Dymo LabelManager PnP Driver, Software, Review and Manual Download

Dymo LabelManager PnP Driver, Software, Review and Manual Download

Dymo LabelManager PnP Software

Dymo LabelManager PnP Support, Driver, Software and Manual for Windows and Mac.
 Hello my visitors! Up to now we had a labeling device on which one had to enter the respective texts manually and individually. For our independence, we now have the requirement to print many labels with consecutive numbers from different number ranges.

Dymo LabelManager PnP Review

This Dymo LabelManager PnP seemed just right for me. The Dymo LabelManager PnP software installation was relatively easy, a separate printer driver is installed. I use the associated software for label printing. I imported an Excel file for the mass printout. In addition, I bought different colored ribbons for the different number ranges. I am quite a neat freak, and this device is the ideal support for this.

At first glance, the LM PnP works flawlessly. In contrast to another review, I can say that it works under Win10 and that there is also newer software available for download, which you can easily find via the software installed in the device. Contrary to the product description, there is no "automatic tape cutter", but you can probably handle pressure on the cutter button. The typeface is very good too. If there are still problems, I will report back.

As previously stated, the packaging was damaged and was therefore offered at a discount. However, the printer itself was not damaged and works perfectly. In my opinion, the printer was never unpacked before, everything still looked originally packed. Since a defective box doesn't bother me, I'm very satisfied, like new in my opinion and a great thing thanks to the discount.

Dymo LabelManager PnP Positive Points

I have been using various Dymo devices for a long time. So far, the fiddly typing on the keyboard has always annoyed me. With the Labelmanager PNP this has come to an end, as I can finally design my labels on the PC keyboard.

The software is supplied directly on the device, as the label manager integrates itself as a drive and thus offers the software for Windows and MacOS.

Positive from my point of view:
+ real plug and play
+ no installation necessary
+ software included with the device
+ very attractive price
+ Dymo quality

I use the Dymo LabelManager PnP on a MAC. It works wonderfully, connect the USB plug, click on the folder and you can print labels. No software installation, no fiddling with an external power supply. Just as quick and easy to use as my old manual device, but more convenient.

In my opinion, Dymo has also improved the straps. In my last test about a year ago, the tapes stuck very poorly on some plastic surfaces and especially on flexible surfaces. After my first comparisons with the supplied tape on the problematic surfaces at the time, this is just as good as with the Brother tapes. In addition, the tape is now slit in the middle (like the Brother tapes for years), so removing the protective film from the back is now also very easy. Compared to comparable devices from Brother, I don't need an external power supply and there is also software for MAC.

Well, I've been looking for a device like this for a long time, I'm very satisfied with it, now I can label everything I want to label. Top quality, you can recommend it, you just have to try it out. After I sold the first device (the paper tapes from LetraTag do not defy the sunlight and fade) I now have this label manager. A top device for this price. Have nothing to complain about!

Conclusion: Dymo LabelManager PnP

I've wanted a Dymo for a long time and I'm very satisfied. I have already labeled my entire workshop where what is in it. I can only recommend it to everyone who likes to tidy it up and wants everything in the right place.

Driver for iMac fetched directly from the homepage. Dymo LabelManager connected and off we went. I can't say anything about the battery yet. Time will bring that. But everything first makes a great impression. Printing labels with the Dymo LabelManager PnP is of course as easy as it is ingenious. Changing roles is also very easy. Practical: the device does not need an extra power socket (the batteries can be charged via USB). Top. Many Thanks!

Download Software, Driver and Manual for Dymo LabelManager PnP


User Manuals & Product Sheets
Drivers & Downloads

Make sure you install the software prior to connecting the printer to your computer using the USB cable provided. This allows the correct printer drivers to be installed the first time you connect the printer.

Brother VC-500W Printer Driver Download

Brother VC-500W Printer Driver Download

Download Driver Brother VC-500W. I'm such a real creative noodle. I've been sewing for 4 years, with my own blog, I do my nails myself with gel and nail art, I do a lot of tinkering with the children. Everything flies around here, there is always something new. I promised my husband that I would finally clean up and organize everything. Yes, I do, but with fun. Because I discovered this little label printer. I can use it to design everything myself and print it out quickly. So perfect for me.

Brother VC-500W printer driver

About the Brother VC-500W:

According to kitchen scales 800g, a cube about 11x11 cm. In the OVP (super stable and really practical) you will find the printer, a power cord approx. 2m, a USB 1.22m (a bit too short), a 25mm x 5M * zinc label roll and a cleaning cassette.

