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Download Driver Samsung SL-C410W

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Samsung SL-C410W Drivers Download. The Samsung Xpress C410W is a solid processed printer, which measures approximately 38 × 31 centimeters (46 × 31 including a paper drawer) on average for the devices we tested. Held in the standard gray of most peripheral devices, the C410W only sets something like design accents through its clean lines. The paper tray holds 150 sheets of paper, but the output tray fits only 50 sheets of paper, a bit less if you want to print larger jobs unattended. The C410W does not have a display to indicate the current operating status.

Drivers & installation
After unpacking, we set about using the paper drawer and adjust it but not an easy task, the whole part is very windy. Above all, setting to the right paper size requires a bit of tact, if you do not want to break the thin plastic by mistake. However, problem-free is the insertion or replacement of the toner cartridges to deal with. Comes with a black and three color cartridges, each containing toner for up to 700 prints in subsequent purchase, they offer with twice the capacity of up to 1,500 prints.

The installation of the printer driver and software was easy in our practical test. We were able to set up the connection via the supplied USB cable as well as via WLAN in a few minutes, and also the installation of the software was quick and easy. The WLAN connection proved to be extremely stable and could cope with larger print jobs.

Samsung Xpress C410W print quality
Although the Samsung Xpress C410W is a color laser printer, its strong points are black and white. Here he has convinced us in the test with razor sharp text and a rich, deep black. Even smaller font sizes are printed clearly and legibly, and even in the margins of the page, the text is not washed out. Graphics prints the Samsung also in very good quality and better than the Brother HL-3140CW and the Dell C1660w, both of which disappointed in the black order.

When it comes to color printing, the paper used makes the difference: with normal standard paper, the colors of the Samsung Xpress are full, but they tend to fray slightly, especially in the margins special paper helps. True photo printing dominated the C410W, of course, not good for printing colored text and colorful graphics, holiday memories on photo should then but rather with a special printer on paper to be immortalized. Still, compared to other models, even with the slightly more expensive HL-3140CW from Brother, the quality of photo printing for a non-photo printer on the Xpress C410W is still fine.

With a print speed of 17 pages / minute with plain text printing, the C410W is on average (the Brother prints 18 pages in one minute, the Dell model only 9 pages), the low warm-up time of 14 seconds is convincing. For color printing, the Samsung needs a warm-up time of about 25 seconds before the first pages leave the printer at a speed of about 4 sheets / minute in rather slowly. The comparable HL-3140CW from Brother makes about 18 pages per minute and even the Dell C1660w comes at least 6 pages / minute.

Equipment and functions
The C410W does not have special features such as a cut-sheet feeder but unlike the Brother HL-3140CW and it focuses on the essentials, which means in its case: printing in black and white and in color. After all, the C410W here has a little something special: the eco-button can be printed very toner-saving and thus environmentally friendly and the quality of the prints is then a bit worse than in the normal print mode, for designs but still sufficient.

Samsung SL-C410W Driver & Software Download

Download Samsung SL-C410W Printer Driver

Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-C410W
Since Samsung places emphasis on mobile printing with the Xpress series, the C410W has a special feature: anyone who wants to print documents or photos directly from their smartphone can either send their files to the printer via WLAN from the Samsung Mobile Print app, or transmitted via the NFC standard by holding the smartphone over the corresponding field on the printer.

Samsung Xpress C410W consumption
Even though the Xpress C410W is eco-friendly thanks to Ecoprint mode that the device can not be switched off completely so that it consumes 9 watts measured in standby mode and in sleep mode the printer will take over after a certain amount of time Inactivity added, after all, still 1.4 watts. During the printing process itself, the Samsung Xpress C410W has an average power of about 300 watts.

As far as printing costs are concerned, the Samsung Xpress C410W shows itself split in two. In black and white printing, the page prices with 3.6 cents are rather low and cheaper is only the Brother HL-3140W (2.9 cents), the Dell C1660w, however, prints for 4.5 cents per page. In color printing, the Samsung 16.2, however, is on average more comparable printer (the Brother prints color for 13.6 cents when using a jumbo toner, the Dell for 16.8 cents). Convincing are the operating noise of the Samsung, both in standby and in printing mode, the C410W quieter than many comparable devices.

Our conclusion
In the two perhaps most important issues are driver installation and print quality has make the Xpress C410W from Samsung everything right and can almost completely convince us here. Only a few things that were not completely unimportant in everyday life were negative in the practical test, such as the somewhat windy paper drawer and the lack of a power switch and a display. On the whole, however, the Xpress C410W is a color laser printer that is impressive and lets us do all the printing jobs assigned to it properly and reliably and that's exactly what a printer should do after all. Above all, the home office is considered as a place of work, but here is a good all-rounder needed. However, if you want to print large amounts of plain text, you should take a closer look at the Brother HL-3140CW printer.

Download Driver Samsung Xpress SL-M2026

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Samsung Xpress M2026W Drivers Download. The laser printers are in demand. No wonder! After all, they are made to print more. They work with a toner that comes in both color and black. It then depends on the printer model which of these two toners can be used. With little effort, such a laser printer can be operated. Usually the printer only needs to be connected to a power outlet and a button pressed. The computer then detects the printer as soon as a driver has been installed. This can usually be downloaded directly from the manufacturer, if he is not on an extra CD with it. A good example of a laser printer, which impresses not only by its good looks, but also by performance, is the Samsung SL-M2026 printer. This is a test that highlights all the benefits of that device and shows what to expect.

First of all, you have to search for his place, or a place where these printers should be. Thanks to its special dimensions, this printer is able to save as much space as possible. Which has the advantage that even the smallest space, or space under the desk can be used meaningfully. At the same time, the printer is a real eye-catcher. This should not be underestimated in an office. But what are the exact characteristics?

Fast printing
When printing, it is often on the speed. If you can then print with a very fast printer, it's good for the workflow. Of course, the print speed only refers to the pages that can actually be printed within a certain time. And so there are up to 20 pages that can be printed per minute. Quick to print a few pages twice, or even whole brochures is not difficult with such a laser printer from the test. And this is where the biggest advantage over other printers becomes visible. With a normal inkjet printer, so much printing would not be possible. Although the speed of many printers is already so mature that there are no problems in this regard, Nevertheless, a laser printer of this quality can still call for more power and is also economical. Because a toner creates up to 2000 and more pages.

