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How to choose your printer?

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How to choose your printer?
Choosing the right printer. Today, the printer is probably the most important device in the office after the computer whether for private or business use. At a time when new technologies are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, the choice of a printer meets several criteria including the proposed technology, the end use and the little extras. So how to choose your printer?

Laser or inkjet printer?
When choosing your printer, the proposed technology is important. Currently,  inkjet printers are the majority of the models produced and the figures are around 15 million models delivered worldwide. However, they are very advantageous models in that they are as well suited to black and white and color printing. In addition, most models sold are multifunctional and serve as photocopiers, scanners and printers, etc. For laser printers, they are certainly more expensive, but are very advantageous for use over time. Also, they guarantee us an optimal printing speed in addition to being silent.

Choose according to the use
When you are looking for a printer, you must first specify the end use that you will make. So, if you are looking for a printer for occasional use or for printing an administrative document from time to time, the inkjet model is the most recommended. If, on the other hand, you opt for intensive use in private or professional settings, the laser printer is the most recommended.

When choosing your printer, small details can make the difference. In this sense you can expand your requirements and look for models that offer you an integrated memory card reader, automatic duplex function, CD or DVD printing, touch screen, and more. So this is how you find the printer that will fill you and your computer.

Download Driver HTC VIVE Virtual Reality

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HTC VIVE Driver Download. The HTC Vive is probably the most fascinating technology product I have ever bought. It currently exploits the possibilities of virtual reality better than all competitors. In principle, VR offers the possibility to visit any place virtually, to experience any situation. For the feeling of a nearly perfect immersion are two things to tens of hours VR Testing in my view essential that currently only the Vive standard provides: The representation of the hands in VR using the Vive Controller. Keeping track of all your own movements in space (Roomscale) and in 360 degrees (I use an area of ​​2.5 x 2 meters and less should not be).

HTC VIVE VR Driver Download
At first it was not clear to me. 360-degree videos looked as good as the Vive with the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus CV1. Also minecraft for Oculus could bind me at the beginning despite simple gamepad control longer than many HTC Vive games / experiences. But correct VR is not limited to watching videos or moving a joystick back and forth. New content has made it clear to me that the immersion only starts when one enters the virtual situation with the whole body, stands, kneels, turns and grips with the hands. A first key experience was the (unfortunately much too short) mountaineering experience "Everest VR".

HTC VIVE Software Download
HTC VIVE Driver Download

Download Virtual Reality Driver HTC VIVE
The completely out of the shed has me then "Onward". The tactical shooter puts a VR directly on a container ship, a poor noise or in the urban house battle. In two teams of 4, they compete against each other, equipped with a combat gun, radio, grenade and melee weapon. The enemy bullets can come from all directions. The full freedom of movement here means experiencing the threat in 360 degrees. This means above all, look for cover, entrench themselves behind walls etc. and when it becomes threatening also times limp.

Download Driver Virtual Reality HTC VIVE
All these moves are taken over the HTC Vive Roomscale perfectly in the game. A normal gaming monitor and be it in 4K or 8K simply can not convey such a feeling. However, the movement on further routes is controlled by the directional buttons on the controller. Unfortunately, such high-class content is still relatively rare. But the hardware is ready and at the latest when Bethesda as announced and with Doom and Fallout pioneering VR Games brings, the Vive is also given to a wider audience their deserved recognition.

*Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or later

Download Driver Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2

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Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 Driver Download. I have added the USB sound card for my Raspberry Pi to play Internet radio streams. The Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 was easy to set up (change ALSA to USB and adjust volume) and do exactly what I expect from it. I bought this Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 sound card for my Windows Tablet. Especially films are very quiet when using headphones. After I first tried a CSL sound card for under 10 EUR, I was then completely convinced. The sound via headphones is full and natural. The basses come out well.

Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 USB Driver Download
It is also advantageous that the sound card is connected to the USB plug with a 6 cm long cable. This is pleasant with tablet use, since not a disturbing stick restricts the handiness. The part is Plug & Play, but the included software allows advanced settings. A splitter cable for connecting headphones and microphones is also included. The Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 sound card works very well on the Raspberry Pi 2. In the file /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf the line should be "snd-usb-audioindex = -2", the value of the index variable should be set to 0.

Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 Sound Card Driver Download
Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 Driver Download

Download Driver Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 Sound Card
In addition, the respective user (name ) Can be recorded in the "audio" group if you do not use the (default) username "pi." Practical: Because of the separate, short cable, a USB cable is not blocked with the device housing a USB slot! I have now bought the second Creative Sound Blaster card in USB form. The first was necessary, as my PC transmitted unsound sounds to the loudspeakers. The second I bought, because I destroyed the jack port of my notebook, in which I have a cable overlooked.

