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Download Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker update

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Bose SoundLink Software Download. This box is just awesome. It is small, compact and has a great sound. You can take them anywhere. The battery power is amazing and even some raindrops do not bother her. She even spent the night outside with us. Not to be recommended, but also that has put away well. What a perfect what Bose has developed there. Small, fine, mine and a really great sound for the little thing. Up to 70% volume a very balanced sound and also a very dominant bass. About 70% it gets a bit spongy but that's too loud for me anyway. Am always amazed how good sound comes from Bose from such a small box. From me a clear yes to buy and the price of 150 euros convinced. Excellent part with surprisingly rich sound - I'm always happy about Saschas coming out of it. Certainly not comparable to big sophisticated boxes of the same manufacturer or BO or truffles, but that's not the purpose. Above all, the mobility convinced: small handy it fits in any backpack, with the hotel, in the park or the apartment on vacation or wherever. Battery lasts a long time, about Apple products can be seen in coupling the state of charge, coupling at iOS problem-free. Only if too many devices coupled are just the thing, but that usually does not happen. On the net you will find this quick help.

Bose SoundLink Software Download
Bose SoundLink Software update

After the neighbor terrorized us in the garden with Udo Jürgens, it was time to open counter-guns. So I reached for the hot cakes leaving JBL Brüllzylindern. The sound did not inspire me at all - basses super thin, with heavy sounds to schwurbselig and Einheitsmischpoke. May be ok for the retort music of the music industry today - I found it miserable. Did not know if the size is just too small for good sound and you simply can not wait any longer. Well, I've invested twice as much for the Bose and have not been disappointed: full sound in every respect: whether brilliance in classical music, subtle tones on Telegraph Road or hacking on Death Metal - this little box has a lot of brains. Only the very low tones of the double-bass do not pop in properly, as one is constructive in size probably at the limits. But already slightly higher like bass on "One" brace right away. I am completely satisfied - the investment is worthwhile for me. Unfortunately, the first attempt to order the Bose SoundLink speaker did not go smoothly. The ordered goods were defective. The charging section of the SoundLink did not work. After I had contacted the support of Amazon and described my request, I was competent and helped to my fullest satisfaction immediately. It was immediately delivered a replacement device, which arrived the next day. Thank you for the great service! Now I can finally put the speaker to use. There's nothing like the sound of a Bose speaker!

DOWNLOADS (Click the link to download):
For Mac OS X: Wait for your computer to download the file. It will appear on your desktop as a hard drive icon. A window should open. Drag the updater file to the desktop as indicated. (If the window doesn't open, double-click the icon.) Run the update application from your desktop and follow the prompts to perform the update.
  1. OS v10.5 (Leopard), v10.6 (Snow Leopard) or OS v10.7 (Lion)
  2. Intel-based processor
  3. 512 MB RAM (Leopard); 1 GB (Snow Leopard)
  4. Internet connection
  5. 40 MB available hard disk space
  6. USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 port

First, download the Bose Bluetooth speaker update application to your computer. Note for Windows users: If you have multiple user accounts on your computer, you may be prompted to input administrator credentials in order to run the application. Once downloaded, the application will prompt you to connect your speaker to your computer with a micro USB cable. Please make sure the SoundLink® speaker is plugged in using the AC power adapter before running the update application. Start the application.

In the File Download window, click Run or Save

If Run, follow the prompts to perform the update
If Save, select a location for saving the file (Bose_BLUETOOTH_Speaker_Update.exe). Then start the application from your hard drive and follow the prompts to perform the update.

Minimum system requirements
For Windows PC users:
  1. 300 MHz processor (1 GHz for Vista or Windows 7) 32 or 64 bit
  2. 128 MB RAM (Windows XP); 512 MB (Vista Home Basic); 1 GB (other Vista editions and Windows 7 32 bit); 2 GB (Windows 7 64 bit)
  3. Internet connection
  4. 30 MB available hard disk space
  5. USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 port

Download Nakamichi Software Update

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Nakamichi Software Download. The loudspeaker decides the power! Nakamichi convincing sound in surround or stereo. The loudspeakers are offered in most online shop in a wide selection. To enjoy your favorite music and movie hits in superb sound quality, you can choose from a wide range of powerful speakers in various sizes, colors and shapes, designs and bandwidths. All loudspeakers guarantee high sound quality and have a sturdy housing in modern and attractive designs and are suitable for connection to a hi-fi system, a home theater or to a computer.

