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Download Driver Oki C332dn

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Oki C332dn Drivers Download. The color LED printer Oki C332dn is designed for desktop use. In the test he turns out to be loud in the company. Otherwise there is little to complain about. The Oki is known for color printers that handle paper flexibly. The same applies to the C332dn: The color laser printer, which uses LED lines for exposure, can process paper in formats from A6 to banners with a length of 1.32 meters. Because of this, and thanks to a comprehensive tool package, it can also be used in the creative field, where it comes to color accuracy.

Oki C332dn Review
With the color LED printer Oki C332dn, the manufacturer has succeeded in producing a good output device at a very reasonable price. It delivers high-quality prints, handles printing materials flexibly, and consumes little energy when in hibernation. Although the page costs are not particularly favorable for color printing, the many possibilities for saving the same but partly compensate for the disadvantage. Since the operating noise is quite high when printing, you should not place the printer next to you on the desk.

Amenities - LAN on board, WiFi as an option
That the Oki C332dn is intended for creative use, also show the printer emulations PCL 6 and PS 3. They can be loaded simultaneously with the driver installation on the computer and use it. There are plenty of GB memory, which are additionally supported internally by a 3 GB eMMC flash memory. On the memory equipment can be changed in retrospect, however nothing more.

Oki C332dn Driver Download

Oki C332dn Driver Download

In contrast, the paper supply is expandable with an optional 530-sheet cassette. However, you only need the additional equipment if you are not satisfied with the 250-sheet cassette and the multi-purpose tray for another 100 sheets that the device comes with at the factory. To save paper, the Oki C332dn features an automatic duplex unit. Duplex printing is factory-set in the drivers. If you want to print on one side, you must deactivate the function intentionally. This also applies to the Toner Save mode, which is turned on in the default settings of the drivers. It offers four modes: low, medium, high and off. To do this, you can exclude text passages in documents by ticking the "Do not save 100% black toner" option - convenient.

Price trend to product More offers in price comparison
The interface of the Oki C332dn is limited to USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. For office use, the LAN port is in most cases the crucial interface. If you want to wirelessly control the device via WLAN, you must purchase an optional adapter for a good 46 Euros (RRP). Whether over the wire or wireless, the Oki C332dn is also available for mobile devices. For this purpose, the color printer Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print and can be controlled via the Oki App.

Loudness and consumption of the Oki C332dn
If you want to put the color LED printer Oki C332dn next to you on the desk, you have to deal with a fairly high operating noise. If he stands alternatively in the corridor or in a separate room, the working noise does not bother you. At the same time, the printer quickly goes into sleep mode, where power consumption drops to 0.6 watts in multiple stages - that's low. The status can also be initiated via the button on the device. However, the Oki C332dn can not be completely disconnected from the power supply via the switch. Actually off, the value in the test does not drop below 0.2 watts.

All consumables such as toner, imaging unit, conveyor belt or fuser unit are installed separately in the Oki C332dn. When calculating the page prices, they are included proportionately in the page price. On the basis of XL toners, 2.6 cents result for the black-and-white and 14.8 cents for the colored sheet. In the case of the monochrome side, the price is okay, the ink sheet is rather salted.

Speed ​​- brisk worker
The Oki C332dn's print engine is designed for 30 black-and-white and 26 color pages per minute. This is fast for the device class. In the test, the color printer confirmed that he completed the tasks quickly, which is also due to the lush memory. Twenty pages of text are done in 51 seconds. Printed on both sides they last 1:30 minutes - again fast. Even in color mode, we do not wait too long for the finished pages to be in the output. Especially fast is the full-color PDF document with 33 seconds. For this, other - even far more expensive - printers take much longer.

Print quality - rich colors and sharp text
The Oki C332dn always puts the toner on the paper glossy. Colors are consistently full and slightly dark. You can compensate for this by changing the driver, because the PS emulation produces slightly brighter colors. The letter margins of texts are very sharp, even if you print very small letters. Colored surfaces are homogeneous, monochrome a shade coarser. However, that is criticism at a very high level. Thanks to the flexible handling of different media, it is also possible to print on high-order films, which is absolutely desirable in this case. On paper, you can often use the Toner Saver mode without significantly losing output quality.

