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Download Driver Canon Pixma MG3150

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Canon Pixma MG3150 Driver Download. I bought this Canon Pixma MG3150 printer out of gut feeling and after a really good consultation in the local electronics market. I've been thinking for a long time about replacing my old printer (which could really only print) with a more modern one that finally has Wi-Fi and Airprint. For a long time I favored the HP Officejet Pro 6830, but due to the higher price, I was never able to force myself to buy it. In addition, I was only half-heartedly convinced of this device, so I have repeatedly postponed this topic. So I stopped by in the local market and compared the, for me interesting devices.

But in the end, I could never fully convince myself of a device, because either the features and the features of the printer were good, but the ink consumption and the ink costs for me were not effective, or the opposite was the case. So last Friday I went back to the local market and looked around the printer area. Until the mentioned customer consultant, who finally had a clue and that not only from the Canon devices, put this Canon Pixma MG3150 printer to my heart.

But before that we had a factual conversation about my type and frequency of printing and then limited the choice of printers. So for my printing conditions a 2-cartridge system was favored, with cartridges that have a built-in printhead. The advantage of this system is the friendliness in terms of cleaning and durability of the printer or ink cartridges.

Since I tend to print at irregular intervals and the quantity also varies, this system convinced me the most. Just the point of the push buttons, which are renewed with each cartridge exchange and the low ink costs, could convince me. Even in the context that I wanted to use only the original ink anyway, I saw an advantage here. (I am not so much the friend of refilling and the associated effort and the often associated mess).

Canon Pixma MG3150 Driver & Software Download
Canon Pixma MG3150 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG3150 Download
Back to the device: Quickly unpacked at home, connected to the power supply, the device including cartridge insertion completed and the printer integrated into the network (W-Lan). Here is also one of the disadvantages that explains the 4 star rating. To integrate the printer into the WLAN is really cumbersome or almost not explained in the manual. By the time I finally got through this point and figured out the right order of buttons to press, it took some time and some nerves. After that, however, the printer was easily integrated into the network and works perfectly since then. Now I can finally print everything from the iPhone, PC or tablet. The automatic duplex printing function, without turning annoying pages, could really convince me. I do not want to miss this function anymore! Also very useful is the autostart and auto shut off function of the device. The printer does not have to be on around the clock, but turns on as soon as a print command is sent. After 15 minutes without use it switches off again. Really practical and hopefully also energy efficient!

In addition, the Canon Pixma MG3150 can also have a passable photo print quality. This is perfectly okay for domestic photos (from mobile phones or tablets). Of course you can not compare this with the leading, pure photo printers from Canon, but I could offer this function none of the other manufacturers. And so I saw, also because of the really low price of about 65.00 € no disadvantages and I took the device with a quick hand.

Conclusion: Finally, I found a printer that I can set up independently of the computer in the house, and works without an annoying USB cable that requires only a power cord to use and performs its work with satisfactory to good results. Exactly what I was looking for: A printer that is not expensive, but has a large number of functions, supports air print and also knows how to convince with a good print result and low ink costs.

I can really recommend this Canon Pixma MG3150 printer to anyone who wants to print occasionally and does not want to spend a lot of money on their purchases and inks, but does not want to miss out on wireless printing.

The Canon Pixma MG3150 printer is enough for me, despite the somewhat loud operating noise (second disadvantage or minus), completely. Of course you should expect no sharp quality of the print result, and who really prints daily and hundreds of pages a month, should look for a pure office printer, because the print speed is a little too slow. For the average consumer who prints every now and then, I can really recommend this printer!


  1. Download Print Driver Canon Pixma MG3150 for LINUX 32/64-bit
  2. Download Scan Driver Canon Pixma MG3150 for LINUX 32/64-bit
  3. Download Scan Driver Canon Pixma MG3150 for Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11
  4. Download Print Driver Canon Pixma MG3150 for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11
  5. Download Driver Canon Pixma MG3150 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma Endurance G4610

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Canon Pixma G4610 Drivers Download. The Canon Pixma G4610 prints from refillable ink tanks and comes to super low recurring costs. This is not without compromise, as the test shows. The Canon uses the Pixma G series inkjet printer with refillable tanks instead of cartridges. Epson has already demonstrated this with the Ecotank range - read the test of the Epson Ecotank ET-2550 printer. The test is the model Canon Pixma G4600, which prints, scans, copies and faxes. Canon sees the multifunction printer in use in small offices. The test therefore examines how it works in the workplace. If we focus on the page prices, Canon has succeeded with the Pixma G4610 thanks to the tank system a super-economical multi-functional printer. That such a device in a small office would be ideal reserved, is quite true. On the other hand speaks the slow pace of work. In addition, important features such as a duplex unit are missing - at least for printing, even better for scanning. Canon is quite convinced of the refillable systems currently probably not even, otherwise the company would not focus sales exclusively on its own online store. The here asked price of 329 euros is juicy, the two-year warranty but praiseworthy.

