Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Drivers Download

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Drivers Download

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Firmware Download. Sure, the 360-degree camera can be operated directly via buttons on the device. Comfortable but it works on the free app of the manufacturer. Then you also switch between the shooting modes with a tap (see photo) or adjust the resolution. Too bad that the live image in the app for the orientation of the camera is a bit pixelated. Very handy, however: For remote triggering is a tiny remote control that you pair via Bluetooth. In the test, the operation ran smoothly, the app made no problems and accepted entries without delays. The videos of the Kodak Pixpro 4kVR360 left a good impression in the test.

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Action Cam Firmware Update

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Drivers Download

Action Cam Firmware Download Kodak PixPro Orbit360
The shots were hugely sharp and rich in detail, as well as almost free of color fringing, which is often known differently from the competition. But the camera has problems composing (stitching) the individual videos of the front and the rear lens. Thus, the seam is well visible in the sky or especially in the immediate vicinity of the camera. Especially in the close range were significant set pieces (stitching error) to see in the videos, such as the wooden bench in the photo above. In addition, the sun caused unsightly lighting effects. This in turn has better control of the competition. Otherwise, the videos run smoothly and the sound is relatively clear and gives many details from the environment again. As the twilight begins, the videos get a bit dark and details blur. Photos, on the other hand, illuminate the Kodak quite brightly.

DOWNLOAD Kodak PixPro Orbit360 DRIVERS:
Download Firmware Sony DSC-RX0 and Review

Download Firmware Sony DSC-RX0 and Review

Sony DSC-RX0 Firmware Download. Look, the Sony RX0 which looks like an action-cam and has sowed doubt to the editor. However, it is indeed an ultra-compact, rugged and waterproof digital camera up to 10 m, with a 15.3 megapixel 1 "CMOS sensor, offering a sensitivity range of 125 to 12,800 ISO, recording in RAW + JPG and a Full HD video mode, all in one pocket, but it remains to be seen exactly who it is intended for. During the surprise announcement at IFA 2017, we first took the RX0 for an action-cam. It is not so. Sony even describes it as an "ultra-compact, waterproof and shock-resistant digital camera". However, it is difficult to determine which audience is targeting this NPC, and for what purpose. What are the ambitions of the RX0? Why this design? Is it rather an ultra-compact expert or a miniaturized APN fancier? We will try to see more clearly in this test.

Download Firmware Veho Muvi K2 4K & Review

Download Firmware Veho Muvi K2 4K & Review

Veho Muvi K2 Firmware Download. Those who like to go on vacation and then pick it up, or anyone else who is simply an action junkie, will appreciate such a camera more than enough. The buyer will soon find the camera indispensable and would also like to use it. The Veho Muvi K2 camera makes a lot of sense and of course it's great to make good videos with it. Whether it is the first steps of the child, or rather a different snapshot, with this camera, all this is finally easy and also succeeds easily. This camera is also doing well and will be a real win for any buyer. The camera is able to shine with its many functions.

All this will soon have a positive effect on all the details. You always can and will be satisfied with the camera and soon love her and do not want to miss it anymore. This camera is a lot of fun and will prove itself again and again in everyday life. The user can and will make unforgettable shots with it soon. You can absorb your everyday life or many other things. Now it's about the other features of this camera, because these should always be mentioned. It must also be remembered that the buyer should always be completely satisfied.

The recordings
Now it's time to talk about the Veho Muvi K2 videos. On the one hand, HD videos can be shot here. But it is also possible to do normal videos with it. Then the memory card will endure and contain more. In addition, the picture quality and sharpness is perfect for the individual videos. The buyer will soon be more than satisfied with the quality of the recordings. They can be happy to buy the device and then use it. The Veho Muvi K2 videos are in a great quality and it is even good to see everything. People and objects can be picked up properly. The shots are always in a heady quality. The buyer can then show their friends and their family all the videos and they will be absolutely impressed by the quality and the individual recordings.

Veho Muvi K2 Firmware Download

Download Firmware Veho Muvi K2 4K & Review

Everything possible
It is possible to take single-frame shots. This Veho Muvi K2 action cam is great and it also allows taking time lapse shots. The buyer can also take high-speed photos and many more shots are possible. There are a few settings directly on the device possible. This will allow the buyer to really get it right and it will be easy to operate the camera correctly. The camera can be equipped with batteries. These can also be exchanged if necessary. It is often the case that the camera has to be thrown away when the batteries are no longer suitable. But here you can simply buy new batteries or rechargeable batteries and then you can go on with the recording. All this is good for every buyer and it is more than just appreciated. The camera comes in a silicone case, which protects it against rainwater. This allows the camera to be able to record everything well, even when the weather is not playing well. With such a camera it is now even easier to do everything right and it will be even better to present the pictures then.

What a buyer should know
If you still have questions about this Veho Muvi K2 camera, I should always take the manual to hand. Because with all important questions this document is perfect. The use and everything else can be found in the instructions. The camera is also able to use the Wifi reception. This can be shared directly with friends. But it is also possible to send the images to a computer and then they can all be edited again. So now the buyer can start putting the recordings into action. It will be thrilled to take a closer look at everything. The pictures are great and look really good. The recording itself makes of course with this camera even more joy. That's one reason to actually buy the camera. Although the device costs a lot, it is always a good buy. 

Our conclusion
If you're looking for a good and reliable action cam, you'll be fine. The camera is great and easy to use. Every buyer can now make its own picture and will certainly have a lot of fun with the camera. The camera is really great and looks really good too. It's easy to use, but if you have any questions, the instructions are still available. The user will do everything right when they buys this camera and will soon plunge into the adventure.

Official website Drivers & Softwares
Download Software Garmin VIRB 360

Download Software Garmin VIRB 360

Garmin VIRB 360 Software Update. The Garmin Virb 360 review, a robust 360 degree camera. You see them more and more often: the 360-degree cameras. More and more photo and videographers use these unique cameras to capture images, in which you as the viewer determine the perspective. We went to work with the Garmin Virb 360, a high-end 360-degree camera, to see if it is worth it! As is known, a 360 degree camera takes up a circle around the image (this does not necessarily have to be a full viewing angle, so 360 degrees can also be a horizontal panorama, without image below and above). This image can have been created in different ways: by a sensor with an ultra-wide lens that makes a photograph in one go, or it is a composite image from multiple photographs. Currently we still see very small sensors in such 360-degree cameras with very limited dynamic range, so they can only be used as a 'gadget' and not as a full camera.

Garmin VIRB 360 Firmware Update
Does the Garmin change this? There are many different functions on the Garmin Virb 360. So you can not only film at 30 frames per second in 4K, but also take photos of up to 15 megapixels. You also do not have to worry about shooting everything in 360 degrees, you can also choose to use the front or rear camera. The camera has two lenses and together they ensure that everything is filmed or photographed at the same time. The Garmin Virb 360 is a compact camera and very easy to use. There are three buttons on the top of the camera that allow you to operate it. You can set in the menu whether you want to record a photo or video and it is even possible to use the camera to make a 360-degree time-lapse.

Garmin VIRB 360 Express Software Update

Garmin VIRB 360 Software Update

Download Software Update Garmin VIRB 360
You can do this with both photos and video. In addition, the camera can be used via the special 'virb' app from Garmin, with which you can connect your phone via bluetooth or WiFi. With the app you can see directly through your phone what you are recording, which is very useful. What is important to watch out for: if you want to record a video, you have to move the button on the side of the camera and not press the button above. The camera makes a photo with the middle button on top. It is also possible to control the camera via speech recognition. By giving him a command, such as: 'Take a picture', you can have him take a picture from a distance. The Virb 360 generally provides good image quality with sharp images. It is even possible to shoot photos in RAW with the camera, so that you can still adjust them to white balance or color afterwards.