Oki C332dn
Print (b / w): Text (Normal Mode) / Text (Quality Mode) / A4 Photo / Graphic Quality Mode
very good / very good / good / very good
Print (Color): PDF (Quality Mode) / A4 Photo (Quality Mode) / Graphics (Quality Mode)
well well well
Color fidelity (maximum 15 hits)
12 hits
letters focus
very sharp
print settings
many many
Operation Printer: Control panel / Change toner cartridges / space / processing / paper transport / max. Paper Supply / Paper Tray
simple / very simple / 3802 cm² / good / very simple / 350 sheets (cassette, multi-purpose tray) / 150 sheets
Operating noise: idling / operation
medium / loud
Printable media: banners / labels / envelopes / paper / cardboard / foil / photo paper
yes / yes / yes / up to 220 g / m² / yes / yes / no
Manual: detailed / german / printed / as PDF
yes / yes / no / yes
warranty period
36 months
Weekend service / Availability / Continuous / E-mail available
yes / no / 10 hours / yes / no
Website / Manual available / Driver available / Utilities available / yes / yes / yes / yes

Download Driver OKI MC851

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OKI MC851DN Driver Download. OKI has introduced a new laser MFP, the OKI MC851, with capabilities to print, copy, scan and send and receive faxes. This team is geared to SMEs who need a computer that can withstand loads of considerable impression because it has a print cycle recommended up to 10,000 pages per month (maximum cycle is 60,000 pages per month), which gives an average more than 300 impressions per day. The OKI MC851 features double-sided printing as standard. The price of the basic version OKI MC851dn is 2,840 euros. The next version is the OKI MC851cdtn, incorporating a second paper tray of 530 pages and costs 3,160 euros.

OKI MC851DN Printer Driver Download
Finally, the OKI MC851cdxn version has two additional trays climbing the maximum capacity up to 1,600 sheets and is priced at 3,310 euros. All have a three year warranty. In short, we face some powerful equipment that requires a significant investment, but that will be profitable if the company has needs constant impression. The inclusion of one or two extra trays can be a wise decision to maximize the capabilities of the OKI MC851. Print speed reaching for A4 format (the standard that is commonly used in folios) is 32 pages per minute in black and white and 24 pages per minute in color. In the case of A3 format, the speed drops to 17 ppm in black and white and 12 ppm in color. In addition, the time it takes the first impression is 11.5 seconds in color and 9.5 seconds mono, a more than acceptable speeds considering that is designed to print many pages.

OKI MC851DN Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Printer OKI MC851

Download Printer Driver Printer OKI MC851
Yes it is a bit slower when booting, because you have to wait about 90 seconds for lights. The quality reached during the impressions is 1200 x 600 dpi, while in the case of copies and scans the quality drops to 600 x 600 dpi. One of the highlights of this printer is the large LCD touch panel 14.5 "backlit, which allows to control and visualize all printer options with facility. The capacity of the tray is 400 pages (over 100 pages of the multipurpose tray), although the inclusion of a second and a third tray in more advanced versions of this printer allows you to reach the 1,600 sheets.

Download Driver Printer Printer OKI MC851
You can perform heavy work without having to think about replacing the paper. Indeed, the printer features a 500 MHz processor and 512 MB RAM to run smoothly such orders. Also you can save a lot of documents with storage capacity of 40 GB. As for connections, all versions of the OKI MC851 incorporate network connection and a USB port. The copier speeds are 32 ppm in black and white and 24 ppm color (same as printing), although the speed of the first lower print up to 13 and 16 seconds respectively. As for scanning, OKI MC851 achieves 34 pages scanned per minute. These scans can be saved in PDF, TIFF, JPEG and XPS formats.

Download Driver OKI C301DN

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OKI C301DN Driver Download. The OKI C301dn is a color laser printer from the Japanese company intended to be used in small office environments. Its affordable price and its average yield make it an excellent choice for small and medium businesses who do not want to make a major outlay printing equipment. The maximum print cycle that supports this printer reaches 30,000 impressions per month and has good print speeds up to 22 pages per minute in black and 20 pages per minute in color. Moreover, one of its major attractions is the inclusion of the duplex as standard, which is useful if you want to save on paper costs and be kinder to the environment. This printer can be found for a price of around 150 euros. We tell you all the details of the OKI C301dn this article thoroughly.