How is printed now?
The printing technique used here is called NFC technology. Which means that mobile printing can be enabled. This is especially useful when printing from mobile devices such as the smartphone or tablet. Inside, a fast 400 MHz Cortex™ - A5 processor has been installed, making it always possible with mobile transmission. Samsung manages to combine different technologies in one device. And so it is the ReCP technology, which is also responsible for the fact that the device can print even better.

How does that work with the network?
No one had to study at the network. Because this is one of the simplest tasks that can be claimed when printing. Thanks to this WPS button, it is then possible to immediately search for the network in which the printer was integrated. Of course, this works perfectly wireless.

Conclusion of the properties
Fact is, when the properties are considered, it is noticeable that a lot of technical highlights can already be expected here. And also the operation of this device is absolutely easy and understandable. Mobile printing is one of the strengths, as well as the speed of printed pages.

Where are the buttons of the printer?
If you take a closer look at the printer, you will notice that these buttons are located directly on top of the printer. There they are even colored, so they can not be overlooked. The buttons are almost self-explanatory. And so the power button is nothing but the button or button to turn it on and off again. With the WPS button, as already mentioned above, the required network can be found and found directly. This takes little time. An extra logo on the printer points out once again that with this printer it is always possible to print via smartphone or other mobile device.

What about the connections?
The connections may expect the classic USB port. This port makes it easy to connect the computer to the printer. Otherwise, the right power plug is still available. The mains connection is located directly on the back. And even the area in which the toner is placed, can be opened with little effort.

Samsung Xpress M2026W Driver & Software Download

Samsung Xpress M2026W Drivers Download

What can be expected from the driver?
The driver has something special to offer. Because this is a driver, which was specially developed by Samsung and is, according to comparison, responsible for saving even more printing costs. By using this driver, you can save up to 20 percent on your printer costs. Less paper, energy, and toner consumption are the result of this driver system. A driver who has already received an award because he is so innovative.

Is there a difference between text and image quality?
Whether texts or images, this Samsung SL-M2026 is able to print everything in brilliant quality. And so it is above all the resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, which sets the tone and ensures that everything can be displayed perfectly. The Rendering Engine for Clean Page technology optimizes the printing performance or the result of the printout. Even devices of the same brand can rarely match this printer quality.

How important is the Easy Printer Manager?
With an Easy Printer Manager it is possible to never lose control over printing. Which means that this is the command center. From here it is possible to control or adjust everything that has to do with printing. Even the current printer status can thus be monitored. This becomes important if the printer has a toner that does not print well or the paper is simply missing. Whatever the printer is missing, the manager displays everything reliably.

Which colors are to be expected?
The color was set according to test on a particularly chic ice gray and ebony brown. These two colors have no difficulty finding their way around an office. And so it is possible from the beginning to accommodate this printer not only technically but also optically in an office. The working environment will literally merge with this printer. It is the most compact printer from Samsung. Reason enough to convince yourself of this quality, which will prove a good service even after years of use.

  1. Download Driver Samsung Xpress SL-M2026 for Linux
  2. Download Print Software Samsung Xpress M2026 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)
  3. Download Driver Samsung Xpress SL-M2026 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Samsung SL-M2876ND

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Samsung SL-M2876ND Drivers Download. After having this Samsung SL-M2876ND for a little over a week now, I would like to share my previous experiences and impressions with you. I've seen and built some printers in my life. The device looks good at first glance and the illustrated installation instructions, which should always be used as an experienced user to really remove all transport locks before you turn on the device for the first time, shows you what you have to do. Installing the drivers with the "Samsung Printer Diagnostics" tool is almost as easy and much easier than I am used to, for example, with HP printers from the OfficeJet 6xxx and 8xxx series.

Simply click on what you want to install, click on Install and it will be properly installed one after the other and the latest driver versions automatically downloaded. I think there should be no problems even for less experienced users. The Samsung SL-M2876ND quality of the prints is optimally optically evaluated. The font is sharp and even in ECO mode, which saves toner, there is still enough toner on the sheet, so that the font is not already greyish as with other devices. As can be read in other reviews, the covers and covers should be difficult or hakelig to open.

Samsung SL-M2876ND Driver & SoftwareDownload

Samsung SL-M2876ND Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M2876ND
I definitely can not confirm this with my device! The cover of the scanner opens easily and smoothly and remains open even at a position of about 25-30 ° even and does not pop up again, if you slip off, etc. The cover can then be locked in two stages and you can easily his Hang up documents. The only thing I would like to criticize after this short time is that the paper when printing in A4 mode about 5cm protrudes from the printer to the rear. Thus, there is always some dust from there, which migrates with the next print through the printer. This could have solved Samsung better with a simple plastic cover, to better protect the inside of the printer from damage caused by dust, etc. What I noticed when ordering. It is when you put the printer in the shopping cart trying to sell a 3 year warranty for 40 € surcharge.

The device already has a 3-year Samsung warranty. Would the Amazon explain why you should buy an extra warranty!?! Best price performance ratio for the home area. The printer is only a few weeks old, will still show just how he makes in the long run Sun .... so far, everything was great. You do not need to print color, if you want to print photos, go to the photo shop. Since my old printer was defective, I bought this model as a replacement and must say "a pity that the old printer is not broken long ago". I think the device and synonymous with the price-performance ratio-super. The operation is easy, it was easy to install, the print quality is 1a and the option to print 2 in 1 saves a lot of paper, toner and power. I would buy again anytime.. Now you can download the drivers below, or you can also visit this Samsung SL-M2876nd drivers.


Download Driver Samsung SCX-4021S

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Samsung SCX-4021S Drivers Download. The integration into our LAN with two Windows 7 and one Windows 8 computers worked smoothly with the provided software. Print jobs are executed quickly, the device is quite quiet. Even the scanning to the individual PC's works fine. A small downer there is: the display of the printer is not lit and can not be read in a poorly lit installation at night without additional lamp (for example, if you want to select the appropriate PC for a scan). After years of inkjet printing and the constant problem of dried ink (and the expensive new purchase) I am fully satisfied with the Samsung multifunction device. Even AirPrint from iPad and iPhone work fine, although I thought that this feature was not part of this printer model.

