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Download Firmware Asus RT-AC58U

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Asus RT-AC58U Firmware Download. The Asus RT-AC58U is very valuable and looks very good! The software is easy to understand and especially the VPN client has done it to me! because I live in France and still use my Amazon Prime I needed a VPN provider! What was not a problem with the PC Set up with TV / Ps4 etc more difficult! With the VPN client Can I all devices over the Wlan rout Vormachten I would be in Germany and there are no problems! This Asus RT-AC58U router replaces a Linksys WRT160NL which had simply reached the limit due to NAS, Netflix, Xbox and Co. Speed ​​is super over the Gigabitswitch and also over the WLAN I can move data with nearly 21 MB/s according to laptop.

Asus RT-AC58U Router Firmware Download
Only the establishment of the MAC address filter is tedious, since for the 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz seperat the addresses must be recorded. I would buy it again. I used a new router to have a 5 GHz technology and to use MU-MIMO as well. The router is ready within 5min and there are a lot of additional configuration possibilities for professional use. The surface is easy to understand. All in all, my WLAN problems and poor transmission speeds with Full HD streaming are now past. I used to have a router from ASUS, when this was defective, I decided in the meantime for a product of another manufacturer. I wonder why today.

Asus RT-AC58U Firmware Update

Download Firmware Asus RT-AC58U

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC58U
After 2 days test I sold the again and bought me this ASUS RT-AC58U. And that was the right decision. Simple setup, easy operation and he never lets me down. The Smartphone app allows you to make all sorts of settings. All in all a clear purchase recommendation. The Asus RT-AC58U replaces in my case an RT-AC51U, since this does not offer a Gigabit LAN and the WLAN transmission quality with the RT-AC51U is only average. As I think the upgrade has definitely paid off; the WLAN range is considerably larger, especially with the 5GhZ band.

Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC58U
Although the range is not comparable with the 2.4GhZ band, but this is probably due to the technology itself since 5GhZ simply no longer reach can offer. The Recihweite of the Asus RT-AC58U is thus already times very good. The Asus RT-AC58U is connected to a TL-SG108 8-port Metal Gigabit Switch, because the router has "only" 4 Gigabit LAN connections. Again everything works perfectly. The setup is simple: the wizard is self-explanatory, in my case, the router is connected by RJ45 cable to a Telekom Speedport hybrid router and is working in AP mode. All in all a very good router with Gigabit LAN, an improved 5GhZ range and a self-explanatory device wizard.

Download Firmware Asus RT-AC58U Version - 2017 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

Download Firmware Asus RT-ACRH13

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Asus RT-ACRH13 Firmware Download. I have the router as access point attached, since my old TP link the spirit has given up. From budget it has unfortunately for a 2nd Fritz! Box not outdated. The Asus RT-ACRH13 now hangs, as already mentioned, behind a Fritz! Box and serves as access point. Therefore, I can not say exactly how well the device works as 1st router. What I can say however is that the device as access point is super simple. First I have hanged the ASUS router to the current, then connected with the laptop via LAN cable, registered me on the router, clicked on the point, which it was to serve as an access point and finished the setup.

Asus RT-ACRH13 Router Firmware Download
Finally you have to connect the cable from the first router to a free LAN port and you can surf. For security reasons you should of course change the WLAN standard password and activate the MAC filtering if necessary. The latter goes ruckzuck and without problems. MAC address, click the "+" icon, and then click "Apply". That was all. What I noticed until then is that the complete menu of the router was very well kept clear and you very quickly find the most important settings immediately (I hate it if you have to fight through a thousand submenus).

Asus RT-ACRH13 Firmware Upgrade
Download Firmware Asus RT-ACRH13

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-ACRH13
I have connected to the USB 3.0 port still an external hard drive, the releases. The setup itself went again this time without problems and super easy. Just as the users in the router create and the release was a thing of a few minutes. What now the copy speed concerns. The lies with me with approximately 10 MB/s. This speed rate had I had a few weeks ago synonymous with my NAS so I assume that it is s.meinen network. On the hard drive via USB 3.0, the write rate was already about 110 MB/s. In my laptop I still have an 867 Mbit/s 5GHz WLAN card and now online gaming is really fun. I can now without problems on my cable and do not notice any difference.

Download Firmware Router Asus RT-ACRH13
Also the range of the WLAN connection is completely correct. The router is in the basement (steel concrete ceiling) and 2 floors up above I still receive the 2.4 GHz WLAN and can surf over it. What I also find practical: You can turn the LEDs on and off by pressing a button, which is especially recommended when you sleep in the same room, since they are already extremely bright. I had ever had a router from ASUS and its web surface was just as clearly structured and I would always buy an ASUS router from now on.


Download Firmware D-Link DIR-882 AC2600 Gigabit Router

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D-Link DIR-882 Firmware Download. I sold this D-Link DIR-882 router to replace my 880L which turned into moved to my spouse's office. While the 880L became stable, I still had some WIFI lifeless zones within the house which I mitigated with variety extenders. I hooked up this router and the lifeless zones disappeared. The D-Link router software program is first-rate for fundamental configuration and appropriate for most of the people, but I'm a strength person and I need more manage so I established DD-WRT which has worked without difficulty for the reason that ultimate beta construct in March 2017. Prior to that beta, DD-WRT would have an problem with DHCP renewals from my ISP.