Download Firmware Garmin VIRB 360
In addition, this possibility also stretches the dynamic range of the camera compared to 360 degree cameras that only shoot in JPEG; you can get a little more out of it in post-processing. The colors that come out of the camera look very realistic, but are a bit gray in low light. At times there is some distortion in the images. The sound is recorded in 3D on four sides, which works very well with 360-degree video. The image can be stabilized via the special software from Garmin, so that you have little trouble with vibrating images. This Garmin software is very easy to use and you can import your images directly from the Garmin, so you can make a nice video. The Garmin Virb 360 is certainly a nice gadget to purchase if you're interested in shooting 360-degree images. The camera is on the pricey side, but offers raw functionality and a very decent image quality. This camera is especially interesting for underwater photographers and videographers: the Garmin Virb 360 can effortlessly record up to 10 meters under water.

WARNING: If this software is uploaded to a device other than that for which it is designed, you will not be able to operate that device. If attempts to upload software fail, you may need to return the device to Garmin® for service.

Download Firmware Olfi one.five

Download Firmware Olfi one.five

Olfi one.five Firmware Download. The new brand OLFI. ONE.FIVE advertises itself as a 4K camera, but does not actually capture video at that resolution but interpolates from a maximum of 2880 x 2160 pixels at 24 frames per second. It has a rigid body, back screen, simple menus and good control buttons. The camera can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at a cost of 150 pounds, and you will get one Li-ion battery, a waterproof casing (up to 30 meters), a mounting frame when the camera is not in a waterproof case, one short 90 ° coupling and one such long, one J clip, one short clip, two short screws, one long screw, one curved base with 3M tape, one flat base with 3M tape and one USB cable. In addition, two more batteries and a charger have been purchased for this camera.

Olfi one.five Action Cam Firmware Download
Additionally, a handheld controller is also available, which is convenient for quickly starting the camera and using its main functions with the help of five keys. The controller works well and is relatively easy to pair with the camera. The camera can also be operated with the smartphone application, but this controller is more convenient for faster start-ups and during an action where it's not practical to use the phone. This ONE.FIVE is made of high-quality rubberized material, measuring 54 x 40 x 24 millimeters and weighs 55 grams. The camera has large control keys. At the top is the Power On and Shutter with an indicator LED on the left side of the MicroSD Card, Micro USB and Micro HDMI Slots, and two status LEDs are on the front.

Olfi one.five Firmware Update

Olfi one.five Firmware Download

Download Action Cam Firmware Olfi one.five
The Olfi one.five sensor behind the lens is the Sony Exmor-R that captures photos up to a maximum resolution of 16 MP (4609 x 3456) and captures video at 4K @ 24 fps, which is actually interpolated from the 2880 x 2160 resolution, so it's not "the right" 4K camera. Other shooting modes include 2.5K (2560 x 1440 at 25/30 fps), FullHD (1920 x 1080 at 25/30 and 60 frames per second), 720p (1280 x 720 at 25/30/60 and 120 fps) and VGA (640 x 480 at 240 fps). On the back side is an LCD screen, the left hand side is the navigation keys on the menu, and the top is used to turn on the WiFi connection. The screen is clearly touchable, and it has protection.

Download Firmware Action Cam Olfi one.five
In general, the quality of the material and how the entire camera is assembled on a high level and we have no objections. The Olfi one.five camera has several modes of operation that include VideoLapse in the interval from half to sixty seconds, the Loop Record function (3, 5 and 10 minutes of the section), and the video can add time and date. It also has a USB auto power function and automatically moves with recording when it is powered through a USB cable (ideal for use with Car mod). Photos can be recorded sequentially, ten times a second, then in timelapse (3, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds), and has a Night Photo function with Auto, 1/30, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds intervals in which it gives more light to the sensor.

How to update Olfi one.five Firmware:

  1. Please make sure that you have used your memory card in your Olfi before you start.
  2. Insert the memory card into your computer or connect your Olfi via USB
  3. Locate the memory card on your computer.
  4. Copy “OLFICAMX.BIN” to your memory card. DO NOT put this inside theOlfi folder.
  5. Eject the memory card from your computer.
  6. Insert the memory card in to your Olfi.
  7. Connect your Olfi to power via USB.
  8. The LEDs on your Olfi will start to flash.
  9. Your camera will then power on.
  10.  Please either format the card using your Olfi’s menu or remove the “OLFICAMX.BIN” file from your memory card using your computer. If you skip this step, your camera will attempt to do the update every time you power it on.
  11. Your Olfi is now up to date.

Download Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator

Download Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator

Sony Action Cam Movie Creator Software Download. Think for a moment that you can enter the largest dealership in the world and ask that a car be fitted with the best in every brand: the best engine, the best exchange, the best finish and the best paint. Would not it be great to get out there knowing you have the best car on the market? Well, that's what theSony has set out to do with its newaction cam. Before we talk about the Sony Action Cam Movie Creator itself, let's talk about the history of Sony and the evolution of this technology. For many years, the company was the benchmark brand for camcorders, still cameras and digital cameras. First, it was the huge studio cameras, which were getting better and smaller.

Action Cam Movie Creator Software Download
Then the cameras invaded the homes of millions of families, creating memories of weddings, baptisms, and anniversaries, and making it common to film vacations, travel, everything. Then the technology advanced and the cameras got smaller, gained image quality and finally, they entered the digital age. The Sony  was two decades ahead of its biggest competitors, producing good batteries, quality video and audio, and especially the assembly of lenses. But as time went on, a new niche proved more complicated to master: smartphones with cameras. Both Sony and its traditional competitors - JVC and Panasonic - lost ground with the arrival of this market.

Sony Action Cam Movie Creator Software

Sony Action Cam Movie Creator Software Download

Download Movie Creator Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator
After all, even though its cameras and camcorders are market references, nothing beats the famous saying: "The best camera is the one you have when you need it most." And in that, smartphones are unbeatable. For this reason, Sony has  spent years of development and research, to reduce components and bring their technologies to mobile devices, cell phones and then smartphones. And in the middle of this path another revolution happened: Before, anyone who wanted to film events and extreme sports,  needed a helmet with a large camera and often a large external battery. The American company  GoPro  changed this scenario when presenting in 2004 a small, ultra-tough camera with high quality of image, that could be coupled to helmets, vehicles and bicycles, without difficulty.

Download Sony Action Cam Software Movie Creator
The coveted segment ofAction Cams ( action cameras in free translation) anatural evolution of the process of filming events, sports, stunts: it was not the camera that moved to record action, was the camera that moved along with the action. Oke now the Sony has released Action Cam Movie Creator which allows you to edit video. It's pretty light for editing but I find the software quite convenient compared to the heavy interface of PlayMemories home. This is always present when you install Action Cam Movie Creator. Attention you are far from the quality of the software provided by the competitor GoPro which is quite annoying from a brand like Sony! To install this software, go to the official website at http://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/www/download/apps/acmc/en/ or you can also download it here:

Download Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator for Mac OS
Download Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator for WINDOWS (32/64-bit)
Download Firmware Kodak PixPro Orbit360

Download Firmware Kodak PixPro Orbit360

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Firmware Download. Once again, Kodak is here to feel its few years ahead of the competition. Before going further, since everything went a little too well so far, let's start this part with a yellow card: no, this camera does not shoot at 360° in 4K. Moreover, it does not even shoot at 360° in UHD. This is a nasty marketing deal with reality, and that, ladies and gentlemen of Kodak, is not your honor. Indeed, in spherical, the maximum definition available is 3,840 x 1,920 px, and in 24p only. A Nikon KeyMission 360, it captures spherical videos in 3 840 x 2 160 px (so in UHD), and a Samsung Gear 360 (2017) climbs to 4,096 x 2,048 px.

