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Friday, October 05, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-3040CN

Brother HL-3040CN Driver Download. A color laser printer has certainly not been a useful purchase for the home user until recently. But this Brother HL-3040CN printer scores first with an incredible price, which is still worth considering, given the - of course - subsequent costs in the form of toner cartridges. Of course, the toners are quite expensive. Even if you resort to low-priced alternatives to the original accessories, this eventually tears necessary purchase a deep hole in the wallet. But the yield of (color) pages to be printed is usually (!) Not comparable to inkjet printers. In addition, one should practice the possibility of (eg amazon described) reset function of the toner exchange message.

Granted - a laser printer certainly does not offer the photo quality, if one assumes the use of special photo paper on the ink jet. But this does not need insignificant amounts of ink, apart from their price and the price of the photo paper. I have not been printing high-quality photos for a long time at home. Simple, because I think the waiting time of 3 working days on a decent development of my photos in the drugstore my trust quite appropriate. Combined with a still much better quality than the best inkjet printer (even much more expensive) was able to offer or is.

My focus was on a printer that can stand for weeks, if not months, months without printing. Since the variant "laser" was close. No streaks, no dried-out ink cartridges or (ink-intensive) printheads to clean, no thinking about printing where necessary, so you do not stick your heads together. And that, coupled with such a tempting price. I just had to strike.

This printer makes - despite its very good price - a high-quality impression, as far as the obvious processing. It should be noted, however, that he is only able to properly exploit his strengths, if the memory is extended by 512 MB. Are another 15 - 20, - EUR. The question arises for me why one does not provide such a printer right away with a memory that makes the full (feasible) resolution of color prints possible. Hey, then it would have been the few EUR more expensive and still difficult.

After the - very simple, self-explanatory - retrofitting of the maximum possible (512 MB) memory he prints even digital photos with its highest possible resolution. Finally. This 'subtlety' would have been avoidable - simply because the printer just does not offer the possibilities attributed to it with its included - very Spartan - 32 MB.

Brother HL-3040CN Driver Download

The decor is very pleasant, a very vivid, targeted description is enclosed (in written paper) form. After inserting the toner cartridges it did not take fifteen minutes for the first test page to leave the bay - and the part was installed on the computer (in my case a Mac). The surface of the installation CD looks very tidy and useful - intuitive. The plugging of the (additionally to be acquired) Speicherriegels is also a breeze : 0. (for the very safety-conscious user) power cpl. disconnect,

1. main switch off,
2. plastic flap (on the left side of the housing),
3. remove the metal
panel, 4. snap in the storage bar,
5. replace the metal panel ,
6. plastic flap on it again,
6a. If necessary, reconnect power cord,
7. switch on.

After a short memory test, the 544 (32 + 512 summed) MB RAM are in the display. Then you can start - even large images can now finally - without blinking exclamation point and "memory full" message on the front - print.

And that can be considered quite alright, what comes on standard paper photos. It is not the main focus of a laser printer, but you can really live very well, if you do not expect authentic photo quality. This is in this case not sense of the thing, that should not go unmentioned.

The smell - certainly a criterion - is (contrary to expectations) quite bearable, even completely unspectacular. The pollutants, which probably every laser printer ejects or separates, are certainly not negligible. But in this case, I can not perceive any really annoying odor nuisance. A certain caution and a reasonable skepticism against all toner fumes of all laser printers are certainly not a mistake. It is not directly silent, but in my case no decision criterion.

Conclusion: A good, currently (?) Extremely inexpensive (color) laser printer with a very acceptable photo print quality. Set up quickly and effectively. With not inconsiderable follow-up costs, which should certainly be considered and compared.


- extremely cheap (currently?)
- decent, almost stunning, really huge packaging (the thing seems kernschlagfest packed ;-)
- very effective guide to the first use (both for Windows, and for Mac users),
- (obviously ) very high quality processed,
- intuitive operation,
- very pleasant retrofitting with (necessary) memory (maybe the maximum variant 512 MB choose),
- very appealing print image (certainly subjectively felt),
- odorless in my case (unlike some Review in the net) *


- expensive toner cartridges (if you buy the originals) **
- not really quiet
- incredibly heavy - 19kg (certainly most laser printers own),
- only by retrofitting the memory capable of the printouts, which promises its technology,
- probably (according to test reports) not pollutant-free toner,
- would be a backlit LCD screen quite nice (at this price but to cope ;-)

There are also a quite good and significantly cheaper alternatives to the original toner cartridges.


  1. Download Linux Driver Brother HL-3040CN
  2. Download Driver Brother HL-3040CN for macOS (10.13), macOS (10.12)
  3. Download Driver Brother HL-3040CN for OS X (10.11)
  4. Download Driver & Software Brother HL-3040CN for WINDOW 7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)
  5. Download Driver & Software Brother HL-3040CN for WINDOW 10/8.1/8 (32/64-bit)
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