D-Link DIR-882 Router Firmware Download
This D-Link DIR-882 is good basic router; an superb price for maximum domestic networks. It is fairly smooth to set up the use of both the guide method or the automated technique that the blanketed commands endorse. We've only been the use of it for a couple of days to this point, however no losing or intermittent connection issues for our eleven gadgets. It isn't twin-band, which is not virtually an issue for us, and it does not have IPV6, which a few descriptions indicated it did have. That's no longer honestly a hassle for maximum domestic networks at this point, but it can be a hassle inside the future if / while we run out of IPV4 addresses for stuff. At ~$forty, it's a solid, dependable choice for a fundamental domestic router.

D-Link DIR-882 AC2600 Firmware Download
Download Firmware D-Link DIR-882 AC2600 Gigabit Router

Download Router Firmware D-Link DIR-882
The 'My D-Link' carrier touted via dlink as a manner to (remotely, if you decide upon) control your connections is not very strong. The alternatives to configure the router are minimal at high-quality; the connections list is extraordinarily sluggish to reply to requests to refresh it, and the 'blockading' capability calls for that you recognize the MAC addresses of all the devices to your network- which might be clean for a few people, however isn't very intuitive.

Download Firmware Router D-Link DIR-882
It diagnosed one in every of our Android ereaders as a 'suspect' device and endorsed blockading it with out a different statistics except a Mac OS. It seems to drop a few connections from the displayed list of connected devices without clarification or motive, despite the fact that I've physically validated the gadgets are still linked to the network. The 'my dlink' carrier additionally allows you to attach remotely using an Android tool which appears to me to be inherently full of protection troubles that I'd for my part favor to keep away from.


Download Firmware Asus RT-AC53 WLAN Router

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Asus RT-AC53 Firmware Download. This Asus RT-AC53 installation is quick and easy. You have to be aware that no modem is integrated here. One connects the router by LAN cable to the already existing modem. Then switch on the router and connect to the open WLAN network of the router. Directly after the connection on my Macbook the homepage of the router opened and you could assign a user with password. The WLAN names can then be selected. The 2.5 GHz network and the 5 GHz network can be named differently. (For non-professionals the 5 GHz network is radio on the 5GHz frequency and is faster than the 2.5 GHz network). The interface for the configuration of the router is clear and graphically not overloaded.

Asus RT-AC53 Router Firmware Download
In particular, it is intuitive and can be operated without any manual very well. The Asus RT-AC53 router provides 2 x Gbit LAN connections. This could be too little for several devices! If the demand for more connections there would have to be a switch. For this, about 10 euros in additional costs. A really great feature! By means of a VPN you have the possibility to establish a connection to the home network from anywhere in the world. The Asus address can be used quickly and easily (DynDs, etc.). So you can establish a connection to eg "".

Asus RT-AC53 Firmware Update

Asus RT-AC53 Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC53 AC750
I really like the VPN feature. This QOS feature allows you to prioritize certain services and applications. This means, for example, that you can prioritize a computer game or services such as Netflix. If you download something at the same time and look at Netflix, then the router takes care that Netflix data packets have priority over the download. Netflix is ​​not braked. This Asus RT-AC53 router can also easily be used as a repeater for an existing network. This allows the network, which is to be expanded, to be selected from a list. Then the password is queried and then it starts already.

Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC53 AC750
Overall a really good all rounder with mature functions and good range at a good price. But you have to be clear with the 2 ports! Otherwise, this must be expanded by switch. I can only recommend the router. If you liked my review, I would be very happy about a "helpful". If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Download Firmware Asus DSL-N17U Wireless-N300 Modem Router

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Asus DSL-N17U Firmware Download. This Asus DSL-N17U modem router on recommendation bought and very satisfied. Runs fast, speed fast, no problems. Many settings possible, only recommended. A top class!! Attention: the attached dsl cable does not fit with every connection. I had to first buy another RJ11. This modem as always super fast and well packaged! The modem rout to install one must always before the provider / InterVender the access data / number for the modem installation / leave to give / give.

Asus DSL-N17U Router Firmware Download
The installation is if you have something quite simple, otherwise simply google google or look at youtube. And after which I had installed the modem router, I immediately tested the PS4. In PSN network test I had right from the start with the new router a NAT type of 2. The FIFA I could play without problems against a friend and chat with him in the "party" which was never before possible. Of course I had with my easybox previously the ports for the PS4 games, unfortunately I had always a very low download speed with the psn network test (about 3mbit).

Asus DSL-N17U Firmware Download

Asus DSL-N17U Firmware Download
Download Modem Firmware Asus DSL-N17U
Now I have a NAT type 2 and the download speed of stable 19 Mbits, which is loose enough for FIFA and BF4 games on europe serversn. The PS4 is connected via the LAN cable + Devolo kit, which I can only recommend to anyone who has no possibility to connect the PS4 directly via LAN to the router. This Asus DSL-N17U also offers the possibilities for certain games the ports quite easy to switch over the QOS function. Since I had from the beginning success I have skipped this step.