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Firmware
It does not seem like anything, but this difference of a little more than a million pixels between Kodak and Samsung is necessarily paid at the level of image quality. And the software suite may be there to soften the disappointment, but the fact remains that the Pixpro does not prove to be the height when it comes to spherical videos. Nevertheless, she has a secret boot. As on the Nikon KeyMission 360, the assembly is somewhat strange in equirectangular mode, by cutting the image from the module "Dome" in two. The engineers of Kodak (finally, of JK Imaging, finally, of Asia Optical) opted for an original configuration on this Pixpro 4KVR360.

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Action Cam Firmware Download
Kodak PixPro Orbit360 Firmware Download

Action Cam Firmware Kodak PixPro Orbit360
It is well equipped with two opposing modules, each with a 1 / 2.3 "BSI CMOS sensor of 20.7 Mpx and lenses opening at f / 2.4, however the front lens (called" Front") has a field of view of 197°, when the dorsal ("Dome") sees much wider, at 235°C. And that's where you have to start doing some gymnastics with the technical sheet. hemispherical, with the module Front, it is indeed possible to film in 3 840 x 2 160 px 30p (thus in UHD), as well as in Full HD 60p, with three angles of field available (Ultra, Mid, Narrow) a bit like a classic action-cam.In hemisphere always, but this time with the Dome module, it is possible, at best, to shoot in 2880 x 2880 px 24p, or in Full HD 30p, and only with the native angle of view (235°).

Download Firmware Cam Kodak PixPro Orbit360
It does not take more for Kodak to mention on his website "Three cameras in one", which is certainly not false but still a little capillotracted. Let's end this test on a positive note: the sound and it's rare for an action-cam. Kodak has seen the big picture: each module has two stereo microphones, so you can capture a sound at 360°, for real. Not only do the four microphones work well, but they stay active even when you shoot in the hemisphere. No saving of candles here; it's beneficial to the user and intelligent from the manufacturer.

Download Firmware Fujifilm X-T2

Download Firmware Fujifilm X-T2

Offering a extra conventional form component and packing in UHD 4K video recording, Fujifilm's X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera simply goals to fill the desires of many operating professionals. Equipped with a 24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III picture sensor and the X-Processor Pro Engine, customers will be capable of capture finely distinctive imagery fast and with low noise at sensitivities up to ISO 51200. The powerful aggregate allows rapid photo seize at up to 8 fps with complete AF monitoring or at up to 14 fps using the silent electronic shutter. In phrases of AF, the X-T2 uses an Intelligent Hybrid device with 325 factors that make certain correct, speedy monitoring of subjects in all modes. For video, the X-T2 gives internal UHD 4K video as well as an 8-bit 4:2:2 HDMI output. The inner recording gives one hundred Mbps bitrate for capturing best details quite simply. Along with this an F-Log Gamma setting can be available for taking pictures a flat image high-quality utilized in severe grading packages. Fuji's array of Film Simulations and Grain Effects can also be used right here, for each photograph and video shoots.

Download Firmware Fujifilm X-T2
Fujifilm X-T2

Improved handling is a key improve within the X-T2, incorporating a larger grip, locking dials, raised buttons, and more to make operation smoother. The climate-sealed frame additionally sports activities a 0.Five" zero.77x 2.36m-dot OLED EVF with a bigger eyecup for cozy composition and a base refresh rate of 60 fps, which can be boosted to a hundred fps. There is likewise a three.Zero" 1.04m-dot three-way tilting LCD screen for alternative viewing alternatives. This screen has a completely unique tilt that lets in taking pictures at extraordinary angles, including in the portrait orientation. Additionally, it has a focal point lever joystick that permits for hastily adjusting and changing the selected AF point or place.

24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III Sensor

Utilizing Fujifilm's unique, randomized pixel array, the 24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor gives a high diploma of image high-quality and sharpness due to the omission of an optical low-pass filter out. Versus traditional pixel patterns, the X-Trans layout extra carefully mimics the natural nature of film in order to produce nuanced colorations and smooth tonal transitions, at the same time as also lowering moiré and aliasing. 

When paired with the X-Processor Pro, the sensor is also able to generating smooth photograph excellent with reduced noise values, in conjunction with a local sensitivity variety as much as ISO 12800 that can be increased to ISO 51200.

X-Processor Pro

Aside from benefitting the low-light overall performance, the X-Processor Pro additionally contributes to rapid performance all through the digicam gadget, along with a begin-up time of 0.Three seconds, shutter lag time of zero.05 seconds, taking pictures interval time of zero.19 seconds, and AF speeds of up to zero.08 seconds. Coupled with the on-sensor segment-detection AF, up to 8 fps continuous capturing is likewise possible with full-time movement predictive AF for tracking rapid-transferring subjects whilst shooting. The potential to record compressed uncooked documents additionally facilitates to expedite report shifting for longer non-stop burst taking pictures, and both a fast pinnacle focal aircraft shutter velocity of one/8000 sec and a flash sync pace of 1/250 sec further make contributions to shooting versatility.

UHD 4K Video Recording and F-Log Gamma

Beyond stills capturing, the X-T2 is the primary Fujifilm mirrorless digicam to offer UHD 4K video recording options. It information this ultra high resolution 3840 x 2160 footage at an excellent one hundred Mbps bitrate and with a minor 1.17x crop of the sensor. It additionally uses a 5120 x 2880 pattern of the sensor this is 1.8x greater decision than the UHD 4K frame that is created, making sure most decision and element is provided. Footage may be recorded internally for as much as about 10 mins, though with the addition of the optional Vertical Power Booster Grip customers may be capable of record for up to 30 minutes with ease. Also, the digital camera capabilities a 3.5mm microphone jack for greater advanced audio solutions. Users seeking out a headphone jack will discover one at the non-compulsory Vertical Power Booster Grip. 

Full HD recording additionally advantages from the X-T2's video prowess, taking a 3000 x 1687 enter to create finely special 1920 x 1080 photos at 100 Mbps. A kind of body costs are available, consisting of 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p, and True 24.00 for Full HD recording and 30p, 25p, 24p, and True 24.00 for UHD 4K. 

Along with the vastly stronger recording capabilities, the X-T2 offers an F-Log Gamma setting that offers a flat photograph for use in advanced colour grading software in the course of modifying. This have to maximize the capacity dynamic range in tough scenes. Image modifications can be made as properly to highlight tone, shadow tone, shade, and sharpness. Additionally, HDMI output is supported with an 8-bit four:2:2 sign and customers can be capable of use Film Simulation consequences to capture unique video.

OLED Electronic Viewfinder and three-Way Tilting LCD Screen

There are two awesome ways to screen and compose snap shots on the X-T2, an electronic viewfinder and a rear LCD display screen, depending in your precise needs. The zero.5" EVF gives a excessive 0.77x magnification along with a 2.36m-dot resolution that guarantees crisp imagery. Along with these capabilities, the EVF uses an OLED display that gives deep blacks and wealthy, shiny colorings. To ensure a clean view, the EVF gives a base refresh price of 60 fps that can then be boosted to one hundred fps for moments of intense action. 

The rear 3.Zero" LCD display screen acquired its personal upgrades, particularly with the advent of a 3-manner tilt mechanism. This permits photographers and videographers to paintings in a variety of abnormal angles, inclusive of portrait orientation shooting. The screen functions a high 1.04m-dot resolution for crystal clear viewing.

Intelligent Hybrid 325-Point Autofocus System

Blending each segment- and evaluation-detection focusing strategies, the X-T2 is able to obtaining focus both quick and accurately. The complete system is comprised of 325 factors, of which there are numerous segment-detection points for faster performance that is useful to photographing transferring subjects. Approximately 50% of the width and 75% of the peak of the imaging area is included via phase-detection factors, too, to provide greater compositional freedom with out sacrificing rapid autofocus overall performance. The majority of the body is then additionally protected by using an apt evaluation-detection focusing gadget that has been quickened by way of the digicam's subtle processing energy for extra flexible manage. For refined guide focusing control, Focus Peaking is available to focus on lines of comparison within the scene to extra objectively decide sharp cognizance. 