All in all, a sophisticated and affordable device for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. I have long searched for a multi printer in the price range around 200,00 € which meets my requirements. Since it's almost always about text and scanning, there is no better device in my opinion. The Samsung SCX-4021S is ideal for my small office supplies. After a very short warm-up period, the device operates reliably at a very low noise level. The display is unfortunately not lit, so that the display is not easy to read. All in all a very cheap and reliable device.

Samsung SCX-4021S Driver & Software Download

Samsung SCX-4021S Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-4021S
The Samsung SCX-4021S driver installation is only possible via a printer USB cable with the PC. Unfortunately, this is no longer included with Samsung and must be purchased separately as an accessory. An indication in the offer of the multifunction printer would be helpful. The device can not be connected to the Speedport W921V router as a network printer. With the multi device very peace makes everything what it should! Also over network everything runs super! Connected and off we went! Samsung SCX-4021S Did everything Scan Scan Copy Fax and print and have to say that I am very happy with!

I have a 2 laser printer from Samsung the CLP 315 color and was always at peace and that for 5 years. If the new holds so great then I am very peace! It can the brand Samsung only recommend! I am enthusiastic about the device, and I am not without reason a big fan of SAMSUNG. Technically very demanding, just a class. The device is worth every penny. Delivery as always packed quickly and safely. Installation no problem, everything went self-explanatory and swiftly by the hand (WIN 8). Printing, faxing, scanning works flawlessly, the small utilities inform about level etc. All in all, top.


Download Driver Samsung ML-1676P

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Samsung ML-1676P Driver Download. I was very unsure about this Samsung ML-1676P printer, because many users had complained about pressure points in the paper. I have to say I did not notice anything! The paper is not claimed by the printer. The print quality is very good and after 500 pages less than half of the cartridge is still used up. Can recommend this device. Very solid printer for the price. Printing result is also good. Due to its compact, small size, the device hardly takes up any space on the desk. The accessories are spare cartridges to have the 18, - Euro. I am very satisfied with the purchase of the Samsung laser printer. He prints very reliable, fast and relatively cheap. For those who use a printer for home use, it is highly recommended.

The toner cartridge is easy to replace. Only those who want to print photos should have some difficulties with the formats. From me this printer gets five stars. An optimal home device and for the price exactly what it promises. About the pressure traces described I can not report anything, the print quality is excellent. If now the cartridge keeps so long. Samsung netbook, first shock the thing has no drive, and I was afraid because of the driver CD, but connected and barely 5 minutes later, all the drivers were automatically installed and the printer was ready to go, then I gave the print job shot out a sheet , and I thought okay a small test, a blank sheet runs first through the printer, I take it out and see it is already printed! And razor sharp, without any flaws! Through the printing process, running marks are created on the paper through the paper transport rollers !!! Otherwise the printer is pretty small and quiet.

Samsung ML-1676P Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Samsung ML-1676P

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-1676P
The printing speed is really good. The Samsung ML-1676P printer is suitable for home use. The quality of the print is very good and the device is easy to use and to put into operation. It was already a black printer cartridge in the package and I can only recommend the device. The only drawback that has occurred so far is the missing mount on top of the printer for the already printed paper. You should always be there when printing and remove the pages one by one, otherwise paper jams can occur. Because my mother (69 years) was looking for new printer without drying for her aged pc-both have the same super-easy operation - have mine for over a year and the prints and prints and prints had not yet change cartridge is really satisfied. Samsung ML-1676P prints in good quality. Of course, preparing the first print job takes a few seconds.

As far as I know, this is normal with laser printers. To the roll strips: When the paper leaves the printer, they are really terrifyingly clear - the grabs to tremendously. At first I was scared about it. But when the paper cools down (it's about xerography), it smoothes out again. To .pdf: I had problems at first, ie he did not print the documents. I had to turn off the function "print on both sides", then it worked. What I'm not sure about yet is the toner consumption. The original cassette is emptied at about 500 pages to about 20%. I have just ordered and received the> Samsung ML 1675 (1042 / MLT-D 1042 S / ELS) - Compatible - Black toner - 2.000 pages <for 32, - Euro via Amazon from CMN Printpool. Let's see what it does. Last thought: Why does an original Samsung cassette cost more than the whole printer? Is the replacement cassette higher than the one supplied?


Download Driver Samsung ML-6515ND

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Samsung ML-6515ND Driver Download. The Samsung ML6515ND printer. For whom is the product suitable? The Samsung ML-6515ND stands out for its fast printing speed, which despite its small dimensions of 46.4 x 54.0 x 42.0 centimeters puts it in the field of high-performance printers. This will be especially enjoyable for users in offices, where hundreds of printed pages have to be regularly distributed. Thanks to the Ethernet connection, the printer can be comfortably controlled from multiple workstations. Strengths and weaknesses.

While the print speed of most monochrome laser printers is currently 30 to 40 pages per minute, the ML-6515ND simultaneously prints a whopping 62 pages at a standard print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. With optional high-performance toner cartridges, up to 30,000 pages can be printed without toner change. Of course, the Samsung also masters the duplex printing, which helps save paper and allows the printing of brochures.

Samsung ML-6515ND Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Samsung ML-6515ND

Download Samsung ML-6515ND Driver
Unfortunately, paper has to be refilled in between, but at least the printer has a 520-sheet paper cassette and can be retrofitted with additional cassettes. Overall, a paper supply of up to 3,660 sheets in DIN A4 format is possible in this way. This will certainly be over several working days. Price-performance ratio.

The amount of more than 1,100 euros, for which the Samsung printer is currently offered on Amazon, is certainly not a little, but pays for itself by the high printing speed when it comes in the office on it. Although the ML-6515ND is not yet the fastest laser printer on the market, but for the Brother HL-S7000DN100 , which prints 100 pages per minute , almost three times the price has to be spent.