OKI C301DN Printer Driver Download
The color laser printer OKI C301dn printer is a team that seeks to provide an average yield for small and medium enterprises. Print speed machine OKI reaches 20 pages per minute in color and 22 pages per minute in black and white. As for the time it takes for the team to launch the first impression, we have a competitive figure stands at eight seconds in monochrome and middle eight seconds and color. It is also interesting to note here the time it takes the printer to be operational at power on, sixty seconds. If we return from the power saving mode the maximum time that can take the OKI C301dn in print is 32 seconds. Definitely one of the aspects that stand out of this team is the ability to print double-sided series, a feature that enhances the functionality of the printer from OKI.

OKI C301DN Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver OKI C301DN

Download Printer Driver OKI C301DN
Regarding the quality of printing, the maximum reached is a resolution of 1200 x 600 dots per inch across the ProQ2400 Multi-level technology that features automatic color balance to improve the final result of our impressions. The types of paper that supports OKI C301dn include A4, A5, B5, A6 and envelopes and card format, with a weight supports between 64 and 176grs to use the duplexer (supports a weight of up to 220grs in multipurpose) tray. The OKI C301dn is a team that is not designed to achieve a very INTENSIVE use. It has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 30,000 pages impressions, but so we can get a good team performance for a long time it is recommended to cycle the 2,000 page impressions per month.

OKI offers the possibility of extending the limited equipment warranty to three years, provided that the customer agrees to use original supplies company. The black toner delivers performance up to 2,200 pages, while the toner cyan, magenta and yellow print reach a capacity of up to 1,500 pages. Something that does not change substantially between different printers from OKI is its compact design with a classic gray. The dimensions of the OKI C301dn are 50.4 x 24.2 x 41 cm, a compact design that allows use this printer in office environments reduced. Moreover, the weight of the team reaches 22 kilos. To handle the main opcioens team has a LCD control panel with a simple interface.

Download Driver Printer OKI C301DN
The paper capacity of this printer is 350 pages through two paper trays, a 100-sheet multipurpose tray and a standard tray with a capacity of 250 pages. On the other hand, the output capacity Paper OKI C301dn is 100 pages and 150 pages face up face down. It certainly is a moderate capacity that is in tune with the kind of audience that is targeted print this team. On the consumption of OKI C031dn, this laser printer offers an average use of 480W while imprmiendo. The maximum consumption having this printer is 1170W, whereas if we keep the equipment running average consumption is 80W. As usual in this type of equipment, has prepared this printer to have a good energy yield less than 8.5W in power save mode. This figure drops to less than 2.5W in standby mode. On the other hand, the noise of this printer is 52 decibels when the printer is printing tasks, while this value drops to 35 decibels in standby mode and is imperceptible in the power saving mode.

OKI printer has a series of products designed to improve computer performance programs. These include the Template Manager tool that professional documents are designed and then corporate materials such as brochures or business cards printed. Also interesting is the OKI LPR application that can print documents from workstations to any OKI printer with network connection. Focusing on the connections, this computer has a USB 2.0 connection (the computer provides the ability to print documents via a USB key) and an Ethernet port to connect to the network. The OKI C031dn is a laser printer that offers good performance at an affordable price. This caters for SMEs team offers a maximum print cycle 30,000 pages per month and has warranty OKI, a company that has extensive experience in this type of equipment for SMEs. This laser printer A4 is now available in the Spanish market for a price of around about 150 euros (depending on the distributor).

Download Driver OKI C531DN

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OKI C531DN Driver Download. C531dn printer is a lucrative LED color laser for workgroups. Currently, the C531dn can be ordered on Amazon for around 230 EUR a very lucrative offer, because the LED color laser printer from the renowned manufacturer Oki offers both in B / W and color mode from very good printing results and is also for a workgroup printer well equipped in its class. The printing unit of the Oki is very fast on the road, according to the manufacturer, the device operates per minute up to 30 pages in B / W and 26 pages in color mode.

The printing speed does not break even when graphics and PDF printing equal because the printer understands the usual printer languages ​​and is also equipped with a memory of 256 MB. Fortunately, the paper supply was adapted to the high printing speed. It amounts to 350 sheets, can be increased to 880 sheets, if a higher demand should prevail. Indispensable for everyday office use is the duplex function, ie the option of printing one side automatically on both sides. In addition, it can be addressed via LAN cable from multiple printers in parallel and encrypted to ensure security.

