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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma TR4551

Canon Pixma TR4551 Drivers Download. The Canon Pixma TR4551 should have won a design award. The feel is completely horrible! I'm always worried that I might break something. But it makes something when it stands around. However, it is comparatively slow and loud. The Canon Pixma TR4551 is mainly used by me for faxes. That makes it easy. The print quality is acceptable. However, I do not use this Canon Pixma TR4551 for photo prints. I'm more than enthusiastic, something simple, whether from the tablet or mobile phone. madness. So far super printer! The Canon Pixma TR4551 driver installations were easy! Let's see how long he stops!

My old laser printer has unfortunately given up the ghost. Since I do not print much, I thought to myself, you get yourself a cheap printer. For just over 50 euros you can not do much wrong, I thought. True - as you can see here, but you can do a lot right. Scanner, printer, fax and copier in one device is really handy. Except for the fax function, I use everything. The print image is flawless, the scanning of documents works and the quality is very good. I think it's great that I can connect the printer to my computer via WLAN. So I can print from another room from the laptop without having to put with the cable next to the printer. How long this Canon Pixma TR4551 printer cartridges last and whether they tend to dry out, as I know from the past, will show, but I have not had the printer for long enough.

Canon Pixma TR4551 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TR4551 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma TR4551 does a good job, but feels a bit unstable. Is not of the material (plastic strength) as usual from Cannon. It should also be noted that this product was not so expensive. I would say price / performance is ok. Something loud is the device and if it would run permanently, I could not live with it. But the few times he is used in the day it is ok. I think the size is good, because he does not occupy as much space as the old devices. The device is super easy to install and has a very fast printout. I use the printer exclusively as a network printer and could connect via WPS the printer in no time with my Fritzbox. Some reviewers criticized the loud pressure. The noise intensity, however, can be adjusted in the settings! The fax function (send / receive) works without any problems! The only minus so far: The display has no lighting (or at least I have not yet discovered if such a can be activated!). With a corresponding "canon App", even documents from the tablet can be printed on the printer! 

For the money, the Canon Pixma TR4551 printer is excellent. I use it on Ubuntu 16.4 and after the isntallation of the Linux driver provided by Canon everything works, except that I can not use the ADF to scan (which is a bit annoying). Well, I can say that the newer printers can do more, but are also built unstable and about the topic with the tenths prices. We use the printer for printing documents, copying / scanning and printing coloring pages. With the connection over the W-Lan network and the installation of the necessary drivers everything runs super. Those who are unfamiliar with such things or are not very patient in reading manuals should seek help. A small disadvantage is the unnecessary software Canon would like to install on the PC, as you should pay attention to the installation. We are fully satisfied, also because of the low price.

  1. Download LINUX Driver for Canon Pixma TR4551
  2. Canon Pixma TR4551 for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Print & Scan Driver Canon Pixma TR4551 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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