Download Driver Samsung SCX-3405

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Samsung SCX-3405 Driver DownloadI've been using this Samsung SCX-3405 printer for several years now and am quite satisfied with the price-performance ratio. And under Windows 10, the printer is detected, but the driver is not installed. The enclosed Samsung SCX-3405 driver CD installs all required drivers and programs. Under Linux (Xubuntu) you can load a script from Samsung, which automatically performs the installation. Impeccable print, scan flawless. Highly recommended. I have the device for quite a long time and I'm completely satisfied with it.

It works fine so far, but it can easily happen that he prints something wrong, but there you can just watch out for something. Should the paper go off, just insert a new one and open the lid once and after closing it will continue automatically (although it has been said otherwise). If you print a lot, you should probably buy another printer, but for a normal household this is very well suited and if I have to write whole stories for review every time and it is not enough if I click on the star rating, I will click away your requests in the future. The procedure is totally childish and steals time.

Samsung SCX-3405 Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Samsung SCX-3405

Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-3405
The Samsung SCX-3405 print was ready to use immediately. However, the wireless connection is not running smoothly. After a job is printed, you have to first shut down the PC. Only after restart can the second print job be started. That's why only 4 stars. Otherwise everything is fine. I chose the printer Samsung SCX-3405 because I also had the predecessor and was very satisfied with it. Besides, it is easy to handle. I have ordered this device for my grandmother and am very satisfied, because the device is very good copies and very easy to use. Switch on, place the copy template on the scanner and press Start. I'm already thinking about getting the same device.

This Samsung SCX-3405 scan resolution is amazingly good for the price, better than Aldi scanners. Together with a cheap color laser the cheap solution for the home. A really good multifunction device, where just the price-performance ratio is right. The price even includes a FULL color cassette. Easy to handle without much reading; Plug-and-work goes without saying. The Samsung SCX-3405 printer, scanner and copier is just as I imagined. Once it's set up on WI-Fi, it works great. The device should not try a normal mortal with normal PC knowledge. I also had to get help.


Download Driver Samsung ProXpress SL M4070FR

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Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR Driver Download. This Samsung has expressive performance. With very good print speed and great monthly cycle, printer arrives to fight for market leadership. With significant numbers, Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR Laser comes with all the competitive market printers. Since nothing is perfect, it has the downside the fact that monochromatic. Check out our review. Although it is monochrome (not prints in color), Samsung SL-M4070FR is a good and fast printing. In a minute, this machine prints 40 pages in A4 and 42 ppm in letter. Your monthly cycle of 100,000 pages is so good that satisfies any company, whether small, medium or large.

Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR Printer Driver Download
The image resolution, however, is average: 1200 x 1200 dpi. As usual, the copy speed is exactly the same as printing: 40 ppm in A4 and 42 ppm in letter. The resolution, however, is lower at 600 x 600 dpi. The good news is that just as in printing, the duplex is built. With this, you can print and copy on both sides without the need to turn the sheet manually. Despite being smaller, the scanning speed is also very good: 24 images per minute. The optical resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and comes at the maximum of 4800 x 4800 dpi. This printer also has the fax function, which has a 33.6 kbps bit rate. Its resolution ranges from 200 x 200 dpi 300 x 300 dpi. Installing this printer happens either via USB cable for the CD that came with the product. Supported operating systems are: Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP / 2008R2 / 2008/2003, Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.8 and Linux / Unix. These connections on this unit are: Interface Hi-Speed USB 2.0 / Ethernet 10/100 Base TX.

Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Samsung ProXpress SL M4070FR

Download Driver Printer Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR
The design of this printer is very traditional, taking the side of the tray, which is rather delicate. Its dimensions are 46.9 x 44.43 x 48.21 cm (W x D x H) and weighs 17.07 kg. Made in white and brown in the lower part at the top, this printer has the control panel located on the front. In it, we find a LCD screen, 10 numerals buttons, 4 directional, an OK, back, menu, stop / clear, power / standby and start. As you can see, the menus are in English, which is a problem for those who have no basic knowledge of the language. This printer has input 250-sheet tray, a multipurpose output to 50 sheets and a 150-sheet face down. If you are not satisfied with the amount, you can purchase an optional tray with a capacity of 520 sheets.

Download Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR
The types of roles are supported: A4 / A5 / A6 / B5 ISO / JIS B5 / Executive / Letter / Legal / Folio / Legal / Statement / Custom. The supply of this printer happens through black toner cartridge. The yield varies between 3000 and 15 000 pages. We believe that this number is sufficient for more than a month. As would be expected, the power consumption of this printer is a little high: 700 W. Its noise level is just above the average of the competition: 57 dBA. If you purchasing this lovely wonderful super duper awesome product, you will receive an instruction manual, toner cartridge, USB cable and 12 month warranty certificate. Okay bro this product is so good, it is difficult to say that this printer is not a good deal. Not even the fact that it is monochromatic decreases its good points. It's really a great product from Samsung.

Download Driver Samsung ML-2165

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Samsung ML-2165 Driver Download. This printer combines performance and profitability with the compact and stylish Samsung ML-2165. This compact printer offers easy control of costs to ensure that you stay within budget. It is also simple to use, faster printing and useful functions. Print quickly and efficiently, and saves space and money with this Samsung printer. Enjoy cost-optimized results every time you print with Easy-Eco Driver Samsung. With this useful software, you can have an accurate preview of your document before printing and adjust the quality, color and other settings to meet your needs and specific budget, eliminating step text, images and other elements resulting unnecessary. You can even monitor what you save, such as paper, toner, energy and overall cost. Say goodbye to the impressions that should be ruled out and discover a more economically efficient printing.

Samsung ML-2165 Printer Driver Download
Find out how your printer management with Easy Printer Manager is simplified. The integrated EPM software allows you to quickly configure and monitor the device status using a simple software to use. Do not ever worry you run out unexpectedly toner, because with our Easy Printer Manager can easily comply with a request toners, device discovery, link applications and other functions. The Print Screen (Print Screen) button on the ML-2165, conveniently located on the control panel of the printer allows you to print contents from your screen quickly and easily, even when you're not near your desk. It does not take more than a touch. With one click, you no longer need to edit or trim unwanted content from Web pages or original documents. If you want a single page, that's what you're gonna get. Simply press a button to print your screen as it appears on your monitor. Hold the button for more than two seconds for the ML-2165 prints the last object that you activated on your monitor. Now you can print anything, anywhere.