Download Mac Driver Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2
The Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2 adapter is simply unpacked and it can be played over it audio. There is no interference. The user only has to do without a USB port. But this is painful in my eyes. Whether you really want to spend 20 euros for this, everyone must decide for themselves. After my first good experience, my decision was quickly made.

How To Easily Fix Ubuntu Grub 14:04

How To Easily Fix Ubuntu Grub 14:04

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Before we continue about how to fix linux bootloader, first you need to know what is GRUB. GRUB or GNU GRand Unified Bootloader, as its name, bootloader, is a spesific program used to execute or to load data command when a machine is booting. In this case, the program or the data executed by GRUB is one or multiple operating systems. GRUB developed by the GNU Project and is used by the operating system based on Linux open source.

GRUB 2 is the default bootloader has been used by Ubuntu since the version 9:10 (Karmic Koala). The GRUB provides many advantages to system, especially for systems or computers with have multiple Operating System. But unfortunately the GRUB implementation is one that sometime could be considered "error". Because sometimes, when there is little change on disk partition or core of OS, GRUB often error crash or does not running at all. However, fortunately to solve this problem is quite easy. What you need is just a Flash drive or CD with contains Live Ubuntu OS. Here are the steps you can do.

1. Boot Using a Live CD or USB

2. Open the Terminal

3. Mounting Partitions Installing Ubuntu

Because many OS partition or OS installation where each OS is different, then the steps to follow in this tutorial also be dynamic. Label partitions used in the following commands hope customized with partition table of your Ubuntu installation 14:04. To check the appropriate partition labels can be done using GParted application, which is available in a Live CD or USB you. In this example we used is the drive = sda; partiton number = 1 (sda1).

sudo mount / dev / sda1 / mnt

* Adjust the parameters red colored with your table partition

4. Bind & chroot Partitions

sudo mount --bind / dev / mnt / dev &&
sudo mount --bind / dev / pts / mnt / dev / pts &&
sudo mount --bind / proc / mnt / proc &&
sudo mount --bind / sys / mnt / sys
sudo chroot / mnt

5. Re-install and update GRUB 2

grub-install / dev / sda
--recheck grub-install / dev / sda

* Adjust the parameters red colored with your table partition (only Drive Letter without partition number)

6. Unmount and restart

&& exit
sudo umount / mnt / sys &&
sudo umount / mnt / proc &&
sudo umount / mnt / dev / pts &&
sudo umount / mnt / dev &&
sudo umount / mnt &&
sudo reboot

After that, Do not forget to unplug or remove the installation media Live CD / USB when your computer in reboot process. Done.

How Do I Install VNC Server On Ubuntu Via VPS

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VNC is a remote desktop system, you can use VNC protocol to access a remote system with GUI (Graphical User Interface). Let's admit it, I am not a Command Line Interface (CLI) expert. Yes, with the GUI you can access your remote system more quickly, but for some people the GUI is preferred because there are some things faster than CLI console. Here's how I done it, how to install VNC Server on Ubuntu VPS, Okay Open your terminal then;

1. Update Your System

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

If your VPS installed in only terminal mode, you need to install the GUI version first.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop


sudo aptitude install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop

2. Install TightVNCServer

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

3. Start the VNC Server Config For Early Initiation

sudo tightvncserver: 1

Later you will be prompted for a password to login to the VNC server.

Purpose: 1 above is for pointing port used VNC server, base port for VNC is 5900. So if you want to use the default port (5901) you can use: 1 or: 5901, if you wanted to use port number 2 you can use: 2 or: 5902, and so on.

4. Configuration Settings

* (You can skip this step, this is only optional because most of the default settings are already working well and can directly skip to step 6)

First turn off VNC service first:

sudo tightvncserver -kill: 1

Then edit xstartup file:

sudo nano ~ / .vnc / xstartup

AYou can edit the config file in accordance with what you want, maybe something like this below.

#! / bin / shxrdb $ HOME / .Xresources
-Solid xsetroot gray
x-terminal-emulator -geometry 80x24 + 10 + 10 ls -title "$ VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &
# X-window-manager &

Thent save and exit (ctrl + x, select yes and press enter)

5. Start VNC Server Back

sudo tightvncserver -geometry 1024x768: 1

-geometry just an add-on, you can add the command to configure the resolution of VNC Server. The numbers can be changed and customized depending to your needs.

6. Connect

To make the connection, you first need a VNC client. My favorite is UltraVNC Viewer. UltraVNC is flexible enough to use, because you can setup your settings according to bandwidth you have. For example, if you are on a modem network speed is fast enough, you can select Quick Settings Ultra or LAN, where the picture quality is good. But if you only have not so fast bandwidth, medium or modem option would do the work.

