Download Software Buffalo LinkStation 220 2 TB 2-Drive NAS

Download Software Buffalo LinkStation 220 2 TB 2-Drive NAS

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Software Download. To repeat the technical data here would be nonsense, which are indeed detailed and precise in the product description. I limit myself to commissioning and handling. There is a brief guide, which shows in a few pictures the connection of the LinkStation to the PC or the network. This is quickly done, then the station can be switched on. Included is a CD, the software included is sometimes required during the installation, some is also optional (such as the backup application). Without the installation of CD on a PC in the network, my system (Windows 7 and Windows 8) did not show up in Explorer. After the Buffalo LinkStation 220 installation, it was then visible on all five connected PCs.

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Firmware Download
The decision whether to run Raid 1 or Raid 0, One should hit before data is stored on the station. I first had a few directories copied to the Buffalo and then changed from the factory-set Raid 0 to Raid 1 with the effect that the data was eradicated. All necessary settings can be configured via the interface provided during the installation. Most of it is self-explanatory for experienced PC users, but there is also a very detailed PDF manual, which can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer. If you want to have information on a particular keyword quickly, this is really very helpful.

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Cloud NAS Software Download

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Software Download

Download Cloud Software Buffalo LinkStation 220
The access to the Buffalo hard disks in the network is significantly faster than with my previously used Stora station, Which only had 2 TB of space (and also runs in Raid 1 mode). However, the Buffalo station is also much clearer thanks to its fan. "Loud" would be the wrong word, but a permanent noise from the blower is not to be overthrown. I tried also the access from the Smart TV, after I had switched on the media server function. The TV listed the Buffalo station immediately, the access was again significantly faster than with the Stora.

Download Software Cloud Server Buffalo LinkStation 220
The access to the data over the Internet I have not tried, because I do not need the function. The backup program I have not installed, because the existing data backup with the new LinkStation had no problems. My conclusion: Quickly installed, Clearly in the operation and configuration and at a very reasonable price for the 8 TB total capacity - you can not complain. Thumbs up! Quite loud, I find it not actually, from time to time it is a bit slow but it was only with the first direction really annoying. Since then, I hardly touched them anyway, automatic back up is done well and I wanted them mainly.

Download Software WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 NAS Storage

Download Software WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 NAS Storage

WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 Software Download. I bought this NAS as soon as I examine it online. After the WD fumbled with the ordering I bought the WD My Cloud 2TB and set it up. First off, it isn't as handy because the literature conveys but there are a few things you can do with the intention to support and some concerns you can also want to take into account earlier than you buy. 1) install the the partner app WD SmartWare that include the drive. This may allow you to map the "shares" (folders) to your computer and interact together with your files like you're used to.

WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 Software Storage Download
2) sure, the standard program that installs requires you to "drag and drop" your records into the cloud storage nevertheless, don't forget that this is yet another layer of safety. Again, mapping essentially the most used folders (or "shares") will make matters so much simpler. 3) make sure you install this to your internet via a gigabit router (or switch). This will likely improve your pace and prevent bottlenecks. In case you have a up to date model of a wifi router it's probably that it's going to support quick transfers (examine the proprietor's handbook).

WD My Cloud NAS WDBWVZ0040JWT-NESN Software
WD My Cloud Software

Download NAS Storage Software WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2
I have used the smartphone and pill apps which can be free and i've no longer had any disorders. I have also used the program on a laptop and a Mac effectively. The unit appears responsive and (to this point) nontoxic. I had a 1TB My Passport mendacity around and i plugged it into the back of the My Cloud and it used to be instantly located. The manual suggests that with a powered outside USB hub that you would be able to attach as much as 7 USB storage contraptions.

Download Software NAS Storage WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2
Regardless of the few additional steps needed to put in partner software, the gadget is enjoyable and very responsive. I admire understanding the place my documents are and having access to them with multiple unique gadgets. I lately purchased the 4TB MyCloud and firstly located the connections to the device from my computer computer to be very slow. I went into the "services" component to my Windows 7 OS is best and checked 4 settings. I observed the hindrance!

