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Download Software Garmin VIRB 360

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Garmin VIRB 360 Software Update. The Garmin Virb 360 review, a robust 360 degree camera. You see them more and more often: the 360-degree cameras. More and more photo and videographers use these unique cameras to capture images, in which you as the viewer determine the perspective. We went to work with the Garmin Virb 360, a high-end 360-degree camera, to see if it is worth it! As is known, a 360 degree camera takes up a circle around the image (this does not necessarily have to be a full viewing angle, so 360 degrees can also be a horizontal panorama, without image below and above). This image can have been created in different ways: by a sensor with an ultra-wide lens that makes a photograph in one go, or it is a composite image from multiple photographs. Currently we still see very small sensors in such 360-degree cameras with very limited dynamic range, so they can only be used as a 'gadget' and not as a full camera.

Garmin VIRB 360 Firmware Update
Does the Garmin change this? There are many different functions on the Garmin Virb 360. So you can not only film at 30 frames per second in 4K, but also take photos of up to 15 megapixels. You also do not have to worry about shooting everything in 360 degrees, you can also choose to use the front or rear camera. The camera has two lenses and together they ensure that everything is filmed or photographed at the same time. The Garmin Virb 360 is a compact camera and very easy to use. There are three buttons on the top of the camera that allow you to operate it. You can set in the menu whether you want to record a photo or video and it is even possible to use the camera to make a 360-degree time-lapse.

Garmin VIRB 360 Express Software Update

Garmin VIRB 360 Software Update

Download Software Update Garmin VIRB 360
You can do this with both photos and video. In addition, the camera can be used via the special 'virb' app from Garmin, with which you can connect your phone via bluetooth or WiFi. With the app you can see directly through your phone what you are recording, which is very useful. What is important to watch out for: if you want to record a video, you have to move the button on the side of the camera and not press the button above. The camera makes a photo with the middle button on top. It is also possible to control the camera via speech recognition. By giving him a command, such as: 'Take a picture', you can have him take a picture from a distance. The Virb 360 generally provides good image quality with sharp images. It is even possible to shoot photos in RAW with the camera, so that you can still adjust them to white balance or color afterwards.

Download Firmware Garmin VIRB 360
In addition, this possibility also stretches the dynamic range of the camera compared to 360 degree cameras that only shoot in JPEG; you can get a little more out of it in post-processing. The colors that come out of the camera look very realistic, but are a bit gray in low light. At times there is some distortion in the images. The sound is recorded in 3D on four sides, which works very well with 360-degree video. The image can be stabilized via the special software from Garmin, so that you have little trouble with vibrating images. This Garmin software is very easy to use and you can import your images directly from the Garmin, so you can make a nice video. The Garmin Virb 360 is certainly a nice gadget to purchase if you're interested in shooting 360-degree images. The camera is on the pricey side, but offers raw functionality and a very decent image quality. This camera is especially interesting for underwater photographers and videographers: the Garmin Virb 360 can effortlessly record up to 10 meters under water.

WARNING: If this software is uploaded to a device other than that for which it is designed, you will not be able to operate that device. If attempts to upload software fail, you may need to return the device to Garmin® for service.


Download Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator

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Sony Action Cam Movie Creator Software Download. Think for a moment that you can enter the largest dealership in the world and ask that a car be fitted with the best in every brand: the best engine, the best exchange, the best finish and the best paint. Would not it be great to get out there knowing you have the best car on the market? Well, that's what theSony has set out to do with its newaction cam. Before we talk about the Sony Action Cam Movie Creator itself, let's talk about the history of Sony and the evolution of this technology. For many years, the company was the benchmark brand for camcorders, still cameras and digital cameras. First, it was the huge studio cameras, which were getting better and smaller.

Action Cam Movie Creator Software Download
Then the cameras invaded the homes of millions of families, creating memories of weddings, baptisms, and anniversaries, and making it common to film vacations, travel, everything. Then the technology advanced and the cameras got smaller, gained image quality and finally, they entered the digital age. The Sony  was two decades ahead of its biggest competitors, producing good batteries, quality video and audio, and especially the assembly of lenses. But as time went on, a new niche proved more complicated to master: smartphones with cameras. Both Sony and its traditional competitors - JVC and Panasonic - lost ground with the arrival of this market.