OKI C531DN Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Printer OKI C531DN

Download Printer Driver OKI C531DN

The resolution is typical of LED / laser at 600 x 600 pixels, but can also hochpuschen on 1,200 x 1,200 pixels. Designed for an average of a maximum of 5,000 pages per month, the Oki is a powerful printer for small to medium-sized workgroups. The customer response to the LED printer has so far been outstanding. High praise is especially the printed image, and not only in text printing. The printer manages not only to bring texts absolutely clean on paper, even the smallest font sizes. Even graphics, both B / W and color, must succeed him with a very good quality, so with clean transitions and correct color reproduction. The operating costs are in the lower range.

In textual printing, the Oki comes to about 1.5 to 2 cents per page, in color, it is well tolerated 10 to 11 cents. In other words, the Oki can be supplied with large print jobs without major worries about the budget. Oki is not without reason among business circles among the most popular manufacturers. The workgroup models are characterized by robustness, a brisk pace of work and a clean print image and - no less important - thriftiness. The originally over 400 EUR expensive device is currently available for only 230 EUR, although it has not many years on the hump. Anyone who soon needs a printer with a high work ethic should therefore seriously consider the Oki.

Download Driver OKI C711WT

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OKI C711WT Driver Download. The second OKI in the hit list is called C710 and offers everythingOki C710what medium to large work environments so need. It prints with a maximum speed of 32 pages in black and white and 30 pages in color, with a maximum print resolution of 1200 * 600 dpi. The paper supply is generous, so he never up to 630 sheets in his paper tray on. As already mentioned, the OKI is well prepared for many and large print jobs, which it easily withstands with its 700 MHz processor and is underlined by a maximum monthly print volume of a whopping 100,000 pages.

OKI C711WT is the first white digital printers with toner. OKI has introduced two new printers. This is the first digital printers with white toner oriented SMEs and companies working with graphics applications. The teams OKI OKI C920WT C711WT and offer great versatility to companies who want to use white on their impressions and work with different types of formats. Currently the specific data on prices and departure dates of these teams are not known. We tell you all the details of these digital printers.

OKI C711WT Printer Driver Download
The new OKI printers toners have cyan, magenta, yellow and black and are a good solution both for printing on different colored backgrounds to graphics applications such as printing transparencies. In the case of OKI C711WT, this A4 printer has a print speed of 34 pages per minute on plain paper and 8 pages per minute in transparent mode. The resolution of the prints is 1200 x 600 dots per page. As for the time to print the first page, is only nine seconds, a very competitive time. Double-sided printing is possible thanks to the duplex unit in the DN series and integration into a network is made possible by the N in the name. Tech channel notes, however, that if you want to put your vacation photos on paper, the C710 is not the most suitable candidate, for which he was not conceived and thought. Tidy, however, are the page performance of his toner cartridges, which are of course available for purchase in our ink market shop. Thus, whether colored or black toner, all cartridges have a page range of around 11,500 pages and should the transfer band, which is still intended for 60,000 pages.

OKI C711WT Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Printer OKI C711WT

Download Printer Driver OKI C711WT
As for the OKI printing equipment C920WT, it is a printer with a maximum print size A3 designed for a heavier workload. Print speed reaches 31 pages per minute in normal prints and 10 pages per minute in transparency mode. The print resolution is the same as in the case of OKI C711WT, with 1,200 x 600 dots per page. OKI The second model is designed for larger workloads with higher capacity toners offering a yield of 15,000 pages and 8,500 color pages blank. The OKI C920WT has a more powerful processor of 800 MHz. This printer has a larger compared to the previous model (normal case of an A3 printer) and will require more space in the office. Specifically, device dimensions are 471 x 654.5 x 623 mm. This equipment is designed to print in different formats such as photographs, design tests, transparencies, labels, packaging or point of sale materials. Currently, we have no price or official release date in our country.

Download Driver Printer OKI C711WT
The C711WT OKI printer with a maximum print size of A4 is designed to provide a moderate demands of work with a recommended monthly print cycle of 3,000 pages and a maximum duty cycle of 30,000 pages. The basic paper capacity of this equipment is 630 pages. OKI offers the possibility of increasing the amount of paper available until 1,690 pages, while toners used provide a capacity of 11,500 impressions for each color and 6,000 white prints. To run the different print jobs, incorporates a 533 MHz processor. The dimensions of the OKI C711WT are 389 x 435 x 547 mm, a fairly compact size to use in office environments.