I Install VNC Server On Ubuntu Via VPS

To connect to it, you just fill out your server's IP and port are active. Example: 107.170.xx.xx: 1

And, it's done. Easy right?

How Do I Install Wordpress On Hosting

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How do I install WordPress on localhost or hosting? Now I will discuss how to install WordPress on hosting. Well, to do all of this, you must have a domain and your own hosting. It means you already have a new domain and hosting you want to use for your new website.

There are many application to manage hosting. There are a variety of applications, but according to my knowledge the most widely used is the cPanel. There are also others, such as Kloxo, Plesk and others. To create a website hosted on WordPress itself is actually easy. If you are already familiar with hosting you only need half an hour to set up your website to online, even less.

This process will be very helpful for those who did not have much time to deal with the trappings per-website's. For that, I will use the help of an auto installer application which can install multiple web applications in only one minutes. The good news, this software auto installer has also been found in cPanel.

Some applications auto installer is quite popular among others:

Fantastico de Luxe

But today I will discuss the installation using Fantastico De Luxe. The important thing you should to understand the critical elements in creating WordPress websites, namely during charging such as:

name database
Email (active use)
name admin
The domain name that will be used

How to Install WordPress On Hosting Using Fantastico De Luxe

1). Log to your cPanel, by typing or on your browser. Then enter your cPanel Hosting username and password that has been given by your Hosting Provider. Usually information about the username and password to log into cPanel is present on "Email Hosting Account Activation Information", so if you feel doubt, just open your email.

how to install wordpress

2). Still in cPanel admin page, navigate your cursor to Software column, and just click on the application icon, called Fantastico De Luxe.

how to install wordpress

3). Find WordPress installer on the list and then click to new application installation.

how to install wordpress

4). After the form WordPress installation page open, you only need to fill data that is required to install WordPress ( see picture below ). Then click "install WordPress".

(Tip: fIf you just starting out, it's better just let empty the "Install in directory")

Install Wordpress On Hosting

5). Then WordPress installation confirmation page will appears, click finish installation.

Install Wordpress On Hosting

6). Now your WordPress via Fantastico installation process is finished and already to use.

Install Wordpress On Hosting

After all you can access your admin dashboard page of your site just by typing the domain address in your internet browser, you only need to add the following parameters behind the domain address: / wp-admin

Example =

Article Most Wanted

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Making the most interesting articles and useful would be an important concern to the new Blogger. Blogging with writing articles most searched on Google also can bring in revenue. Therefore, how to seo needs to be used to create a blog with the latest template. The reference can be derived from google seo.

How to write articles could as seo services, but paid. The goal of the blog articles meet the elements in the quality seo so quickly in google index, appearing on the first page of google, and got a Google PageRank or Alexa. For the beginner blogger, simply by using free submitter has been very helpful to get backlinks.

Making the most read articles on the internet, there are also rules. Therefore, Blogger must pay attention to the use of punctuation and language rules are good and right. This is so quick blog article in accordance with the Googlebot indexes keywords typed internet users.

Examples of such articles on education, computer tutorials, papers health, the environment, speeches, tips and medical equipment, etc. Therefore, make a quality post, original, with the topics most widely read people on the internet.

Articles of interest, usually themed topics is a trend, rising, hot, or be the talk of the people on the internet. So, we can make a post that leads to the most frequently typed keywords that Internet users in the search engine Google.

Topic / theme of the article below is the most widely sought after internet users. In addition to having fun, readers also seek information or the latest news needed. Media and theme / topic applies in all categories of news and articles.

     Facebook, Gmail, Youtube.
     Download lyrics, song mp3 free, mp4 video.
     Favorite online game.
     Store your laptop, mobile phone price, cheap power bank.
     Samsung and Blackberry product reviews.
     Health and beauty tips.
     Internet Tricks, SEO, online business.
     Home loans or car.
     Tourist attractions.
     Info ID, job.
     Definition / language terms.
     Today's news football / artist.
     Adult stories, funny pictures.
     Automotive, motor modification.
     Investment gold, forex, stocks.

Blogs are best when they're on a particular niche or category / specific, or just review the topic / theme specific. For example, niche / category business and investment, health and beauty niche, niche information and news, niche product reviews, or simply review articles seo and blogging alone.

Niche or specific categories facilitate submit blog in social bookmarking, or quickly applied to enroll in the DMOZ open directory project which will automatically be in the Google index, Netscape Search, AOL Search, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, etc. So, the blog does not need to submit manually to many search engines in the world.

In addition, create a blog sitemap, robots.txt, use Feedburner, and English-language blogs easily accepted if signed in Technorati. Back to the topic, then please experiment with using Google Adwords, Google Analytics and yup.