Download Firmware Router Asus DSL-N17U
But you have the option. Simply times at youtube enter Asus QOS games. Conclusion: If you like games such as FIFA or battlefield 4, should be in any case times its "standard" rout which it gets from its offerer, if problems with his NAT type or other gaming has. As I said before I could play against some friends and not chatting in the party of PSN, which was very very annoying. This modem router is the simplest solution for NAT type problems and for gamer who do not want to have several ports to switch on.


Download Firmware Asus RT-AC3200 Wireless AP

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Asus RT-AC3200 Firmware Download. The ASUS RT-AC3200 was my second choice as a competing product was out of stock. The router is supplied with 6 antennas which is very reminiscent of a spaceship, as well as a power plug, a network cable and a utility CD. The Asus RT-AC3200 router led me through a quick-start installation and so he was already set up in a few minutes and ready for use. I use the router in a 110 m² apartment stretching over two floors. Generally, I had in my flat so far no WLAN problems I have the router attached, in order to have a better control over my data streams.

Asus RT-AC3200 Router Firmware Download
In addition, to use the WLAN in my garden and on the playground in front of the house (which is about 20m away). Already times in advance, the router has an insane achievement and offers me even outside a very strong signal. But now first times what the features that the router brings with it. It is possible to run the router in the frequency ranges 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously. I have however decided for the 5GHz range, as I think it runs better. A really interesting function brings the router likewise with and indeed the individual services can be different priorities.

Asus RT-AC3200 Firmware Download

Asus RT-AC3200 Firmware Download
Download Firmware Update Asus RT-AC3200
Since I have a lot of uploading through my programming work, the function to this extent is interesting for me that I can give other services a higher priority to ensure the liquid function. This Asus RT-AC3200 router has 4 Ethernet slots and two USB ports, one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0. The USB port can be easily connected to the usual devices which are also used by other routers. Another great function is in my opinion that the router my PC always assigns the same IP addresses which makes me network work very much easier.

Download Firmware WLAN Router Asus RT-AC3200
But now again something to the exciting part: "The range"! I just have to re-emphasize how strong the performance of the router is. I had outside before unfortunately hardly to no signal at all. I think even with very thick exterior walls you need the device do not worry. It is even possible to adjust the strength of the signal in the interface. As an ASUS fan I am really satisfied with this product again and regret my purchase in no way.


Download Firmware Linksys LAPAC1200 Access Point

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Linksys LAPAC1200 Firmware Download. To date, I have 5x Linksys WRT54GL in my entire apartment building in operation. These have been running for several years and have never caused problems. Since I would not want to do without POE and the new WLAN Standarts, a new Access point had to come. For those who want to run a Linksys WRT45GL with POU, a POE splitter would be the right device. I have already tested the following: "Digital Data POS-1002 POE Splitter 5V -12V". Here, all connections are included to power the WRT54GL from the network. And as always, a matter of taste. When I first saw the Access point, I was surprised by the size.

Linksys LAPAC1200 Router Firmware Download
I had expected rather with a smoke detector similar device. To compare it is rather with a plate. I installed the access point on the wall. The wall mount for this is optimal for this purpose. The network cable is a bit fiddly, but everything is quite feasible. I know a little with network technology, hence the startup was pretty easy for me. CD and instructions I have not needed for this. First I connected the device with my computer and the external plug-in power supply. The fixed IP address of the access point is indicated on the sticker on the device or alternatively in the instructions.

Linksys LAPAC1200 Firmware Upgrade
Linksys LAPAC1200 Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Linksys LAPAC1200
This is entered via the browser and the computer should be on the same network, and relatively quickly you can see a nice web interface. The standard access data can also be found in the manual. All important settings can be found quickly and intuitively. The web interface is German, well translated and explained by itself. I have as usual my guest WLAN over a virtual network (VLAN) furnished. This went quite quickly and without further problems. SSIDs can be created for both the 5 Ghz and 2.4 GHz WLAN area. Both frequencies can be operated simultaneously with the access point.

Download Firmware Router Linksys LAPAC1200
The range with 2.4 Ghz is incredible. This access point replaces 2x Linksys WRT54GL. My house consists mostly of solid concrete walls. In a range of 100M2 the reception is perfect. The range of 5 Ghz is the madness. Since 5 GHz can be operated with more transmission power, of course, the reception is also significantly still there. Even with my neighbors, 50 meters further I have in the 5 Ghz still acceptable reception. If you do not mind the size, and a reliable access point searches, which is the correct device. The device is worth its price in any case. Profigators, to which I count this Access point cost as a rule 500 euros!


Download Firmware Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Lite

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Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Lite Firmware Download. On the whole technical stuff I'm not a, see other posts, to me it was just a matter of a reasonable WLAN to a device and the highest possible reach and high data throughput to have. But I have a problem: I have a 1,800 square meters of land with the house in The middle and as usual not everywhere wifi reception. To ran a Fritzbox and 2 Fritz Repeater to the reception on the terrace and some other places to ensure, in the garden and my went nothing! After the tip of an acquaintance, I've added to this part and let it once on an attempt to arrive.

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Lite Router Firmware Download
Unpacked, installed and the first test was impressive, the range and the data throughput are the hammer, so it went into the final assembly! The Fritzbox stands in the housekeeping room to the street, a LAN cable was pulled from the Fritzbox by the ceiling to the floor and directly to the Ubiquiti, this was centered in the house under the roof beam attached to also a reasonable circular radiation of the Property.