Brother VC-500W Use:

There is an app (Color Label Editor Brother for Android and iOS) and a software P-touch Editor (you can find it at install.brother. With the app I can make quick designs comfortably and easily from the sofa, also with the tablet Nice features such as frames, cliparts are available free of charge (I think sometimes too childish).

If you want to work in a demanding way, there is a much more extensive program on the laptop that leaves nothing to be desired. Even with professional mode.

Brother VC-500W Connection!

There are 3! possibilities

1. Directly with the USB cable

2. WiFi direct connection between mobile phone and printer (I replace my home WiFi with the connection to Brother. So create the design beforehand, if you need photos from the network) The WiFi symbol on the printer lights up white

3. I connect the label printer to my home network. The symbol lights up blue (the setup is complicated, it is essential to follow the instructions on the support page)

Brother VC-500W Print quality:

You can choose between

1. Vivid (for photos) 2. Standard (for more text, faster)

This is NOT! Photo printer, but for all kinds of signs, etc. also with photos, of course.

If you are looking for an absolute color experience photo print, you should buy a corresponding device.

So I removed an asterisk, there is a slight red cast. For my purposes, including photos, I am completely satisfied. When I need photos, I print them in the drugstore.

Brother VC-500W Sizes of the labels:

There are 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm and 50mm each in 5 meters length.

If there are streaks or after 30 printouts you should insert the cleaning cassette.

Conclusion: Five stars I would be happy to recommend this label printer.

A small smear in the print quality for the red cast. The device is good value for money, if only it weren't for the expensive

* zinc labels. I hope that will change over time. But remember, you don't have to buy any ink or toner cartridges either. I will still have a lot of fun with the little printer and my husband is happy about the order. By the way, important: To change the labels, you must press the cassette SYMBOL on the right to unlock the cassette. Thank you for reading, if you like my tips, I would be very happy to hear from you and here the Brother VC-500W printer driver download.

Download Brother VC-500W Printer Driver:

To download the drivers/software, JUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW!

Software/Document Installer for Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)

Brother VC-500W Printer Driver for Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)

Download AOBIO X4 Shipping Label Printer Driver

Download AOBIO X4 Shipping Label Printer Driver

I have been looking for a label printer for shipping labels for a long time and came across Zebra, which is intended for the industry and is therefore also higher in the price segment. On the AOBIO website, when I bought labels for my printer, I saw the AOBIO X4 and decided to test this product out and in the worst case, I will send the device back within 14 days.

In contrast to my old printer, the box looked pretty monotonous, but I'm not rating any cardboard boxes here, but the printer. Unpacked and inserted the starter labels and plugged in the power supply unit. Since I had installed the software on my notebook, I only had to connect the printer via USB once and could continue straight away.

AOBIO X4 Printer Driver Download & Manual

AOBIO X4 download driver

After the first print, I was fascinated by how fast the printer actually prints and still has such a beautiful and perfect quality, even though no ink / toner, only the thermal process is used.

The AOBIO X4 label printer was stuck on a package and tried once to test it and lo and behold, without leaving any residue from the package, because the adhesive is quite strong. On the one hand an advantage that manipulation is prevented, but a disadvantage that in the case of wrong labels or returns you need a little more time to remove the label including the residues.

Since I send a lot via DHL and buy my shipping labels online, because this is cheaper than in the shop, I had to configure the printer so that the shipping labels could also be printed, since DHL uses the A4 format (1 half overview of the shipment and other side of the label) for printing. Thanks to Adobe Reader, you can select the label under "Edit" and then "Create snapshot" and print the label accordingly by pressing Ctrl + P.

Works with DHL, Hermes, DPD, UPS and GLS. My second tip: Connect the printer to the home network (router) via USB, which means that the printer can be used on several computers without a USB connection.

AOBIO X4 Advantage: Use of several computers, printer does not have to be nearby and no tangled cables on the computer. Still the same quality after more than 800 prints.

Support is also perfect (guarantee: send the printer in using a return label and a replacement device will be sent when the transport company scans it). You can argue about the prices of the labels, I personally use the labels of a third party because they are also of excellent quality and are cheaper.