Canon Pixma G4610 Review
Unlike the Epson Ecotank models, the ink tanks of this Endurance G4610 are not mounted next to the case, but are integrated into it. The black tank is on one side, the three blue, red, and yellow on the other side of the case. Via a piping system, the ink flows to the printheads, which must be used once during the first installation. They look like the Canon cartridges with built-in printhead, which not only new inks, but also new nozzles come in the printer when changing cartridges - such as the model Canon Pixma MG3650.

The print head of the Canon Pixma Endurance G4610 looks like a cartridge with an integrated printhead, as we know from the model MG3650.  Once installed, both heads, unlike the cartridges, are designed to last a printer's life.

The print head of Canon Pixma Endurance G4610 looks like a cartridge with an integrated print head, as we know about the model MG3650 ago. Once installed, both heads, unlike the cartridges, are designed to last a printer's life.

Canon Pixma Endurance G4610 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma G4610 Drivers Download

Consumption - unbeatable low prices
Once the printheads are installed, the ink is filled. Supplied with bottles of 325 milliliters of black ink and three times 70 milliliters of color ink. It is estimated that less than a quarter of the ink is used for the initial filling of the pipes. You can reach the tanks yourself by opening the housing underneath the scan unit. The tanks are covered, but not lockable. Unauthorized persons can fill other liquids without problems - a disadvantage.

The ink bottles are well sealed and have a drip stop. So, if you turn it upside down to fill in the contents, you do not need to worry about an immediate leak of the liquid. Nevertheless, we advise you to place kitchen crepe under the multifunction printer and put on disposable gloves when handling ink bottles for the first time. The tanks themselves are closed with rubber plugs and made of transparent plastic. So you see from the front, how much ink you can still fill. Even later you have the ink level well in view.

Canon gives a black ink range of 6000 pages. It is a proprietary specification, but it should be based on the official ISO standard pages. This translates into a page price of 0.23 cents - even a tad lower than the tested Ecotank ET-2550 from Epson and absolutely unbeatable. For the color page, the figure is 7000 pages and gives a price of 0.43 cents - also unattainable for multifunction printers with conventional cartridges. Currently, the refill bottles of the GI-590 series cost 9.99 euros per color and 13.99 euros for the black ink.

Equipment - including fax and borderless printing
The multifunction printer Canon Pixma Endurance G4610 has a fax function on board and therefore also an automatic document feeder for a maximum of 20 sheets. To do this, he either connects to the computer locally via USB or via WLAN via the network. He is also in charge of Mopria, Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print and the manufacturer's own Canon Cloud Link. Via Wi-Fi Direct, the wireless connection works without a router, via the font display, the operation directly on the device.

Unlike the Ecotank models from Epson , the Canon Pixma Endurance G4610 can print borderlessly. He feeds the paper from the rear feeder, which fits a maximum of 100 sheets of paper - a little less for a professionally used device. Another paper cassette does not exist. And another drawback brings the Canon Pixma Endurance G4610: It lacks a duplex unit for automatic printing of the front and back of a sheet. It's a pity for an output device that's designed for worry-free printing and is therefore targeted by frequent users.

Inconsistent work pace
In speed tests, the Canon Pixma Endurance G4610 delivers a mixed performance. On the one hand, the multifunction device prints one page of Grauert letter in 17 seconds and thus achieves a decent value. On the other hand, we are waiting for ten text pages from Word 1:09 minutes and on ten color pages taken from Acrobat 5:35 minutes and thus in both cases a comparatively long time. The printing unit also slows down the copying process, in which the black and white copy of 12 seconds still afloat, but the color copy is finished with 41 seconds leisurely. Only when scanning the times fit with 7 seconds for the preview and 15 seconds for the color scan.

Quality of printing, scans and copies
The Canon Pixma Endurance G4610 uses four colors - blue, red, yellow and black. The latter consists of pigmented ink, while Canon relies on dye-based variants in the colors. The letters come very filigree on paper, are easy to read, but would have tolerated more black coverage. Colored surfaces are produced homogeneously by the Endurance G4610. The colors themselves are a bit bright, but harmonious. In photo printing, the grayscale and a natural color scheme. The printer can handle even difficult tasks such as skin tones without unnatural oversubscription. Some observers may therefore find them a bit pale. Although the color analysis recognizes a reddish color in the scans, in the visual test we find the color scheme quite round. There is criticism of the color copy.