Continuous AF modes had been critically upgraded, because the X-T2 now offers customization of a selection of settings so that it will dial within the overall performance to your specific situation rely. This consists of converting the sensitivity, speed, and more to ensure that just what you need to seize is in recognition.

Body and Interface Design

Supporting its use in harsh climates, the durable weather-resistant frame design is created from magnesium alloy and sealed to guard towards dirt, moisture, and cold temperatures right down to 14°F. Dual SD card slots allow for a more bendy and reliable method of storing imagery, and both card slots are like minded with UHS-II standards for instant transfer speeds.

The pinnacle plate consists of a series of locking dials and levers for instant, intuitive adjustment over publicity settings, including a shutter velocity dial that gives a mechanical shutter velocity variety from 1 to 1/8000 sec, as well as bulb and time settings. An ISO dial is likewise integrated into the shutter pace dial, for confirming the sensitivity placing while not having to turn the digicam on. The exposure compensation dial helps you to select +/- three EV in 1/three steps, and a command dial function expands the variety to +/- 5 EV for similarly control.

Front and rear command dials combine a push characteristic for simpler use and settings selection and 6 extraordinary characteristic buttons may be assigned to manipulate a variety of settings.

A committed Focus Lever affords faster, extra intuitive manipulate over selecting particular awareness points at the same time as shooting.

A larger grip and large eyecup are available for a more at ease feeling

Four-manner buttons at the again of the camera were raised for a more tactile feel.

Film Simulation and Grain Effect Modes

Taking advantage of Fujifilm's large records in traditional film-primarily based pictures, the X-T2 integrates numerous Film Simulation modes to imitate the look and sense of a number of Fujifilm's conventional film sorts. For monochrome capturing, the Acros mode gives smooth tones, deep blacks, and quality detail paying homage to the Neopan 100 Acros film type. A delicate Classic Chrome mode is designed to supply muted tones and a deep coloration reproduction, similar to that of a dated slide movie. Pulling from their greater current line of transparency movies, Provia offers herbal-searching tones for ordinary taking pictures, Velvia produces a more dramatic and wealthy tonality with deeper colour saturation, and Astia offers much less contrast for a softer depiction of skin tones. Mimicking their poor movies, Pro Neg. Std. Gives easy photo tones which can be appropriate for accurate colour renditions, at the same time as Pro Neg. Hi produces a greater dramatic feel with the potential to attract color out of a ramification of lighting fixtures conditions. 

In addition to simulating specific film sorts, a Grain Effect mode is likewise available to copy the appearance of antique movie pictures with an natural textured appearance, that's particularly noticeable when printing.

Download Firmware Fujifilm X-T2:

Download Firmware Pentax K-30

Download Firmware Pentax K-30

The K-30 DSLR Camera with DA 18-55mm f/three.Five-five.6 AL WR Zoom Lens from Pentax is a brilliant entry for hobbyists trying to purchase a DSLR for the primary time, or photographers who want a more moderen digicam with a greater rugged creation and large sensor. With a fast 6 frames in keeping with 2nd and built-in sensor-shift photo stabilization, it'll effortlessly seize the photographs critical to you. You'll also be able to shoot fear-free due to the K-30's complete climate sealing that permits to be used in any climate circumstance, inclusive of temperatures down to 14° F.

This K-30 kit comes with the DA 18-55mm f/three.Five-five.6 AL WR Zoom Lens which provides a number focal lengths from true wide perspective to conventional, and is a really perfect lens for daily use. When shooting on a digicam with an APS-C length sensor, just like the K-30, its focal duration is equivalent to 27-84.5mm inside the 35mm layout.

Download Firmware Pentax K-30
Pentax K-30

With sixteen megapixels, and a most resolution of 4928 x 3264, you will additionally have unfastened reign to print enlargements up to eleven x 14" and beyond, to cling up inside the living room or a domestic office. Should a unmarried picture not be capable of completely seize the moment, you can even switch to video mode, with stay view, and seize stunning 1080p Full HD clips of every detail to relive each time you want, even on a big-display TV.

For a bit of creative freedom, there are numerous different seize modes that can be used to define your specific style as a photographer, which include: Extract Color, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Shading, Invert Color, Color, or even HDR (High Dynamic Range). With simply three exposures the digital camera can seize and align the images with the aid of pixel to create HDR images easily.

No be counted wherein you are taking the K-30 you could make sure it has sufficient electricity through the use of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or the non-compulsory AA Battery Holder (sold one after the other). With the AA Battery Holder you could use any AA batteries to strength the camera whilst an outlet is nowhere in sight. Get the exceptional of each worlds thru the protected rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or run into any convenience save to grab AA batteries when you want a last-minute energy supply.

High performance 16Mp Sensor

The sixteen.Three megapixel APS-C CMOS photograph sensor statistics photograph resolutions of up to 16M (4928 x 3264), and all the way down to 5M (2688 x 1792). Of the 4 to be had resolutions, you can decide to report numerous report codecs, along with: RAW (DNG), JPG (EXIF 2.Three), DCF 2.0 compliant, DPOF, and PIM III.

Full 1080p HD Video

Record Full HD 1080p video that functions h.264 compression, flexible publicity manipulate, and HDR finishing alternatives. The highest resolution recorded is 1920 x 1080p with 30, 25, or 24 frames per 2nd. These movies are then compressed and saved in MOV or MPEG-4 AVC (h.264) formats

Image Capture and Processing

While the K-30's PRIME M photograph processing engine has been optimized for video taking pictures modes, it also captures top notch nonetheless pictures at up to six frames per 2nd in non-stop capturing mode. Ensuring all of these photos are nicely centered, the advanced SAFOX IXi+ autofocus engine functions an AF help lamp, mild supply sensor, and improved optical components. This 11 point (9 pass) huge autofocus gadget functions a light wavelength sensor and diffraction lens. The surprisingly correct 77 segment metering gadget guarantees your pictures from the K-30 can have correct publicity, even in complicated lighting situations. It also has exposure bracketing: with three frames, as much as +/- 2 EV in 1/3 or half of steps

3.0" Wide-Angle Display and Glass Pentaprism Viewfinder

The massive 3 inch LCD at the back of the K-30 digicam frame is huge angle viewable, and functions 921,000 dots of resolution. Live View in this screen has attention peaking highlights in-recognition surfaces for immediate and accurate manual or autofocus. Allowing for each methods of composition, the K-30 also capabilities a low profile glass pentaprism viewfinder. It achieves a a hundred% optical area of view and has a magnification of 0.92x

Convenient Power Supplies

Compatible with both rechargeable Li-Ion and AA batteries (thru the non-obligatory AA battery holder, sold one at a time), you could without problems locate replacement batteries for your Pentax K-30, have to you run out of rate whilst within the subject.

Worry-Free Weather Sealing

With a totally climate sealed camera body, you could shoot in negative climate situations fear-unfastened, or shoot sports activities in otherwise treacherous situations for some other digicam. The K-30 also capabilities a rugged bloodless-evidence design that even lets in for sub-freezing use--so that you can even shoot wintry weather sports activities in frigid and snowy situations.

Languages Supported

English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Korean, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese

Includes DA 18-55mm f/3.Five-five.6 AL WR Zoom Lens

Included with the K-30 is an 18-55mm F/three.5-5.6 Zoom Lens. It is fashionable focal length zoom lens designed specially for Pentax digital SLR cameras. Very flexible, it has a broad range of programs from indoor snap shots, portraits, and landscapes to family pictures and other preferred conditions. On cameras with APS-C-sized sensors, its 35mm equal focal length is 27-eighty four.5mm. This lens is climate resistant to address damp, inclement situations, and has a extraordinary extensive attitude functionality with a trendy 3x zoom variety. It's aspherical lens factors lessen round aberrations and the Quick-Shift Focus System allows on the spot switching from autofocus to guide awareness operation.