Conclusion: AOBIO X4 is a perfect printer with low costs for everyone! If you liked the review, please give me a short "Yes" feedback to the question "Was this review helpful to you?". Criticism, suggestions and improvements are welcome. So here they are the AOBIO X4 printer driver.

Download AOBIO X4 Printer Driver

Download Links

Mac OS Users

ROLLO Label Printer Driver Download

ROLLO Label Printer Driver Download

The Rollo printer does what it should. The Rollo printer driver setup is done after 5 minutes and the labels from DHL fit in wonderfully. When the speed is reduced, the print quality is good. You shouldn't print too fast because then the quality suffers, but if you want to print a lot of labels per minute you will certainly rely on larger devices one way or another. For small businesses like me, great device!

Rollo Printer Driver

We use the device to print DPD labels. Once the correct size has been set, many labels can be printed in no time. Installing the printer and driver was quick and easy. The price-performance ratio, also in terms of space, is great. We are very satisfied and can recommend the printer for every start-up in the e-commerce sector.

ROLLO Label Printer Driver Download

I can now print big labels for my small online shop, directly from InDesign, Word, PDF etc. without an extra program. Rollo label printer is perfect for printing DHL or other labels. Use it to send packages and is much faster than the annoying sticking of labels printed on paper. Highly recommended. I was looking for a label printer and came across this one.

The Rollo printer was delivered quickly and the installation on Windows 10 worked without any problems. The print quality is good and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I can recommend the label printer. In the beginning it was difficult to get along with the printer, but once you have it and connected it correctly, everything goes perfectly. I am very happy with the printer. It's also very fast, which is great too.

Rollo printer Easy to install and has worked perfectly so far. It's compact and reliable. I am satisfied and would recommend the device to others. I bought the printer to print send labels for our online shop. We are completely satisfied with the printer. Good printing quality and it is very fast!

Rollo printer is an Ingenious printer. Also works fine on iMac. It's super fast too. Any time! Rollo label printer Printing quickly, small and convenience device.

Perfect for printing high amount of labels at once. Just one thing, if you need to print big labels is not the right model for you.

Download Rollo Label Printer Driver

Rollo drivers is compatible with Windows (XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10).

Download Rollo Driver for Windows

Rollo drivers is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 or newer.

Download Rollo Driver for Mac

Rollo's Linux driver is currently in Beta and released for limited Linux distributions.

Download Rollo Driver for Linux (Beta)

MUNBYN ITPP941 Drivers Thermal Label Printer

MUNBYN ITPP941 Drivers Thermal Label Printer

Download Driver MUNBYN P941. I bought the MUNBYN ITPP941 printer specifically for shipping labels. The delivery was completed within one day. Fine! The construction, connection and commissioning was really easy. The manual and the drivers are on a USB stick, which is enclosed. The manual is very useful when starting up for the first time, but anyone who is familiar with printers can do it without.

The first labels on the thermal paper included were perfect and clean. The speed is enormous - just 2 to 3 seconds for a shipping label. I'm excited. Didn't expect so much for the price. So I'm really pleasantly surprised. To get a printer at this price that is really easy to configure, runs on Windows and Mac and delivers satisfactory quality is really unusual!

Everything is packed clean and safe. Commissioning is also very quick and easy. Everything important, such as the driver and manual, is on an included USB stick. Installed, set the label size via self-identification and printing could start.

I was able to test the thermal printer from MUNBYN extensively for my online shop at Christmas. And I can only recommend it to everyone. The MUNBYN ITPP941 print quality is great, the speed is perfect. Not only DHL labels are printed, but also branding labels for packaging. It's easier and cheaper No, paper and bracket are not included, test paper only.

MUNBYN ITPP941 Drivers Thermal Label Printer

MUNBYN P941 drivers Installation requires skill and research

But as I said, for the price it makes work a lot easier and I would recommend it without hesitation. You definitely don't have to choose the more expensive option. MUNBYN absolutely fulfills its purpose, making work fun and a must in e-commerce.

The MUNBYN ITPP941 goods were super packaged and everything was very well prepared, because in addition to the actual printer, there were other useful things:

- 2 mains cables,

- a USB cable,

- a great USB 2.0 stick made of stainless steel with drivers for MAC and Windows

- there is also a manual and an explanation of the installation

- sample labels

- cleaning cloths

The connection to our iMac under macOS Catalina went smoothly and as described in the manual. You can install the MUNBYN ITPP941 driver directly from the USB pen supplied.

