Peachtree Nova300 Drivers & Firmware Download

Peachtree Nova300 Drivers & Firmware Download

Peachtree Nova300 Firmware Download. The Peachtree Nova 300 is a stereo model capable of delivering up to 300 Watts in 8 Ohms and 450 Watts in 4 Ohms, thanks to B & O ICE Power power modules.

Peachtree Nova 300: made for iPhone
Very functional, the Peachtree Nova 300 amp is distinguished by a complete connectivity, which includes MM phono input, analog RCA and digital S / PDIF and USB. In other words, this amplifier can connect a wide range of sources, the  turntable to the computer, not to mention the iPhone. The front USB input is also associated with a filter to expell the digital signal emanating from the smartphone of any parasite.

Peachtree Nova 300: pre-out and direct in
Formerly equipped with an electronic tube, the preamp section of the Peachtree Nova 300 has been completely redesigned. In order to maintain the exceptional signal-to-noise ratio at the input, the tube has therefore been abandoned. However, Peachtree has equipped the Peachtree Nova 300 with a monitor loop to insert a stereo equalizer between the preamp and amplification section. An external module with electronic tubes should be proposed later. This monitoring loop opens up other perspectives, such as enjoying a pre-out stereo output to pair the Peachtree Nova 300 with a power amplifier. Or use the Peachtree Nova 300 as a power amplifier, for example with a home theater amp with pre-out outputs.

Peachtree Nova300 USB Drivers Download

Peachtree Nova300 Drivers & Firmware Download

Peachtree Nova 300: DAC 32/384 and DSD
The Peachtree Nova 300 amplifier features a DAC ESS Saber 9018K2M, a digital-to-analog converter well known for its analytical qualities. It supports PCM stereo audio streams up to 24-bit and 192 kHz and DSD 5.6 MHz. Thus, a computer can be associated with the Nova 300 , in order to read absolutely all the music. S / PDIF inputs can be associated with any CD ,  Blu-ray, or network player , to take advantage of the built-in DAC's conversion qualities.

With 450 W of power and an ability to handle impedances less than 4 Ohms. There are so few speakers that the Peachtree Nova 300 can not animate. Finally, the headphone output is powerful, with 330 mW 300 Ohms, enough to calmly consider an association with the majority of hi-fi headsets on the market.

  • Solid aluminum frame 
  • Wood paneling

  • Class D Ice Power Amplifier Module, Strong Output Current Capacity Output 
  • Power: 2 x 300 W (8 ohms, 1% THD) and 2 x 450 W (4 ohms, 0.5% THD) 
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0.5 dB 
  • Dynamic range: 105 dB 
  • Input impedance: 50 kohms 
  • Output impedance: 18 mohms 
  • Minimum load: 2.5 Ohms 
  • Damping factor:> 700 (50 Hz and 1 kHz , 8 ohms) 
  • Crosstalk:> 90 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

  • Output voltage: max. 3.8 Vrms, THD 0.02% 
  • Pre-out output impedance: 100 Ω 
  • Signal to noise ratio: 111 dB 
  • Channel separation: 120 dB

Headphone amplifier
  • Power: 755 mW for 32 Ω (THD 0.1%) / 130 mW for 300 Ω (THD 0.1%) / 64 mW for 600Ω. 
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0.1 dB 
  • Output impedance: 1 Ω

  • D / A Converter: Saber ESS 9018K2M Sampling 
  • Frequencies: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96/176/192/384 kHz 
  • Dynamic Range: 112 dB

  • 1x USB Type A port for iPhone 
  • 1x USB Type B port for computers 
  • 2x optical S / PDIF inputs Toslink 
  • 1x coaxial S / PDIF RCA 
  • input 1x phono input MM RCA 
  • 1x RCA stereo line input 
  • 1x pre-output RCA stereo 
  • 1x USB port type A (service) 
  • 1x input and 1x trigger output 12V 
  • 1x headphone output 6.35 mm

Supplied accessories
  • Remote control

Power supply
  • Mains voltage 220-230V / 50-60Hz 
  • Power consumption on / standby: 1200 W / 0.5 W

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 356 x 111 x 336 mm (volume potentiometer and speaker terminals taken into account) 
  • Weight: 7.7 Kg

  1. Download the .upd firmware update file to a computer.
  2. Insert a USB thumb drive* into that computer and create a folder named PEACHTREE on the thumb drive. Be sure this folder is at "root level" on the thumb drive and not inside another folder. *MAXIMUM 8GB. A larger capacity drive will not be read by the nova.
  3. Place the .upd firmware update file into the PEACHTREE folder.
  4. Remove the USB thumb drive from the computer.
  6. Turn OFF the POWER switch on the rear panel of the Nova.
  7. Insert the USB thumb drive into the SERVICE ONLY port on the rear panel.
  8. Press and HOLD the front panel On/Standby button while turning ON the POWER switch on the rear panel. (Keep the front panel On/Standby button depressed for ~1 sec until the Standby LED starts blinking red (indicating it's in the firmware update mode).
  9. The blue input LEDs will begin lighting left to right to indicate the update progress (this process may repeat multiple times depending on the update).
  10. When the update is complete, the blue LOOP LED will flash slowly (the update may only take a few seconds for a minor update).
  11. FINISH
  12. Once again turn OFF the POWER switch on the rear panel of the Nova.
  13. Remove the USB thumb drive.
  14. Turn the POWER switch on the rear panel of the Nova back ON and use as normal. Enjoy the music!
  15. Download firmware update CLICK HERE.