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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-J6000DW

Brother HL-J6000DW Driver Download. The new Brother HL-J6000DW A3 with duplex and wifi! And I can only agree with these judge below: 

1) What a giant! With the paper tray on the front output and the large paper support on the rear paper feeder, a depth of 80 cm is needed! Width and height are as indicated. This Brother HL-J6000DW has brought me home first logistical challenges because of the redesign of my room, in which the printer is set up.

2) The Brother HL-J6000DW is quite fast and thanks to the enclosed quick set up instructions also easy to accomplish. As with other manufacturers, the order must be observed. So do not take the intuitive second step, if this is listed in the device only as step three! 

3) What really is not nice: The cable entry for USB and fax is as already described in the device under the scan unit and costs at the USB port AB actually whole 80 cm of cable length. Here, therefore, a much longer connection cable than with the usual 180 cm should be present or acquired from the outset. Secondary only if the printer can be positioned to the left of the PC in its immediate vicinity.

4) The change from the habits of my old Canon MG8200 went pretty smoothly. Although some processes vary slightly, the bottom line is just as easy to accomplish after a relatively short "fumbling". If the durability and reliability of this Brother HL-J6000DW A3 are as high as the Canon's (now 6 years of trouble-free working), I would be very happy. After all, Brother offers on their device probably out of conviction from home a three-year on-site warranty under the extended manufacturer's warranty (standard three years). Also not self-evident.

5) Reason for the acquisition was my dissatisfaction with the old Mustek A3 scanner, in which the wrong colors disturbed me in the course of time. And since my first Canon MP850 now gave up after 11 years, so had a replacement for the now new second device ago. What could be better than killing two birds with one stone? A new printer with integrated real A3 scanning, copying and printing function including fax. And at a price for which you do not even get a reasonably decent pure A3 scanner.

6) According to the manufacturer, the warranty expires when using non-original ink cartridges. At the moment, it does not matter because the device seems to be bought so rarely or is so new that there are no third-party products. Even at the local retail outlet, the LC-3219XL Original Printer Cartridges for the Brother HL-J6000DW are not always available. Learn so today. Therefore, of course, higher costs are to be budgeted than saver foxes are usually willing to spend.

7) The Brother HL-J6000DW scanner makes from 400 dpi to 1200 dpi in my opinion very good and clean scans for further processing on the PC. Naturally, under 400 dpi, the quality clearly decreases. The settings are 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1200 dpi. How the printed high-resolution looks, I can not judge, because I rarely need high-quality prints.

Brother HL-J6000DW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-J6000DW Driver Download

The settings for scanning are sufficiently variable in the integrated program ControlCenter4 and are in no way inferior to the Canon MG8200. Even better, because even real A3 formats can be easily scanned in one go. Once you get used to the slightly different user interface, it's all just as easy. Only the image detail in the preview to a 1200 dpi scan is slightly more cumbersome to accomplish. For multiple scans in a row, you should choose "Endless Scanning" in order not to automatically pop up the image at the storage location after a scan. And the color fidelity is even better than the Canon, to lengths better than the Mustek.

8) I had to guess a bit about printing address labels on the rear feeder because I did not find anything written: Here, under "all settings", the order of the paper feed from feeder 1> feeder 2> MF feeder to "MF> Z1 > Z2 "because up to this change with me no paper from the MF-tray was pulled. Despite the settings on the PC for printing out of the MF supply. Otherwise, you can easily accommodate a whole 500-pack of printer paper distributed across all feeders. So rather home office than pure private application. 

Conclusion: Apart from just these special peculiarities to start with a new printer, which will probably always occur when changing manufacturers, I am highly satisfied after the first 24 hours. So far the Brother HL-J6000DW is a worth a recommendation. But to make a meaningful review, I will specify after the first long-term use or after a few months, here the Brother HL-J6000DW drivers below.

  1. Download Linux Drivers for Brother HL-J6000DW
  2. Download Full Driver & Software Package Brother HL-J6000DW for Mac OS 10.14
  3. Download Full Driver & Software Package Brother HL-J6000DW for Mac OS 10.13/10.12/10.11
  4. Download Full Driver & Software Package Brother HL-J6000DW for Windows

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