Download Firmware Pentax K-30:

Download Firmware Pentax K-500

Download Firmware Pentax K-500

The Pentax K-500 Digital SLR Camera capabilities a sixteen.Three megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and PRIME M picture processing engine to produce high excellent imagery while delivering speedy performance during the whole digicam device. The combination of those two technologies presents a excessive sensitivity level of ISO 51200, full-resolution non-stop shooting rate of 6 fps, and renders both nonetheless images and videos with wonderful photo nice and clarity. Full HD 1080p video recording is supported in a couple of body costs as much as 30 fps in addition to HD 720p recording as much as 60 fps. Video files are recorded within the excessive best H.264 AVC/MPEG-4 codec and stored as .MOV files for easier sharing and enhancing. When recording video or making still imagery with live view, a 3.0" 921k-dot LCD screen is available and offers a extensive viewing perspective for improved viewing in an expansion of taking pictures positions.

Benefitting the image pleasant is the SAFOX IXi+ autofocus system, which matches to ensure sharp, accurate consciousness quickly and smoothly. Additionally, whilst working with guide attention, cognizance peaking is to be had to offer a extra goal and similar method of obtaining crucial consciousness. Also contributing to photograph sharpness is in-camera sensor shift picture stabilization, which reduces the advent of camera shake by means of about three shutter pace steps whilst running in low-light conditions or with longer focal duration lenses.

Download Firmware Pentax K-500
Pentax K-500

For widespread manipulate over picture-making, in-digital camera RAW (DNG) photograph processing is to be had as well as HDR capturing talents. For expediting control over the most oft-used functions of the K-500, both the front and rear e-dials are customizable and can be programmed to govern an array of publicity settings and digicam capabilities. For creatively modifying imagery in-camera, a ramification of filters, scene modes, and car modes are to be had to beautify the look and sense of imagery prior to publish-processing. In addition to the variety of computerized digital camera settings, traditional manual shooting modes also are available, along with software, shutter-priority, aperture-priority, sensitivity-precedence, and manual.

All of the K-500's technology are housed within a polycarbonate-covered digicam frame this is supported by means of a stainless steel chassis. The layout of the digital camera also permits using four AA batteries as its electricity supply whilst used along side the protected D-BH109 AA Battery Holder or, moreover, the optionally available D-LI109 lithium-ion battery percent may be used as a compact, rechargeable supply of electricity.

Included with the K-500 camera body is the smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mm f/three.5-five.6 AL lens, which offers a 35mm-equal focal period of 27.0-eighty two.5mm, masking huge-attitude to portrait-length perspectives to suit working in a extensive type of conditions. The lens production integrates aspherical factors to help reduce chromatic aberration as well as improve picture sharpness. Additionally, an SP (Super Protect) coating has been carried out to factors to help repel dirt, water, and grease from lens surfaces.

Sixteen.3MP APS-C Sensor and PRIME M Image Processor

The aggregate of the 16.3 megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and PRIME M image processor is able to produce high decision imagery with high-quality high-quality and occasional-light sensitivity to ISO 51200. The speed afforded via the picture processor enables continuous full-resolution shooting up to six fps, a most shutter speed of 1/6000th of a 2d, and also supports full HD 1080p video seize.

SAFOX IXi+ Autofocus System

The SAFOX IXi+ AF system utilizes 11 consciousness factors, along with 9 move-type sensors, to speedy and as it should be accumulate awareness using a segment-detection technique. With the inclusion of an AF-help lamp and a diffraction lens, specific focusing is possible in a extensive style of lighting situations the use of single-shot or non-stop focusing modes. If running in manual cognizance, attention peaking is also to be had to focus on strains of contrast within the scene to offer a extra goal means for figuring out critical recognition.

In-Camera Image Stabilization

Pentax' sensor-shift type shake reduction picture stabilization allows to decrease the arrival of camera shake whilst running with longer lenses in dim lights conditions via up to the equivalent of 3 to four shutter speed steps. This allows to produce sharper usual imagery regardless of the lens in use. Also assisting to balance imagery in-digicam, a twin-axis digital stage is to be had to make sure regular and straight horizons and plumb vertical strains.

Full HD 1080p Video

In addition to high first-rate nevertheless imagery, the K-500 additionally helps full HD video recording up to 1080p at 30 fps. Other frame costs available consist of 1080p at 24 fps; HD 720p at 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 fps; and SD 480p at 30, 25, and 24 fps. Video is recorded inside the high pleasant H.264 AVC/MPEG-4 layout and may be stored inside the Internet-pleasant .MOV report format. Sound can be recorded together with the video the usage of the integrated monaural microphone.

Smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-five.6 AL Lens

The blanketed preferred zoom lens presents a 35mm-equivalent focal length variety of 27.0-eighty two.5mm to healthy running in a wide kind of shooting situations. It features an SP coating to assist repel dirt, water, and grease on lens elements and a light-weight layout to promote more portability and use at some stage in journey. Its construction includes aspherical lens factors to help decrease chromatic aberrations throughout the zoom range and also make a contribution to generating typical sharper, clearer imagery.

Download Firmware Pentax K-500:

Download Firmware Pentax K-50

Download Firmware Pentax K-50

The black Pentax K-50 DSLR Camera features a sixteen.3 megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and PRIME M photo processing engine to produce excessive fine imagery while turning in rapid overall performance at some stage in the complete camera system. The aggregate of those technology gives a excessive sensitivity stage of ISO 51200, pinnacle full-decision non-stop capturing fee of 6 fps, and renders both still photos and films with super photograph pleasant and readability. Full HD 1080p video recording is supported in multiple body rates as much as 30 fps as well as HD 720p recording up to 60 fps. Video files are recorded within the high great H.264 AVC/MPEG-4 codec and saved as .MOV documents for less complicated sharing and modifying. When recording video or making still imagery with stay view, a 3.Zero" 921k-dot LCD screen is available and offers a wide viewing angle for stepped forward composition in a variety of taking pictures positions.

Download Firmware Pentax K-50
Pentax K-50

Benefitting the photo excellent is the SAFOX IXi+ autofocus gadget, which works to make certain sharp, accurate attention speedy and smoothly. Additionally, whilst running with manual cognizance, recognition peaking is available to provide a greater goal and comparable approach of obtaining critical recognition. Also contributing to photograph sharpness is in-digital camera sensor shift picture stabilization, which reduces the appearance of camera shake by approximately 3 shutter pace steps whilst working in low-mild situations or with longer focal length lenses.

For tremendous manipulate over photo-making, in-digital camera RAW (DNG) photo processing is available in addition to HDR capturing abilties. For expediting manipulate over the maximum oft-used features of the K-50, each the front and rear e-dials are customizable and may be programmed to govern an array of publicity settings and digicam functions. For creatively editing imagery in-digicam, an expansion of filters, scene modes, and auto modes are to be had to beautify the look and sense of images prior to put up-processing. In addition to the range of automatic digicam settings, traditional guide taking pictures modes also are available, together with application, shutter-priority, aperture-priority, sensitivity-precedence, and manual.

All of the K-50's technologies are housed within a polycarbonate-blanketed digital camera frame this is supported by a stainless-steel chassis. This body design is fully climate-sealed and protects the camera from moisture and dirt in addition to intense temperatures from 14-104°. Additionally, the layout of the digital camera permits the use of either the standard lithium-ion battery % or 4 AA batteries as its energy supply while used along with the optionally available D-BH109 AA Battery Holder.