We have not (yet) carried out an installation under Windows and after 4-5 test prints we found the right settings. We printed both text and a graphic. The resolution is very good for a thermal printer, curves are displayed cleanly, we have even scaled a DIN A4 page down to DIN A6 and can even read the text. Respect! All in all a positive surprise!

Download MUNBYN ITPP941 Driver

ITPP941 Drivers for Mac OS

ITPP941 Drivers for Windows

Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer Review

Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer Review

Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer Review

I hesitated for a long time. I had had the idea of ​​equipping myself with a photo printer for over a year now and it was during the Christmas holidays that I took the plunge and opted for the Canon Selphy 1300 printer. Latest model in the range, in pink (obviously!), It had everything to please on paper, but does it live up to my expectations? Is it easy to use? How it works? We will find out together!

Canon Selphy CP1300 test and review

The first with this article which will tell you generally about the device and its strengths and weaknesses. I choose to do this for the sake of fluidity and comfort for you! I also prefer to warn you: I will not speak specifically of the “advanced technical” aspect of this product because other sites do it much better than me but rather on the practical side / quality and results and give you a “first” opinion impressions”. Lovers of incomprehensible terms for ordinary people: You have been warned…

 How does the photo printer work?

The device itself is easy to use. We place the cartridge in its location, load the paper in its tray, taking care to lift the mobile part and then clip the bottom to the printer. We put the device on “On” and then, after having configured the Wi-Fi we just have to start printing either via the Canon application (or another photo collage application of your choice), or from memory card or USB key.

Basically few settings to handle unless you change paper sizes regularly and again, the helping hand is taken quickly! The mobile screen is not touch-sensitive, so navigation in the menus is done using the keys on the top of the device but again, the options are mainly provided to act on the photos brought via memory cards or USB flash drives. If you use a collage application (MOLDIV style for example) you will not need to touch the options via the printer. We will talk about it in the next part.

Is Canon Selphy CP1300 quality of the print good?

Surely the point that interests us the most, isn't it? The printer uses sublimation printing technology. It is a technology which in general brings a real beautiful rendering and respects the nuances of colors. With this printer you won't be disappointed if you want quality prints. Personally, I find the prints to be of excellent quality.

The Canon Selphy CP1300 Pros:

  • Wireless
  • Possibility to print from different media: SD card, smartphone, PC, tablet and USB key
  • Several paper formats: Traditional photo format, credit card format, stickers
  • Colors and renderings faithful to the original image
  • Possibility for example to print labels, photos in different formats and for example identity photos
  • Paper quality, “glossy” effect of the photo and a priori the photo does not yellow over time
  • Easy to handle device
  • Compact (unless we compare to a pocket printer, obviously)
  • Clear notice
  • Practical and aesthetic object
  • Possibility to add a wireless battery

The brand: Canon is still an excellent brand so, well, that too remains a “+” And to finish, the pleasure of your best photos printed live from his office with a beautiful quality

The Canon Selphy CP1300 Cons:

  • Starter pack sold without paper or cartridge, it's a shame (but it is the case of all these printers it seems to me)
  • Cost of refills a little high (well, it depends: for example 108 photos in “postcard 10X15” format comes to $35)
  • Need for a different medium depending on the type of paper used : information not always very clear, risk of disappointment / confusion for the less informed
  • Cannot change the paper size until the inserted ink cartridge is finished. (that sucks)
  • Equipment between smartphone and printer a little laborious at the start but hey! The joys of digital, when you don't want it... well, you don't want it. Never get upset, read the instructions carefully.  It also helps.
  • A little noisy impression
  • Lacks a more creative application to make the collages / formatting of the image

What is the price of the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer?

This printer is sold (for the pink color) on average at the price of $130/140 (variable depending on the color) !! Please note in the starter pack, there is no cartridge or paper, just the cassette which will be used for printing standard photo formats (called postcard formats). A kit that includes both the cartridge and the necessary paper should be purchased directly.

For my part I bought 2 kits in addition to the printer, namely:

→ A “normal” RP-108 kit which includes 108 sheets in 10X15 photo format (“postcard format) and 2 ink cartridges. This kit is compatible with the cassette delivered in the starter pack (PCP-CP400 cassette). It costs on average $35.

→ A “creative” Selphy kit which includes:

1 PCC-CP400 cassette (necessary to print all “KC” reference paper, namely smaller formats than 10X15. Without it, you will not be able to use your label or bank card format refills with the cassette supplied in the Note that it is also sold individually but it is therefore more advantageous to take this pack.)