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Lite Firmware Upgrade
Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Lite Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite
Tip: For streaming and the usual network stories I used the feed means DLAN through my current network in the house, the result also wonderful and you do not need cable embarrassed. From my 100.000 Mbits connection which actually arrive at the Fritz box! I have in the whole house a top reception (70 - 80 Mbits), in the garden in the last corner you can still surf with about 15 Mbits and even my neighbors in 40 meters air line is wonderful! Conclusion: Just forget everything you had to Dato or have desperately tried and dares times give this a try, you will be amazed!

Download Firmware Router Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Lite
I'm excited, the whole repeater removed and also the WLAN at the Fritzbox deactivated. This WLAN monster now works completely alone, without misfires and a fantastic stability and I finally have a good reception everywhere and that is exactly what I was looking for! Give love feedback on issues and I am pleased when my report was helpful because this Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Lite is a very strong buy recommendation from me! Thanks.


Download Firmware ZyXEL NWA5121-NI Wireless AP

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ZyXEL NWA5121-NI Firmware Download. This ZyXEL NWA5121-NI 802.11 a/b/g/n Unified entry factor from ZyXEL elements a two-in-one standalone/managed AP design, allowing it to function as a standalone AP or as a controller-managed AP when there is further Wi-Fi demand. The embedded antennas and signal output are satisfactory-tuned to furnish handy RF planning and maximum signal coverage. There's channel decision, load balancing, and pre-authentication for seamless roaming and a high-high-quality Wi-Fi expertise.

ZyXEL NWA5121-NI Router Firmware Download
This router features TX Beamforming, LDPC, and MLD for enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio to 3dB for stable wireless carrier and efficiency. The TX Beaming also expands your protection with continuous, dynamic changing of sign phases. The router's ceiling-mount design provides maximum insurance plan and performance by supplying internal as well as outside antennas to increase wireless performance and to get rid of insurance policy useless spots. The ZyXEL NWA5121-NI includes ZyXEL ONE community Utility for a speedy and easy network setup. 

ZyXEL NWA5121-NI Firmware Upgrade
ZyXEL NWA5121-NI Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware ZyXEL NWA5121-NI Wireless AP
By using the company's shrewd connect technology, your networking gear will automatically be mindful of and admire each other, facilitating community renovation through one-click remote capabilities. When making use of your router as a controller-founded WLAN resolution, once installed and powered on, the APs automatically look in your wi-fi LAN controller and set up connections. Making use of the CAPWAP protocol, these connections may also be centered with no need to vary the prevailing LAN infrastructure.

Download Firmware Router ZyXEL NWA5121-NI
The router has been designed with plenum ranking and constructed of non-poisonous materials with out hazardous emissions for suitable public indoor wireless deployment. The ZyXEL NWA5121-NI is ceiling and wall mountable. Plenum rated housing in two-in-one standalone/managed AP design with CAPWAP management supported in 2,4GHz concurrent dual-band and high-efficiency RF technology, including Tx Beamforming and Rx highest probability Demodulation (MLD).


Download Firmware Netgear WNDAP660 ProSAFE

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Netgear WNDAP660 ProSAFE Firmware Download. This Netgear WNDAP660 works well and has a range on par with identical business category models older 802.11 'g' type. The help of VLANs and multiple security profiles makes developing more than one user forms like employee, visitor, and many others, and with different accesses convenient with the right switching equipment. The unit additionally helps PoE, however requires two 802.3af cables to run in 3x3 MIMO mode and it may be comprehensive making use of a single PoE+ '802.3at' cable additionally. I used a Netgear GS510TP switch which helps VLANs and POE+ to uplink this device and everything works good. And as average with Netgear, the interface is just not intuitive and has room for development however will get the job executed. Additionally, there are other facets that look to raised grew to become off.

Netgear WNDAP660 Router Firmware Download
For instance, I found that the automated 20/forty channel width triggered issues and was once better left on the default 20 (your millage may fluctuate). Additionally, the band steerage appeared to reason an identical issues and disconnects, so I turned that off as good. I would buy this Netgear WNDAP660 once more because the minor faults are exceptionally encountered in the course of set-up and day-to-day utilization has been stable once configured appropriately for my use case.

Netgear ProSAFE WNDAP660 Firmware Update

Download Firmware Netgear WNDAP660 ProSAFE

Download Wireless Firmware Netgear WNDAP660
The setup for this targeted gadget used to be very simple. Following the rapid setup guide obtained me up and going for walks in a subject of minutes. This Netgear WNDAP660 AP is POE, which will be very satisfactory for these of you with a POE switch. The mounting brackets are ample for mounting on ceiling and walls, mine is just sitting on high of some place of business furnishings out of view. I should not have a POE swap. This AP has a alternatively giant footprint and takes up a bit of of desk space. Performance: that is the discipline where I've had repeated problems with the gadget.

Download Firmware Wireless Netgear WNDAP660
After setup the AP worked flawlessly for a number of weeks and has immediately began to drop connectivity at random times. I attempted troubleshooting the challenge and eventually gave up and did a manufacturing unit reset. So far it can be been working without drawback for approximately 2 weeks. I will preserve my fingers crossed that this doesn't return. Possibly it was once user error when doing my preliminary configuration.