Sony Action Cam Movie Creator Software

Sony Action Cam Movie Creator Software Download

Download Movie Creator Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator
After all, even though its cameras and camcorders are market references, nothing beats the famous saying: "The best camera is the one you have when you need it most." And in that, smartphones are unbeatable. For this reason, Sony has  spent years of development and research, to reduce components and bring their technologies to mobile devices, cell phones and then smartphones. And in the middle of this path another revolution happened: Before, anyone who wanted to film events and extreme sports,  needed a helmet with a large camera and often a large external battery. The American company  GoPro  changed this scenario when presenting in 2004 a small, ultra-tough camera with high quality of image, that could be coupled to helmets, vehicles and bicycles, without difficulty.

Download Sony Action Cam Software Movie Creator
The coveted segment ofAction Cams ( action cameras in free translation) anatural evolution of the process of filming events, sports, stunts: it was not the camera that moved to record action, was the camera that moved along with the action. Oke now the Sony has released Action Cam Movie Creator which allows you to edit video. It's pretty light for editing but I find the software quite convenient compared to the heavy interface of PlayMemories home. This is always present when you install Action Cam Movie Creator. Attention you are far from the quality of the software provided by the competitor GoPro which is quite annoying from a brand like Sony! To install this software, go to the official website at or you can also download it here:

Download Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator for Mac OS
Download Software Sony Action Cam Movie Creator for WINDOWS (32/64-bit)

Download Software Plustek eScan A250

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Plustek eScan A250 Software Download. The Plustek eScan A250, stand-alone scanner with DMS support. This Plustek eScan A250 is a network scanner designed for medium-sized workgroups, easy to integrate in the office but also in larger organizations. The A250 version represents, in fact, a direct evolution of the eScan A150 model tested some time ago. Body and main architecture resume what was previously seen, but offering structural improvements and greater performance. In a compact body (318x170x189 mm), this scanner proposes itself as a stand alone unit to speed up the document acquisition operations, but also the rapid modification, the export and the integration of the same in the documentary flows already present in the company.

Plustek eScan A250 Scanner Software Download
The hardware base closely mirrors the specifications of the A150 model, still on the Plustek price list, and includes a dual 600x600 DPI CIS sensor, ideal for accelerating duplex scanning. The input tray can hold up to 50 pages and handle supports from 40 to 157 g / sqm. Among the improvements of the new version, a superior scanning speed, which goes from 17 ppm to 30 ppm working in grayscale mode and 200 DPI and from 4 ppm to 10 ppm in color, always full size A4. The entire paper path has been strengthened, using rollers and drums designed to last longer. The consumables now offer a duration of 70 thousand scans for internal pads (compared to 50 thousand for the A150 version).

Plustek eScan A250 Software Download
Plustek eScan A250 Software Download

Download Scanner Software Plustek eScan A250
The duration of the rubber drums remains unchanged, equal to 300 thousand scans. The daily working capacity of the device is growing considerably, rising from 1,500 pages / day to 6,000. Depending on the availability of the office, the eScan A250 can be connected to a wired network, wirelessly, or to a network client via USB 2.0. In any case, the strong point remains the stand-alone operation, which allows you to work through the generous and defined 7 "display (1,280x800 pixels), performing each necessary step, from the installation on the endpoints, to the customization of processes scan. Through the management panel, also available in Italian, it is possible to view the processed images and cut them out before saving them; the captured documents can be sent directly to a connected pendrive, or to remote folders, mobile devices, or sent by e-mail or stored in the cloud.

Download Software Scanner Plustek eScan A250
Local operation on USB is immediately available, as well as local sign-on access via SMB (by having access to folders or NAS of the corporate network). To be able to address a specific endpoint, it is necessary to install eScan Client, a compact software (14 MByte) that does not reside on the supplied DVD but is preloaded in the internal memory of the scanner. By accessing the "settings \ download" menu, it is possible to recover the version for Windows or Mac and copy it directly onto pendrive. Subsequently, by running the application, you will be able to choose file storage folders and the tasks to be performed at the end of the scan, such as printing on a default device or starting an OCR software.

Download Software Doxie Flip

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Doxie Flip Software Download. With the Doxie Flip, the American company has taken on a rather neglected niche. The device does not have to put the pictures and photos on the scanner, but vice versa! The removable part of the photo scanner can be placed on pictures, stamps or other contents. In addition, its size in book format is ideal for transport. This scanner was not designed for scanning documents, which it does, but for scanning (old) photo albums, photo albums, stamps, albums and even notes. Unique is its function, which is its so-called "scanning window", which can be separated from the main unit. This is then done directly over the objects to be scanned, in practice it is possible to see directly through the window what is being scanned.