Download Firmware Netgear SC101 Storage Central

Download Firmware Netgear SC101 Storage Central

Netgear SC101 Firmware Download. I have some laptops and a laptop wi-fi, plus a cabled laptop normally on the procedure. I even have 16 laptops i exploit for coaching (all 3000 AMD+) they usually all connected simply first-rate. These are Window Home devices. If they do not work with a Mac OS X or Linus, then get half of billion of these techniques available in the market and the peripherals will become available and prices will drop, same discussion going back to PDP/VAX vs Unix. This isn't a file server for an IT department! Expecting a $100 unit to perform like a blazing $5000 unit is anticipating lots, is not it? I've two models with 4 300GB drives, mirroring two drives and two drives.

Netgear SC101 Storage Firmware Download
Mounted used to be convenient, no system defects and they have got labored flawlessly for two months. I picked up four 300gb Samsung PATA IDE drives at MicroCenter for ninety bucks each and every. I additionally again up primary stuff to DVD and someone who blames anybody but themselves for information loss, good, let's just say there are two sorts of computer customers: those who have lost valuable information, and people who will. It does require you to make use of their pressure and application to revive a reflect, but I even have NAS web drives that have certainly not labored properly.

Netgear SC101 Storage Central Firmware Download
Download Software Netgear SC101 Storage Central

Download Storage Firmware Netgear SC101
Is this Netgear SC101 quick? No, however I am going for walks a g wireless method and they receive data about as rapid as my system can send it. I backed up a 1.5 GB file through wireless and by way of cable as a test, and the cable used to be about twice as fast. Network bandwidth the probable perpetrator. This system has allowed different humans to share disk house, retailer in a original area.

Download Firmware Storage Netgear SC101
Netgear SC101 has the safety of mirrored backup (hint do not reflect two drives in the equal unit, reflect them across items to slash a power surge or accident affecting each drives. I'm shopping two extra models to use as non mirrod gadgets for informal off line storage, clearing out some USB drives. In abstract, for a informal dwelling or small industry wired or wireless network, these items are a nice substitute to some thing in the market within the price range.

Download Software Asustor AS5004T NAS Server

Download Software Asustor AS5004T NAS Server

Asustor AS5004T Software Download. This is my first NAS for dwelling use, however i'm acquainted with Medium dimension industry networking and backup options and do not forget myself an advanced user. It was very convenient to installed and the menus are very clean and intuitive. The time it took to open the box, install the hard drives, and plug within the NAS took about 15 minutes. I had the quantity initialized a few minutes later. 

Asustor AS5004T NAS Software Download
The volume took about 7 hours to thoroughly construct but I used to be competent to entry the NAS and play with the settings and apps without any slowdowns. Notice that I did improve the RAM to 4GB before even turning the approach on, so very likely this helped with velocity and latency of the menu system. The menu's and app approach are very handy to use. Anyone can get this NAS up and strolling with out difficulty.

Asustor AS5004T NAS Server Software Download
Download Software Asustor AS5004T NAS Server

Download NAS Server Software Asustor AS5004T
The folder shares have been seen in home windows with none designated set up work and the DNLA media servers installed with minimal clicking and have been immediately available from my DNLA compatible instruments. The Cloud connect works first-class and I will be able to entry the NAS from my mobilephone or laptop even as i am at work. BT downloads are slick and predicament free. The speeds are tremendous and the NAS is very responsive.

Download Software NAS Server Asustor AS5004T
I cant straight examine it to any of the opposite similar costs boxes on the market in these days, however I can't potentially see how someone would be soliciting for extra from the working approach, aspects, or speed. I am enormously endorsed. I have spent the final 2 days playing with menu settings and facets, but a typical consumer would set this field up in much less then an hour and no longer ought to mess with it again.