Download Firmware Linksys EA8500 Max-Stream AC2600

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Linksys EA8500 Firmware Download. My router is now 10 years old and since the DSL connections in the faster and better, I could not use it with my devices. The Linksys EA8500 Max Stream came just right. I'm not a technology freak, but also for me the installation was actually quite stress-free, because it is explained in the instructions well. So the connection to the Internet and to the devices was relatively fixed manufactured. Since I have relatively new devices in the house and also the smartphones of my children are very new.

Linksys EA8500 Router Firmware Download
I can now work with a good reception and also use the faster Internet. Techie's this for techies this device is certainly a treat, but also I am clueless super satisfied. The individual technical details can be found in the description, so I do not give them here again. As a small "warning" for all those who have not yet dealt so detailed with the new MU-MIMO technology: the advertised technology can only be used if the receivers are also MU-MIMO-capable. This is currently only for the latest laptops, smartphones, the case.

Linksys EA8500 Firmware Update

Linksys EA8500 Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Linksys EA8500
However, anyone who wants to be prepared for the future can access it, especially since this router also has the familiar SU-MIMO technology. Because my previous routers my 80 square meter apartment actually covered quite well, I have the Linksys EA8500 test in the house of my parents connected, so far had to work with a repeater, so that the signal really came into all rooms. Here I can now also sit with the tablet on the sofa in the guest room and surf without interfering.

Download Firmware Router Linksys EA8500
From the speed of the data flow (SU-MIMO), this router is comparable to my other routers. The Linksys EA8500 installation places someone who is not just the first router set up before any major challenges is done within twenty minutes. Fine adjustments can also be made as usual. The Linksys EA8500 router has a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port and an eSATA port. The design is of course taste, I am interested in a router but frankly little.


Version 1.1.4 (Build 169978)
Latest Date:  01/08/2016

Latest Date:  07/01/2016

Download Firmware Linksys EA7300 MAX-STREAM AC1750

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Linksys EA7300 Firmware Download. This Linksys EA7300 router simply changed my Linksys/Cisco EA4500 that I used to be utilizing and that i have to say that i'm greater than joyful with this router. There are a couple of causes that push me to offer it a high score, an excellent packaging: the way the unit used to be packed in the box with the power deliver stored it included and safe. The connection and setup had been relatively easy. Having a preset SSID and Password relatively simplify the connection and setup. This Linksys EA7300 router was bigger than I anticipated and looks and feels well built. It has significantly better air flow than my EA sequence and it stays cool.

Linksys EA7300 Router Firmware Download
I've it on a small desktop cooler, because the EA would get quite heat and this one going for walks for 5 days straight still is cold to the touch. This Wi-Fi insurance policy is nothing in need of quality, mainly with the unit in the basement administrative center. Prior to this unit, I had to use a repeater to get just right insurance plan on the 2d flooring, particularly with 5Ghz. With this it covers pretty well as i have now not reconnected the repeater. With the two.4GHz, i will attain attain all the method external to the end of the property which is set 100ft away without dropping much sign.

Linksys EA7300 Firmware Update
Linksys EA7300 Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Linksys EA7300
The configuration: although very similar to the older unit, the functionality is much better. Having a second "free" DDNS alternative may be very welcomed. It helps DynDNS and No-IP. Although i love DynDNS, it's nice to have an alternative alternative. The Port forward choices also look to work better than the EA as I was once having a drawback with a unique function and it worked perfect on this unit. I was very amazed at how my rapid and extra steady the Wi-Fi is with unit. I have a computer on the primary floor with a 5GHz wi-fi adapter and it had a mediocre sign and pace. With handiest changing to the brand new router, the signal and velocity went from a hundred-120mbps to a fantastic 350mbps,

Download Firmware Router Linksys EA7300
My son performs Minecraft on this and it operates much better now. As for the operation and reliability so far, this has been an satisfactory router. Within the five days it has been going for walks, there has now not been a single issue and that i also have not had to reset my iPhone to stay connected. I received this router a free pattern from Linksys in trade for my honest suggestions.. If I had purchased this router, the feedback will be the identical. I can truthfully say that it's my new favourite router. If you are occupied with getting a new one, this would emerge as your new favorite one additionally.


Latest Date: 10/31/2016

Download Firmware Linksys WRT3200ACM Wifi Router

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Linksys WRT3200ACM Firmware Download. I now give my opinion, because I always synonymous here after experience reports bother. Especially when it comes to WLAN, then this is always so ne thing. The fact is, the WLAN technology does not promise what one really hopes. I have since made some experiences with it. Now for the Linksys WRT3200ACM. I needed a router, which covers largely all premises of a single family. According to advertising this is possible. The router must be in the basement, because here the connections (Telephone / DSL) from outside. So far I had a Linksys WRT54 G in the employment. Who really made me happy. This sparked over four basement walls to the PC, probably without problems with appropriate performance.