Samsung ML-2165W Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Samsung ML-2165 Monochrome Laser Printer

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-2165
With the increasing demand for office space more efficiently, the Samsung ML-2165 laser printer is a perfect choice. The compact size printer 13.0 "x 8.5" x 7.0 "provides the standard in premium printing. The small to medium businesses and home offices will find it ideal. And, since it has a design as compact, it becomes easier to carry it. So, save space and problems with the Samsung ML-2165 laser printer and its modern compact design. Protect your printer and prints reliable dustproof design. The innovative design features a dust cover. Prevent dust contamination not only ensures that the paper is free of dust before printing, but also keeps undamaged internal mechanisms. This intelligent design helps prolong the life of the printer, while ensuring reliable and professional-looking prints.

Download Driver Printer Samsung ML-2165
Do not settle for slow printing. With the fastest print speed of Samsung 20 pages per minute, you can reduce the time spent around the printer. The best printer performance accelerate workflows and allow employees and businesses realize their full potential. If what you need is to make a good impression, nothing shows more professional than the incredible clarity of 1200 x 1200 dpi produced by Laser Printer Samsung ML-2165 results. The high resolution print of this caliber ensures that important prints, presentations and reports, presenting an accurate and remarkable appearance. Give your tasks every opportunity to make an impression with this high resolution.


Download Driver Samsung SL-M2070W

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Samsung SL-M2070W Driver DownloadSamsung SL-M2070Wquality B / W printing. The Samsung masters its core competence: Prints in black and white are fine and rich in contrast. Maybe you have to reckon with small traces of rolling on paper - at least occasionally reported by buyers on Amazon.

Copy & Scan
Your scanner reads your documents true to the original, sharp and above all vertically. I do not like him so much that he leaves a lot of time and could be a bit quieter.

Costs & Range B / W Printing
The printing costs are just under € 3.75 for 100 pages. That's pretty steep compared to other laser models. Your budget will therefore be heavily burdened, especially if you regularly print a lot.

Print & Scan
The equipment of the Xpress is mediocre. Although you get an automatic feeder scanner, but missing a cut sheet feeder and - particularly uncomfortable in the office - a duplex mode for double-sided printing.

Samsung SL-M2070W Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-M2070W

Download Driver Samsung SL-M2070W
Wirelessly and wirelessly send wirelessly print jobs reliably and quickly from smart or iPhone to Xpress. A practical alternative is the LAN socket. Although it requires a cable, it guarantees stability in return.

Paper tray
The paper tray is in my opinion not a highlight. It only has space for 150 sheets and can not be completely closed. Your paper is therefore susceptible to dust - the same applies to the mechanics.

Service installation
After studying all the tests and opinions, a clear picture emerges: The Samsung is set up in a short time, the procedure is largely self-explanatory and understandable to laymen.

Too bad in my view is the somewhat small display, which is also not touchable. Nevertheless: According to most buyers on Amazon, you should be able to use the Xpress without any problems.

Download Driver Samsung CLP-325W

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Samsung CLP-325W Driver DownloadThe most beautiful design in this comparison, the CLP-325W is all rounded by the side matte black plastic and the top plastic bright cream. Your tray is peculiar. It does not go completely under the printer and also stretches to accommodate A4 pages and greater. It is the heaviest among the tested at 10.2 pounds. Within its huge box came Toner thousand monochrome or 700 color, power cord, USB cable, warranty, quick manual and a huge multilingual manual to configure the wireless network - useless. Its buttons are all on the top and are three: energy, cancel and WPS. It also has LEDs for supply levels, one for problems and one for the wireless network.

Samsung CLP-325W Printer Driver Download
We learned the lesson from the previous Samsung and, above all, we run the configuration cable and the CD. But, again, we had problems with the wireless configuration thanks to little information on connection in the manual. We do not use WPS technology - also this button on the ML-1865W - because the wireless router does not have this technology. Again, check your model of before thinking about using it. In addition to the wireless network - protocols IEEE 802.11 b / g / n - she also has input for 10/100 Ethernet network. Full well.

Samsung CLP-325W Drivers Download
Download Driver Samsung CLP-325W
Download Printer Driver Samsung CLP-325W
She is very quiet, just like my wife when I sleep with her, no noise at all. Both in color printing, and in time to be monochrome. The speed was according to that Samsung promises, led 19/2 to start color printing and seven for monochrome; to print, were 16 pages per minute in black mode and four per minute in color mode. It is not fast, but good definition. Makes up to 2400 dpi in color. Not so good for color as one ink jet, but did well. In monochrome, matched to the quality of HP.

Despite all the resources, it does not spend a lot of energy. There are approximately 350W when active, and as has stand by mode, spend even less when not printing, and can be turned on again by tapping the button. Samsung did not report spending in this scheme. Like all, it prints in a series of media, supporting papers with up to 220 grams. It also works with transparencies - only monochrome -, labels, cardstock, recycled and photographic. She only tray holds up to 130 sheets, the lowest test capacity.


Download Driver Samsung ML-1865W

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Samsung ML-1865W Driver Download. A small printer that fits anywhere. Slightly larger than an ink jet, the ML-1865W is compact and has discreet and elegant design. All black, is finished in glossy and matte black plastic. Closed, goes unnoticed in the home office corner, but with the tray open to trim the input and output paper, the look just getting a little impaired. If you like to leave the leaves always in the printer for any emergency, will hide part of their elegance.

Samsung ML-1865W Printer Driver Download
Even small, is relatively heavy: they are nearly five pounds. Inside the box we find a toner cartridge 700 pages, power cord, USB cable, CD with software and three manuals, a quick reference, a quality assurance and one for the wireless network. Yes, even cheap and small it works wireless. A special button, the WPS enables connection and automatic settings without touch anything but your wireless router need to have an equal button, then you need to check the model. Speaking of buttons, beyond that, there is only power.

Samsung ML-1865W Drivers Download
Download Driver Samsung ML-1865W

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-1865W
After a quick assembly, installation. In wireless mode, it was not found automatically by Windows 7, and must install the driver and connect the printer cable to make it all work by Samsung software. It was just complicated by little information about the WPS button - it would be better if it was automatic. It works via USB or wireless, the IEEE protocols 802.11 b / g / n. The two panel lights indicate connection problems and show that the wireless network is connected.

