Download Software TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661-2016

Download Software TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661-2016

TENVIS TH661 IP Camera Software Download. Before this purchase, I returned cameras of different brands impossible to use due to lack of record in French, complex and inefficient commissioning process, impossibility of connection, impractical site registration etc. In short, I tried a third purchase with this camera Tenvis. And, surprise! It works perfectly! 
1) Delivered within one working day (without premium subscription) 
2) Elements contained in the box: camera, support, screws and wall plugs to install if necessary, Ethernet cable (with a 
very clever and practical winding system ) electrical connection cable. 
3) Detailed explanatory note in FRENCH and sketch describing the commissioning process.
4) Very easy, fast and efficient startup process with Android: Connection with Ethernet cable for installation, (unplugged afterwards) registration with login and password after downloading the application, very fast and simple. 

Installed in 30 minutes max. the camera, small aesthetic and discreet black ball works perfectly. The images transmitted on the smartphone are very readable, the audio function also. 
To see in the time, but for now this device is completely satisfactory and corresponds to my expectations as much in its operation as in its value for money.

TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661 Software Downloads

TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661 Software

I had researched the issues of port opening and dynamic IP address but finally, there is no need for all that. The free apps provided by Tenvis (new Tenvis, Tenvis P2P) work very well. 
Very simple installation so .... just 
- connect the camera to the box via an ethernet cable and the sector (the wifi is set after) 
- download the app (I'm on iPhone, iPad), then create a login / password.
- to install the purchased camera. For this, there is a function "camera search" that can automatically detect the cam connected to the box. It is also possible to enter the serial number of the camera or to scan the QR code of the camera (do not do that from the wifi of the neighbor eh ... Otherwise it does not work.) Camera and iphone / iPad must be connected on the same wifi for the configuration). 
- Then fine-tune the camera (image quality, motion detection, sending email). Again this is done very easily with the menu setting (the small gear on the bottom right of the image of the cam) 
And. It's over! It is possible, through this application, to access his camera from his wifi,
By installing the software on the PC, it is possible to more finely set the cam (detection areas on the image, custom message when sending email, para film of the detection zones) 
A good product so I think buy another cam. 
Regarding the seller, despite the boondoggles when sending (not the right color + reconditioned product), he remained very pro and sent me another new cam quickly. So .... I leave him the benefit of the doubt .. The mistake is human! I could quite order him another cam.

Good camera, good image quality, everything is set via the web interface. 
50cm network cable provided and a wall mount with screws and dowels. Cd not useful I think everything is on the web. The software to find the cam on the network works bad for the wifi config because it blocks a certain number of characters. In fact you have to enter the key in the web interface which is well done. Works very well in wifi but I'm close to the box. 
Works well in motion detection on ftp or notif on mobile. Vision in the dark very clear with IR led for lighting. The IR light can not be seen but we can see with the camera.
Only downside the android app does not allow to set everything as the web interface, but works well directly via the local network then directly in 3g / 4g, for audio impossible to talk and listen at the same time with the app, shame, may be in an update. 
In English only but it's not complicated to understand.

Model - TH661-2016

TENVIS Search Tool(Windows)2014/11/312.02MBexe
TENVIS Search Tool(MAC)2014/11/34.45MBdmg
iOS App (iPhone, iPad&iPod)
iMegaCam (iOS)2017/11/141KB*
Android App
User Manual
IP Camera indoorUser Manual(en&es)2017/11/1410.93MBpdf
IP Camera indoorUser Manual(fr&de&it)2017/11/1417.72MBpdf

Disclaimer: Other than TENVIS application (i.e. NEW TENVIS), TENVIS will not be responsible for 3rd party software products.
Download Firmware YI Home IP Camera

Download Firmware YI Home IP Camera

YI Home Camera Firmware Download. After I opened the small, only inconspicuous box I knew immediately that no one so much trouble making a product so nice to pack after taking the customer this good feeling again. I explain in some steps the camera, in the end I will keep the conclusion for the impatient. The cast about 110 mm high camera is very high quality of the processing in a matte black of the stand is held, the camera itself is glossy, this can be turned degrees in the neck of the stand 360th 

YI Home Camera Firmware Upgrade
The whole thing stands on a very stable round plate with a diameter of approx. 80mm, the camera can be steplessly bent from front to back to the stop and holds in all positions very stable, it is so well balanced that the floor disc does not lift off, slip It can not anyway because a rubber ring surrounds. A micro sd card slot for recording is located on the side, from the front a status LED indicator. The included 5V power supply and the 1,5 meters long connection cable are unfortunately held in white, black would be the elegant camera more worthy. After the power supply is plugged in, you will be a ladies voice in English noted that the camera is ready device.