Linksys WRT3200ACM Router Firmware Download
Now I have a notebook and would like from the living room also into the net. And here the problems arose. A connection setup was a blessing. When a connection was established, she suddenly lost again. So an alternative had to come. I informed myself on the net and ordered at Amazon a RangeMax router from Netgear and this Linksys WRT3200ACM. Hardware issues: Keller-PC: PCI Card Linksys. Notebook:. USB stick from Netgear WG111 u AVM WLANSTICK 125 MBit.

Linksys WRT3200ACM Firmware Update
Linksys WRT3200ACM Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Linksys WRT3200ACM
Since I already knew, went as a rapid installation Configuraton of Linksys, I tried only out of Rangemax from Netgear. I will not go into the installations here in detail. The result of the Rangemax of Netgear was "embarrassing" bad. May perhaps be due to the missing Rangemax counterpart. In any case, he did a lot with me. The thing looks something for Apple hardware, but does not fulfill its purpose. Now to the Linksys router: The first Positive ware the configuration (via browser) and this is (probably firmware dependent) now in German that I was not used to.

Download Firmware Router Linksys WRT3200ACM
The router astonishingly connects at low connection strength (as the previous Linksys router WRT54G) and keeps it also. Although it does not reach to the roof, but on the ground floor I can move freely and spark. From Linksys there are still alternative antennas, which strengthen the reception still and I can only recommend. I hope my long recession will help those who have the same problems. It would be nice if there were companies that could help. Maybe there is the yes, but in my research I am not found.

Firmware Linksys WRT3200ACM Install tutorial

Latest Date:  10/25/2016
Download Firmware Linksys WRT3200ACM

Download Firmware Asus DSL-AC87VG Modem Router

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Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Download. My problems is that I still have with my USB drive, which I still have no access over the network. Unfortunately also the WLAN range with this super router with 4 antennas seems a little smaller, than on my old DSL-AC68U. The firmware is still still Beta stadium. At least with my "old" router, Asus has been quite diligent updates. The thing is always a real log. I had to be so big? My age was already quite big, but it is really big. Still the current consumption of this block remains. I'll check times, I fear not good.

Asus DSL-AC87VG Router Firmware Download
My age has already fueled energy well. With 2,4 / 5 GHz WLAN around the 15 W, should not be better with the new one and if one requires VoIP, the part must be 24 hours in operation to be reachable by telephone. Ok, for the WLAN one can create timetables and turn it off at night, for example, saves about 2 W. Some options in the setup are a bit limited, but should be improved with upcoming updates. Small addendum, but it is synonymous still completely new with the first firmware. The DHCP server is not running yet.

Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Update
Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Asus DSL-AC87VG
It occasionally throws out clients with fixed IP. After a reboot, it knows it again. And it has already synonymous once in the form of no DSL sync and accordingly no Internet access. I am optimistic, however, since Asus has delivered with my old router some updates. The thing has almost still the beta software. The first Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Update available. Device runs for about 2 weeks of continuous operation including VoIP absolutely stable. No crash / reboot.

Download Firmware Router Asus DSL-AC87VG
So far, it is doing exactly what I expect. Unfortunately, a connected USB drive can still not be integrated into the network under Window 10, but I am in contact with Asus Support, who answered quickly with solution suggestions and would like to forward the problem to the developer department. Let's see what is going to happen with this developer department. If folders on a USB drive can not be connected as a network drive, this is of course total mischief. Is actually a NAS function, which still does not work.


Download Firmware Asus RT-N66U Wireless Router

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Asus RT-N66U Firmware Download. I bought this Asus RT-N66U router as a replacement for the RT-N56U. This I have brought through a USB hub for smoking, you should always take the right power supplies, just as a tip. From the predecessor so ever on the ASUS track, I was now looking for a replacement quickly and came across these fellows here. Who calls its router "Dark Knight", should already offer what can. I was not disappointed. The thing looks really good and weighs the cooler correctly also what. One is looking forward alone by the optics, its money not to have thrown out the window. The Asus RT-N66U configuration goes super fix.

Asus RT-N66U Router Firmware Download
The router by cable to the PC, open a browser and he asks the right questions. No two minutes later you are on the net. I tested the transfer rates with two 300 Mbit PCs and a 150 Mbit notebook. The notebook creates an incredible 7-8 MB / s in the next room in the 2.4 GHz range. The stationary media center with 300 Mbit putes 16 MB / s through the air and the computer in the upper floor creates 14 MB / s. The 5 GHz band I could not test in the absence of hardware, but my Fritz repeater certifies this already times a good receiving performance. Now I have but also luck and have here only 3 to 4 stars in it.

Asus RT-N66U Firmware Update
Asus RT-N66U Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-N66U
My previous routers have but these dream values ​​can not deliver. The range is also very good, still in the garden (3 walls) with my I9000 good reception. I run beside my NAS still a USB disk as an FTP server at the router, works also wonderful. Only my SCX 3200 does not want to function properly, does not switch off from the power saving mode again. Well, there is worse, runs over the NAS. Let's see what the update brings. The TomatoUSB and DD-WRT I have not yet tested. I dont trust as yet, the router runs simply too well.

Download Firmware Router Asus RT-N66U
Just leave your fingers off when something works. So, a really nice and valuable router. Clear purchase recommendation. This Asus RT-N66U router has been running for more than a week also with the TomatoUSB firmware of Shibby. So far I have no problems and I am still extremely peace with the router. The performance is still outstanding. I now returned to the original firmware. Runs absolutely stable and scan over the router now works perfectly. Simply a super router. At last I did not throw my money out to the window.