1 paper kit + KC-18IL ink: 18 sheets to print mini stickers

1 paper kit + still KC-36IP: 36 sheets for printing photos in credit card format

Which in fact gives you at the same time enough to make mini stickers and small photos that you can easily slip into a wallet or put in a planner and diary. The + is therefore the cassette which is sold in the pack since per unit it already costs about twenty euros so good, you might as well take the pack with it and have something to see coming! I remind to make it clear that each pack includes an ink cartridge which is designed to hold the number of sheets included.

You can find the Canon Selphy CP1300 Driver <--- the driver link.

A small video to see the impression of a photo and also to give you some advice and briefly present the menus.

Ricoh SP C261SFNW Driver Free Download

Ricoh SP C261SFNW Driver Free Download

Ricoh SP C261SFNW Latest Driver Downloads

Ricoh SP C261SFNW Download

Ricoh SP C261SFNW Review - Meet the low-cost MFP that suits your small commercial enterprise desires. The pleasant laser multifunction printer (MFP) in your startup or small workgroup must decorate collaboration, boost productivity and provide a low overall value of ownership (TCO).

Introducing the RICOH SP C261SFNw Color Laser MFP - a effective, but compact MFP designed for private customers or workgroups of up to three people. You'll save time by using printing as much as 21 pages in step with minute (ppm) and capture and percentage data efficaciously with reproduction, scan and fax competencies.

• Up to 21 ppm output, print, reproduction, scan, fax
• Up to 2400 x six hundred dpi decision
• Paper capability up to 751 pages
• Easily manage copy, print, scan and fax jobs with a four.3" touchscreen show

Communicate successfully with experiment and fax abilties 

Stay effective and enhance collaboration via optimizing your capacity to proportion information. Scan documents immediately to electronic mail and network folders for smooth digital get entry to and retrieval. Plus, the unmarried pass report feeder (SPDF) helps you to load as much as 50 pages at a time for uninterrupted scanning at up to 40 images according to minute (ipm) (Maximum pace for scanning black-and-white files. The maximum experiment velocity for coloration files is 24 ipm). You can also send faxes in as quickly as three seconds in step with web page. 

Speed up responsibilities and streamline tactics 

Make navigating print, scan, reproduction and fax jobs quick and smooth with the SP C261SFNw's user-pleasant four.3" colour touchscreen panel. You can easily application up to 12 of your preferred settings for instant get right of entry to in your most commonplace obligations. Plus, load up to 3 extraordinary paper sizes and growth paper capacity to 751 sheets with an non-obligatory paper tray for greater efficiency.

Make an impact with notable printing 

With as much as 2400 x 600 dpi decision, you can get vivid colour and crisp black text. Plus, you could speed via jobs by way of printing up to 21 ppm at most resolution. The standard and bypass paper trays assist a selection of media - you can even use up to forty three-lb. Bond/ 90- lb. Index paper to feature some other stage of best whilst imparting your thoughts.

Easily connect with your cellphone or pill 

For added convenience, print from your cellphone, tablet or pc with AirPrint, Mopria, Wi-Fi Direct or RICOH Smart Device Connector. Enjoy extra alternatives with Ricoh Smart Device Connector - which includes printing out of your Android smartphone with the MFP?S Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that let's you faucet your clever tool to the tag for short and easy printing.

Go green with an economical, green MFP 

It would not take tons electricity to hold work moving with the SP C261SFNw - it has a low TEC cost of simply 1.Five kWh/week. With an EPEAT Silver rating and ENERGY STAR certification, you could feel comfy understanding it comes with a low carbon footprint. Plus, automated duplex printing gives you the capacity to cut down on paper utilization via as much as 50%. And with the easy installation wizard, you may have your environmentally friendly MFP up and going for walks right away.

Get flexible abilities at a low price 

If you run a startup or small workgroup, you want a high-quality multifunction printer (MFP) that saves you time and gives low lengthy-term prices. The cheap and compact RICOH SP C261SFNw Color Laser MFP is designed for non-public users or workgroups of up to three people. You'll get jobs shifting quick with print and replica speeds of Up to 21 pages per minute (ppm) and easy connectivity out of your phone or pill. And with a low TEC fee of one.5 kWh, ENERGY STAR certification and an EPEAT Silver rating, you may enjoy low power utilization.