Download Software TerraMaster F4-220 NAS Server

Download Software TerraMaster F4-220 NAS Server

TerraMaster F4-220 Software Download. The WD My Cloud I was once making use of was so unbearably slow that I determined to try one more one. Settled on this one due to the fact that it had an aluminium case and a fan. Even though there was only 4 or five experiences they had been all good. I then googled for some online stories and used to be impressed with them. I already had a couple D4 drives from the WD so I disassembled that and used in the T200. The only main issue with that is the t200 will format any force you use for first time. The setup could be very convenient, actually I used to be up and jogging in about 30 minutes which included the formatting of the disks.

TerraMaster F4-220 NAS Software Download
The TerraMaster F4-220 machine is particularly speedy, it seems to be as a minimum 5 or more instances rapid than the WD My Cloud. I configured it for use by way of internet proper within my router and didn't have to hassle with any DDNS website online like required by WD My Cloud. To entry it from external my lan i do have got to use the numerical address xxx.Xxx.Xxx.Xx:8181 the x's being the IP assigned to me with the aid of my provider and the 8181 being the port assigned to the T220 and forwarding the port within the router.

TerraMaster F4-220 NAS Server Software Download
Download Software TerraMaster F4-220 NAS Server

Download NAS Server Software TerraMaster F4-220
TerraMaster F4-220 works just right and fast fron web as well. Of course if you don't want to make use of numbered IP that you could go to no-ip.Com and get a free host name to use with it. You'll nonetheless must configure your router for this not much help on internet site instead of the person guide and a few FAQs. I did have a question and email them and received a fast response to my query from a young woman named Doris Liu in reasonably good English. The WD My Cloud appeared like a washing laptop running versus this one. I don't even hear it even when transferring knowledge.

Download Software NAS Server TerraMaster F4-220
Overall I will be able to say i'm utterly convinced with my purchase. The one problem I've is trying to set it up to be obtainable to me over the web with a dynamic DNS. While the hindrance i'm experiencing may good be due almost always to the way in which my web provider provider makes this procedure elaborate, I think TerraMaster should have predicted the sort of challenge and offered a lot clearer and more huge instruction. So, 5 stars for the hardware, subtract 1 superstar for inadequate guide.

Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325 NAS

Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325 NAS

Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325 NAS. Today we present an approach focussing intensively using your home computer and internet network. The D-Link NAS we discussed today, DNS-325 model is able to integrate up to 4TB capacity within two hard drives of 2TB capacity. This NAS has a multitude of options thanks to software that incorporates such as creating RAIDs to provide greater security of our data if a hard drive fails. It also incorporates a manager HTTP and FTP downloads, a Bittorrent client, FTP and NFS servers. This equipment is aimed at average users since its installation is very simple. For advanced users recommend creating a home NAS from 0 in which we can get a lot more software and do from Radius servers to mount a DLNA, and above all, we all (and manual) control of all internal processes.

This D-Link NAS comes in a large orange box to house the device. The main features of the NAS, as it is capable of storing up to 4TB in 2 hard drives, Gigabit connectivity or that has a Media Server for movies besides many other features. Also see "dlinkgreen" for energy savings, most manufacturers are including these savings to their devices. In the back see scheme with a home network installed therein NAS. As you can see, also has print server if you have a printer that is only USB. With NAS, come warranty papers, an installation CD, a cable network rather long to connect wherever you have installed, and the power adapter. Here we can see the NAS D-Link DNS-325 at its best, has a rather small considering that there are two hard drives 3.5 "up to 2TB capacity each. Here is a front view of NAS, at the bottom we see the power LED, hard drive right (RIGHT), USB hard disk and finally left (LEFT). Nor will see much LEDs as they usually will not see because we will place under the table and not above it ... we have enough stuff on the tables to also put the NAS. The right side of the NAS, we can see how the shell is removed to insert the hard drives inside. At the back we can see the fan to evacuate hot air from inside. A nice touch for that hard drives do not catch high temperatures.

Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325 NAS
Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325. At the bottom we have the power connector, the RESET button, the Gigabit Ethernet interface, a USB port for sharing printers or removable drives and also a button to copy the contents of the USB or disassembly. We have already seen the NAS from outside and all connections, now is time to remove the lid and see where the hard drives are housed.

Internal Analysis
Remove the front cover, and we see the two bays for SATA hard drives 2. Installation is very simple, just take the hard drive and put it in the correct position until the end. In the right part of the picture we see pads to prevent vibration. Detail of the inside of the NAS which connect hard drives, on the left we have the contact data and the (larger) right supply the hard disk.

Downloading Torrents:
We downloaded all Ubuntu distributions that are currently in the official web simultaneously, and the result has been very satisfactory. Down to the maximum speed of our line has not collapsed nor has shown signs of weakness.

Setup menus and options NAS. Although the installation CD comes a Wizard to configure the NAS properly, we have directly hehco a RESET (to make sure it is with the factory settings), then we have connected to our router with DHCP enabled. We caught the LAN IP address of the NAS via the router menu and have entered the NAS placing in the top bar of the browser:

This D-Link NAS we have discussed today, is intended for those beginners-media users who want to have all your media in one place and share network. The Bittorrent functions, and additions as Amule will not have to have your PC on at night, this device is synonymous with stability and performance and we have obtained very good results in Read / Write on the hard disk. The ability to RAID 1 will give us guarantees that our data is safe. We miss the optional software does not include advanced programs such as VPN servers, RADIUS servers, and a long list of interesting services under Linux that does include FreeNAS.

Download Software Utility WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS

Download Software Utility WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS

Download Software Utility WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS Server Data Storage. The present the WD Sentinel DX4000, the latest NAS launched by Western Digital, a complete network storage solution designed specifically to meet the demands of small and medium enterprises. The main features of this new NAS is the combination of centralized storage to the protection of the backup and restoration to 25 network devices, which allows companies to connect, protect and collaborate. WD Sentinel DX4000 includes operating system software Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials and CPU dual core Intel Atom D525 with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, is distributed in storage capacity and number of hard drives, 4 TB (2 x 2 TB) 6 TB (2 x 3 TB), 8 TB (4 x 2 TB), 12 TB (4 x 3 TB), 16 TB (4 x 4 TB).

All configurations come pre-configured with storage using RAID protection, integrated software for backup and server-based redundant network ports and a choice of redundant power supply recovery. In addition, WD Sentinel offers users the ability to connect to a storage provider "public cloud", which provides small businesses an economic recovery solution integrated disaster against external events such as earthquakes, fire, flood or theft . Like the included software provides the ability and flexibility to remotely connect to files hosted on the NAS and share externally. The Sentinel DX4000 NAS is certified to be compatible with many Windows operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7) and Mac OS X (Leopard and Snow Leopard), without forgetting its compatibility with Linux.

Technical Features
Operating System: Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.
Processor: Intel Atom D525 dual-core.
RAM: 2Gb Hynix DDR3 1333MHz.
Hard Drive Bays: 4 to 3/5.
RAID configuration with 2 disks and RAID 1 configuration with 4 drives in RAID 5.
Ethernet: 2 gigabit ports.
USB: 2 USB 3.0 ports.
Power supply: External, 19V and a current of 6.32 Amp.
External analysis

Download Software Utility WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS
The WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS made available to us is stored in a cardboard box brown, with drawing silhouette NAS on two sides of the box, with a brief summary of the model and storage capacity. On the other sides of the box, to be irrelevant for the analysis, not shown in the image gallery.