Doxie Flip Scanner Software Download
On the other hand, its compact size is only suitable for smaller images and scan objects and more than a maximum format as A6 (105 x 148mm) are not possible. The Dixie Flip has a clear specialization in Photos and Co. Speaking of mobile use: Even a mains power source is not necessary. The Doxie Flip also runs on batteries. Alternatively, as with a classic photo scanner, the images and other objects can be placed on the scanner without removing the scanning window. The result of the scan process can be viewed directly on the device via a preview window.

Doxie Flip Software Download
Doxie Flip Software Download

Download Scanner Software Doxie Flip
The Doxie has completely dedicated himself to the processing of image material and co in the software, document processing has no important relevance. On the computer, the image material can be processed with the help of the in-house Doxie software. So you can easily create collagen and perform typical image processing steps. Convenient: If you want to scan too large an image, the software can combine several single images into a single image and reduce quality (AutoStitch). A seamless link with social networks such as facebook and cloud services like Dropbox are just some of the functions that can already be called today. When evaluating the performance data, the small format and the intended use must be taken into account. Equipped is the Doxie Flip with a 600dpi sensor. This is enough for good picture quality completely.

Download Software Scanner Doxie Flip
However, if you want to perform large zooms and detail enlargements, this could be a bit too little for you. 7 seconds are required per scan at 300 dpi. This corresponds to the better average. The scanner would not be suitable for many scans because it does not have a rail or an automatic feeder. The Doxie Flip batteries last for up to 200 scans which is moderate, better batteries should be used here, otherwise high follow-up costs occur. Thanks to its unique function, we are not aware of a scanner where the scanning part can be separated from the device, it is ideally suited as a photo scanner and also designed for it. It is technically not a high-end device, but it does not need to be in my test. If you want to backup and scan photos and old albums, you'll be very happy with the Dixie Flip.


Download Software Doxie Go SE

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Doxie Go SE Software Download. If the dream of a paperless office is to become reality, a scanner has to be made. If you do not want to finish the apartment and also turn papers away from the desk into high-resolution files, you should opt for a portable pull-through scanner. The Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi can be switched in spite of its small size in the resolution of 600 dpi, but for a hefty price. What the Doxie Go Wi-Fi still does is shown by my test. The compact dimensions of the Doxie Go Wi-Fi of approximately 4.5 x 5.5 x 27 centimeters are similar to those of a standard Hungarian salami. The weight of just under 450 grams is effortlessly bearable in the backpack. Basically, this Doxie Go SE is ready for use immediately after unpacking, but you should first make a calibration with the help of the enclosed cardboard strip, which is done within seconds.

Doxie Go SE Software Scanner Download
After pressing the power button, it will flash green and signal operational readiness. The Doxie Go SE pulls on business cards, receipts and papers up to a width of 22 centimeters, which are put on the front feeder, with a whirring sound and put them out again on the back. The scanning process is pleasantly fast, one DIN A4 page is processed within ten seconds. The scans are saved in JPG format on an integrated chip, which offers space for up to 400 color A4 scans in 300 dpi quality. Alternatively, the device on the back of a slot for an SD card, by means of which the memory can be expanded almost arbitrarily. If an SD card is inserted, Doxie automatically uses it as the primary storage medium. Pressing the power button while the power is on will change the resolution to 600 dpi.

Doxie Go SE Software Download
Doxie Go SE Software Download

Download Scanner Software Doxie Go SE
The LED illumination of the power button changes from green to orange. The high-resolution scanning process of an A4 page takes around 40 seconds and is especially suitable for photos. For this purpose, the Doxie Go Wi-Fi includes a foil-coated sheet. Practical: Photos are inserted between sheet and foil, which prevents slipping. In addition, the film sheet is suitable for scanning several small objects such as receipts in one pass or passing through porous originals without damage. The integrated battery of the Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi is charged with the included USB cable or the included internationally-compatible power supply. The capacity is sufficient for about 300 color scans of DIN A4 pages.