Download Driver Printer Samsung ML-1865W
At the time of work, had no problems. She is silent during printing and only hear the roll of the page. It took five seconds to start printing of a normal 20-page document and made 19 sheets in a minute (Samsung promised 18). We printed a picture in high definition and it did well, especially in the larger setting mode, it will up to 1200 × 1200 dpi. It accepts virtually every type of paper, including labels, envelopes, card stock and transparencies. The ML-1865W proved one of the most economic test. According to Samsung, she spends 350W of power when active, but has a technology that lets in standby, consuming only 3.9W. To make it "wake up" just press the power button.


Download Driver Samsung SL-M2875FD

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Samsung SL-M2875FD Driver Download. After more than 6 months of use I am very satisfied with the device. The prints are clean and the paper feed is always straight. The feeder scanner pulls each sheet clean individually and works quickly. The overlay scanner also works properly. The operation I feel at the control panel as intuitive and easy and the included software which has been repeatedly referred to as very bad, it is sufficient for me functional. A little confusing and maybe getting used to, but overall it reliably fulfills its purpose. This Samsung SL-M2875FD replaces an older, much more expensive brother MFC and I have not regretted this decision for a second. On the contrary, I am very positively surprised by the device! Price-performance I think is absolutely fine. Samsung SL-M2875FD works fine, the paper feed works well if you want to copy several sheets in a row. After a short explanation of the "copier" is also not very technical talented to use. Let's see if this device may soon replace the thermal paper fax machine, which is here vehemently stapled.

Samsung SL-M2875FD Printer Driver Download
This Samsung SL-M2875FD meets my expectations in all respects. I wanted to provide a high quality laser printer for private / business use (teacher and learning therapist), optically reasonably neat and able to scan etc. Currently the printer is in operation for just over a year. The Samsung SL-M2875FD drivers is easy to install, very user-friendly and offers a flawless print - all that we wanted. All previously ordered for about 25 € "no-name" toner could be problemlso install. This was also a reason to decide against Brother, since I was already reliant on the original toner on 2 devices of this manufacturer - others did not accept the devices. A not inconsiderable cost factor! If necessary, I miss a built-in on / off switch, since in standby mode, energy is still consumed. We have therefore interposed a connector strip with switch. From us a clear recommendation so I will now buy the color laser variant of the device for my operation.

Samsung SL-M2875FD Drivers Download

Download Driver Samsung SL-M2875FD

Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-M2875FD
Good workmanship, Good user manual, Good copy and scan quality, Duplex scan not possible Print very well, so you have to hang up double-sided templates by hand. Unfortunately, the small display is not lit and difficult to read. If you want duplex printing you have to go into a menu and then select a submenu that could be better organized with a button. After the fast delivery of the device, it was time to unpack. I loved the safer packaging and securing the components of the printer. Here is really been considered how he arrives properly on site without suffering damage. Quickly out of the box and then removed all security tape, connected and installed the driver on the PC. Everything very simple and without leaving any questions. Right after the easy setup and installation, a test of the printer. Scanning, faxing or printing is great fun for the printer as it's all so easy and fast. I've had a lot of printers in my life but this one is a stunner.

Everything goes very fast, no matter what you want from it. The running operation is also problem-free. After switching on the energy-saving mode, the device reliably wakes up again and again and does its service in the usual speed. I highly recommend this Samsung SL-M2875FD printer for Windows 7 (64-bit) operation. And at the same time as my laptop / computer, I also "threw" the old and vulnerable HP multifunction printer out of our WLAN at home. And: The installation of the Xpress M2875FD / XEC went without a hitch. I prefer puristic and fast on my computer and I did not want to install the Samsung software if possible. This was a monster at HP. That was no problem at all. Windows 10 and also the WLan recognized after connection the printer immediately. Printing, scanning, faxing and copying work perfectly, even duplex.


Download Driver Samsung SL-M2825ND

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Samsung SL-M2825ND Driver Download. Now the Laser is small but very powerful. Light and compact printer draws attention for its printing speed well above expectations for a geared device for home and small business. Everyone knows how uncomfortable take home a style printer "tumble". Thinking about it, Samsung launched the SL-M2825ND Laser, a lightweight, compact device that performs well and has the only problem the fact not copy and not scan. Check out our review. Facing the micro and home use, Samsung SL-M2825ND Laser draws attention to be very small - 368 x 334.5 x 202 mm (W x H x D) - and also very lightweight - 7.4 kg - making it easy find a place for it in the environment. Although compact, it is misleading to think that it is not powerful. With print speed of 28 ppm in A4 and 29 ppm in Letter, this printer comes to have a performance similar to that of some competitors that focuses on larger companies. As a result, the work efficiency in small business tends to be better.

Samsung SL-M2825ND Printer Driver Download
Besides the good print speed, this device has a resolution a bit unusual: 4,800 x 600 dpi, while most competitors appears with 600 x 600 dpi or 1200 x 1200 dpi. With it, you do not need to wait long for the first print: only 8.5 seconds. Very small, this printer has plastic finish and the top is all done in black, while the rest of the handset comes in white. In this printer, at the top left, we find four buttons: ECO, start, pause and on / off. Being a simple monochrome printer without the functions of copying or scanning, this Samsung device has no screen or menus, and it does not lack in the machine. In addition, it also has no special function, as can edit files in it or print directly from the phone. Normally, the printer will recognize your computer as soon as you connect with each other. However, at the time of purchase you will receive an installation CD, in case it does not do this work automatically. The operating systems that support it are: Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 2008R2 / 2008/2003, Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.8 and various Linux operating systems.

Samsung SL-M2825ND Drivers Download

Download Driver Samsung SL-M2825ND

Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M2825ND
Besides having a good print speed, this printer also does well in the question monthly cycle: 12,000 pages / month. This device has only a tray (a drawer, actually) entry, which has a capacity of 250 sheets. Since the output of the sheets occur at the top of the printer, it can handle the same amount that the entry. The papers in this printer are supported: A4, A5, A6, B5, C5, C6, Letter, Card, DL, Envelope, Label, Executive, Legal, Legal and Transparency. The supply of this printer can be done in two ways: toner cartridge and drum. The first option prints between 200 and 3000 pages, depending on the model, which comes with the product prints only 200. The second option is a standard yield of 9000 pages. The connections found in this printer are: USB 2.0 High Speed Interface / Ethernet 10/100 Base TX. Despite not having Wi-Fi connection, you will set up more than one computer at a time. This printer has a power consumption of 400 W and a very low noise level: less than 50 dBA.

