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Monday, September 10, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma G4010

Canon Pixma G4010 Drivers Download. With reviews of Canon's printers, it has not been about absolute print quality for several years now - because it's excellent - but especially about connectivity and application possibilities. In this review of the PIXMA G4010 (a multifunctional 4-in-1 for small-scale use) we do not even go into all its many possibilities, but we focus on one particular aspect: the ink cartridges. Inkjet printers for home and small business use are beautiful devices with infinite possibilities, which can be controlled in many ways and yet are advantageous in purchase. The biggest threshold for purchasing is the cost of use for many people because ink cartridges are not economical. More than 1 euro for a milliliter is no exception. Because an A4 print requires (much) less than 1 ml of ink, the price per print is actually lower, but we still find inkjet printers expensive to use, especially if you print large quantities, such as in a business environment.

With the arrival of this Canon Pixma G4010 the label 'expensive' can be dispensed with, because this is the first Canon printer with refillable ink supplies (70ml color, 130ml black), which you can easily fill with ink from a bottle. A milliliter of ink now only costs 15 cents. Moreover, you have much less waste in the form of some (recyclable) plastic bottles instead of many 'complicated' cartridges. Ordinary cartridges must be recycled according to the WEEE guidelines. But these vials can be used with normal waste.

Canon Pixma G4010 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma G4010 Drivers Download

The ink supply from a fixed reservoir has changed the printing technique, because instead of the cartridges moving back and forth across the paper during printing, it is now only a printhead that is fed with tubing from the spare parts. This system has been used for years for large format printers. If you want to see exactly how it works.

Design and implementation
We can be brief about the design and implementation of the printer: business. The multifunctionals in the PIXMA MG and TS-series are now pearls on your desk with a beautiful design and subtle materials and colors, while the PIXMA G4500 is just a black plastic box, in which the design only takes into account the functionality and that's great for a small office printer with one or two users. With the help of the Quick menu you can quickly perform all sorts of tasks from your computer.

As mentioned above, the Canon Pixma G4010 is a 4-in-1 multifunctional: printing, copying (color / black & white), scanning (with ADF) and faxing. It can be controlled via USB, Lan and wireless, even from a telephone / tablet or as a cloud printer. If you want to see all the specifications and possibilities.

A useful additional aspect of scanning documents with text to PDF is that when you open these files in Adobe Acrobat CC (not Acrobat Reader), you can edit the PDF, where Acrobat has converted the scanned pixel text into plain editable text. Wow! Photographs, illustrations and logos can also be edited as separate elements.

Canon Pixma G4010 Quality
The Canon Pixma G4010 has 'only' four ink colors: cyan, magenta, yellow (all dye) and black (pigment). This is great for office documents in black and white and color, such as quotations, invoices and simple flyers or brochures, but not really intended for printing high-quality photos. A color document with a logo, title, text and pie chart looks good and will certainly leave a good impression on the recipient / customer. Of course, the choice of paper is of course important here and it is advisable not to economize on this and to opt for a smoother paper, so that the ink will flow less and the paper will be high-white in color.

The speed of printing, scanning and copying is such that you rarely feel that you have to wait. A printer of this caliber is obviously not intended for high volumes and 24/7 use, but that will be clear. We are pleased with the arrival of the Canon Pixma G4010 and hope that the technology of refillable ink supply accessories will also be reflected in special photo printers in the foreseeable future. For many photographers the threshold has disappeared to start printing photos themselves and they will enjoy their photography even more.

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  2. Download Software Series Canon Pixma G4010 for Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Drivers & Software Canon Pixma G4010 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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