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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma TS8252

Canon Pixma TS8252 Drivers Download. The Canon launches the Pixma TS8252, this is the first Alexa-compatible inkjet multifunction printer on the market. The way to get there is not as easy as revealed in the test. With the Canon Pixma TS8252 as the first model, the printer and the Alexa device should be connected to each other to control the inkjet printer by voice command. All you need is an Amazon account, the Alexa app, and you need to connect your multifunction printer to the Canon Pixma Cloud Link service. Is that all done, should commands such as "Alexa, please print a coloring page for children on the Canon printer" a corresponding action on the Canon Pixma TS8252 trigger. So the theory. In practice, at the time of the test in August 2018, the test procedures for the Canon skills are still running. An exact approval date is unknown.

And that, although the Multifunktionsdrucker in different colors in September 2018 in the shops will stand: as TS8252 in the black housing, as TS8251 in white and as TS8252 in red. After all, Canon announces that in addition to certain coloring pages also the query of ink levels by voice command should be possible. 

As usual with the Canon device series, the Pixma TS8252 also appeals to the photo-affine user. Thanks to the six inks, he receives very high-contrast prints with beautiful details in the blue areas. However, he has to cope with the corresponding ink costs. On plain paper, however, the page costs are within acceptable limits. Thanks to the large, fast touch screen, the operation is comfortable. You can not press the panel too hard, otherwise you will lose weight quickly.

Canon Pixma TS8252 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TS8252 Drivers Download

Overall, the device is mature. Therefore, Canon probably plunges on the additions such as new apps and Alexa connectivity. We will test the latter as soon as the skills are released by Amazon. An unconditional benefit for voice control, however, we are currently not one. In this respect, you can confidently access the predecessor Pixma TS8152, which is already cheaper and available in different colors.

In addition to the upcoming Alexa capability Canon extends the selection of Druckapps. Since March of this year, there is already the app "Message Print", which can be greetings cards provided with animation and sound. Use the app to select the category - such as birthday or birth. You can use the sample theme or replace it with your own photo. You can add your own text. In the preview, the map sounds and simultaneously plays an animation. The recipient receives the printed card. If he scans her on the marked part of the map with the smartphone, he not only sees the motif but also the animation and hears the melody. A gimmick with an aura effect that will be particularly appreciated by the Instagram generation.

Again new and still in the making is another app that can be used to create custom nail stickers. The corresponding self-adhesive printing material also comes from the manufacturer. At the time of testing (mid-August), the app was not finished yet.

Compared to the predecessor TS8150 series, the current TS8250 series has changed outwardly: the case has sharper edges, and the aluminum look on the lower part of the case sets a special accent.

The inner life, however, is similar to its predecessors. So Canon continues to rely on a six-color printing unit with the basic colors black, blue, red, yellow and the additional inks for photos - blue and black. The generation of inks with the series 580 and 581 has not changed. This also applies to the two paper trays, which each accommodate a maximum of 100 sheets of paper. In addition, special and photo papers can be inserted into the rear compartment. The interface selection remains abundant with USB2.0, n-WLAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and an SD card slot. The touch screen is large, easy to operate and quick to respond to the touch of a button. If you want to print on discs, you can do so via the CD / DVD / Blu-ray print function. The necessary adapter has a safe place below the output tray. The housing incorporates a duplex unit for automatic double-sided printing.

Canon Pixma TS8252 quality in printing, scanning and copying
The quality results in the test are similar to those of the predecessor: The photo blueprint helps photos with sky and water motifs to more details and thus to high plasticity. Otherwise, friends of photography with the Canon TS8252 get their money. Pure texts have a good readability due to the pigmented black ink with sufficient, but not exaggerated coverage.

The scan unit produces good results for everyday life. However, the depth of field decreases rapidly and the red and blue color ranges are quite pronounced. This pleases less photographers. The copies reproduce strong colors in the test and black well, in light color areas - such as pastel shades - the colors of the original easily mutate to grayscale on the copy. In addition, the scanner cuts off A4 copies at the bottom slightly more than usual in the test field.

Consumption - still three quantities
Since nothing has changed in the ink generation, you can still choose from three cartridge capacities with Standard, XL and XXL. At best, we calculate 4.0 cents for the black-and-white and 8.7 cents for the colored sheet - reasonable costs for a six-color printer. The calculation can only be transferred to plain paper. For photo papers, the additional colors are used, which drive up the price accordingly. All the inks are also involved in the numerous nozzle rinses that the Canon Pixma TS8252 performs - this is a well-known shortcoming in Canon's inkjet technology.

In terms of power consumption, we observe an interesting phenomenon on the TS8252 printer: If it hangs on the USB port without further WLAN connection, it switches from operating mode directly to the off state. He skips the sleep mode. By WLAN driven, we measure 1.4 watts. The circuit breaker correctly disconnects the multifunction printer from the power supply. Our meter goes accordingly to 0.0 watts.

Canon Pixma TS8252 Speed ​​- slow duplex unit
Too bad that Canon has not increased the tempo in duplex mode. As usual, after printing the first page, the Pixma TS8252 pauses long before continuing with the back. So the difference between simplex and duplex remains large, as 52 seconds and 3:42 minutes in ten pages of text illustrate. The numerous nozzle rinses also partially slow him down at work. This is particularly noticeable when you print multiple pages. Scanning and copying units provide good medium results, such as 6 seconds for an A4 scan preview or 19 seconds for an A4 color copy. Good: The Canon Pixma TS8252 works the tasks in the test quietly, but without delays.


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