YI Home Camera Firmware Update
YI Home Camera Firmware Download

Download IP Camera Firmware YI Home
The app is loaded from the Internet according to multilingual, enclosed instructions also in German, this is done with a QR code which you hold in front of the camera, the app is found and you can install it. Now you have to register or create an account, give it a password, the only thing you can specify is an email address, I have a long time ago an anonymous email account with no real name furnished. After registering, you must still press the e-mail on the specified account. Now you can connect the camera to the WLAN network, which is very easy, you are guided in the app. The ladies voice tells you what you are connected to.

Download Firmware IP Camera YI Home
When starting the live image can be seen at about the first third of the display from the smartphone, including the control center with the possibility to SD or HD and automatic function to turn in car, the transmission quality is adapted to the reception strength. The reception quality is always displayed on the screen in KB/s. A completely thoughtful easily implemented camera with an excellent day and image and video, an app that can only be amazed at the quality and functionality that I have seen in a few camera so far I'm really extremely excited. Unfortunately bad night shots, here is a disillusionment. I'll add another photo. The price is however fair for what it offers.

Download Firmware YI Home Camera 2 IP Camera

Download Firmware YI Home Camera 2 IP Camera

YI Home Camera 2 Firmware Download. This YI Home Camera 2 camera has high-resolution image quality is crucial for monitoring a house. The YI Home Camera 2 is powered by an latest generation Ambarella S2LM chipset equipped with a low-power image sensor, ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and H.264 HP 5.1 encryption technology. The F2.0 wide aperture with 6x optical lens system ensures clear, bright images by day and by night. The YI Home Camera 2 improves the image quality compared to the previous model by the factor 2.

YI Home Camera 2 IP Cam Firmware Download
The video camera are usually placed in a corner of the room to optimize the viewing angle. If the camera has a small field of view, parts of the room remain unobserved. The YI Home Camera 2 is equipped with a 130 ° ultra-wide angle for the maximum range of the field of view. YI has practically abolished all restrictions relating to the placement of the camera. To efficiently transmit 1080p HD video over the Internet, the YI Home Camera 2 is supported by Ambarellas SmartAVC, a low-video video streaming technology. This saves 40% of the video size, with excellent picture quality.

YI Home Camera 2 Firmware Update
YI Home Camera 2 Firmware Download

Download IP Cam Firmware YI Home Camera 2
In combination with the Panasonic image sensor of the MN3422X series, the camera offers exceptional video quality of high sensitivity, low noise and low power consumption. Here mingle again the reviews on various products. I find this procedure to place different products under a product number / page (ASIN) with regard to the reviews not okay. You can of course filter this by clicking on all reviews and then a filter appears, but the first impression remains. Even installing an IP-Cam can not be easier. A very good picture. Good WLAN range.

Download Firmware IP Cam YI Home Camera 2
A very comprehensive app that is so logical that it is really fun and quickly memorizes. It's best to look the video that I uploaded in 720p / 25fps, here on the small player. I have the impression that the resolution is optimized here on the small player and mobile use, which is synonymous from the point of view of Amazon is completely okay. We are here on a shop side and not on a video portal. Still, when switched to full screen, the whole thing looks creepy. If you want to get a better picture, find the full-HD version on YouTube under the following search: "Jwf7v2rXN5o"

Download Firmware YI Dome IP Camera

Download Firmware YI Dome IP Camera

YI Dome Firmware Download. An exceptionally, the trade press has quite the right with the tenor, that one YI (XIAOMI) as a manufacturer of premium products soon no longer pre-arrived. This also coincides with my experience. After I had already tested the "4K Action Cam", the "Dash Cam" and the "Home Camera 2" with absolute enthusiasm, the Dome Camera came into the house. And when I look at the US website, we can look forward to more great products in Europe. Again a great product that impresses besides the physical quality, even by the simplest installation, child-friendly operation (good APP) and absolute reliability.

YI Dome IP Camera Firmware Download
Due to the good compression, there are hardly any delays caused by data volumes. The light output of the camera is the best I have seen in this segment so far. Only shortly before complete darkness switches the YI into the night vision mode and until then one has a astreine color picture. That also the movement tracking, with an IP-Cam in this price class, so extremely well works, I would not have expected.