Download Software Scanner Doxie Go SE
Even if the battery drains during scanning, scans remain on the internal memory chip. Several ways lead to scanned images. When the Doxie Go Wi-Fi is connected to the Mac via a USB cable, the Finder detects it as an external drive. An SD card inserted in the Doxie will be displayed as a separate volume in the Finder. A button on the back activates the Doxie Go Wi-Fi's built-in wireless network. If this is active, the LED on the device lights up blue. Macs and iOS devices can then connect to this network, with simultaneous connections possible. To access the scans wirelessly requires the Doxie software, which the manufacturer makes available on his website and in the App Store for Mac and iOS devices.


Download App Ricoh WG-M2

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Ricoh WG-M2 App Download. Ricoh WG-M2 action cam is very robust & ultra-wide angle in 4K with ultra-wide angle lens with an unprecedented angle of view of no less than 204 degrees. The Ricoh WG-M2 is the successor to the WG-M1. Improvements: the ability to use the camera at a depth of 19.8 meters; with his predecessor that was 9.8 meters. The camera is also about 40 percent smaller and lighter, making it easier to attach to a bicycle, surfboard or drone. Ricoh WG-M2 retains the characteristics that made the WG-M1's strength (waterproofness and impact resistance without box, simplicity of the menus, integrated screen, Wi-Fi, etc.) by improving many points: it now plunges up to 20 meters, films in 4K / UHS 30p and Full HD 60p and, little coquetry rare, acquires a vibrator. Stylistically, the DNA of the fighter products is found in this WG-M2: two-tone dress, pruned lines, large screws.

Ricoh WG-M2 Software Download
However, a "detail" will not fail to escape, especially if you already had a WG-M1: the WG-M2 is much more compact and lightweight, 136 grams against 190 grams! It even allows itself, in its drawing, some curves of the most beautiful effect without giving up the bottom to the form: lockable USB / microSD hatch, very legible screen despite its definition of 115 000 points, no screws on the belly etc. The ergonomics have been revised and you will now find two rows of three buttons on each side of the beast. This changes action-camsminimalist where each button can have 36 different functions depending on the situation: with the WG-M2, everything is clear and well marked. 

Ricoh WG-M2 Action Cam App Download
Ricoh WG-M2 App Download

Download Action Cam App Ricoh WG-M2
On the left, from the front to the back, are aligned the photo / video trigger, the power button and the button to access the menus (which is also used, as often, button to go back). On the right, two "arrows" surround the OK key. The set is effective even if, during the first uses, some small confusion can occur because the indications on the screen are not perfectly aligned with the physical controls, which can disturb. As before, menu navigation is easy. There are many tuning possibilities (sensitivity, white balance, choice of angle of view, image quality, exposure mode, etc.) but not too excessive, Ricoh preferring to stick to the useful rather than leave in the futile.

Download App Action Cam Ricoh WG-M2
Among the available modes, many of which are dedicated to underwater shooting, we regret however not to be able to adjust more finely intervalometer, Ricoh having already provided three presets (30x, 60x, 150x times faster than 'in real time). Even slight frustration on the side of the mobile application, Image Sync (the same as for all Ricoh / Pentax products) where the settings consist mainly of selecting a preset. Too bad for hackers, so much the better for those who do not want to complicate life. Anyway, you will remember especially that the Wi-Fi connection to the application (iOS or Android) is quite simple, the communication fluid and that, as always at Ricoh / Pentax, the interface remains quite austere.


Wi-Fi compatible 
Exclusive Image Sync app to shoot, view and share movies more effortlessly via Ricoh WG-M2

Download Software Sony FDR-X3000R 4K

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Sony FDR-X3000R Software Download. This Sony FDR-X3000R is a versatile and powerful action cam. A really great beautiful action cam. Receives a 'Gold Award' in the December 2016 issue of photo magazine Digifoto Pro. Versatile action cam with 4K and BOSS image stabilization: no less than 13 times better than the previous generation. Razor-sharp and smooth images guaranteed. This action cam can film in 4K while maintaining image stabilization or in Full HD with 100 images per second for beautiful slomo videos. Here you see details that you can not see with your naked eye. The FDR-X3000R is splash-proof.