Once we have taken the NAS box and the packaging, draws our attention to the similarity to a desktop computer tower, therefore the structure of it as by the weight. In the front we can see the "door" that allows access to hard drives, this door is made of plastic and aluminum edge in the center to be a cooling rack, the rest of the NAS is made of iron and aluminum. Once opened we found the locking system for hard disks, it is a simple but effective system, since the result could not be more favorable, the operation is as follows, to remove the disc, pull the lock up, which will allow us to lower the latch to remove the disc, to anchor it simply hooking up. These handles at its bottom, having holes to facilitate heat dissipation.

At the top front, is the backlit display, with the power button located to the left of the screen, above this we see the LED indicator that the computer is on, and two other buttons to the right of the screen, they are what allow us to move through the data displayed on the screen, this screen is illuminated in blue, so in low light locations can be annoying. Below the screen are four indicators of activity on each hard disk. On the sides of the box, at the top front, both right and left side, rows of small holes, designed for heat dissipation at the front of the case are observed. In the back of the Sentinel DX4000 find holes that allow the exit of air expelled by the fan, it may be too annoying when in full operation if we are quite picky regarding noise on computers.

About the holes of the fan, we see the two power connectors, the second power port is redundant if the main connector fails. Following power connectors are the two USB 3.0 ports, these can be used interchangeably, and finally the Gigabit Ethernet ports configured mode Adaptive Fault Tolerance (AFT), with redundant network connectivity, in the case of a port fails, you switch to another automatically. Last but not least, at the bottom of the box, there are four rubber feet, which may seem like a minor detail, but given the weight of the NAS, is welcome, as avoid damaging any surface where it rests the NAS.

Internal Analysis
Once you have taught the appearance of the NAS and explained the main external elements of the box, it's time to talk about the interior, explaining each of the components and elements that we can find. The first thing to do is remove the rear case screws are five standard Phillips screws, nothing difficult, the lid of the box, removed, like that of many desktops, pulling it toward us. As shown in the gallery, it is a fairly simple assembly, where we see a motherboard and other plate where the Serial ATA ports for connecting hard drives. To view the components on the system board, you must remove the six screws holding it to the box and turn it over for better access. The processor (CPU) of the computer is the Intel Atom D525, this processor provides good performance and is very efficient in their consumption with a maximum TDP of 13 W. This CPU can be found in many devices, it is not exclusively a NAS device. The Atom D525 operates at a clock speed of 1.8 GHz with 2 cores and 4 threads, it manages all processes, has 45 nanometer architecture and incorporates L2 Cache 1MB memory.

After we find the CPU RAM module, near the processor so that the speed of propagation of data as small as possible. It is a memory module as we can find in any laptop today. The RAM is brand Hynix HTM325S6BFR8C-H9 model has a capacity of 2 GB to store all system processes that subsequently process the CPU. The configuration of this RAM is DDR3 1333 MHz which means operating at 1333MHz clock speed. Between the processor and ports, SATA port used to connect the plate where are located the four SATA ports which connect hard disks, it is striking to see the utility that give the port, since for the connection between plates do not use cables, if not, that connects directly to SATA port.

Under the motherboard, is the mechanism that is responsible for securing and anchoring of hard disks, it is a simple system based on springs that are performing pressure to hold the hard drive. Every hard disk has its rail to be fixed inside the box, although there is a small flaw, and it is the lack of a system to prevent us from putting the hard drives in the wrong position. In the gallery you can see what I comment. Hard disks that come with the NAS are Western Digital, the Enterprise Storage class with a capacity of 2 TB hard disk with 64 MB cache and SATA 6Gb / s, characterized by low consumption and high performance.

The nameplate hard disks are connected, has four SATA ports, placed vertically, to fit the position in which hard disks are placed behind the plate fan, commissioned to expel the heat is on system. The external power supply needs a dc voltage of 19V and a current of 6.32 Amp. to function properly and feed all the components inside your computer, without forgetting that must feed four hard drives and two external units that can be connected to the USB ports.

Testing Laboratory
When testing the performance of the WD Sentinel DX4000 has come, first set up the system and then we will test performance.

