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Download Driver Brother DCP-J515W

Brother DCP-J515W Drivers Download. The printer looks good and it is solidly processed. The installation (Windows) went without problems, the log on to the router was also good have WPS fast connection (password forgives the device) selected after a few minutes everything was done. Print and scan go quickly, just like the USB port, the results are perfect for me. The Brother DCP-J515W printer does not forget the settings synonymous if it is like me completely disconnected from the mains only the clock is then but is the lesser evil. All functions described are working well, the menu in the display is easy to read u. understandable. Attention an error message is given when calling the scanner software for the first time if no application has been defined for processing the scanned image.

To complain about I only have that you do not see if the printer is turned on because after a while the display is dimmed, otherwise no operating indicator lights and it is to get over. I hope that this printer runs as well as my previous printer from Brother, for the time being I am very satisfied! The cartridges are cheap from third party (eg I prefer to print photos at DM or MEdiaMarkt), I can print from anywhere, he also scans via Wi-Fi directly to my computer. A great device. It is simply great for normal household! At least do not fit the original ink cartridges, I am very satisfied buy something at any time again. This Brother DCP-J515W is worth the money. All functions are flawless. The display is very easy to read, the installation is very easy and due to the built-in Wi-Fi you do not have to be forced to stand by the computer.

Brother DCP-J515W Driver & Software Download

Brother DCP-J515W Drivers Download

After my last Epson printer (again) has given up the ghost, I have gone in search of a printer that is both in the purchase and in the subsequent costs (no-name cartridges) cheap and a decent quality both in printing as well as when scanning supplies. The supply of printers for home use is huge and you lose track quickly. But I landed relatively quickly with Brother, after the voices have increased that the printers are uncomplicated and robust and work well even with no name cartridges. I bought the J515W last year in October for € 90 (Saturn) and am very satisfied from day one. A big bonus for Brother: the supplied cartridges (4 pieces) did not seem to have been filled as usual, but completely filled, so the first cartridge replacement was only needed a few hundred pages later. And as already suspected the printer works since then without problems with cheap printer cartridges in consistently good quality.

It is also worth noting that the printer does not perform automatic printhead cleaning or the like after power up or after reconnecting to the power outlet, which is known to waste a lot of ink. In addition, he is classified as "resource-saving and low-emission" with the Blue Angel. As a student, I print text documents rather than photos, so I can not say anything about the quality of the photos. In the areas where I use it, however, he is perfect. The scanner also delivers the best quality. About the wireless LAN feature, I can not say anything, because I do not use it. So if you are looking for a new printer with a very good quality and low follow-up costs, you should definitely take a closer look at this device.

I've been using the DCP-J515W for over half a year now, not here, but from the "book," as it was cheaper at the time. I can say to the printer with a clear conscience that you definitely do not go wrong with the purchase. I still have the first cartridges in it. I have to say that I print maybe ten pages a month, if that. Negative I have not noticed the printer until now, but all the more positive, of which I list some here: 

- Quiet pressure 
- WLAN is set up quickly 
- Economical with cartridges

I previously had different models of HP, Canon and Lexmark. Every time I turned them on, they rattled off like crazy and first cleaned the cartridges. The cartridges were correspondingly fast, but not with the Brother, no rattling, just switching on and printing. 

I've been using the DCP-J515W for about a month now and I'm still very excited. Previously had an over 10-year-old HP, which indeed printed satisfactorily, but with extremely high printing costs and the growing problem that cartridges are no longer easy to get for this printer. 

The decision for Brother fell also by the fact that Brother as one of the few manufacturers does not install a chip in its cartridges to prevent third-party replicas. Thus, one comes here to cheap replacement cartridges. Although the cartridges offered could not try yet, but the reviews are promising and the prices (about 1 Euro per cartridge) very good.

The choice fell on the 315/515 series because a WLAN interface was an important selection criterion for me. The differences are not great, but at the time of my purchase was also the price difference <5 Eur, so I opted for the 515W. The following differences to the 315W I found in my research: 

- Integrated photo paper cassette 
- Larger LCD display (8.2 instead of 4.8) 
- More memory (40MB instead of 32MB) 

To the facts of my previous experience with the device: 

- Scan, B/W Printing and color printing very satisfactory for me. 
- Very good photo printing 
- Connection via WLAN easy and fast possible
- There are drivers on solutions.brother.com also for Linux (.deb and .rpm). I have set up the printer easily under Windows, Linux (Ubuntu / Lubuntu) and WeTabOS (~ Meego) 
- level display on the display or on the PC (Windows) using Brother Control Center 
- Cheap printing thanks to cartridges from third-party suppliers (easy on Amazon after LC985 search) 
- Direct connection for SDHC (for printing or saving scans). Unfortunately no connection for conventional USB sticks (that would be included with DCP-j715er) 
- In standby, I measure 1.7 watts instead of the specified 0.5 watts

The only small criticism: With the enclosed 3 sheets Brother photo paper (10x15) I could not print photos, these were probably faulty. With the purchased paper of the same brand (BP71) but it worked very well.

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