Download Driver OKI MB491

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OKI MB491 Driver Download. OKI MB491 is a laser printers, multifunction LED OKI. OKI has introduced five new laser printing equipment OKI MB491 black and white family. It is OKI MB441 models, OKI MB451, MB671 OKI OKI OKI MB471 and MB491. These MFPs offer features such as print speeds up to 40 pages per minute feature duplex serial or network connectivity to take advantage of the ability to print via Internet. Due to their different characteristics, we can find some more thought to SMEs and others to large companies and flows more intense printing equipment, although all teams move within a range of fairly affordable (between 265 euros and 640 euros).

OKI MB491 Printer Drivers Download
In the case of the OKI MB441 incorporates print, copy and scan. This equipment has a printing speed of 29 pages per minute and a competitive time to first print five seconds. It has a paper capacity of up to 250 pages. With the OKI MB441 we can make up to 29 copies per minute in black and white with a time to first copy 11 seconds. In the case of the scanner, we can achieve up to 10 scans per minute in color and 37 documents per minute in black and white.In short, several models that cover a range of needs of professional and quite spacious companies. Also, there are a great investment because its price range is between 265 euros and 640 euros. The OKI MB451 also incorporates the capabilities of printing, copying and scanning the ability to send and receive fax. Repeat print speed of 29 pages per minute and 5 seconds for the output of the first impression, as speeds copying and scanning.

OKI MB491 Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Printer OKI MB491

Download Driver Printer OKI MB491
The OKI MB461 printer repeats the functions of printing, copying and scanning (in this case no fax) but raises the print speed from 29 ppm to 33 pages per minute. Copy speeds as both repeat scanning. The maximum paper capacity of this equipment is 780 pages if you include the optional paper tray. It also allows a maximum monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages. The main difference OKI MB471 model from the previous is that it also includes the fax function and increases its duty cycle up to 70,000 sheets (otherwise repeat the main specifications).

Download Printer Driver OKI MB491
The last of the new models of this family of MFPs is the OKI MB491. Print speed reaches 40 pages per minute and offers the possibility of incorporating a high-capacity toner 12,000 pages, which ultimately saves on costs of consumables and reduces the inconvenience of having to change the toner. The rate also rises copies up to 40 copies per minute and time of departure from the first floor back up to 10 seconds. The paper capacity is up to 880 pages if the optional tray is included. Meanwhile, the maximum monthly cycle reaches 80,000 pages.


  1. Linux Driver OKI MB491
  2. Download Mobil Utility OKI MB491 for Android
  3. Download Scan Driver OKI MB491 for Mac OS X 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12
  4. Download Print Driver OKI MB491 for Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12
  5. Download Fax Driver OKI MB491 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)
  6. Download Scan Driver OKI MB491 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32-bit)
  7. Download Scan Driver OKI MB491 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (64-bit)
  8. Download Print Driver OKI MB491 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

Download Driver OKI B401DN

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OKI B401DN Driver Download. In comparison with the extra petite mono laser printers available on the market, OKI chunky B401dn appears find it irresistible way industry, and it has the necessities to match. With a 30,000 page month-to-month responsibility cycle, it’s greater than capable of surviving lifestyles within the busiest of small places of work. On the rear, the USB 2 port is joined by a parallel port if you need Ethernet, buy the B401dn, it’s currently retailing for the identical cost, and there’s a common two-line lcd panel on the unit’s prime fascia.

OKI B401DN Printer Driver Download
The replaceable drum unit is a surprise at this rate point, and the great chassis conceals an inside 250-sheet paper tray, as well as a manual tray for printing on thicker card and envelopes. The B401dn is speedy, even beating its claimed figures. We recorded an common of 31.6ppm across all our exams, 9% faster than the quoted rate of 29ppm. In computerized duplex mode, the B401d sixteen.7ppm just about continues percent with a few of its finances opponents in single-sided mode.

OKI B401DN Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Printer OKI B401DN

Download Printer Driver OKI B401DN
The long-term going for walks charges are favourable, too. Thanks to toner cartridges that final 2,500 pages, and a print fee of handiest 2.2p per page, the financial savings soon mount up. For print quality, the Oki offers a cracking efficiency. There aren't any disorders in any respect with textual content first-class: characters are laid down with pinpoint accuracy. Pics lack the bold, robust blacks of alternative printers we have tested, and there’s some banding, however the reward is element.