Deliver high-effect communications fast 

At as much as 2400 x six hundred dpi decision, you can nonetheless print 21 ppm to deliver files with vivid coloration and crisp black textual content fast. Plus, the unmarried skip report feeder (SPDF) lets you load up to 50 pages for uninterrupted scanning at up to forty images according to minute (ipm).

Create a person-pleasant computing device 

Simplify experiment, print, copy and fax jobs with the four.Three" coloration touchscreen-store as much as 12 settings for quick get admission to to not unusual duties. Load up to 3 one-of-a-kind paper sizes and growth paper capacity to 751 sheets with an non-obligatory paper tray to boom performance. Plus, with the smooth-setup set up wizard, you will hit the floor strolling right away.

Ricoh SP C261SFNw Features

four.3" colour touch panel streamlines responsibilities and simplifies navigation
50-web page SPDF (Single Pass Document Feeder) supports experiment accelerates to 40ipm B&W / 24ipm Color
Advanced Connectivity with Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX), Standard Wifi and USB 2.Zero
256 MB RAM reminiscence and 400MHz processing speed
Impressive picture excellent with print resolution up to two,400 x six hundred dpi
Print Driver assist for PCL6/5c and PostScript 3
Supports PC, Mac, Linux and Unix environments
Print from smartphones and capsules with AirprintR, Mopria, Google Cloud Print,NFC and Ricoh Smart Device Connector
Thick media help up to ninety lb. Index through the Standard Tray and Bypass Tray
EPEAT Silver rated

Ricoh SP C261SFNW Drivers Latest

Print Driver Ricoh SP C261SFNW for Mac OS X 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13

Scan Driver Ricoh SP C261SFNW for Mac OS X 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13

Firmware and Driver Ricoh SP C261SFNW for Linux

Full Package Driver Ricoh SP C261SFNW for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32-64 bit)
Avision AM3021A Driver Download

Avision AM3021A Driver Download

Driver Avision AM3021A Free Download

Avision AM3021A Driver - They've used the office-important top capabilities of our departmental MFPs and crammed them into this extremely-productive legal-length printing tool. It seamlessly combines print out, experiment, email, fax (option), and backup functionalities. Plus, the merchandise can be linked to the pc by way of a stressed or cordless network. Each such a functions are controlled via the clear and large LCD display display to simplify be hired by using busy workplace homes with high-extent of record distribution.


Duplex Adaptability: Two sided printing, and copying
Print out at as much as 30 ppm (A4 LEF) in dark-colored and white
First printing/copy productiveness time < 11 seconds
Check out in colour up to 600 dpi optical resolution
User-pleasant 1.7" FLF LCD show display screen for clean operation

Avision AM3021A Driver Download


The product turned into created with diverse advanced duplicate functions for (Option) ID credit score card replica, automobile rotate to supplement output paper, newspaper saver to duplicate multi-page record onto an person sheet and and many others.


When the products is linked to your personal pc by having a USB or a community dock, with the capacity to carry out local printing or network printing.

Fax (Option)

While the usage of integrated fax modem (33.6 Kbps Super G3) and yet some other phone line, the merchandise can switch your scanned document to a remote control fax gadget precisely like everyday fax machine. Furthermore, a protection password may be needed earlier than inbound faxes can be paper or removed, and a garbage fax barrier facilitates to protect your privateness.


Without complicated putting in, the product makes it clean to save lots of your scanned picture to a removable disk (Adobe flash) via the USB slot.

Scan-to-electronic mail

The test-to-e-mail feature allows you to test paper-based documents absolutely color and electronic mail them as connection in PDF, JPEG, or TIFF extendable immediately from the products.


The experiment-to-filing feature offers you to check out the files and keep those to a folder of an person computer or any server inside the network which includes FTP, or CIFS.

Clear, & Easy-to-use LCD Display display 

Readable and get around, 1.7-in ., shiny colour LCD display screen courses you via even the maximum complicated operations. Simply make some presses on the manage -panel, your file can be digitized and send out inside seconds.

Optional 35-sheet Auto Document Feeder

Throughout the non-compulsory 35-sheet programmed file feeder, the products lets in a collection of 35-web site file(s) to be always scanned and sent at onetime in dependable high-quality to boost your performance.