Download Driver Canon Pixma Endurance G3610

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Canon Pixma G3610 Drivers Download. After Epson and its range of EcoTank printers, it is now Canon's turn to introduce a new range of machines equipped with rechargeable ink tanks. They are called Pixma G1600, G2600, G3600 and G4600 and have so far been announced only in the United States. Too small, too expensive and a source of unnecessary waste, ink cartridges are a real financial drain for inkjet printer users. In recent years, compatible ink manufacturers have tried to offer alternative solutions by marketing grafting tank systems on their machine. But the implementation of such systems remained too complicated and the risks of use, too important to allow their development. This did not stop the major printer manufacturers from reacting.

Last year, Epson offered the first multi-function inkjet printers, with its EcoTank range. Canon now follows suit with four models of a new range, Pixma G series. A 135 ml black pigment ink tank on the left and three 70 ml yellow, magenta and cyan dye ink tanks on the right are the common elements of these four machines, which would have a life of 6000 pages in black and white and 7,000 color pages. The presence of transparent front windows makes it easy to monitor the remaining ink level, while the design of the built-in tanks in the machine limits printer clutter.

Canon Pixma Endurance G3610 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma G3610 Driver Download

The Pixma G1600 is a single-purpose A4 model, while the other three models have flatbed scanners for scanning and direct copying of opaque documents. Only the two top-of-the-line models, the G3600 and G4600, are equipped with Wi-Fi connections. The G4600 adds an LCD display, a fax function and an automatic document feeder on its cover. Already available in the United States, they are sold between $ 250 (the equivalent of about € 238) and $ 400 (€ 381) depending on the model. 

We currently have no information about an upcoming availability on the Australia and New Zealand market. Finally, for a total of just under € 300, you get an ink tank printer that looks like a printer from the 21st century. WLAN and cloud printing as well as mobile printing is possible with the Canon Pixma G3610 3-in-1 printer. However, the printing speed is still closer to the end of the 20th century. However, the paper tray still only has room for 100 sheets and again it is unclear what the lifetime of the print head and the remaining ink tank looks like. Therefore, here only a recommendation for the home office.

  1. Download Linux Drivers for Canon Pixma G3610
  2. Download Full Drivers & Software Canon Pixma G3610 for Mac OS X 10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Full Drivers & Software Canon Pixma G3610 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma iP110

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Canon Pixma iP110 Driver Download. A nice compact device, the HP Mobile is richer. Thus, the Canon fits better in the pocket. The design and weight can also be seen. Total Installation time about 8-10 min. I admit, a somewhat unconventional way, you might also be able transparent. Since the Wireless Print (always in direct WLAN connection) runs flawlessly. The sound is also quieter than the HP. Who knows the predecessor IP100, will know the nice feature that you simply with the USB cable, a camera to the printer hangs and can Photos / cuttings / Zoom images Print etc, without having to think big. That there is here no longer. Instead, there is a Wi-Fi - the interface is at least not allowed to set up for me.

Canon Pixma iP110 Printer Driver Download
The printer can not be found on the net. As well as if he would be first time logged on to the network to be found by the software to enter a network password, but it is not possible ?! That's very big botch. Well, the Canon printer customer has never been spoiled when it comes to network functionality. This reminds but equal to the Japanese printer configuration pages of the IP4000, where one could guess which setting must whither. Who manages its wireless and it does not leave the accidental keystroke a compound key, if it is present at all, is ever powerful, because the help files and instructions are simply wrong. 

Canon Pixma iP110 Software Driver Download

Canon Pixma iP110 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma iP110
A simple USB tool that allows the application at the access point would have been enough. As a special treat we must the printer does not seem to operate at different access point, because one has connect via USB a time, although you can contradicts Get the driver installation as often, but the menu application of the printer to your access point is no longer ran to, In practice, the printer is a iP100 with reduced functionality. The built-in Wi-Fi interface is limited to not usable. Have a Canon Color Laser office already with whom I am very satisfied and needed a portable printer on the go. Other reviews pointed to problems with the installation, particularly with the WLAN. 

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma iP110
I can confirm that in some cases, the installation was a bit awkward, the web-based program is flawed. I had to press quite firmly the print head, the first time be printed nothing. Under Windows you install the printer driver only best after (!) You have connected the device via WLAN (I use a direct Wi-Fi connection, while the printer works as an access point, and finally I did not travel on my router here). But then everything works, even under OS X is no problem, AirPrint with the iPad or iPhone is running properly. The print quality is excellent.


Download Driver Canon Pixma Home TS3166

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Canon Pixma TS3166 Driver Download. A great device. The installation took a while, but everything works wonderfully. When not in use, the printer turns off completely by itself, was important to me. Pressures are sour and clearly pressed. For someone who does not press much and is copied with this printer very well served. The price is sensational. The Canon PIXMA TS3166 printer is easy to program and works great. I'm very satisfied. The Canon Pixma Home TS3166 driver installation was super easy. Download the app, set everything up and off you go. even the WLAN would be found immediately. only to be recommended.

Very good price for such a good printer. Fast installation and very good printing results. I would buy again at any time and can only recommend it. So I unpacked the part and because I know a lot about EDP, I thought to quickly connect via WLAN and start printing. But wrong thought, setting up the printer via wifi is simply impossible, but there is still the possibility to set up WiFi via USB. Usb cable connected, then wlan set up via USB and it works. The cable is removed and printer prints over Wi-Fi. So I can only recommend, equal to the option to set up Wi-Fi via USB. Now for printing, the quality of the prints is good.

Canon Pixma Home TS3166 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TS3166 Driver Download

You can not expect more for the price. I have not tried the photo print yet. But you have to get used to the speed first. Everything takes forever. I can not tell if the printer itself or the wireless transmission. It looks like the printer is always waiting for data and then prints. So he makes bigger or smaller breaks when printing. Scanning takes quite a long time compared to other devices. But you must not forget the price. If you, as I print only a little, can live well with it. But if you want to scan or print out several pages every day, you should rather keep your hands off the device. I would buy the device again because it is completely sufficient for my claims. I had to set up the printer after a Windows reinstall. This time I had no problems with the set up via WLAN.

Everything went smoothly Printing is now also without breaks. The problems with the initial setup probably came from my system. The Canon Pixma Home TS3166 printer is now in operation with me for 3 weeks, I am completely satisfied. I like the automatic switch on and off very well. I have been using the printer for about 6 months for ordinary college work, so occasional printing and scanning. The printer is easy to use, especially printing via AirPrint with mobile phone or tablet is very convenient. The printing performance and scanning performance is great, I had no problems so far, unlike other printers. The inclusive ink cartridges are not expected to be too economical. Overall, a really excellent value for money, buy recommendation. The only downside: The printer is not the fastest and a bit noisy.

  1. Download Linux Driver for Canon Pixma TS3166
  2. Canon Pixma TS3166 for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Drivers & Software Canon Pixma TS3166 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma G2010

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Canon Pixma G2010 Drivers Download. At this year, a new printer was in the home office. In recent years I had opted for Canon's multi-function inkjet printers because of the irregular but versatile print volume, but the high cost of replacement cartridges and their frequent replacement had made me look for a different solution. Since I sometimes like to print on photo paper, but actually no alternative to ink in question.

In recent years, new momentum has come to the market. Epson has unveiled the EcoTank series with large ink tanks and range, and HP has introduced an exciting product for slightly higher print volumes with its super fast Pagewide printers also with large ink tanks.

And now Canon is also involved in the field and has presented with the Pixma G-series a number of printers and multifunction devices whose primary goal is low printing costs.

It is not much more in the case of Canon either. The printers / copiers are basically quite simple consumer devices equipped with large ink tanks. In the case of my new Canon Pixma G2010 this should be enough for about 6,000 to 7,000 prints. Very pleasing: A refill bottle costs even Canon only 10 € per color (or 14 € for black, but with 135 ml content and almost twice the amount of ink includes (C, M, Y each 70 ml).

Canon Pixma G2010 Driver & Software Download

Download Driver Canon Pixma G2010

This luxury is bought with the higher device price, in the case of this Canon Pixma G2010 must be 249, - € (gross) berappt. A comparable device with ink cartridges would hardly cost more than 100, - € in the trade, because the equipment of the device is limited to the bare essentials:

  • 4 ink tanks (pigment black, cyan, magenta, yellow)
  • Print speed 5-9 ISO pages / minute
  • Borderless printing possible
  • Only one paper feed on the back
  • No duplex printing
  • USB port
  • No Ethernet / LAN / fax

I do not care, the part can print, scan and copy and works on the Mac OS, the print quality is as usual flawless. A nice power-saving feature: after a period of inactivity (can be set in the printer driver) the printer will turn off. If you then send a print job, the device automatically switches on again.

Incidentally, network and airprint capabilities are reserved for the more expensive Canon Pixma G2010 and Pixma 4010 models; the two smaller models have only one USB port for communication. Detailed technical information about the drivers and software of the Pixma G2010 can be found here.

  1. Download Driver Canon Pixma G2010 for Linux
  2. Download Driver Canon Pixma G2010 for Mac OS
  3. Download Full Drivers & Software Canon Pixma G2010 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma G4010

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Canon Pixma G4010 Drivers Download. With reviews of Canon's printers, it has not been about absolute print quality for several years now - because it's excellent - but especially about connectivity and application possibilities. In this review of the PIXMA G4010 (a multifunctional 4-in-1 for small-scale use) we do not even go into all its many possibilities, but we focus on one particular aspect: the ink cartridges. Inkjet printers for home and small business use are beautiful devices with infinite possibilities, which can be controlled in many ways and yet are advantageous in purchase. The biggest threshold for purchasing is the cost of use for many people because ink cartridges are not economical. More than 1 euro for a milliliter is no exception. Because an A4 print requires (much) less than 1 ml of ink, the price per print is actually lower, but we still find inkjet printers expensive to use, especially if you print large quantities, such as in a business environment.

With the arrival of this Canon Pixma G4010 the label 'expensive' can be dispensed with, because this is the first Canon printer with refillable ink supplies (70ml color, 130ml black), which you can easily fill with ink from a bottle. A milliliter of ink now only costs 15 cents. Moreover, you have much less waste in the form of some (recyclable) plastic bottles instead of many 'complicated' cartridges. Ordinary cartridges must be recycled according to the WEEE guidelines. But these vials can be used with normal waste.

Canon Pixma G4010 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma G4010 Drivers Download

The ink supply from a fixed reservoir has changed the printing technique, because instead of the cartridges moving back and forth across the paper during printing, it is now only a printhead that is fed with tubing from the spare parts. This system has been used for years for large format printers. If you want to see exactly how it works.

Design and implementation
We can be brief about the design and implementation of the printer: business. The multifunctionals in the PIXMA MG and TS-series are now pearls on your desk with a beautiful design and subtle materials and colors, while the PIXMA G4500 is just a black plastic box, in which the design only takes into account the functionality and that's great for a small office printer with one or two users. With the help of the Quick menu you can quickly perform all sorts of tasks from your computer.

As mentioned above, the Canon Pixma G4010 is a 4-in-1 multifunctional: printing, copying (color / black & white), scanning (with ADF) and faxing. It can be controlled via USB, Lan and wireless, even from a telephone / tablet or as a cloud printer. If you want to see all the specifications and possibilities.

A useful additional aspect of scanning documents with text to PDF is that when you open these files in Adobe Acrobat CC (not Acrobat Reader), you can edit the PDF, where Acrobat has converted the scanned pixel text into plain editable text. Wow! Photographs, illustrations and logos can also be edited as separate elements.

Canon Pixma G4010 Quality
The Canon Pixma G4010 has 'only' four ink colors: cyan, magenta, yellow (all dye) and black (pigment). This is great for office documents in black and white and color, such as quotations, invoices and simple flyers or brochures, but not really intended for printing high-quality photos. A color document with a logo, title, text and pie chart looks good and will certainly leave a good impression on the recipient / customer. Of course, the choice of paper is of course important here and it is advisable not to economize on this and to opt for a smoother paper, so that the ink will flow less and the paper will be high-white in color.

The speed of printing, scanning and copying is such that you rarely feel that you have to wait. A printer of this caliber is obviously not intended for high volumes and 24/7 use, but that will be clear. We are pleased with the arrival of the Canon Pixma G4010 and hope that the technology of refillable ink supply accessories will also be reflected in special photo printers in the foreseeable future. For many photographers the threshold has disappeared to start printing photos themselves and they will enjoy their photography even more.

  1. Download Linux Driver for Canon Pixma G4010
  2. Download Software Series Canon Pixma G4010 for Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Drivers & Software Canon Pixma G4010 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma G3010

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Canon Pixma G3010 Drivers Download. This is a non-fax inkjet multifunction printer model. It is ideal for domestic use. By not having analyzed similar models or old versions of this product, we lack clues about its expected quality and performance. Canon Pixma G3010 uses independent ink cartridges, so only the color cartridge that is used up should be replaced. Print on paper size up to A4. It can be connected to the home network via Wifi. Thanks to Wifi connectivity you can print wirelessly from mobile devices. Does not incorporate LCD screen and is missing a card reader that allows printing directly from memory cards.

Finally, mention that this printer model does not have NFC technology. The Canon keeps printers simple and intuitive, packing them into an elegant yet compact design. All four printers have an upper tray that offers 100 sheets of capacity. All devices do not use a duplex unit, which means the user has to turn the paper itself if it wants to print on both sides. The printing speed is relatively low at up to 8.8 pages per minute in black and white and up to 5 pages per minute in color. The Canon printers offer the possibility of borderless printing, which makes them interesting for photographers. The same printing unit works in all four printers. Here Canon uses modified printhead cartridges which are used in the original version in the Pixma MG3650 printer.

Canon Pixma G3010 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma G3010 Drivers Download

According to Canon has worked hard on the durability of the printhead cartridges. These are now to hold permanently and the only consumable is the ink itself. The smallest droplet size is two picoliters and can therefore also score in photo printing. For the color inks, Canon uses normal (dye) colors, which can clearly show their strength when photographing. For the black ink, however, Canon uses the popular pigment ink, which makes the printout of documents and text beautifully sharp and rich black. In addition, pigment ink is smoother than conventional black ink. Compared to the Ecotanks of Epson which have the ink tanks mounted outside of the case, Canon is here on a more elegant and above all space-saving solution.

These ink tanks are inside the case. Behind the printer cover is the 135-ml black ink tank and the 70-ml base ink tanks. The ink tanks are located behind a transparent panel which allows the user to view the ink level at any time. With a price of about 300¤ you already get the WiFi-enabled multifunction device. Here, the Canon Pixma G3010 printer can also be operated with a smartphone or tablet and set up at any position within the WLAN range. AirPrint, Cloud Print and wireless printing from Windows Mobile 10 devices are guaranteed. Snapshots can be taken directly from the smartphone to paper.

  1. Download Linux Driver for Canon Pixma G3010
  2. Canon Pixma G3010 for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Drivers & Software Canon Pixma G3010 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma TS9551C

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Canon Pixma TS9551C Drivers Download. The Canon launches a new range of PIXMA inkjet printers, including the PIXMA TS9550 series, Canon's first all-in-one inkjet printer for the A3 format. This range of printers and scanners offers the maximum support for any domestic, creative or professional need. The new series of printers is compatible with Amazon's Alexa. This allows you to interact with the printer using voice commands such as "Alexa, turn on the Canon printer" or "print a coloring template" using any Amazon Echo or Alexa device. Through the voice commands, you can get information on the status of the printer, such as the percentage of ink remaining. This Canon PIXMA TS9550 Series is an A3 multifunction printer with a footprint comparable to that of an A4 solution. It offers professional results thanks to Canon's FINE printing technology that, with its system of 5 separate ink cartridges, gives the prints a rich color range and up to 100 years of resistance.

Ideal for both home and small office environments, this new PIXMA printer simplifies printing, copying and scanning with numerous built-in features such as smartphone control and Wi-Fi connectivity. These features and compatibility with AirPrint (iOS) and Mopria (Android) allow you to print any compatible smart device. Its elegant design incorporates an intuitive 10.8 cm touchscreen and a scan and copy function that can easily handle even A3 size documents. You can create brochures directly from the touchscreen or operate the 20-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) 3. PIXMA TS9550 Series is available in two different colors: classic white (PIXMA TS9551C) or glossy black (PIXMA TS9550). The other type of PIXMA TS8250 is a multifunction printer ideal for high quality photos, perfect for home or office. Thanks to 6 separate inks, including photo blue, print perfect images without borders up to A4 size. This inkjet printer with Wi-Fi connectivity, versatile and compact, connects to PIXMA Cloud Link via the Canon PRINT app (iOS / Android).

Canon Pixma TS9551C Driver & Software Download

Download Driver Canon Pixma TS9551C

The PIXMA TS8250 series printers print up to 15 pages per minute (ipm) in black and white and 10 in color. They can also produce borderless photographs in 4 × 6 inches in seconds. The double feed method is designed to allow a great flexibility of application, also guaranteed by the possibility to use optional XL and XXL3 cartridges that help to reduce printing costs. Anyone wishing to express their creativity through the press will not be disappointed. The 10.8 cm touch screen and the PIXMA TS8250 Series multi-purpose tray allow a variety of uses. An example is the possibility to print personalized nail stickers through the Nail Sticker application, available for iOS and Android from the end of November 2018. Another is the PIXMA TS6250 series prints vivid and detailed images, as well as professional-looking documents. The pigmented black ink has been studied to give more clarity and prominence to the texts. The Canon PRINT app (iOS / Android), which can be downloaded for free, allows you to control the printer from any smart device and manage access to different cloud services through PIXMA Cloud Link4. The intuitive print and 7.5 cm touch screen of the PIXMA TS6250 make printing and scanning extremely easy. Equipped with 5 separate ink cartridges and automatic two-sided printing without borders up to A4 size, it offers unique results. The PIXMA MG3650S series multifunction printers are ideal for home environments and capable of connecting to smart devices.

They have quality printing, copying and scanning functions. Optional XL cartridges reduce costs and increase efficiency. Finally, thanks to the automatic two-sided printing function, you can save paper and minimize environmental impact. Compact and stylish, this all-in-one printer can copy, scan and fax multiple documents at the same time using the 20-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF )4. PIXMA TR4550 is the perfect solution for every home office thanks to its high productivity and Wi-Fi connection. The printers of this series can also be connected to Alexa devices and, by means of voice commands, it is possible to request a check list print or check the ink levels. You will no longer need to turn on the computer to print, scan and photocopy documents. Thanks to the Canon PRINT app all this is possible from any mobile device or tablet. As an alternative to the Canon PRINT app, you can control the PIXMA TR4550 using AirPrint (iOS) or Mopria (Android). Finally, in the event that no network connection is available, the access point mode can be used for a direct connection. Cloud connectivity allows you to scan and save documents directly on Google Drive and Dropbox using PIXMA Cloud Link. Finally, the ID Card Copy feature allows you to scan and print both sides of an ID card on a single page.

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  2. Canon Pixma TS9551C for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Drivers & Software Canon Pixma TS9551C for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma TS9541C

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Canon Pixma TS9541C Drivers Download. The Canon introduced a new printer. One of the attractions is this Canon Pixma TS9541C, which is the first multifunction brand with the support of A3 size paper. It also has an ADF document feeder. Canon has upgraded its range of printers with several new multifunction and scanner models. We will now look at the Canon Pixma TS9541C. It is available in black and white versions (which has the designation TS9551C). This is the first A3 multifunction brand. It uses the ChromaLife 100 5-Charge System with high durability (up to 100 years in the album), with the classic triple of cyan, magenta and yellow inks supplemented with classic black and pigment black.

The maximum print speed is 15 pages A4 per minute for black and 10 pages for color printing (print speed A3 does not mention the technical sheet does not mention the A3 at all). Photos of 10 × 15 cm prints in 21 seconds. Supported are standard, XL and even XXL cartridges. E.g. You can count on 200, 400 or even 600 pages for pigment black. For photos, then the XXL cartridges will last up to 858, 282, 367, respectively. 322 photos (pigment black, cyan, magenta or yellow). The highest supported print resolution is 4800 × 1200 dpi. The feeders have a capacity of 20 photopapers, respectively. 100 sheets at the back and 100 sheets front.

Canon Pixma TS9541C Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TS9541C Drivers Download

Because this is a multifunction, there is, of course, a scanner. It is CIS-type and its resolution is 2400 × 4800 dpi. Even though it scans at 16-bit color depth, the output can be up to 8-bit. It can handle up to A4 size. There is also an automatic 20-sheet ADF. The copier function then takes the first page in 19 seconds, the copy speed can then be 6.5 ppm, with the ADF even 8 pages. The Canon Pixma TS9541C is equipped with a 10.8cm touch screen (LCD). Old USB, Ethernet (max. 100Mbps) or Wi-Fi are connected here. Thanks to this, it can be connected to the smartphone and printed from it without having to switch on the computer. AirPrint (iOS) or Mopria (Android) technologies are supported. It also welcomes the presence of the SDXC card reader.

This printer's dimensions are similar to those of A4 printers and are 468 × 366 × 193 mm, weighing 9.7 kilograms. The maximum noise level is 49.5 dB (A). The power consumption is 0.3 watts off, standby 1.2 watts, and 14 watts of copy. The novelty will be on sale from November 2018. The Canon has also launched a rewards program where you can collect points for using genuine Canon cartridges, such as a camera, vouchers, or fuel cards. Last but not least, Creative Park runs where you can download various cutouts to print and lots of other interesting content.

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  2. Canon Pixma TS9541C for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Drivers & Software Canon Pixma TS9541C for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma TR7550

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Canon Pixma TR7550 Drivers Download. The Canon Pixma TR7550 comes with a slightly smaller package, the Canon Pixma TR7550 printer is the weaker half of a product pair. The inkjet multifunction device comes as a successor to the model Pixma MX725on the market. Compared to the older relatives, a much more compact shape is noticeable. The paper feed is now made from two, instead of just one feeder, but overall, the paper capacity decreases slightly. In addition, the ADF module loses capacity and must do without the duplex mode. Compared to the more fully featured version colleague TR8550, the connectivity shrinks by an Ethernet interface and an SD card reader. The product design is tailored to use in your home office. In a moderate-volume environment, the four-in-one device handles both demanding color printing and faxing, scanning, and copying tasks. 

The printer works leisurely, but still fast enough for home use, producing up to 15 black-and-white or 10 color pages per minute. When printing, five colors are used in single cartridges, and the resolution increases in photographic printing up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. The scanner achieves a maximum detail depth of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi and accepts documents via the flatbed or an automatic document feeder. The capacity of the ADF module is limited to a meager 20 sheets and the processing of the originals is only one-sided. In contrast, the paper manager controls the automatic duplex mode and feeds print media from a 100-sheet cassette and an open feeder for 100 sheets. For the forwarding of the work orders the connectivity provides a USB and a WLAN connection. Suitable work partners include mobile devices and cloud services.

Canon Pixma TR7550 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TR7550 Drivers Download

The inkjet multifunction printer from the Japanese manufacturer Canon is a model from the fall of 2017. The online trade calculates amounts between 120 and 130 euros for delivery to the end customer, and the print cost analysis determined a bearable cost of 12.5 cents per A4 Color page for toner. With Windows 10 update, this Canon Pixma TR7550 printer seems to behave as required... Will report ... Oh, the message "Printer does not answer, even though it prints, is still coming, but the queue seems to be breaking down now, after done printing. Unfortunately probably has my TR7550 bad manners Remembers set data and not always ironing his own settings in, for example, that the paper is present in the rear compartment, although I still adjusting cassette also.. The Windows 10 printer driver has its quirks because the print jobs are not deleted after the print has been completed, and the driver always says "printer does not answer." With smartphones, my TR7550 behaves the way it should. Such problems I had with the others, eg Pixma MG5771 never!

So previously had the Canon Pixma MX925. That was great, unfortunately, the TR7550 is no comparison at all. Cheapest workmanship, plastic is extremely soft and thin. I clearly lost quality and user-friendliness. It also needs twice as much ink as my old printer. Coincidence, yes, sure. Good, I already knew that before. You first have to "make" the A4 paper tray by pressing on it and then the drawer is extended. Who likes it. The control panel floats like the canopy of a camper over the paper output. The paper issue is honestly a joke, I'm curious if the next 2 years survived...? Puhhh, that was not fun to unpack and install all these disadvantages. NO COMPARISON to the MX925. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. But please take more money if you want a "decent" printer. And no, I'm not saying yet that he's doing it for the "little" money. Let's wait and see how it leads. The white LED light for ON / OFF, I will immediately cover with a foil, now dazzles me constantly.

  1. Download LINUX Driver for Canon Pixma TR7550
  2. Canon Pixma TR7550 for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Full Drivers & Software Canon Pixma TR7550 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Canon Pixma TR4550

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Canon Pixma TR4550 Drivers Download. Recently, I have to download some photos from the Internet and have been looking for a cheap but good printer, which bans me some of the images on paper. I'm technically completely unskilled and had reservations about whether I get it fixed at all. The Canon Pixma TR4550 printer settles almost on its own, but it has a bit of a hitch with the paper slot. But the quality of the photos he spits out to me is first rate. I never would have thought. However, I have saved neither the photo paper nor the printer ink.

So this Canon Pixma TR4550 is the best printer I could choose for my home office. Scanning works wireless from my iMac and the feeder accepts a file. The fax works fine. Copying and printing as well. The price is very reasonable and the cartridges are at reasonable cost as well. A cheap printer, which is used exclusively as a fax. Here, the setting must be made absolutely accurate, otherwise the printer consumes extremely much ink. Meets for my needs absolutely its purpose, I am completely satisfied, unfortunately I lack a comparison to higher-priced products to report in detail.

Canon Pixma TR4550 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TR4550 Drivers Download

The Canon Pixma TR4550 is that a great printer (55, - € free house), whose functions I do not use all. The fax function is meaningless to me. With glossy paper and the corresponding setting very nice photos are printed. Absolute buy recommendation! For the course! He does what he should! The app is already important. I had read in the reviews that he should be very loud. All I can say is it's no louder than my printers before. For the money you really can not complain! Canon Pixma TR4550 a very good looking printer!

I got it today. and everything should work. hope it stays that way, very much to recommend. So he does what he should! Small powerful and quiet. After replacing my 4100 I'm very excited. Fax is synonymous, but who needs that privately. If you print from time to time enough this printer. For people who use the printer more often I would not recommend it. The Canon Pixma TR4550 printer is to my complete satisfaction. All applications are easy to use. The printer cartridges should be slightly cheaper. Otherwise top.

  1. Download LINUX Driver for Canon Pixma TR4550
  2. Canon Pixma TR4550 for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Print & Scan Driver Canon Pixma TR4550 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)