Download Driver OKI B401DN
Contrast is the first-rate of any laser unit right here, with practically perfect greyscales, and the B401dn prints are finely special. If best is essential, the Oki ProQ atmosphere reduces banding enormously, but drops the speed to sixteen.7ppm. This B401dn is a exquisite all-round performer, delivering top-exceptional prints swiftly and for intelligent money. Prices have dropped noticeably on the grounds that our preliminary assessment, and with a reassuring three-12 months warranty incorporated as usual, it’s an absolute steal.

Download Driver OKI MC563dn

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OKI MC563dn Driver Download. This printer Oki MC563dn is the latest addition to OKI Europe's popular Color family. It combines fast print speeds (30 ppm) with high-quality outputs (1200 x 1200 dpi) while providing powerful security features such as private print and badge for small businesses and workgroups (Card Release). And like all products in this new range, the MC563dn  offers enhanced business security features to ensure access to documents that are sensitive to authorized personnel only. The Private Print option provides security by sending encrypted documents to the printer that are automatically deleted after printing.

OKI MC563dn Printer Driver Download
The OKI MC563dn printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print 2.0 and Apple's AirPrint for remote printing, with an Ethernet network for easy transfer of large files. Powerful, the OKI MC563dn will suit any business looking for high definition color printing and exceptional media flexibility, from A6 to 1320mm banners, with paper weight up to 220gsm. Perfect for everyday professional printing, it meets a wide range of needs, from business cards to banner ads, without needing to outsource these requests. The OKI MC563dn printer  is also simple to set up and supports support functions, including links to tutorial videos for easy commissioning and maintenance. 

OKI MC563dn Software Driver Download
OKI MC563dn Driver Download

Download Printer Driver OKI MC563dn
In October 2016, OKI Europe launched a new range of color MFPs and printers, enhancing its portfolio of smart products, including the MC573dn MFP and the MC563dn , extending intelligent printing, document management and mastering Of costs to desktop printers and MFPs. The entire OKI product line meets the needs of businesses and workgroups of all sizes, from individual users to broader organizations in various industries, offering unmatched flexibility in media management and quality Professional in-house printing, combined with powerful features to increase efficiency. In addition to 1 GB of RAM, 3 GB of eMMc is available.

Download Driver Printer OKI MC563dn
The portfolio of connectivity options includes Gigabit Ethernet, a USB 2.0 host, and two USB 2.0 ports. WLAN support is available as an option. Mobile printing allows Google Cloud Print 2.0. The OKI MC563dn is also compatible with Apple AirPrint. This OKI MC563dn has security features, such as the Private Print feature, which allows confidential documents to be sent encrypted to the printer, which are then automatically deleted from the system after printing. The combination unit measures 427 times 576 times 472 millimeters and weighs about 31 kilos.


Download Driver OKI MC360

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OKI MC360 Driver Download. The Oki MC360 complements the 300 series with LED printers from Oki by a multifunction device including a fax function. The device is thus the immediate counterpart to the MC350 , only with extended functionality and in addition a track brisker up. Because the MC350 outputs 12 or 16 pages per minute, the MC360 comes to 20 or 16 pages (B / W, color). In addition, its internal memory is twice as large (128 instead of 64 MB). Otherwise, the two LED multi-function brothers resemble twins.

OKI MC360 Printer Driver Download
As a reminder, the resolution is 1,200 x 600 pixels, the paper size is 301 sheets. The scanning unit dissolves at a maximum of 4,800 dpi (48 bit color depth), copies are possible with 600 x 600 pixels. The scans can be sent via FTP or e-mail or stored on a USB stick. The paper size is A4, unlike the MC350 the 360 ​​can also print banners with a size of up to 1.2 meters. The OKI MC360 printer can be used by smaller workgroups or even home users. In the latter case, the printout should be quite high.

OKI MC360 Driver Download

OKI MC360 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver OKI MC360
According to Oki, the calculated side costs are 1.9 cents for the S / W and 10 cents for the color side an outstanding savings is the Oki MC360 therefore not. Cost of the already available multifunctional printer: Approximately 670 euros. I decided after many good reviews for this printer. It is daily in use, but we print almost only black / white. Nevertheless, the printer unfortunately has a very high wear on colorful toner (red, yellow and blue). The OKI MC360 problem is that it does not print any more, not even black, if one of the colors is empty.

