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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma G3515

Canon Pixma G3515 Drivers Download. This is the Canon printer with refill. Few things are as annoying as the beep that says the printer is out of ink. If you do not have a new print cartridge, you may not be able to print anything. A Canon Pixma Photo Printer says, like most photo printers, nothing about the ink level before it's too late. This new generation Pixma has the ink cartridges located in the front so you can see the ink level before printing. The cassettes are refillable, with the ink bottles that are shaped to reduce spillage and leakage. The Pixma G, as they are called, is available in four variants. The most interesting are perhaps the multifunction printers G4510 and G3515. They have LCD display that shows status, they support wifi prints and can hold 100 sheets of plain paper. They have black pigment ink that will provide better text prints and dye-based color stains for photo prints. All Pixma printers print borderless images up to A4 format, and they support the PosterArtist Lite program that you can use to create posters and brochures.

You can also organize photos, create photo montages and calendars, cards to and much more, with the online My Image Garden, and the printers support Canon's Creative Park, a free online service. With 3D models, greeting cards, frames and masks. The Canon Pixma G3515 scanner works smoothly and smoothly. Little experience with it, but the quality of the first scans was fine. Drivers installation takes a while, but goes smoothly: it clearly describes how the reservoirs should be filled with the 4 colors. Then the printer fills itself with the ink. Give it a few minutes. The software installation procedure also takes time (on my system). I can choose all kinds of extra options and after a while everything is ready.

Canon Pixma G3515 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma G3515 Drivers Download

The test-print contains a link to the iOS and Android apps. Also do not expect top speed of this printer when printing: an A4 with text and graphics costs 10 seconds, when high print quality is chosen for almost half a minute. A photo in high quality 1 to 4 minutes. The 'screen' on the printer is disappointing: one figure is displayed and a few icons for, for example, Wi-Fi. A 'paper is on' error message is shown as follows: 'E' moments later '0' and then '2'. A 300 Euro printer and then cut it here? I do not understand. Anyway, the printer driver translates 'E02' neatly into the message "your paper tray is empty". The first prints are made quickly and look good. Text is nicely sharp, colors are fine with the standard settings. The first photos look good too. I admit, here is little to say about it. I do not have enough experience with printers for that.

However, I can say something about my experiences during the first weeks: by now a few hundred A4 sheets have been rolled out of the printer. A lot of text, lots of color. And when it comes to print quality, the printer does not drop any stitches. What is remarkable is that the printer has been stranded three times during printing. Once halfway through a print. The printer does not come out on its own. The cancel button in the software does not help either. Pressing the power button twice is the only remedy. Whether this is my printer, or that the firmware contains some rafles that have been fixed with an update?

  1. Linux Drivers for Canon Pixma G3515
  2. Download Driver Canon Pixma G3515 for Mac OS (Not available yet)
  3. Download Full Drivers & Software Canon Pixma G3515 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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