YI Dome Firmware Update
YI Dome Firmware Download

Download IP Camera Firmware YI Dome
Sometimes you very much mischief in relation to IP Cams reads: Almost all IP-cams in this segment (Home Consumer) are now based on a cloud system, because anything else would give no sense. The alarms should always be stored externally, because every half-way intelligent burglar would pack the IP cam and SD card, of course. And then? Exactly, all recordings are great!

Download Firmware IP Camera YI Dome
This simple form has just been implemented because many consumers were not able to cope with the complicated version. If you do not want this simple form of the data backup, you have to choose the stony path of a specially programmed cam and then direct the recordings to a server of his trust. Alternatively, of course, the very expensive variant hard drive recorder in the armored car is possible.

Download Firmware Reolink RLC-410 IP Camera

Download Firmware Reolink RLC-410 IP Camera

Reolink RLC-410 Firmware Download. The actual first Reolink RLC-410 installation I did in my office, so that at the final site, a holiday house, I did not have to deal with basic questions of commissioning more. But that was the problem. The first set, which worked perfectly without problems, was pre-set in the device. After I then wanted to use the camera at the new and final place of use, actually worked nothing more. It may be due to my limited telepathic abilities, to recognize that a reset of the camera is necessary when changing the network.

Reolink RLC-410 IP Camera Firmware Download
I have found nothing at all. But the number of cables coming out of the camera made me stupid, and in fact there was a small switch that you could push. After that was done, the rest was just normal IP installation. The pictures are fantastic, there is nothing in this price class on the market that this camera can reach the water. However, the installation is really not "just" to make. Especially if not all the snicker, which the device offers, should function. The actual operating software, on the other hand, works simply and is really very good and all in English.

Reolink RLC-410 Firmware Update
Reolink RLC-410 Firmware Download

Download IP Camera Firmware Reolink RLC-410
I will report when all other features like remote access via App and Mac OS and night shots as well as storage are tried out. But what I see now is qualitatively actually only to be expected with cameras, where the price is a zero more before the comma. I have in the same network three other older IP cameras from Panasonic in use, unit price from 500 to 750 euros. These were three generations of this camera type, but they had already been technologically on a (VGA) stand at the time of the purchase, which lasted the current mobile cameras by lengths.

Download Firmware IP Camera Reolink RLC-410
This Reolink RLC-410 camera, however, corresponds with the picture quality of a video recording with a good smartphone. I can not say anything about the longevity of the technique, but I will of course observe it. If it still WLAN, at least as an option, it would be the perfect camera at all. I have in my office at another location visual surveillance technology that has cost 40,000 euros. The existing six analogue cameras I would immediately replace by devices of this type, if it would be with WLAN.

*The updates will leave the admin password set to the default (blank). Please reset the password once you’ve updated the firmware.
Download Firmware INSTAR IN-6001HD IP Camera

Download Firmware INSTAR IN-6001HD IP Camera

INSTAR IN-6001HD Firmware Download. The INSTAR IN-6001HD IP cam is my first cam at all, so I have no comparison possibility. I hit the Amazon Blitzdeals. I decided for the white variant, because it should be noticed if possible. Folds quite well. The INSTAR IN-6001HD impression is unfortunately not the best. Everything from plastic, even the writing to adjust the inclination. Since I did not want the film immediately in the wall, I put it on my wall cover box. Here is the first problem. The tilt can not be adjusted so that the cam looks down.

INSTAR IN-6001HD Software Download
I can cover a wide width but the area of ​​3 meter radium under the cam not. Too bad! Since the box at approximately 2 meter height is synonymous, the power cable is much too short. Why is not a power supply with 3 meter cable attached? This causes additional costs and wastes resources for the power supply that is too short. This device went to something try and error, if one is something with the PC and IP address allocation is known and adheres to the guidance. I use the Instar app and the PC, as well as my Synology NAS.

INSTAR IN-6001HD Firmware & Software Download
INSTAR IN-6001HD Firmware Download

Download Software IP Camera INSTAR IN-6001HD
Both the access from the PC as well as with the app in the house as well as on the road works great. One point has already been mentioned in other reviews and these are the red luminous LEDs in the night, which are immediately noticeable in the dark and thus the purpose of the nightly inconspicuous space monitoring ad absurdum. This would have to be solved. Also, the switching on the LEDs caused a loud click, so that the better done manually or time-controlled. I can recommend the INSTAR IN-6001HD cam as a beginner cam very much and consider me still one or the same IN-6014 because of the pivotability. Depending on which one is more on offer.