System Configuration:
Before you start configuring the system, we can not forget to highlight one of the main functions of the software that incorporates the NAS, which are backed up daily that performs full backups of the entire system for up to 25 devices network. After programming it, the user can stop worrying about it. Optional protection for disaster recovery: connects to the cloud of small business through optional software disaster recovery and stores the data in an external location to restore them in case of a disaster. We can not overemphasize the WD Guardian Services for Small Business, which provides next to the WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS backed by customer support and technical support worldwide WD. Choosing among different plans for equipment maintenance.

The operating system that comes pre-configured on the NAS, is the Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials. And now let's see, step by step configuration. To start configuring the system, you must connect the Sentinel DX4000 to a router with DHCP enabled, so you can assign an IP available. Once the NAS for an available IP, we show this IP on the screen and can proceed with the configuration to add the first computer system or following equipment as needed. The first step is to connect to the NAS via the web browser to connect will use the IP displayed on the screen of NAS and the following address: http: // <IP address> / connect will give us access to download the setup wizard our team. Once completed all the steps in the wizard, we will have our computer connected to Sentinel DX4000. You can see all the wizard in the image gallery.

Once you add the computer to the server with the wizard, you will have access from the start menu to dashboard of the Sentinel DX4000, this dashboard you do is a remote connection to Administration Panel server so you can configure, create accounts users, set access privileges to shared folders and other server resources. Access to the dashboard, is restricted to the administrator and password.

A part of the dashboard, another program which allows quick access to backups, fins and remote web without having to use the dashboard is installed on your computer. This program have called Launchpad, and is intended for users, so that these users can log on to the server using the Launchpad is mandatory, have created the username and password with appropriate privileges from the dashboard. To add additional equipment would suffice to follow the steps to start to download the configuration wizard perform the same operation server. Important to remember that to add a Mac, it is first necessary to add a Windows computer to add Macs, you must download server wizard Mac.

Finally comment that coming from the web browser to the IP server, we can have remote access using the login credentials of a user created on the server. In the following gallery you can see screenshots of the menus.

The system is configured in a RAID 1, and we make sure that we avoid data loss in case of malfunction in one of the units, since the information is copied from one disc to another. Is that the reason to have available a capacity of 2 TB, even block with 4 TB hard drives (2 TB + 2 TB). To be configured in RAID 1 performance will decline. But being a business NAS, what is sought is safety, not speed transfers.

Then we will transfer to see how fast we get from reading and writing in the RAID1 disks.

8GB file. Result:
Read: 50 MB / s
Write: 66 MB / s
Five files 1 Gb. Outcome:

Reading: 46 MB / s
Write: 59 MB / s
Then we will transfer to see how fast we get from reading and writing to a USB 3.0 drive

8GB file. Result:
Reading: 77 MB / s
Write: 72 MB / s
  Five 1 GB files. Result:
Reading: 70 MB / s
Write: 68 MB / s

8GB file. Result:
Reading: 28 MB / s
Write: 27 MB / s
Five 1 GB files. Result:

Reading: 26 MB / s
Write: 25MB / s
Once we the performance of the NAS in RAID1 and all its features, we will list your weaknesses and strengths.

RAID 1 to avoid loss of information.
Quite simple and quick setup.
Stable and flawless system.
Dedicated exclusively to the management server software.
USB 3.0 Ports

The starting time may be excessive.
Fan noise when in full operation.
Noise hard drives.
Lack of E-SATA connector for connecting external hard drives to the NAS.

Final Conclusions
We have been quite pleased with the overall performance of the NAS Sentinel DX4000, we have not suffered any system crash, and has been stable during the weeks we've tested, however, should improve several aspects, including the soundproofing of the box and boot time.

If you need a server for up to 25 networked computers, which will allow automatic backup and great user control and connected to the server without relying on large transfer rates can be a choice to consider with the addition of the great support offered WD either by phone or through social networks. But we can not forget that it is a NAS-focused business market and does not incorporate the features and applications we usually find in home NAS.