16.3MP APS-C Sensor and PRIME M Image Processor

The aggregate of the 16.3 megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and PRIME M photograph processor is able to produce high resolution imagery with extremely good excellent and low-light sensitivity to ISO 51200. The speed afforded by means of the image processor permits non-stop complete-resolution doping up to 6 fps, a most shutter velocity of one/6000th of a 2nd, and additionally helps complete HD 1080p video seize.

SAFOX IXi+ Autofocus System

The SAFOX IXi+ AF machine makes use of 11 focus points, such as 9 go-kind sensors, to fast and correctly accumulate awareness using a segment-detection method. With the inclusion of an AF-assist lamp and a diffraction lens, unique focusing is feasible in a wide sort of lighting conditions using unmarried-shot or continuous focusing modes. If running in guide awareness, consciousness peaking is likewise available to highlight traces of contrast in the scene to offer a extra objective manner for determining important cognizance.

Fully Weather-Sealed Body Design

The climate-sealed polycarbonate body with stainless-steel chassis provides a wealth of safety to digicam and allows its use in a huge variety of conditions, starting from rain and humidity to snow and frigid temperatures. The weather sealing is rated to defend from moisture and dirt as well as an intensive temperature range from 14-104°F.

In addition to the weather safety, the body also includes a shiny optical pentaprism viewfinder that offers a a hundred% discipline of view for vital viewing in a wide range of situations. Four non-compulsory focusing screens also are available to similarly personalize the viewing situations in the viewfinder and to healthy unique wishes based totally viewing and focusing necessities.

In-Camera Image Stabilization

Pentax' sensor-shift type shake reduction photo stabilization enables to minimize the advent of digicam shake when working with longer lenses in dim lighting conditions by means of up to the equal of 3 to 4 shutter pace steps. This allows to supply sharper basic imagery irrespective of the lens in use. Also helping to stability imagery in-digicam, a dual-axis electronic level is to be had to ensure consistent and straight horizons and plumb vertical strains.

Full HD 1080p Video

In addition to excessive satisfactory nonetheless imagery, the K-50 additionally supports full HD video recording up to 1080p at 30 fps. Other body fees to be had include 1080p at 24 fps; HD 720p at 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 fps; and SD 480p at 30, 25, and 24 fps. Video is recorded in the high quality H.264 AVC/MPEG-4 layout and may be saved in the Internet-friendly .MOV record layout. Sound can be recorded at the side of the video the use of the integrated monaural microphone.

Download Firmware Pentax K-50:

Download Firmware Pentax K-3

Download Firmware Pentax K-3

The Pentax K-three DSLR Camera is an advanced DSLR proposing a 23.35MP APS-C CMOS sensor and PRIME III photograph processor to produce high-decision nevertheless imagery and full HD 1080i/p video with excessive low-light sensitivity to ISO 51200. Full-decision continuous shooting is supported up to eight.3 fps for 22 consecutive RAW frames, with a pinnacle shutter speed of 1/8000 sec., and the SAFOX11 autofocus system utilizes 27 attention factors, with 25 cross-kind factors, to maintain sharp awareness in a brief and correct way. Benefitting the photograph fine is a selectable anti-aliasing filter, which can be grew to become on or off to either garner the very best resolution and sharpness viable or offer more advantageous safety towards moiré. Additionally, in-digicam Shake Reduction picture stabilization renders any K-mount lens stabilized and allows to reduce the appearance of camera shake when running with extra shutter speeds or longer focal lengths.

Download Firmware Pentax K-3
Pentax K-3

The K-3's body layout contains 92 unique seals to render it bloodless, dust, and climate-resistant and the magnesium alloy cover with stainless steel chassis contribute to standard durability and ruggedness. A zero.95x magnification optical pentaprism viewfinder is integrated into the frame as well as a three.2" 1,037k-dot LCD display for a choice of shiny, clear viewing way. Dual SD card slots extend the recording versatility of the digital camera and FLU memory card assist enables wireless picture shifting and far flung digicam manipulate opportunities when in use.

23.35MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and PRIME III Processor

A big 23.35MP APS-C CMOS sensor and PRIME III image processing engine work collectively to permit high-decision imaging and full HD video recording with fantastic low-mild sensitivity from ISO 100-51200. The photo processor additionally contributes to a wealth of capturing velocity for the digicam, such as a pinnacle full-decision non-stop taking pictures charge of eight.Three fps for up to 22 consecutive RAW pics or 60 JPEGs and a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 sec. This rather durable, superior shutter is rated to two hundred,000 cycles and employs quite a number progressive technologies that independently modify the shutter, reflect, and diaphragm to limit reflect surprise for accurately-render snap shots when capturing at higher frame prices.

Selectable Anti-Aliasing Filter

A particular and modern mechanism permits you to toggle the anti-aliasing filter out's impact both on or off, imparting assist for each the high-resolution competencies of a filter out-much less layout as well as superior moiré safety. With the clear out in the Off role, the K-three is extra liable to obtaining maximum sharpness, resolution, and detail from an photo for the very best attainable picture exceptional. When the clear out function is set to On, an anti-aliasing simulator applies microscopic vibrations to the picture sensor unit at a sub-pixel stage throughout publicity; running to the equal impact as an optical anti-aliasing filter out. Having both alternatives to be had extends the digicam's versatility and lets in personalized choice of the blessings great-proper to person applications.

SAFOX11 Autofocus Module

A redesigned SAFOX11 autofocus module has been incorporated into the K-3 and employs 27 awareness points so that you can deliver a metering range of -three to +20 EV. 25 of the 27 sensors are move-kind, as a way to benefit the very best precision while focusing, and three of the sensors are devoted to low-mild overall performance.

Real Time Scene Analysis Metering

The Real Time Scene Analysis System makes use of an 86,000 pixel RGB light-metering sensor with better metering algorithms to increase the accuracy of exposure metering and white balancing in addition to assisting the autofocus system.

Full HD 1080i/p Video Recording

Full HD 1920 x 1080 video recording is supported in a couple of frame prices, along with 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, and 24p, in the fantastic H.264 layout. HD 1280 x 720 video is also supported in 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p frame rates. Audio may be recorded in conjunction with video the usage of the built-in stereo microphone or, moreover, a three.5mm microphone terminal is available to be used of an external mic. A headphone port is likewise included into the camera for real time audio tracking for particular in-digital camera manipulation of the audio levels. A devoted switch lets in immediately transition from nevertheless to movie taking pictures and an HDMI terminal is incorporated into the frame's layout for direct HD output to a television or screen.

In-Camera Shake Reduction

In-digital camera sensor-shift type Shake Reduction (SR) works to limit the appearance of camera shake when using any mounted lens. Ideal for working in low-light situations or with longer lenses, because the photograph stabilization is placed within the frame, both beyond, legacy lenses in addition to current Pentax lenses all acquire the blessings of SR.

Body Design

Revolving around a durable magnesium alloy body with chrome steel chassis, the K-three is fully climate and coldproof because of the inclusion of 92 independent seals. These seals guard the camera from water, fog, snow, sand, and dirt for ensured performance in a extensive variety of situations.

Two SD memory playing cards slots are included into the frame for greater flexibility and capacity capability when shooting and support both overflow and JPEG/RAW file separation. Support is also availed to committed 16GB FLU reminiscence playing cards, which provides wi-fi connectivity to the camera for faraway adjustment over camera settings, faraway stay view tracking, and wi-fi sharing of files. Eye-Fi wireless cards are supported, too.

Also housed inside the body is a shiny, low-profile glass pentaprism viewfinder with zero.95x magnification and one hundred% body insurance. The glass has been treated with an optimized coating to improve brightness and reflectance for clearer viewing. Additionally, elective interchangeable focusing monitors may be used depending on personal preference for essential focusing and composing. A 3.2" 1,037k-dot LCD screen is to be had, too, for brilliant live view monitoring, photograph playback, and menu navigation and functions an anti-reflective (AR) coating and gapless glass design for extra clarity when viewing.

