight, you can still make good shots from the palm of your hand. The dynamic range is about ten f-stops - a very decent value. Also the resolution of the 24 megapixel sensor leaves nothing to be desired. The kit lens 16-50mm can certainly not fully exploit the quality of the sensor - but the glass is unbeatably compact. Of course, the photos can be saved in RAW format. For example, post production in Adobe Light room or another image development program can save enormous reserves. But enough of the many words, here is a picture gallery. The photos were taken without exception with the Sony Alpha 6000.

Durability of the Sony Alpha 6000
March 2018:The review of the Sony Alpha 6000 was already online in December 2016. In the past few months, I've got some questions from readers, as it looks like with the durability of the Sony Alpha 6000th Well, the camera has been in use for almost a year and a half since then (March 2018) and yes, it still works as it did on the first day. The case has some scratches, as does the lens, but nothing dramatic, which limits the function. The camera had to endure a few snow and rain showers - it did not hurt. Technically, the camera is still tiptop. Only a small bug I noticed in the course of time: In very rare cases, it happens that the camera virtually freezes. It only helps to remove the battery and then turn the camera on and off again. After that everything works again. But as I said, the problem is very rare.

July 2018: Updating to the latest firmware has fixed the freeze error. In the past weeks, the problem has not occurred with me anyway. What are your experiences with the Sony Alpha 6000? Leave a comment at the end of the article.

Recommended lenses for the Sony Alpha 6000
April 2018: The Sony Alpha 6000 comes with the standard lens 16-50mm ( SELP1650) delivered (if you not only the camera body without lens increases). The 379 euros that Sony calls for the lens, are certainly far-coated. I would not buy the lens for the money. In the kit, the price is reduced to about 60 euros - and that's really okay. But you see: The SELP1650 is of course not a first-rate lens. For everyday life, the glass is completely okay and I use the Sony Alpha 6000 synonymous with this lens. The great strength of the SELP1650 is the unbeatable compact design. When traveling or on long hikes, the SELP1650 is perfect. Of course, the lens is not very bright. In low light conditions, the ISO value must be turned very high or a tripod used. Also for night shots - such as the Milky Way - the SELP1650 is of course not suitable. Even portraits or wildlife photos are not at all the strength of the SELP1650. If you value it, you have to look for a second or third lens. Incidentally, the Sony Alpha 6000 has a so-called E-mount connection. You have to pay attention to this, if you add a lens for the camera.


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