Download Firmware IP Camera INSTAR IN-6001HD
As soon as I know about everything and has been laying outside cabling, I will look for an Instar model for outdoor. For me, the collaboration with my various Synology NAS and the service was in addition to the quality of the pictures and / or videos in the foreground, because I have no experience and a good community / service therefore immensely important, if one has problems. Well, I also found before buying that questions were answered here in the product commentary. Therefore, there are 4 stars! A star trigger due to the cheap housing and limited visibility at the standing elevated lineup.

Download Firmware Edimax IC-5150W Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera

Download Firmware Edimax IC-5150W Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera

Edimax IC-5150W Firmware Download. A professionals device measurement, compact, 1080 broad attitude viewing, just right quality clear pictures, when noise or motion detected, notification to iphone inside three seconds. Capable to view live and recorded. But this device is very tricky hooked up. Recorded video is in 10 2d snip its except the alarm is ready off once more to begin recording. Quite a bit can happen in between that time. After having it established for 10 days, I still have no longer been in a position to entry the video digicam by way of the app on my phone after I'm faraway from my condominium.

Edimax IC-5150W Camera Firmware Download
I will be able to entry after I'm in my condominium making use of my wifi, however can not access using wifi elsewhere or using my mobile knowledge. There may be particularly no longer much to the app. I purchased for home security situated on the description mentioned, nevertheless, for the same cost or extra or less in some cases, that you can get a residence security digital camera with infrared night vision beneficial if the alarms goes off at night and it can be recording a room with no lights on.

Edimax IC-5150W Cloud Camera Firmware Download
Download Firmware Edimax IC-5150W Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera

Download Cloud Camera Firmware Edimax IC-5150W
You could get two manner audio, hear what is going on on and they may be able to hear you converse to them. This has no battery backup which might be precious as this is plugged in to an outlet. Bottom Line: home security, no, I back in view that i will get extra, a lot wanted choices for the equal rate or more/much less. As a daytme digicam to screens unique rooms or areas, yes.

Download Firmware Cloud Camera Edimax IC-5150W
The competent to make use of correct out of box. Use app and wifi to link to the digicam. Capable to view from the telephone proper away. The picture is blurry, took me a while to learn that it would not have auto focal point. Have to manually adjust the knob on the attention to get the right focal point. Over all decent digital camera to monitor the residence after I'm away.

Download Firmware TENVIS JPT3815W-HD IP Camera

Download Firmware TENVIS JPT3815W-HD IP Camera

TENVIS JPT3815W-HD Firmware Download. When I setup this device, I had to reset the camera on the bottom via conserving it for 10 seconds plugged into the outlet, since the default password wasn't 'admin' as soon as it was once reset, the default password used to be admin and allowed me to change the password to my liking. Hooked up the program with the cd that came with the camera but it surely failed to auto boot might be my pc)needed to open the set up file via home windows explorer. Wifi setup is super handy. Simply click on on your SSID and add the password and you're done.

TENVIS JPT3815W-HD IP Camera Software Download
IPhone setup: adding tenvis to my iPhone if you haven't carried out so earlier. I exploit an app called 'New tenvis' discovered within the apple app store. Register if you haven't achieved so and add the digital camera with the user being admin and your new password. I had a tenvis digital camera that I changed, Port forwarding was already completed so i'm not definite if you happen to have got to do the steps beneath however I've introduced it anyhow.

TENVIS JPT3815W-HD IP Camera Firmware Download
Download Firmware TENVIS JPT3815W-HD IP Camera

Download IP Camera Firmware TENVIS JPT3815W-HD
Router Config if critical this might aid any person, I wrote the steps that I needed to make use of for my router which is running tomato firmware beneath NAT/QoS Tab, and click on UPnP Tab, then UPnP carrier, permit and then apply settings and retailer, so it will have to say port Map successful after that.

Download Firmware IP Camera TENVIS JPT3815W-HD
But when would not give you the results you want, go onto the tenvis support forum. They are pretty speedy about getting back to you. Process Settings: system surroundings -> process -> user Account. Be certain you go into method settings and alter the passwords for you the Operator and guest bills, I consider the default password is all admin so trade them and click on save. I'm nonetheless enjoying round with it and really very like this buy and the one suggestion i've for Tenvis is to make the net interface HTTPS instead of HTTP to at ease digicam communique over open networks. Not definite whether it is feasible or if there is a firmware update to handle this.