Download Firmware Asus RT-AC1200G+ Wireless Router

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Asus RT-AC1200G+ Firmware Download. Before this Asus RT-AC1200G+, I had a TP link TL-WDR4300 dual dual band N750 Gigabit router. With this I was not quite satisfied. Despite full speed at the cable modem in 100 Mbits I had on the PC in the same room over WLAN 2.4 GHz on average only 50 Mbits. Ok, for the home use is enough, but I have now times a 100 Mbits connection and pay for such a. In addition, the speed in the next room was still very marked. So have me informed and am on this relatively cheap Asus routers pushed. With the idea of ​​extracting more speed from my 100 Mbits port, I bought it. In short, I did not regret it!

Asus RT-AC1200G+ Router Firmware Download
The Asus RT-AC1200G+ router is easy to connect and install. After commissioning came the positive surprise and I suddenly had a multiple measured average speed of ALWAYS above 80 Mbits. This is probably within the tolerance range. In the next room, it was still over 50 Mbits. I'm very satisfied. In short a prime router at a very good price-performance ratio. The Asus RT-AC1200G+ router is the hammer. I had many years ago Tp-link and always thought the isses. What a fallacy. The WLAN is extremely stable.

Asus RT-AC1200G+ Firmware Update
Asus RT-AC1200G+ Firmware Update

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC1200G+
The user interface in zig languages ​​a small masterpiece and the app for smartphone and tablet with which a lot of things can be comfortably adjusted (guest access, fast-setting, enable Samba sharing, DNS server etc etc) a brilliant idea. (Mu-mimo, max 2-fold), USB connection with a very good throughput of 22Mb / s in the price class and 17Mb / s at the same time Writing. It's getting better, clear. But in the price class no device is known to me. Firmware update easily via the web interface and retrieval from the Asus server. IPv6, jumbo frames, configurable as Access Point and MediaBridge, Reboot Sheduler, etc.

Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC1200G+
Overall, I am very satisfied, especially the stability sets. I bought the Asus RT-AC1200G+ to build a small subnet with DHCP and WLAN in a network with a fixed IP allocation in order to be able to provide an Internet connection flexibly and without long configuration. The device works as a second router in a cascade. It was easily possible to make these somewhat unusual settings, and the device ran straight away. WLAN is fast and stable. It also provides a USB memory stick for fast data exchange on the network. Access to it works perfectly from the connected Linux computers and mobile phones.


Download Firmware Asus RT-AC51U Wireless Router

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Asus RT-AC51U Firmware Download. After my old TP link router with my parents with DDWRT unfortunately no longer satisfactory and the failures piled up, had a new device. And after a short search in the net I am on this model of Asus pushed and have me after my good experiences with the products of Asus in the past then also for this Asus RT-AC51U router decided. Unpacked, plugged in, briefly run through the simple setup and tada, the router is running and splits the connection between 3 PCs and 6 mobile devices. So, what I noticed directly during the installation: Here someone has thought about!

Asus RT-AC51U Router Firmware Download
The menus are clear and simple, you will find everything you would expect. As a small 'bonus' you also have a reasonable system protocol, which is only interesting for people who have knowledge of Linux. Above all, a positive aspect is that the router has 802.11ac. This standard allows a wireless connection rate of up to 433 Mb / s (802.11n '300 Mb / s) with a maximum range of 50 m. In the house of my parents this is sufficient for a good cover from the 2nd floor -> EC.

Asus RT-AC51U AC750 Firmware Update
Asus RT-AC51U Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC51U
The USB 2.0 port, which serves as the interface between a small NAS (16 GB USB flash drive) and the router, is also a nice, (now luckily standard). The speeds are certainly not outstanding 'synonymous the FritzBox of AVM (7490 & 7390) is not better here' however, to stream smaller contents (series in 720p or music). Only one point I feel no longer quite contemporary: The router has unfortunately no Gigabit LAN.

Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC51U
The main point here is actually directed to the cable cover, which has been working perfectly since the installation. For the price of 40 € one makes, if on Gigabit LAN can do without actually nothing wrong. The router does its service faultlessly and the WLAN reaches also a good data rate. For a router in this price class can be so very satisfied and the design does not have to hide the router also in front of a Fritz box.


Download Firmware Asus RT-AC88U Wireless Router

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Asus RT-AC88U Firmware Download. The property with the RT-AC88U replaced a RT-N66U, in the hope that I have on both floors in the whole 120sqm apartment better WLAN reception and in the outer corner also FullHD movies without jerks / misfires can stream. The Asus RT-AC88U router, like the old RT-N66U, hangs centrally in the apartment at the same position on the wall. Yes Wall mounting possible! Previously, I had occasionally rucker at FullHD movies (Netflix, Amazon Prime, TV streams), or crashes in games with server connection, if I wanted to look at the floor underneath in the TV room what.

Asus RT-AC88U Router Firmware Download
With this Asus RT-AC88U is the story. The WLAN range is only slightly higher, but the stability and the data throughput is much better (also with N-WLAN). Strangely the 5GHz signal is extremely strong, which should have by the higher frequency less range. So if you are looking for a WLAN monster, you will find it here. The firmware update from the ASUS support site, not from the auto-updater!