Driver Download Avision AM3021A 

User Manual Avision AM3021A

Quick Avision AM3021A
DNP Snaplab+SL620A Sofware Free Download

DNP Snaplab+SL620A Sofware Free Download

DNP Snaplab+SL620A Sofware Downloads

The SL620A kiosk device combines DNP’s DS620A dye-sublimation picture printer, the DNP DS-Tmini order terminal head and custom designed software program. All are designed for an smooth and intuitive workflow that still presents wi-fi phone connectivity and the ability to create picture books.

DNP is devoted to supplying modern and worthwhile solutions to its clients,” said Katsuyki Oshima, president of DNP IAM. “All of our answers are designed with the patron in thoughts, from ease of use and versatility to print speed and amazing output. The SL620A is the today's product advanced with this approach that has made DNP an industry chief in the event photography and photograph retail markets.”

The SL620A is an all-in-one solution that is compact and said to be clean to perform for any occasion attendee or retail consumer. The kiosk can be set up for stop-consumer-going through operation. It additionally functions reduced device size to maximize area and portability. In addition, it offers excessive-capability output.
DNP Snaplab+SL620A driver

The kiosk gives various print length options ranging from three.5×5 to 6×eight inches. It additionally prints four×4-, five×five- and 6×6-inch square prints. In addition, all prints are to be had in sleek or matte finishes. And included photograph-enhancing software program lets in customers to edit any photo as well as upload borders or custom text. Photo books, border prints and ID pics can also be produced.

Built with DNP’s specially designed DS-Tmini terminal head, the SL620A gets rid of the want for a computer. It has a quad core processor and a ten.1-inch, excessive-decision touch-display panel. It additionally accepts media card readers, which includes CompactFlash, SD, microSD, Memory Stick, MS Micro and xD, and has USB ports. Furthermore, the kiosk offers customers the ability to switch and print any picture from iOS/Android smartphones. In addition, the DS-Tmini may be used with two DS620A printers at the same time.

The SnapLab+ SL620A comes widespread with a one-12 months producer’s assurance for the DS-Tmini terminal and a three-year Advanced Exchange assurance for the DS620A printer. The SL620A is to be had for $1,995. DNP’s DS-Tmini order terminal may be ordered one by one for $1,295.

DOWNLOAD DNP Snaplab+SL620A Sofware

Download Here New DNP Snaplab+SL620A 
Download Here Software DNP Snaplab+SL620A 
Samsung Multixpress M4370LX Driver Free Download

Samsung Multixpress M4370LX Driver Free Download

Samsung Multixpress M4370LX Drivers Download

Samsung Multixpress M4370LX driver download

Samsung Multixpress M4370LX Drivers - Samsung’s MultiXpress M4370LX packs an outstanding punch for a exceptionally small gadget – capable of appearing quite a number print, copy, experiment and fax obligations to extraordinarily high standards. With a massive in-built Android-powered LCD display, the printer can assist simplify the procedures of some of these tasks, allowing even the most technophobic of customers to get right of entry to all the system’s advantages.

SMART Printing

The most striking function of the MultiXpress M4370LX from Samsung is the SMART UX Centre – the Android-powered pill device that's used to function the printer. With clean, easy-to-navigate menus and one-click printing, the touchscreen tool guarantees that the whole printing manner is distinctly intuitive and simple.

The printer also accommodates NFC connectivity, meaning that customers can remotely print with NFC-supported gadgets.

Increased Speeds

There are few things extra frustrating in the office than a gradual printer labouring its way through lengthy print responsibilities. Fortunately, Samsung have gone to remarkable lengths to ensure the MultiXpress M4370LX gives comprehensive print assist – capable of printing as much as 43ppm. Additionally, the month-to-month responsibility cycle of 250,000 pages is ideal for businesses which require a massive extent of prints at some point of the commercial enterprise year.

Top Quality Output

The large variety of features and large capacity of the MultiXpress M4370LX by no means compromises the fine of the output. Using Samsung’s Rendering Engine for Clean Page generation guarantees sharper textual content and purifier photos.

Driver Download Samsung Multixpress M4370LX

Scan Driver Samsung Multixpress M4370LX for Mac OS X 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12
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Print Driver Samsung Multixpress M4370LX for Mac OS X 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12
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Print/Scan Driver Samsung Multixpress M4370LX for Linux
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Scan Driver Samsung Multixpress M4370LX for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-64 bit)
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Print Driver Samsung Multixpress M4370LX for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-64 bit)
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