Download Firmware Foscam FI8910W IP Camera

Download Firmware Foscam FI8910W IP Camera

Foscam FI8910W Firmware Download. This new brand Foscam is manufacturing and promoting cameras with a recognized manufacturing defect. If the digicam is pointed at a scene with an excessive amount of detail timber, grass, timber grain, window screen, and many others the digicam will fail by both freezing, displaying black or rebooting. This defect was presented as the outcome of a sensor exchange in December 2012. It used to be first pronounced via customers to Foscam in may of 2013. The Foscam publicly proven this manufacturing defect because the DSP in December 2013 they usually also put a restore system in location.

Foscam FI8910W IP Camera Software Download
This system includes delivery the newly purchased camera to a distributor in Texas for restore. I've in my view sent two cameras in for repair; the primary restore took 15 days and required a enormous quantity of effort to process including a BBB grievance. The second restore took 18 days to show round and was processed with no trouble. Oddly, the serial number of this 2nd camera converted before/after the repair so that they appear to have sent a different digital camera as an alternative of repairing. Regardless, the digicam now works. Different users have reported various amounts of friction when trying to system these repairs.

Foscam FI8910W IP Camera Firmware Download
Foscam FI8910W IP Camera

Download IP Camera Firmware Foscam FI8910W
This DSP problem is popular amongst Foscam cameras. Many users probably have cameras with the defect but don't discover the effects for the reason that the camera just isn't pointed at a scene with sufficient detail to set off the fault. Other customers may observe the defect however incorrectly identify the main issue as cabling or different networking equipment. At last check, 423 inaccurate cameras were mentioned in the Foscam boards.

Download Firmware IP Camera Foscam FI8910W
These forums detail this defect extensively, and in addition present a DIY answer for users brave adequate to open the digicam up and fab a custom USB cable to interface with the DSP. This forum thread can be located by doing an online search for "MJPEG Cameras striking rebooting centered on image data." The defect is reproduced via many customers with a type of Foscam models.

WARNING: The firmware if installed incorrectly, could permanently damage your camera. If you have any questions, feel free to reach official Foscam at 1-800-930-0949. Happy to help!

Download Firmware D-Link DCS-936L IP Camera

Download Firmware D-Link DCS-936L IP Camera

D-Link DCS-936L Firmware Download. It is a first rate camera as a way to work well if you wish to have a simple plug-and-play webcam for monitoring purposes. Setup is a challenge, although, if you decide to configure and run the digital camera manually, as a substitute than utilizing D-hyperlink's application and portal. If you wish to manage the video without making use of D-link's portal. It has good looking, really unobtrusive digicam with a well designed ball-and-socket mount that can be set on a table or established permanently on a wall.

D-Link DCS-936L IP Camera Software Download
Video nice is satisfactory for room monitoring on the default configuration in 320x240 pixels and satisfactory can be expanded 4-fold through resetting the video to VGA/640x480 pixels. This isn't the same high-quality as an HD cam, so i would not use this digital camera for Skyping, however it's great for a room display. This D-Link net service makes it easy to view the video feed from an web connection when you are far from house, should you decide upon to use their portal. So if your router helps WPS Setup, setting up the wi-fi connection is as handy as pressing a few buttons.

D-Link DCS-936L IP Camera Firmware Download
D-Link DCS-936L IP Camera Firmware Download

Download  IP Camera Firmware D-Link DCS-936L
In a nutshell, it is a decent digicam, and if you wish to use D-Link program for configuring the digital camera and their portal for monitoring the video feed, it's a good, simple alternative. However D-Link assumes you'll use their process, and if you want to set up and use the device with out making use of their application which I did not wish to set up on my computer considering the fact that it is a work pc or portal which I didn't want to use considering I did not like the inspiration of D-Link managing my webcam feed, then you definately have got to have technical skills and be willing to spend some time, with out the benefit of guidelines.

Download Firmware IP Camera D-Link DCS-936L
You'll most effective need these recommendations if you wish to configure your D-Link cam manually and want to display it immediately with out using D-Link portal. The simpler process by using some distance is to make use of the CD that comes with the camera, load and run DLink's setup software to configure the digital camera, and use their portal for monitoring. However I did not need to use their program.