Sony FDR-X3000R Action Cam Software Download
With the included underwater housing it is a kind of tank: dust and shocks do not harm him, and you can film under water for 30 minutes to 60 meters. The Sony FDR-X3000R has a 12 megapixel sensor plus a bright Zeiss Tessar lens with a maximum aperture of f / 2.8. That means: even in low light you make beautiful recordings. You determine the angle of view of your film yourself: wide, medium or small. And there is 3 times optical zoom on board, to give your videos an even more dynamic feeling. Why is the Sony FDR-X3000R 4K a good action cam? Sony FDR-X3000R has 3x optical zoom on board and ultra wide angle 170 degree FOV lens. Wifi Remote with monitoring and operation.

Sony FDR-X3000R 4K Software Download
Sony FDR-X3000R Software Download

Download Action Cam Software Sony FDR-X3000R
This Action Cam supports 4K, 1080p, 720p and 480p video in 13 times more powerful optical image stabilization with 3 angle settings: wide, medium or small and also 12 megapixel photos with burst / interval mode. The Sony FDR-X3000R 4K action cam Travel Kit consists of the powerful Sony FDR-X3000R 4K action cam and the Sony AKA-FGP1 finger grip. With this combination you can comfortably film from any angle with a hand. With the included lens cap you can take the action cam including finger grip safely in your bag or jacket everywhere you go so you are always ready to capture the most fantastic images.

Download Software Action Cam Sony FDR-X3000R
The Sony FDR-X3000R is a versatile action cam with 4K video recording capability and BOSS image stabilization that is no less than thirteen times better than the previous generation. With this action cam, you can capture all your activities sharply and in smooth images. The action cam can film in 4K while maintaining the powerful image stabilization or in full HD with 100 images per second for beautiful slow-motion films. Here you can observe every detail that you do not see with the naked eye. The FDR-X3000 is splash-proof and with the included underwater housing the action cam can withstand even the toughest conditions. Think of dust, shocks and you can even film thirty minutes to a depth of sixty meters under water.

Action Cam App Sony FDR-X3000R
  • Available from the App Store
  • ANDROID APP on Google Play

Download Software Doxie Q

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Doxie Q Software Download. At first I was very dissatisfied because I had problems with the move, but with the top service of Apparent everything could be done. My scanner was easily exchanged. In addition, I also received scanners slides in which you can do crumpled papers or small receipts, this helps immensely and makes scanning much faster and more reliable. On the whole, a great concept- mobile, internal memory, and you can upload later to the computer later Uploading to the computer is my favorite feature. Thanks to internal memory, you can turn on the scanner, check receipt and then turn scanner off again. After a month you can then upload the whole, no annoying dock because of a sheet of paper. I chose this Doxie Q because I rarely scan and want to stow the device quickly and save space when I do not need it.

Doxie Q Driver Download
This scanner is worth the money. Everything about it is top! It is a pity that you can not drive the scanner directly via Twain. But the software does it all for one. You just need to scan and save, done! This Doxie Q scanner is so small and handy, so that scanning is not so annoying. It starts in no time, the quality of the scans is great, the software is great, you can convert the scans into searchable PDF's and then texts copy it from (super handy for invoices to copy the IBAN for the transfer), I have not yet scanned photos, but that will come, the price is a bit high but I see it as an investment to digitize my files. First of all, you do not have to turn on the PC to scan, it saves everything and you can load it later into the PC.

Doxie Q Scanner Software Download
Doxie Q Software Download

Download Scanner Software Doxie Q
I find it particularly convenient to load the photos (in JPEG) or documents (PDF) directly onto the smartphone using the Doxie app. For example, if I have to send a document via email, I will upload it to the smartphone and send it from there, so I do not have to turn on the laptop and later I can remove the document if I do not delete it from the scanner times on the laptop load. The optimization options (contrast, brightness, cropping, etc.) are limited in the app on contrast gain and rotation. But that's enough for fast shipping. I can also scan photos quickly and send them via whatsapp, super easy! I rarely had to charge the battery until now, have been using it regularly for months now. You can also use an SD card in Doxie to save and then put them into your PC or tablet and load the scans on your PC or tablet.

Download Software Scanner Doxie Q
The only thing that bothers a bit is that you always have to turn off the wi-fi to connect the smartphone or the laptop to the Doxie via the Doxie's own wifi. So the best way to connect the Doxie with the network! Also have the practical case for the road, so the Doxie remains dust-free and without scratches. Overall the Doxie Q is a good scanner with a very good resolution. Installation was very easy. During the first charging process - after 7 hours charging time - the fully charged battery level was not displayed. The online support (in English) was great, 24h. The reason why I give only 4 stars is the following, you can on the App (iPhone) Unfortunately, no direct scan. You have to import all the files and import them. Theoretically no problem, but that bothers me a little. Basically super scanner with an extremely good resolution.