Download Driver Printer OKI MC360
The Toner are not to get everywhere and quite expensive, so the follow-up costs with this device are very high. What a pity. Unfortunately, the scanning function does not work with us and we do not know why, but I do not exclude a user error with us. I do not need this function, however, so that does not bother me. Otherwise I have the device now for about a year in use and are very satisfied, except for the described problem, it runs smoothly, has very rarely times paper jam, so I can for this reason three stars.


Download Driver OKI MC351dn

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OKI MC351dn Driver Download. Oki has announced its range of LED color printers specifically designed for office use to expand another model. The MC351dn presents itself in the communication of the manufacturer as a device trimmed to efficiency improvement, which is to be paid for small enterprises or also the home office in particular in the areas of cost reduction and comfortable service.

OKI MC351dn Printer Driver Download
For some time already, Oki has been using its new models to create sophisticated features that can significantly reduce operating costs. If you do not have a hurry to print, the MC351dn switches to Eco-Print mode. The printer works slower, but consumes significantly less power. In addition, the LED printer can fall into a so-called deep sleep mode, in which it draws only 1.2 watts from the socket - exemplary, because with a comparable laser is this value a lot higher. The toner is also equipped with a special spinning function. According to Oki, the potential savings are up to 25 percent.

OKI MC351dn Driver Download

Download Driver OKI MC351dn

Download Printer Driver OKI MC351dn
At the same time reducing operating costs as in everyday business, the duplex functionality of the MC351dn is very practical. This means that it can print not only on both sides, but also automatically scan or copy documents printed on both sides - via the automatic document feed, even with a stack of up to 50 originals. As usual at Oki, the MC351dn also has an immense range of media ranging from small business cards to a 1.3 meter long banner print. In addition, functions such as PC-independent printing from a USB stick, a large display and a simple menu guide ensure that the MC351dn can be comfortably operated in the office day.

Download Driver Printer OKI MC351dn
Furthermore, the quality of the Oki LED printing unit is unquestionable, and the MC351dn will certainly prove in the coming tests, as well as Oki's printing speed (B / W, color), 22/24 pages per minute, Will also hardly disappoint. The network-capable LED color printer will therefore certainly find its customers right, because not without reason, Oki printers in tests always excellently, and the new sparfunctions surely everyone will also gladly take part. The basic model of the MC351dn, which is still further expandable in terms of memory and paper stock, will soon be available for 479 euros.


Download Driver OKI MC561dn

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OKI MC561dn Driver Download. After my OKI 5100 and 3600 I have now added to this MF device. Fast print, fast copy, great performance when scanning various document types. Build in, full PDF Lizence (also for Scan to USB Stick) Duplex Scan, duplex printing possible QWERTY keyboard, + 5 S / min, 5000er Toner: opposite MC361 surcharge paid for first purchase of toner. All media types (thick cardboard etc. by multipurpose feed. Professional competency in D-dorf, Hansaallee OKI-Caffee, tamper and proof exhibition Effective email support, FAX without problems and multi-line, swivel display also super processing, extensive software equipment.

OKI MC561dn Printer Driver Download
The OKI Problem: with standard print setting to dark photo prints and for standard function, more than five key presses are necessary also STOP Button without function. I am totally satisfied with my 3rd OKI, and I hope for a software update for the little bugs. My device is capable of handling up to A4 in all positions. First time I was skeptical before the purchase, since I did not know the manufacturer. Then dared! Had previously a device for the triple of the purchase price. My summary after one month usage is WOULD BUY!

OKI MC561dn Driver Download

OKI MC561dn Driver Download

Download Printer Driver OKI MC561dn
Its software the included was the hammer and toner consumption very satisfied and in replacement procurement. I have only one thing, something louder in printing than the previous one. Confirmation of delivery, that device was sent for dispatch, came on Monday by email. The device was then with me (only) on Thursday. But apart from that everything was ok. With this Oki MC561dn Multifunction Device (MFP), every company and every busy workgroup can benefit from professional document processing. 

Download Driver Printer OKI MC561dn
This compact and ergonomically designed desktop MFP includes user-friendly control panels and software that allows you to manage your documents effectively and efficiently. This increases productivity and professionalism in the workplace. The OKI MC561dn is designed for performance, offering business users and workgroups fast color printing in high-definition quality and convenient document management.