Download Firmware Pentax K-3:

Download Firmware Pentax 645Z

Download Firmware Pentax 645Z

The 645Z Medium Format DSLR Camera (Body Only) from Pentax capabilities a forty three.Eight x 32.8 mm CMOS sensor with 51.4 effective megapixels. The sensor is designed with out an anti-aliasing filter to maximize sharpness and information. RAW files may be recorded at 14-bit and stored using both the proprietary PEF format or Adobe's DNG format. 

An ISO variety from one hundred-204,800 and excessive S/N ratio provides low noise, low mild functionality, and the Prime III photo processor lends itself to speedy picture seize with a maximum of three fps continuous taking pictures. The SAFOX II autofocus module makes use of 27 autofocus factors including 25 go-type sensors and three AF sensors committed for low light focusing. The new Real Time Scene Analysis System capabilities an 86,000 pixel RGB light-metering sensor for stronger accuracy of exposure, white balance, and vehicle-focusing.

Download Firmware Pentax 645Z
Pentax 645Z

Full HD 1080 60i/30p/24p video seize is supported in the H.264 layout with a committed button for immediate switchover from stills to video. An external microphone jack enables high exceptional audio recording with guide sound stage control and tracking. An HDMI port outputs HD pix to HDTVs and a USB three.0 jack permits fast photo switch in your pc. Interval recording for time-lapse motion pictures is supported with an output of UHD 4K decision.

A three.2", 1037k-dot, tilting, air-gapless, LCD monitor allows stay view composition and playback viewing from a various angles and a trapezoid-formed glass prism viewfinder with Kepler telescope-type eyepiece unit provides conventional eye-level composition. The layout of the viewfinder additionally enables to acquire the highly compact size of this medium layout digicam. The 645Z is extraordinarily durable with an aluminum alloy chassis, magnesium alloy shell, and seventy six unique climate seals to hold out moisture and dirt. It is a digicam designed for subject in addition to studio and may perform in temperatures from 14-104°F. 

The digicam frame additionally features a deep set ergonomic grip, best for hand-held capturing, easy-to-get admission to buttons, and a pinnacle-plate, sub-LCD screen this is angled up for less difficult visibility of digital camera facts. A warm shoe mount is supported, and in addition to the tripod socket on the digital camera's base, a 2nd tripod socket is located at the facet of the digicam for convenient and solid tripod taking pictures inside the vertical position. Two SD slots are supplied for flexible photo storage and both Flucards and Eye-Fi playing cards are well suited for wi-fi photo transfer. A free plug-in is to be had for seamless tethered capturing assist together with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, in conjunction with the USB three.0 output for instant overall performance.

The 645Z is well matched with the brand new FA autofocus lenses as well as older 645 lenses and with Pentax sixty seven medium layout lenses when used with an adapter.

51.4 MP CMOS Sensor

The 645Z offers a forty three.Eight x 32.8 mm fifty one.4MP CMOS sensor, which is ideal for extremely-high decision imaging, big printing programs, and cropping flexibility. Compared to a CCD sensor, a CMOS sensor affords higher ISO sensitivity, increased makes use of for live view, faster non-stop capturing, and improved film recording competencies.

Anti-Aliasing Filter-Less Design

The optical, low-skip, anti-aliasing clear out discovered in maximum CMOS sensors has been eliminated from the 645Z design to maximize image sharpness and exceptional details.

RAW Capture

RAW documents may be recorded at 14-bit and saved the use of either the proprietary PEF format or Adobe's DNG layout for more publish-manufacturing control and versatility.

Prime III Image Processor

The 645Z offers a quick body charge of three.Zero fps, quick picture processing to rapidly evaluation photographs, and rapid photograph transfer with USB three.0 pc connection.

ISO 100 to 204800

A sensitivity range from ISO a hundred to 204800 at the side of more advantageous noise discount capabilities enables powerful low-mild seize.

Full HD 1080 Video Capture

The 645Z helps complete HD movie capture in the H.264 format at 60i, 30p and 24p, including the potential to interchange from nonetheless picture to video recording with the turn of a devoted transfer. Equipped with a built-in stereo microphone and a terminal for outside microphone connection, the consumer can also adjust the audio recording level manually and visually monitor sound levels at some stage in recording.

Interval Shooting with 4K Output

In-camera time lapse sequences can also be recorded using the built-in intervalometer, permitting as much as 2000 pictures to be recorded with 2 2nd to 24 hour delays, and output as 4K (3840 x 2160) documents.

3.2" 1,037k-dot Tilting Air-Gapless LCD

A 3.2", 1,037k-dot, air-gapless, LCD monitor is to be had and capabilities a tilting design (-35° down and +125° upward) to gain use from excessive or low viewing positions. An digital stage gauge can be utilized with both the viewfinder or LCD display all through capturing, and whilst working in live view, a variety of grid overlays and guide recognition peaking may be used for more focusing accuracy.

Pentaprism Viewfinder

A huge, trapezoidal-formed, glass pentaprism with Kepler telescope-kind eyepiece enables vivid and clean eye-level finding with ninety eight% body insurance.

SAFOX II Autofocus Module

The SAFOX II autofocus module maximizes 27 AF sensors and a sizeable mild sensitivity range of -3EV to +18EV. The new attention module includes 25 move sensors and 3 AF sensors dedicated to low light focusing.

Real Time Scene Analysis with 86,000 Pixel Sensor

The new Real Time Scene Analysis System features an 86,000 pixel RGB mild-metering sensor and improved algorithms that similarly enhance accuracy of exposure, white balance, and car-focusing.

Multi-Pattern Auto WB gadget

A Multi-Pattern Auto WB system may be used to intelligently alter white balance settings whilst mixed lighting fixtures is universal. For instance, if both flash and ambient lighting are applied, one-of-a-kind white balance settings are used inside the one of a kind regions of an photo to greater correctly painting overall coloration balance.

Durable, Weather-Sealed Form Factor

Offering a compact build for a medium format digicam, the 645Z presents an ergonomic grip, large buttons, and seventy six specific weather-seals to protect the camera from moisture, sand, and dust. It is able to capturing in temperatures ranging from 14-104°F, and its aluminum alloy chassis and magnesium alloy frame are long lasting for years of provider in studio or on place.

Dual Memory Card Slot and FLU Card Compatibility

Dual slot SD/SDHC/SDXC reminiscence card guide ensures fast and reliable storage for excessive resolution image documents, concurrently saving in more than one codecs, assigning pix to specific cards based on their unique layout, or effortlessly retaining one reminiscence card in reserve. In addition to traditional SD cards, the 645Z is well matched with Eye-Fi and Flucards for wireless photograph transfer and with the Pentax Flucard far off digital camera manipulate from a like minded smart devise.

Lens Compatibility

The 645Z is well suited with new D FA autofocus lenses as well as older 645 lenses as well as Pentax 67 lenses via an non-obligatory adapter.

Download Firmware Pentax 645Z:

Download Firmrware Pentax K-S1

Download Firmrware Pentax K-S1

Incorporating fashionable design elements which includes LED indicator lights at the grip and lighted digicam controls, the black Pentax K-S1 DSLR Camera affords users with a compact, intuitive digicam package. At the middle of the K-S1's performance is a 20-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and the PRIME M II Image Processing Engine which allows the capture of relatively distinctive pix with accurate colour rendition at ISO hurries up to 51200.

Inside the camera body is a spread of technology, which includes a sensor-shift Shake Reduction gadget for shooting sharp pix in less than best capturing situations. The sensor also lacks an anti-aliasing filter, but can be positioned into a simulation mode so as to recreate the outcomes of 1 for use in certain situations.