Download Driver Samsung SL-M2825ND
Connections, accessories and options. By purchasing this product, you will receive together a Black Toner Cartridge, a power cable, a CD (Driver, Application) a quick installation guide, a warranty card, a product registration card and a USB cable. The warranty is one year and there is no option for it. Although the printers are easy prey for the multifunctional, this device until draws enough attention. With better than expected performance for home use and micro-enterprises, it will be a good option if you do not need to copy or scan.


Download Driver Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW

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Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW Driver Download. Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW is the first NFC-compatible printer Color laser all-in-one Wi-Fi. The Samsung SL-C460FW Xpress is a color laser all-in-one Wi-Fi, first of its kind to offer NFC compatibility. Just touching an NFC-enabled smartphone allows you to organize an impression, or scan a photo or document directly from their mobile device, safely. This NFC technology is available in three color laser products marketed in September: a single function printer Xpress C410W, a three-in-one called C460W and model tested by us. Its size and weight (40 x 36 x 28 cm 14 kg) ranked at the compact range. This is a kind of robust two-tone cube, which contains the four functions of a multifunction all-in-one. With USB 2.0 interfaces, 10/100 Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct and NFC, a WPS button and a standard memory capacity of 128 MB - capable of easy sharing within a group 20 people - the Samsung CLX-3305FW is compatible with Windows (from XP to Windows 8), Mac OS X (10.4 to 10.7) and Linux. Another good point, it does not only include the SPL-C language - language of Samsung printers - but also the PCL-5c, PCL-6c, PS3 and FIU. Although qu'ornée buttons, the panel is clear and easy to use. The information is displayed on both lines of a black and white screen: a little old school and less friendly and a large color touchscreen.

Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW Printer Drivers Download
It is reminiscent of another existing model, almost entirely consistent with this: the Samsung CLX-3305FW, which has the same engine and the same cartridges. What really changed here is the implementation of NFC. To enjoy the NFC connectivity, simply ask smartphone * to the place dedicated to the printer. Automatically, the mobile app Samsung Mobile Print loads into the device and turns the smartphone or tablet into a real remote control, to print or scan a photo (JPEG or PNG), a web page, PDF, MS Office documents, or Google Docs, regardless of their weight. Ultimately, the real value of NFC precisely to directly install the App Samsung Mobile Print. NFC simply pick the app on the store and the user can then be connected to the printer from the mobile device.

Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW
Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW
Once the smartphone set to the printer, the print mobile app offers three tabs: print, scan, fax. For printing, simply choose from the direct access to the gallery, with Google Drive documents, Gmail, WebPage, document or Facebook account. The user can directly from their smartphone, indicate pages that wants to print, type, paper size, number of copies, color or black and white ease, fluidity and intuitiveness. But then why the hell on a multifunction ergonomics so advanced and for the world of work, is the duplex past forgotten? Table regrets, we also inscrirons low capacity paper tray (150 sheets). For a company that is little, especially since the printer does not have a second tray. Especially that the printer is supposed to accept any type of paper (glossy, recycled, thin).

Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-Xpress C460FW
The printer datasheet clearly indicates the same speeds as those identified by our stopwatch: 18 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white and 4 ppm color. These print speeds are quite slow for the laser, especially in black and white. In comparison, the Laser Jet Pro 400 color MFP HP M475dn prints 22 ppm in color and black and white, the Ricoh Aficio SP C242SF 21 ppm. The resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi and four cartridges ensure accurate color prints, sharp and faithful. Despite a very light frame effect, the legend of the chart below is perfectly readable and flat tint of color is doing very well in the reproduction of shades.


Download Driver Samsung M2835DW

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Samsung M2835DW Drivers Download. This time samsung manufacture printer is a reliable high quality printer that allow you to print anything you like in multifunction mode, it also support many window operating system including MAC and Linux OS. With its laser technology will ensure you very best image photo printing that will make you feel so satisfaction, for a professional photographer this printer is so suitable, also suit for your home work or office to print any iamge, PDF, document and many more. Samsung will give you all printing service you need.

Samsung M2835DW Printer Driver Download
Download Samsung M2835DW Printer Driver

Download Printer Driver Samsung M2835DW
Brand: Samsung model: M2835DW printer: Black and White Laser Type Technology Laser Printing
Resolution 4,800 x 600 DPI. Printing time 8.5 seconds first page - Print Speed 29 ppm
Print Language SPL (Samsung Print Language) / PCL5e / PCL6. Paper feed tray 250-sheet input with Paper Size Width: 76-216 mm and Length: 127-356 mm.
Types Bond Paper, Cardboard, Envelopes, Labels, Plain Paper, Pre-Printed, Recycled Paper, Thick Paper, Thin Paper, Transparencies. Monthly Duty Cycle 12,000 Pages, Noise Level <50 dBA printing and Memory 128 MB with Processor Speed 600 MHz

Driver Download Samsung M2835DW for Window, Mac and Linux
System Requirements: Interface Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 802.11b / g / n Wireless, Wi-Fi Direct
Software Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 Pro, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Home x64, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Professional x64 also Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
Physical Characteristics: Dimensions 368 x 335 x 203 mm and Weight 7.4 Kg
Cartridges: Included Cartridge 1,200 standard pages, Compatible MLT-D116S: standard cartridge 1,200 pages, MLT-D116L: high yield cartridge 3,000 pages and MLT-R116: 9,000 pages Drum Unit.


  1. Download Driver Samsung M2835DW for LINUX 32/64-bit
  2. Download Driver Samsung M2835DW for Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10
  3. Download Driver Samsung M2835DW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Samsung SL-M2022

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Samsung SL-M2022 Drivers Download. Designed for easy, intuitive operation, Xpress Series SL-M2022 saves you time and effort. Faster printing and high quality prints. A fast printer means a faster flow of work. It has a 600 MHz processor and 128MB memory that let you print up to 20 ppm. Ergonomic design. Worry no more space. Its compact and elegant design makes a nice office mate. Very recommended printer for professional office work with super fast printing will help you to finish your project faster. Not only for window, this printer also support for MAC and UNIX Linux Operating system that widely operate right now.

