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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma G1501

Canon Pixma G1501 Drivers Download. The Canon Pixma G1501 printer comes with GI-590 ink bottles and ink tank. This inkjet printers have an internal ink tank for each printer ink, with the printer ink from the bottle filling in. In Europe, the inks carry the designations GI-590 BK, GI-590 C, GI-590 M, GI-590 Y. In our video tutorial you will see the first time you switch on such a device and how the inks from the bottles in the Canon Pixma G device are filled as well as the filling of the ink system inside the printer. The Canon Pixma G1501 is supplied with two GI-590 BK ink bottles, each containing 135 ml of black ink. For the cyan, magenta and yellow, Canon contains 70 ml per ink color. The black ink tank is located at the left front corner of the printer. At the same place on the right are the containers of the printing inks cyan, magenta and yellow.

All colors have a viewing window to the front of the Canon Pixma G device for checking the ink level in the CISS tanks. The black ink inlet GI-590 BK is located below the large, upper lid and another, blue lid protects the tank closed with a rubber stopper. This is also the case with the right-hand filling openings of the colors cyan, magenta and yellow. The ink ducts lead from the ink tanks to the holder for the print heads of the Canon Pixma CISS printer. When opened, the connections of the cables to the print heads are visible on the underside of the cover. There are two positions inside the fixture and one stop position (mark B) for the black print head and one for the color print head (mark C). 

Canon Pixma G1501 Drivers & Software Download

Canon Pixma G1501 Drivers Download

Before you fill the ink system, the printheads that came with the product are installed. These are Canon ink cartridges with built-in printhead and ports for the ink lines on the top of the cartridge cover. Remove the top-side closure label and the protective film over the nozzle plate at the bottom of the cartridge, and then insert the printhead into the appropriate position in the printhead mount. To lock the cover of the print head holder is closed and clicked on the top connectors. The filling of the ink is really straightforward - pull out the rubber stopper of the tank - unscrew the lid of the GI-590 ink bottle and carefully lower the tip into the filling opening. When the tank is empty, all the ink in the bottle fits into the ink reservoir. To get the ink out of the bottle, it is gently pressed together and released again.

The viewing window on the front panel controls how much ink is already in each tank. Please always check the correct color in the right tank. Close the top cover of the Canon Pixma G printer to start filling the ink system. Then press the power button (1) and if the printhead has stopped, you can hear this, then press and hold the Resume button (2) for at least 5 seconds. The Canon printer then begins to draw ink from the reservoirs through the tubing toward the printheads. The filling is completed as soon as the green LED next to the power button turns solid green. Your Canon Pixma G1500, G2500, G3500, G4500 is now ready for use. All manufacturers and brand names are only used to identify compatibility and are the property of their respective owners.

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