Download Firmrware Pentax K-S1
Pentax K-S1

The K-S1 is very responsive with the SAFOX IXi+ 11-point autofocus sensor and the capacity to capture five.Four frames in line with 2d. This machine additionally features 9 go-type points inside the center for extended performance. Along with fast focusing, the digicam can file complete HD 1080p video at as much as 30 fps. This video, in conjunction with picture evaluation and settings, is seen on the bright three.Zero" 921k-dot TFT LCD monitor.

Additional capabilities of the K-S1 encompass in-frame RAW document improvement and HDR taking pictures. Also, there are enhances innovative modes and filters for giving a unique appearance for your pictures. The digital camera information most of these images to SD playing cards and is compatible with both Eye-Fi and FLU cards for adding extra abilities to the digital camera.

20MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and PRIME M II Image Processor

The mixture of the 20-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and PRIME M II photograph processor is capable of produce high decision imagery with superb high-quality and occasional-mild sensitivity to ISO 51200. The pace afforded through the picture processor permits non-stop complete-resolution stoning up to five.4 fps, a maximum shutter velocity of one/6000th of a second, and also helps full HD 1080p video seize.

SAFOX IXi+ Autofocus System

The SAFOX IXi+ AF device utilizes eleven cognizance points, inclusive of nine cross-kind sensors, to fast and correctly collect awareness using a segment-detection approach. With the inclusion of an AF-help lamp and a diffraction lens, unique focusing is viable in a huge style of lighting fixtures situations the usage of single-shot or non-stop focusing modes. This system additionally features a sensitivity variety of -1 to 18 EV at ISO one hundred.

In-Camera Shake Reduction Image Stabilization

The Pentax sensor-shift kind shake reduction picture stabilization allows to decrease the arrival of digital camera shake while running with longer lenses in dim lights conditions via as much as the equal of 3 to four shutter pace steps. This facilitates to supply sharper universal imagery irrespective of the lens in use.

Full HD 1080p Video

In addition to excessive quality nevertheless imagery, the K-S1 also supports complete HD video recording up to 1080p at 30 fps. Other frame costs available encompass 1080p at 24 fps and HD 720p at 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 fps. Video is recorded inside the excessive nice H.264 AVC/MPEG-4 layout and may be saved in the Internet-pleasant .MOV record layout. Sound can be recorded in conjunction with the video the usage of the integrated monaural microphone.

Download Firmrware Pentax K-S1:

Download Firmware Pentax K-S2

Download Firmware Pentax K-S2

Stylish, compact, and durable, the black K-mount K-S2 DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens from Pentax gives photographers an AA filterless 20.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor in a fairly climate-resistant body at the side of the flexible smc Pentax DA 18-135mm f/three.5-5.6 ED AL [IF] DC WR extensive-to-telephoto zoom lens. It additionally has integrated Wi-Fi with NFC for wi-fi photograph transfer and digital camera manage with a cellular device. Utilizing the PRIME M II Image Processing Engine, the K-S2 may be very succesful in a number of shooting situations, most extensively with a local sensitivity of as much as ISO fifty one,two hundred. Also, it has Sensor-Shift photograph stabilization that limits digital camera shake with slower shutter speeds, as well as full HD 1080p video recording at up to 30 fps.

Download Firmware Pentax K-S2
Pentax K-S2

Benefitting image capture is a SAFOX X 11-factor autofocus device in which nine factors are move-type for excessive-pace focusing. Also, placed at the rear of the digital camera is a three.0" 921k-dot vari-perspective swing-out LCD reveal for reviewing and composing images. Working speedy is possible as properly way to a maximum shutter speed of one/6000 2nd and non-stop taking pictures costs of up to five.5 fps.

In addition, the K-S2 capabilities Advanced HDR and Clarity Enhancement modes that offer more unique and cleaner images with a notable dynamic range. Also, it has an AA clear out simulator for capturing moiré susceptible subject remember as well as 4K c program languageperiod movie seize. Another robust place for the K-S2 is connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC abilities, as well as compatibility with both Eye-Fi and FLU reminiscence playing cards, which makes it even less complicated to percentage the self-pictures captured with the selfie-button. And, it has a ramification of in-frame RAW improvement settings, more desirable innovative modes, and photograph filters.

Included with the K-S2 camera body is the smc Pentax DA 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AL (IF) DC WR lens, which gives a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 27.5-207mm, masking huge-attitude to telephoto views to healthy operating in a huge type of conditions. The lens creation integrates aspherical factors to assist reduce chromatic aberration in addition to enhance image sharpness. An SP (Super Protect) coating has been implemented to factors to help repel dust, water, and grease and the lens frame is built to the same climate-resistant standards as the K-S2 to be used in inclement situations.

20.2 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor & PRIME M II Image Processing Engine

Ensuring ultimate image nice at sensitivities up to ISO fifty one,200 are the 20.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and the PRIME M II Image Processing Engine. This combination outcomes in sharp pictures thanks to the omission of an AA filter out on the sensor as well as low noise with the processing of the PRIME M II. Also, this permits a quick non-stop shooting price of five.Five fps as well as superior HDR and clarity enhancement modes.

SAFOX X Autofocus System

With eleven section detection factors (9 pass-kind) and a sensitivity variety of -3 to 18 EV, the SAFOX X AF gadget is capable of lock cognizance fast and easily in a variety of situations. Also, it has a focus peaking functionality all through live view to make sure users are capable of cognizance even if in manual mode.

Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization

CIPA rated to three stops, the sensor-shift in-body picture stabilization with rotational compensation reduces the effect of camera shake to your final photograph. Also, the K-S2 is able to use this shake reduction gadget to dispose of dust from your image sensor and additionally to enact the AA filter out simulation mode for fending off moire on your very last photo.

Full HD Video Recording & 4K Interval Mode

In addition to stills, the K-S2 is capable of full HD 1920 x 1080p video recording at up to 30 fps. It has alternatives for 30, 25, and 24 fps in full HD in addition to 1280 x 720 HD at 60 or 50 fps for up to 25 minutes at a time. The digicam then saves those movies as MOV files with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression. Also, in addition to standard movies, the K-S2 is capable of document time lapse motion pictures in an c programming language mode at up to 4K decision at 24p. Also, there's a Star Stream mode

5.5 fps Continuous Shooting & 1/6000 Shutter Speed

Speed is prime with five.Five fps non-stop shooting for as much as 30 pictures, or 9 frames of RAW. Also, this digicam has a maximum shutter speed of one/6000 2d for terribly bright scenes.

3.0" Vari-Angle LCD Monitor & Pentaprism Viewfinder

Composing and reviewing snap shots is made simpler way to the inclusion of a 3.0" 921k-dot vari-angle LCD monitor. Also, this DSLR has a pentaprism viewfinder with 100% insurance and a zero.95x magnification for standard framing and composition.

Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC

Share your photos quick and effortlessly with the integrated Wi-Fi and NFC of the K-S2. It gives far off digicam operation with using the Image Sync cellular app for Android and iOS devices. Also, it has a dedicated Wi-Fi button to quick allow and disable this option whilst essential to keep battery existence.

Smc Pentax DA 18-135mm f/three.Five-5.6 ED AL [IF] DC WR Lens

The covered zoom lens gives a 35mm-equal focal period variety of 27.5-207mm to match running in a extensive kind of taking pictures situations. It capabilities the equal climate-resistant construction because the camera frame to permit capturing in harsh environments and also has an SP coating to assist repel dirt, water, and grease at the the front element. Its construction includes aspherical lens factors to help decrease chromatic aberrations in the course of the zoom variety and also make contributions to producing overall sharper, clearer imagery. Additionally, a Direct Current (DC) motor is applied to offer short, quiet, and smooth automobile focusing that is properly-desirable to operating with HD video recording.

Download Firmware Pentax K-S2: