Download Software Seagate Personal Cloud

Download Software Seagate Personal Cloud

Personal cloud Software Download. The main function is remote access - and it works perfectly. As usual, you can access the storage directly via Seagate's registration via the Internet, be it via Seagate's Media App for Android and iOS, via the browser or other apps. Alternatively, of course, you can get access at any time without Seagate's help via a dynamic domain name service (DDNS) and a forwarding on the router.

Seagate Personal Cloud and "real" cloud services combine beautifully.
The actual personal cloud highlight is ownCloud . With the full-fledged open-source cloud solution, an optional piece of software is available to handle all access without any Seagate tools. ownCloud is available for all platforms, runs in the browser and can be extended with add-ons, for example with functions for calendar, links or sharing. With this second cloud solution alone, Seagate is ahead of the competition.

Even backups and syncs with other cloud services are exceptionally well-resolved: backups can be made using protocols such as SMB, FTP or even RSync and cloud providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and so on can be synchronized or also used for backups.

Seagate Personal Cloud Softwares

Seagate Personal Cloud

Functions and multimedia
A simple streaming server also belongs to simple private cloud NAS. Seagate's standard variant is the same as most other low-cost solutions: a simple server that simply streams files from a given folder - with no other features. And since not even new, user-specific folders can be added to the media library at Seagate, the streaming here is really not optimally solved.

For a device of this class is not self-evident: third-party apps expand the area of ​​application immensely. But Seagate is doing one thing that is not self-evident for this NAS class: There is a minimal "app store" to upgrade features. And the small selection is really good: ownCloud, WordPress, BitTorrent Sync, Shell in a Box and other useful helpers expand the field of application immensely. The highlight: Plex is a fully-fledged media center, including a chic media collection, optimized mobile streaming and so on. And so the Personal Cloud is likely to be a real, simple and affordable alternative to full-blown NAS servers.

Here it worked very well, but only after some tinkering: First, the server settings did not call first. The Solution: Turn off another Plex server on the network - so Seagate can not help it, that's a Plex-Unpredictability. After that, there were still no media sources to save - only after the language was changed from the standard English to German. This is far from nice and not a standard in Plex installations, but ultimately everything works.

DOWNLOAD Seagate Personal Cloud SOFTWARE:
Download Software Microsoft OneDrive

Download Software Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Download. Like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive is part of a much more extensive Web offer from the vendor. In the case of OneDrive, Office users are particularly likely to be attracted, as Microsoft has closely intertwined its Cloud hard drive with Office Online. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote documents stored in OneDrive can be opened, edited and shared directly in the web browser. The same Office web applications are also found in Dropbox, but without Onenote. Through its built-in version history, OneDrive displays the last 25 older versions of a file and can restore them at the push of a button. Something different here Google and Dropbox. Both do not include version numbers, but store older files for a total of 30 days.

OneDrive Software Download
OneDrive automatically sorts files and photos by categories, and adds the matching markers to images. Access to the Office applications is provided by OneDrive via a colorful menu in Windows design. The listed tile icons also contain Mail or, the online branch of the Outlook e-mail client. Drive can, for example, serve as a storage location for mail attachments. You can also manage contacts and calendar entries from Outlook with the Web service. Anyone who wants to use OneDrive on the PC can get started right away. Like Dropbox and Google Drive, the Microsoft Cloud service also has its own directory in Windows Explorer.

Onedrive cloud storage Software

OneDrive Software

Onedrive for business
However, you do not have to create it separately, since it belongs since Windows 8.1 to the standard equipment of the file manager. The desktop client is also available for the Mac, but not for Linux systems. Apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS are available for mobile management of cloud content. Sharing files and folders is easy, but not quite as sophisticated as Google Drive. For example, links are sent via e-mail, content can be easily shared on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with their friends. A feature of OneDrive is the automatic cataloging of content. Uploaded files move the service to suitably named subfolders, depending on its type.

Onedrive for business Download
This does not work one hundred percent, but provides an overview. Amazingly accurate hits OneDrive lands in the cataloging of photos. They are checked for their metadata, additionally visually scanned and then tagged with the appropriate tags. In the basic version, OneDrive provides 5 GB of free space. For a monthly 2 euros will be 50 GB. If you pay 7 euros a month, OneDrive gets 1 TB of storage space including Office 365 for the PC. Microsoft OneDrive has been seamlessly integrated into the operating system since Windows 8, making it the easiest to access. If you use Office and Outlook, you can also use it in OneDrive.

Download Software Google Drive

Download Software Google Drive

Google Drive Download. The cloud memory with the largest free space. 15 GB are available to every owner of a Google account. However, Drive shares this space with Google Mail (Gmail). Attachments and e-mails sent or received with the webmailer are therefore charged to the cloud quota. On the other hand, mail attachments can be stored on Drive without any major problems, and Gmail can be used to send content that is stored on the cloud hard disk. Another online tool is Google Photos. There uploaded pictures and videos also occupy space on Drive, if you leave the files in the original format. If you select the high quality option, Google will compress it.

Google Drive Storage Cost
Photos the photos and videos, if their image size exceeds 16 megapixels, it then in return but no longer in the cloud space. Generously, Google Drive is the maximum file size. It is at 5 TB, making it possible, for example, to store very large backups in the cloud. Dropbox is the limit for a file size of 20 GB, Microsoft OneDrive already at 10 GB. To drive into these capacity regions, you need a storage space subscription on Google Drive. 100 GB cost 1.99 USD per month, 1 TB around 9.99 USD. Up to 30 TB can be booked, which then costs approximately 270 euros (299 US dollars).

Google Drive Apps Download
Download Software Google Drive
Google Driver logo is registered trademarks of Google Company

Google Drive Software
Like Microsoft, Google is also combining its cloud storage with a collection of office tools. The B├╝ropa ket is called Google Docs and allows to create texts, tables and presentations in the browser. Docs is not enough for the Microsoft suite in terms of functionality. The Web service can process all common Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. In addition, documents created in Google Docs can be stored in the Microsoft-compatible formats DOCX, XSLS and PPTX. Export as PDF or OpenOffice format is also possible. You can share content in Google Drive and Google Docs with other users, with the options here being very diverse, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.

Google Drive APK Download
Working with documents makes Drive very easy. Via its web interface, Google Drive can be as comfortable as the Dropbox and Microsoft memory. If you want to upload files via the browser, select either a directory or simply drag and drop it onto the window. Both works with Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive as well. Older versions of all files hold Google Drive for 30 days. In addition to mobile apps for Android and iOS, Google offers a desktop app for PC and Mac. In Windows, the tool integrates with its own directory into Windows Explorer, just like its competitors.

Download Software Amazon Drive

Download Software Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive Download. The Amazon unlimited storage memory runs out. Affected customers in the US received notifications and have to choose tariffs with limited volumes. It is currently unclear whether the offer with unlimited online storage space will soon be phased out in Germany. It was introduced here only a short year ago. The Amazon terminates the offer in the US with unlimited online storage space. In the future, more than one TByte of Amazon Drive will have additional and potentially multiple costs. Customers in the United States received corresponding notifications and more details emerge from a FAQ. It is unclear whether the offer "Unlimited secure storage space" will soon expire for European customers. Up to now no notifications of affected customers were known and no German-speaking FAQ was sighted.

Amazon Drive Apps
However, the offer in Germany also started only a short year ago in July 2016. Since then, Amazon customers have unlimited storage space for personal content such as photos, videos, movies, music and data for 70 euros per year. In the US, on the other hand, such an offer was already introduced in March 2015 to stop customers from using competing cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Now seems to have come for Amazon to the time to attract the thumb screws and demand higher fees. "Amazon now offers options for customers to choose the appropriate storage tariff", says the FAQ.

Amazon Drive Apps Download
Download Software Amazon Drive
Amazon logo is registered trademarks of Amazon Company

Amazon Drive Pricing
"Amazon will no longer offer an unlimited storage tariff. Instead, we offer storage rates of 100 GB for 11.99 and 1 TB for $ 59.99. For up to 30 TB, each TByte will cost an additional $ 59.99. "The existing unlimited tariff applies only in the current period of performance. Anyone who has chosen an automatic contract extension and has so far consumed less than 1 TByte will automatically switch to the 1-TB price of 59.99 dollars at the next due renewal. In the case of a non-automatic renewal, customers must opt ​​for one of the new tariffs.If more than the data volume provided for in the new tariff plan is already consumed, the customer can not initially upload additional files, but can only view, download or delete existing content.

Amazon Drive Storage
180 days remain for it to adjust his used storage space to the permissible quota or to opt for a more expensive tariff. Afterwards, Amazon wants to delete the last uploaded content, which are above the quota. Amazon Prime customers will have unlimited storage space for photos, but they will not be available for other content such as videos, music, and documents. Your memory consumed with photos will not be charged to an Amazon Drive rate should you choose one.

Download Software Buffalo LinkStation 220 2 TB 2-Drive NAS

Download Software Buffalo LinkStation 220 2 TB 2-Drive NAS

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Software Download. To repeat the technical data here would be nonsense, which are indeed detailed and precise in the product description. I limit myself to commissioning and handling. There is a brief guide, which shows in a few pictures the connection of the LinkStation to the PC or the network. This is quickly done, then the station can be switched on. Included is a CD, the software included is sometimes required during the installation, some is also optional (such as the backup application). Without the installation of CD on a PC in the network, my system (Windows 7 and Windows 8) did not show up in Explorer. After the Buffalo LinkStation 220 installation, it was then visible on all five connected PCs.

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Firmware Download
The decision whether to run Raid 1 or Raid 0, One should hit before data is stored on the station. I first had a few directories copied to the Buffalo and then changed from the factory-set Raid 0 to Raid 1 with the effect that the data was eradicated. All necessary settings can be configured via the interface provided during the installation. Most of it is self-explanatory for experienced PC users, but there is also a very detailed PDF manual, which can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer. If you want to have information on a particular keyword quickly, this is really very helpful.

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Cloud NAS Software Download

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Software Download

Download Cloud Software Buffalo LinkStation 220
The access to the Buffalo hard disks in the network is significantly faster than with my previously used Stora station, Which only had 2 TB of space (and also runs in Raid 1 mode). However, the Buffalo station is also much clearer thanks to its fan. "Loud" would be the wrong word, but a permanent noise from the blower is not to be overthrown. I tried also the access from the Smart TV, after I had switched on the media server function. The TV listed the Buffalo station immediately, the access was again significantly faster than with the Stora.

Download Software Cloud Server Buffalo LinkStation 220
The access to the data over the Internet I have not tried, because I do not need the function. The backup program I have not installed, because the existing data backup with the new LinkStation had no problems. My conclusion: Quickly installed, Clearly in the operation and configuration and at a very reasonable price for the 8 TB total capacity - you can not complain. Thumbs up! Quite loud, I find it not actually, from time to time it is a bit slow but it was only with the first direction really annoying. Since then, I hardly touched them anyway, automatic back up is done well and I wanted them mainly.