Download Driver OKI MC363dn

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OKI MC363dn Driver Download. The OKI MC363dn is my choice after problems with various multifunction printers in my practice. Since the beginning of 2013, this printer has provided me with the service. Its printing is fast, printing was very pleasing, printing costs cheaper than the competition by far, through the web-frontend without the oki-software for easy operation, in contrast to HP, the Oki software is good thoughtful and functional, and works at first attempt! I also have with hp 6500A after zig installation attempts never the range of functions, as well as expensive telephone charges fired for a guarantee, but there was no one in the situation to help me!

OKI MC363dn Printer Driver Download
Quite differently the software at OKI, which tries to open no colorful websites or make any senseless suggestions. Simple only in the function without troubles, but everything is necessary. On 3 computers in the house furnished without problems. So my praise for OKI. Now after time goes by, I print so 10 - 20 since2n per day are the toner cartridges still at 50%. I am still happy doing unafforded what it should.

OKI MC363dn Driver Download

OKI MC363dn Driver Download

Download Printer Driver OKI MC363dn
The print image is much better than the Samsung laser in the other house! Even photos look really great, island photos have very subtle shades, are reproduced neatly. To date, 1400 x has been printed (in 3 weeks) without the slightest problem. However, the applications are all in English, which is not necessarily simplified. It takes an awful lot of patience and time to find out what the machine can do. I would find it a pity if the device could facilitate the work without knowing it, because that is not in the sense of the inventor, or? Maybe someone has a nipple tip, how to make the device evade?

Download Driver Printer OKI MC363dn
Equipment specification is honest documented and the copy and Print function properly without skills of operating Instructions. The color setting I had a little tiny problem what not works so well with each printer. Its scanning goes very fast (compared to my bisvious laser MFD Canon). The duplex application is a pleasure and faxing works properly. What I recommend printer MFP and its an additional RAM memory (256 MB) Therefore because a booklet making in duplex printing (A4 2xA5) will not work. All in all, I am thrilled by this unit.

Download Driver OKI MC363dn for Android
Download Driver OKI MC363dn for LINUX
Download Scan Driver OKI MC363dn for Mac OS X 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12
Download Print Driver OKI MC363dn for Mac OS X 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12
Download FAX Driver OKI MC363dn for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA (32/64-bit)
Download Scanner Driver OKI MC363dn for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA (32/64-bit)
Download Printer Driver OKI MC363dn for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA (32/64-bit)

Download Driver OKI MC361dn

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OKI MC361dn Driver Download. First of all, the positive: 3-year warranty with on-site service is certainly unique in this price class. The range of functions is extremely comprehensive, the print quality and the operating costs are very good for this price class. There are several operating instructions, there are a few doubles and a lot not at all. Some Japanese logic, the display language and some other settings can only be made via the PC and not directly on the device.

OKI MC361dn Printer Driver Download
Absolutely annoying I have felt the permanent flashing of the statustaster, which has me during the whole configuration for hours. It can not be switched off without violence, an "alarm" which can not be switched off is not up-to-date! The OKI MC361dn software on the enclosed disk was easy to install, but he did not want to scan, but gave an incomprehensible error message (on the PC). The integration into the network was extremely easy and went quickly. In order to update the software, I downloaded all important "utilities" from the OKI page.

OKI MC361dn Driver Download

OKI MC361dn Driver Download

Download Printer Driver OKI MC361dn
Now I could also scan (status lamp constantly gave me new nonsense with, which the MC362 just now disturbed or what he wanted to tell me, that it still I was just aware of the fact that I was just about to "turn off" the annoying builders with a screwdriver and it is best to configure him if he is not in the direct field of view, otherwise the most healthy person can be an epileptic). Unfortunately, there is not a single configuration program, but for each function its own.

Download Driver Printer OKI MC361dn
The Automatic Document Feeder does not like 120g of paper and crumples a test page. The quality of the prints (also with the use of the multi-stage toner cartridge mode) is very good in black and color. The paper output is somewhat more difficult to reach from the operating side. Perhaps Oki should have turned the "scanner attachment" with display and operation easy. I will rarely use paper refills as printouts. This OKI MC361dn printer is an all-rounder. Everything is working fine! The name "Oki" says about itself, the price / performance ratio is also good.