Download Software Kindle for PC

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Kindle Reader Download. So the reader works! But seriously, Amazon, is that all you've got? The scrolling lasts for a felt eternity (if you want to scroll over several pages, it's really in slow motion), multiple-column display is corrupt (texts and pictures cut off) and from continuous display a la PDF reader can only dream. But well, it costs nothing and it is helpful that you have the books at all on the PC. I, for example, have programming books directly on the PC and thus always with it, that is already cool. I use this PC program with some interruptions for years. I had to "reload" it now, since my version of 2015 no longer worked and amazon seemingly forgotten to draw attention to the new version or I had slept it.

Kindle for PC Download
Otherwise, a full satisfaction according to my usage needs, without complication and clear. I'm so tired, so I can not make it to my Kindle, but still want to read my manga, then I start this app. With my 24 inch monitor this is really relaxing and I can pursue the drawn stories further. I can really recommend this app to anyone who just does not want to read on the Kindle.

Kindle Software Download

Kindle software

Download Kindle for PC Software
I sit in the train or at the doctor or the asset adviser in the waiting room all stare at your phones and make something stupid with your thumbs. This is just ordinary. Through this app on my phone I go to my kind library and read, for example, in the biographies of Gerhart Schröder or Vladimir Putin. I miss my station. But the app is great. The Kindle App with me almost always totally problem-free. However, I would like to have an extended range of functions: print of the displayed page and search function within all acquired books (without constantly being pointed out to the Kindle Shop).

Download Software Kindle for PC
On Android. The only thing I miss something are basic functions for page control. There are many free books, or even very cheap. That is fun. For the eyes, a Kindel is certainly better if it does not light itself like the cell phone. The Kindle dispatch is an alternative but not for me since I like to read New books and this is unfortunately not offered so I have made with the device a fault. I have e-books which I from a book seller which I can not read.


Download Software Microsoft OneDrive

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OneDrive Download. Like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive is part of a much more extensive Web offer from the vendor. In the case of OneDrive, Office users are particularly likely to be attracted, as Microsoft has closely intertwined its Cloud hard drive with Office Online. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote documents stored in OneDrive can be opened, edited and shared directly in the web browser. The same Office web applications are also found in Dropbox, but without Onenote. Through its built-in version history, OneDrive displays the last 25 older versions of a file and can restore them at the push of a button. Something different here Google and Dropbox. Both do not include version numbers, but store older files for a total of 30 days.

OneDrive Software Download
OneDrive automatically sorts files and photos by categories, and adds the matching markers to images. Access to the Office applications is provided by OneDrive via a colorful menu in Windows design. The listed tile icons also contain Mail or, the online branch of the Outlook e-mail client. Drive can, for example, serve as a storage location for mail attachments. You can also manage contacts and calendar entries from Outlook with the Web service. Anyone who wants to use OneDrive on the PC can get started right away. Like Dropbox and Google Drive, the Microsoft Cloud service also has its own directory in Windows Explorer.

Onedrive cloud storage Software

OneDrive Software

Onedrive for business
However, you do not have to create it separately, since it belongs since Windows 8.1 to the standard equipment of the file manager. The desktop client is also available for the Mac, but not for Linux systems. Apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS are available for mobile management of cloud content. Sharing files and folders is easy, but not quite as sophisticated as Google Drive. For example, links are sent via e-mail, content can be easily shared on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with their friends. A feature of OneDrive is the automatic cataloging of content. Uploaded files move the service to suitably named subfolders, depending on its type.

Onedrive for business Download
This does not work one hundred percent, but provides an overview. Amazingly accurate hits OneDrive lands in the cataloging of photos. They are checked for their metadata, additionally visually scanned and then tagged with the appropriate tags. In the basic version, OneDrive provides 5 GB of free space. For a monthly 2 euros will be 50 GB. If you pay 7 euros a month, OneDrive gets 1 TB of storage space including Office 365 for the PC. Microsoft OneDrive has been seamlessly integrated into the operating system since Windows 8, making it the easiest to access. If you use Office and Outlook, you can also use it in OneDrive.