Asus RT-AC88U Firmware Update
Asus RT-AC88U Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC88U
The 8 GBIT ports is now optimally to all kinds of smart home connections (alarm, IP-CAM, network radio, NAS, PC). There is now also a beta firmware to MU-MIMO unlock that should Then bring another kick. The ASUS is unbeatable in terms of software support, the previous model has gotten updates over the years and is running very well. Think therefore that the AC88U will be so. If you need even more functions, the Merlin firmware can pull, this is based on the ASUS firmware, but has many optimizations / extensions.

Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC88U
The Asus RT-AC88U router unit does not make any noise (passively cooled!) And stays warm (not hot). The only criticism is that the USB3.0 port is at the front. Would have been nice if also on the back 3.0 ports would be present, so that no cable in the front destroyed the optics. Untill now, this router Asus RT-AC88U is still running as on the first day. I have also installed the latest Mu-MiMo firmware. Runs 24/7 stable, not yet experienced a single misfire.


Download Firmware Netgear R8500 Nighthawk AC5300 WiFi Router

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Netgear R8500 Firmware Download. How Netgear R8500 did this all figure out subsequently? Very very well and enormously joyful. It took me around 20 mins to established the brand new router following those instructional materials. After I utilized all my new settings I then up-to-date the Netgears firmware. For some cause I wasn't able to make use of the " search internet for improve" so I simply went to the Netgear support web page and downloaded the file and manually inserted it, worked like a attraction.

Netgear R8500 Router Firmware Download
I reside in a 2 story, 5400 rectangular foot dwelling and despite the place i'm in the condominium I are not able to unfastened a single bar. My sign is so powerful and rapid in spite of what gadget i exploit. I will even go external in my yard and i am still able to hold all the sign bars. Making use of my Galaxy S4 and my Nvidia guard i'm equipped to recover from 80mbs down load pace preserve in intellect each of these devices take expertise of wireless AC.

Netgear AC5300 Nighthawk R8500 WiFi Router Firmware

Download Firmware Netgear R8500 Nighthawk AC5300 WiFi Router

Download Router Firmware Netgear R8500
My look after just gave me eighty five/39 with a 18ms ping after strolling a further experiment just now. And speaking of the Nvidia look after, what a first-rate gadget it is. I is not going to get into how a lot i really like my guard, on account that I do. I picked mine up from another retailer on a distinct and don' regret it one bit. I understand it hasn't caught on much but someone out here possibly interested to grasp that this router works flawlessly with shield.

Download Firmware Router Netgear R8500
A different intent I purchased this Netgear R8500 router, on account that it is listed on the Nvidia internet site as a endorsed sport circulate router. Making use of my fios router my pc recreation streaming my choppy and barely playable on my shield. Utilizing this Netgear router i will be able to now flow flawlessly with out a hiccup. I have been taking part in Batman Origins and Borderlands 2 streaming from my computer all day and i couldn't be more satisfied.


Download Firmware D-Link DIR-890L/R AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router

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D-Link DIR-890L/R Firmware Download. I bought this D-Link DIR-890L/R and it is very highly-priced, wireless router on the foundation of the great studies here, and from the tech folks at the WSJ. However, for me, it can be been a nightmare. I used it to exchange a Cisco/Linksys E3000 router, which was working ok. This beast I have got to reboot the entire method from my DOCSIS 3.0 Cable modem, the entire way to two Roku streaming boxes, an VoIP cell process and a powered 10/100 hub providing wired Ethernet to 3 printers, at the least three-4 occasions every week. Some days it doesn't "see" the printers, some days it does.

D-Link DIR-890L/R Router Firmware Download
Most days, I have got to reboot my iPhone 6 and my iPad as a minimum once to get video streaming to work. Even my Mac Book professional some days displays a message announcing it can be needed to disable my web connection for 1 minute as a result of a WiFi trouble. And I see no examples of increased wireless variety, or the mysterious "band-steerage" technology. I even printed out all a hundred and eighty pages of the manual, and have followed its directions cautiously. It works for a day to 2, then it is again to "can't hook up with printer" or can not "see" my iPhone.

D-Link DIR-890L/R AC3200 Firmware Download
D-Link DIR-890L/R AC3200 Firmware

Download Router Firmware D-Link DIR-890L/R
I am scripting this on April 1st, however this router is beyond a shaggy dog story, it is a nightmare. I wouldn't endorse it to my worst enemy. I updated to firmware FW1.03.B07 on April 2nd as instructed through brand even though I had became on automatic updates. Process was good enough overnight, however by way of the next morning, the problems re-appeared. So I clicked on the link provided from my Mac Book professional, and it got here again with "Server now not observed".

Download Firmware Router D-Link DIR-890L/R
So I accessed from my iPad, filled within the info. Requested, then bought an error message announcing D-Link was once unable to acquire my request, and that technicians had been looking into it. What a catastrophe. In my pre-retirement world engineering at Cisco programs, I used to call products like this "engineering prototypes". I'm penning this on my iPhone, due to the fact that as of 7:00am on April 4th, each my Mac Book and iPad don't have any web access. I'm taking this pile of pricey junk out of my method at present.