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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma TR4550

Canon Pixma TR4550 Drivers Download. Recently, I have to download some photos from the Internet and have been looking for a cheap but good printer, which bans me some of the images on paper. I'm technically completely unskilled and had reservations about whether I get it fixed at all. The Canon Pixma TR4550 printer settles almost on its own, but it has a bit of a hitch with the paper slot. But the quality of the photos he spits out to me is first rate. I never would have thought. However, I have saved neither the photo paper nor the printer ink.

So this Canon Pixma TR4550 is the best printer I could choose for my home office. Scanning works wireless from my iMac and the feeder accepts a file. The fax works fine. Copying and printing as well. The price is very reasonable and the cartridges are at reasonable cost as well. A cheap printer, which is used exclusively as a fax. Here, the setting must be made absolutely accurate, otherwise the printer consumes extremely much ink. Meets for my needs absolutely its purpose, I am completely satisfied, unfortunately I lack a comparison to higher-priced products to report in detail.

Canon Pixma TR4550 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TR4550 Drivers Download

The Canon Pixma TR4550 is that a great printer (55, - € free house), whose functions I do not use all. The fax function is meaningless to me. With glossy paper and the corresponding setting very nice photos are printed. Absolute buy recommendation! For the course! He does what he should! The app is already important. I had read in the reviews that he should be very loud. All I can say is it's no louder than my printers before. For the money you really can not complain! Canon Pixma TR4550 a very good looking printer!

I got it today. and everything should work. hope it stays that way, very much to recommend. So he does what he should! Small powerful and quiet. After replacing my 4100 I'm very excited. Fax is synonymous, but who needs that privately. If you print from time to time enough this printer. For people who use the printer more often I would not recommend it. The Canon Pixma TR4550 printer is to my complete satisfaction. All applications are easy to use. The printer cartridges should be slightly cheaper. Otherwise top.

  1. Download LINUX Driver for Canon Pixma TR4550
  2. Canon Pixma TR4550 for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Print & Scan Driver Canon Pixma TR4550 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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