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Download Driver Brother MFC-J1300DW

Brother MFC-J1300DW Driver Download. I am very satisfied with the printer. Everything worked out wonderfully. The first printer I ordered has been damaged and that was a good thing. I ordered a better one then. So after my predecessor model "died" after 5-6 years of continuous use, had something new ago. The pure mechanics is brother typical somewhat less massive, but the part is running. Pros and cons to the predecessor at the same time: A4-paper and single sheets can be "back" insert. Advantage: it is also thicker paper because it no longer has to be 180 ° out of the cassette, but runs almost plan. Disadvantage: you need just distance to the wall and have to fumble something to introduce it straight. So the printer has a bit more space. Similarly, the ADF needs more space "oh up" when you open it. (Stupid for me because it stands on a wall with a slope. A4 is just long and therefore you need space to top to unfold the ADF cover). I like the brother because of the separate cartridges, the cheap ink prices and the still verifiable service by email in European.

This is my 3rd brother printer altogether. My last Brother printer MFC J-5910DW has held for over 4 years. This one is even better from the functions and I think of the quality. I've had a lot of printers in my life, from Lexmark, HP and Canon, and I have to say Brother's printers are by far the best for me. Other printers keep only 6 months and ok you have the guarantee, but not much, if you eg at Saturn after the third attempt to repair the device back and the money for the months in which you used it, deducted. I used my previous printer with a ciss cartridge system, worked without a chip and ordered the ciss system with chip for this printer. I hope it works just as well. I think who decides in general for Brother has done everything right. 

The Brother MFC-J1300DW is one of many devices I have purchased privately over the past 30 years. It has to replace my last Canon - with low-price cartridges - because of low-priced cartridges and constant current dependence lasted six years. Then his printhead probably gave the cheap cartridges the mercy shot. Short Version: Never again Canon! Not because of the above-mentioned device is really not! But the devices of this company are ink vampires and they suck ink as if it were the Billanz of the manufacturer. I do not mind and there are enough comments. 

Brother MFC-J1300DW Driver & Software Download

Download Driver Brother MFC-J1300DW

The Brother can be easily set up with native printer drivers under Linux. (you have to download from Brother). Special software (very interesting which) runs only under windows, not under wine (keyword Scan To Text). Faxing, scanning, printing runs in the standard modes easily under Linux. There are different print quality modes. In the simplest which is the quality readable. More would be a euphemism. Straight lines exist only at short distances. This confirms those reviews that complain about 'crooked lines'. In 'middle' mode you can not complain (me) and in 'best' mode there is impeccable quality. I do not print out photos. My opinion refers exclusively to text. 

I have the Brother MFC-J1300DW printer for 2 months and I am satisfied. On the cheapest paper, I once had the problem that he (the printer) duplexed two pages at a time. The collection extract for the printed paper is of the cheapest quality. The establishment of the printer requires dispute. The functionality is enormous. The Brother MFC-J1300DW ink consumption seems extremely enjoyable. After about 200 pages, the enclosed cartouches are still significantly more than 3/4 full (statement of the software). For me as a private user, the Brother is thus satisfactory without restriction.

After the end of Windows 10, I urgently needed a new scanner A3. Since I had already had good experiences with a MFC from the same manufacturer, the choice was not difficult for me. Reviews and reviews were mixed, so self-experiment. And that was clearly positive. Workmanship is good, not spectacular, but also not to bother. Prints quickly, scans quickly, faxes are not needed anymore. Print quality is good for office applications on plain paper, photo paper should be tried before, had only one species, the result gruesome. Other paper type expression good, others may be better. Conclusion: good, solid office Allrounder, the Brother MFC-J1300DW is a device with super price!

  1. Download LINUX Driver Brother MFC-J1300DW
  2. Download Full Drivers Brother MFC-J1300DW for Mac OS X 10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Full Drivers Brother MFC-J1300DW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

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