Samsung SL-M2022 Printer Driver Download
Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-M2022

Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-M2022
Brand: Samsung Model: SL-M2022 printer: Black and White Laser Type Technology Laser Printing
Resolution Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. Time to first page print Less than 8.5 s (pending)
Print Speed Up to 20 ppm in A4 (21 ppm in Letter) with Printer Language GDI
Food standard 150-sheet paper tray: Size A4 / A5 / letter / legal / executive / Folio / legal / ISO B5 / JIS B5 / on (com10, DL, C5) / Custom (76 x 127 mm Paper - 216 x 356 mm / 3 "x 5" - 8.5 "x 14")

Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M2022
Types Plain / coarse / fine / cotton / color / preprinted / recycling / tag / card / bond / file / envelopes
Monthly Duty Cycle Up to 10,000 pages. Memory 128 MB with Processor Speed 600 MHz
System Requirements: USB 2.0 interface (cable not included)
Physical Characteristics: Dimensions 33.2 x 21.5 x 17.8 cm and Weight 3.97 kg

Download Driver Samsung CLX-3185FW

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Samsung CLX-3185FW Driver Download. To say it right away: Who decides on a purchase of the CLX-3185FW, can hardly do anything wrong. The compact design, the whisper-quiet printing after a pleasant short recording phase and the high quality of prints form an ensemble that is unrivaled among Laser Multifunctional devices, but is currently hardly find. Given these strengths, some weaknesses are all the more incomprehensible. These include an unnecessarily small display, as you would not know from the first generation of black and white laser printers, which can badly or not be seen due to its horizontal configuration, unless you're looking vertically from above onto the device. Who like me is forced to the CLX-3185FW establish about 15 cm above the desk height, must reckon with problems or sometimes take a chair to help to read the display.

Samsung CLX-3185FW Software and Driver Download
The dimensions must also be borne in mind that this is not very lush sized paper input tray, which necessitates frequent "recharging", additionally protrudes about 10 cm. This is a concession to the compactness of this elegant looking device, which only a few to be desired otherwise. Prints in color or in black and white are properly and incoming faxes amazing clarity; the copier / scanner system is extremely fast, and the cover has an elastic hinge for copying book pages. The little tight sized output tray ejects the paper pleasantly smooth and without waves or curved side edges. Also jams I have not been able to find.

Samsung CLX-3185FW Software Download
Samsung CLX-3185FW Driver Download

Driver Download Samsung CLX-3185FW
Unfortunately, printing and fax settings can not be adjusted or changed as with other printers on the PC. There are so far no dialogue program between PC and printer, through which one the device characteristics can adapt to your needs: You can only retrieve the PC, but do not change. Rather, you have to make this about the poor visibility and not illuminated display directly on the device, which for example means that any fax number of the speed dial manually entered and must be stored on the device. This is a throwback to the Stone Age of the printing software.

Download Driver Printer Samsung CLX-3185FW
Since I use the printer in a network need (permanent 1 desktop and 2 laptops), easy integration into a wireless network played a key role for me. Here the problems begin, which are poorly or not at all documented in the manual. After installing the printer driver on all participating devices there first no problems. These are formed only after the drain and reconnection, so-called waking from standby mode of the device or when you restart the router because of the award. "Dynamic IP address" because the printer case every "forgets" his partner. Remedy initially creates the WPS button, which automatically looks around the network for connected devices. However, this often happens only by repeating what is quite annoying in the long run.


Download Driver Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW

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Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW Driver Download. With the printer power cord and a USB cable comes with. Movable elements are externally fixed with an adhesive tape that you naturally first have to remove. It depends also not to overlook a large paper plate forward that you first have to get rid of the backup process, the toner cartridge. For this you have to open the door to the unit to be able to take out. This is all described very easy on the enclosed instructions. For A4 paper you have to pull out the holder in the drawer back, unfortunately, so I watch the back a bit and the paper there is also no longer protected against dust, etc. It would have been better Samsung have designed from the outset the case for A4. In addition to the drawer for the paper supply, there is also a small flap on the drawer for the sheet feeder, for example, for envelopes.

Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW Printer Driver Download
If you just want to print only via USB, connect the USB cable and download previously the Universal printer driver from Samsung and install. The installation asks everything from what is needed. Done. Of course you can also use the local driver on Windows is installed automatically by Windows, but I would advise against it and always take the printer driver from the manufacturer of the course is adapted to the devices and offers all the features. In wireless one must note that the printer only understands the 2.4 Ghz band. Anyone traveling in the 5 GHz band can not use the printer to the router and must advance the switch. For wireless printer must first know what it is to use Hotspot and also the corresponding login naturally.

Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW Software Driver Download

Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW
There are just a tool which can be downloaded from this website. "Easy Wireless Setup" displays all discovered wireless hotspots, where you can then select his and may also specify the corresponding login information. Thus, the data is sent to the printer, the application requires the connection of a USB cabels. You can remove the USB cable again. Now the printer is available as a network printer and you can install the universal print driver from Samsung, which then brings the whole setting dialogues etc. Yes, and that was it already. Printing works right away, you get the typical settings presented before you print and everything went absolutely smoothly.

Download Driver Printer Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW
Print from your smartphone was not difficult. Samsung offers the Mobile Printing App for Android on Google Play Goals, which should be installed in advance. If the smartphone / tablet NFC support is the establishment almost automatically. Man holding the smartphone only to the printer (on the site of the NFC receiver / transmitter is a sticker) and allow the smartphone all settings automatically fetches and aligns wifi direct an order then to print directly over the network. About "parts" can then by any application that supports the Print (then simply selects the Mobile Print App from) and it works great! The printer automatically wakes want to print if an application, otherwise it is in standby mode and works wonderfully. Of course you can also print on the Google cloud, which makes sense when the printer is not on the network and is operated as a pure USB printer directly to a computer as well if you want to move (so first in the cloud) print it then bring later on paper.