Nakamichi Software Download

You can make your choice between different speaker models, because in addition to floorstanding speakers, PC speakers, ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers and bookshelf speakers, you will also find high-quality subwoofer and gaming chairs. Maximum flexibility for all purposes and a perfect sound result are guaranteed by our wireless loudspeakers. All products are designed for consumers who have different tastes, tastes and budgets. The speakers in our shop are high quality hi-fi solutions that turn your movies, games and music into a special sound experience in your living room can let. Now here you can download Nakamichi software to update your Nakamichi sound device.

DOWNLOADS (Click link to download):

Download Software TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661-2016

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TENVIS TH661 IP Camera Software Download. Before this purchase, I returned cameras of different brands impossible to use due to lack of record in French, complex and inefficient commissioning process, impossibility of connection, impractical site registration etc. In short, I tried a third purchase with this camera Tenvis. And, surprise! It works perfectly! 
1) Delivered within one working day (without premium subscription) 
2) Elements contained in the box: camera, support, screws and wall plugs to install if necessary, Ethernet cable (with a 
very clever and practical winding system ) electrical connection cable. 
3) Detailed explanatory note in FRENCH and sketch describing the commissioning process.
4) Very easy, fast and efficient startup process with Android: Connection with Ethernet cable for installation, (unplugged afterwards) registration with login and password after downloading the application, very fast and simple. 

Installed in 30 minutes max. the camera, small aesthetic and discreet black ball works perfectly. The images transmitted on the smartphone are very readable, the audio function also. 
To see in the time, but for now this device is completely satisfactory and corresponds to my expectations as much in its operation as in its value for money.

TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661 Software Downloads

TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661 Software

I had researched the issues of port opening and dynamic IP address but finally, there is no need for all that. The free apps provided by Tenvis (new Tenvis, Tenvis P2P) work very well. 
Very simple installation so .... just 
- connect the camera to the box via an ethernet cable and the sector (the wifi is set after) 
- download the app (I'm on iPhone, iPad), then create a login / password.
- to install the purchased camera. For this, there is a function "camera search" that can automatically detect the cam connected to the box. It is also possible to enter the serial number of the camera or to scan the QR code of the camera (do not do that from the wifi of the neighbor eh ... Otherwise it does not work.) Camera and iphone / iPad must be connected on the same wifi for the configuration). 
- Then fine-tune the camera (image quality, motion detection, sending email). Again this is done very easily with the menu setting (the small gear on the bottom right of the image of the cam) 
And. It's over! It is possible, through this application, to access his camera from his wifi,
By installing the software on the PC, it is possible to more finely set the cam (detection areas on the image, custom message when sending email, para film of the detection zones) 
A good product so I think buy another cam. 
Regarding the seller, despite the boondoggles when sending (not the right color + reconditioned product), he remained very pro and sent me another new cam quickly. So .... I leave him the benefit of the doubt .. The mistake is human! I could quite order him another cam.

Good camera, good image quality, everything is set via the web interface. 
50cm network cable provided and a wall mount with screws and dowels. Cd not useful I think everything is on the web. The software to find the cam on the network works bad for the wifi config because it blocks a certain number of characters. In fact you have to enter the key in the web interface which is well done. Works very well in wifi but I'm close to the box. 
Works well in motion detection on ftp or notif on mobile. Vision in the dark very clear with IR led for lighting. The IR light can not be seen but we can see with the camera.
Only downside the android app does not allow to set everything as the web interface, but works well directly via the local network then directly in 3g / 4g, for audio impossible to talk and listen at the same time with the app, shame, may be in an update. 
In English only but it's not complicated to understand.

Model - TH661-2016

TENVIS Search Tool(Windows)2014/11/312.02MBexe
TENVIS Search Tool(MAC)2014/11/34.45MBdmg
iOS App (iPhone, iPad&iPod)
iMegaCam (iOS)2017/11/141KB*
Android App
User Manual
IP Camera indoorUser Manual(en&es)2017/11/1410.93MBpdf
IP Camera indoorUser Manual(fr&de&it)2017/11/1417.72MBpdf

Disclaimer: Other than TENVIS application (i.e. NEW TENVIS), TENVIS will not be responsible for 3rd party software products.

Sony FDR-X3000R Software Download

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Sony FDR-X3000R Software Free Download. If it is true that the information on the proper introduction of the card is engraved in the plastic hatch, not only this information is difficult to read, but moreover this problem should not even arise. We should not be able to put the card upside down. Sony engineers would be well advised to develop, like GoPro, an internal keying system that prevents the insertion upside down of the card. And do not tell me that the engineers of the famous Japanese electronics are not able. Yes, we are very unhappy about this one, this defect having made us waste time and some test sequences.

Action Cam Movie Creator
The GPS plot and speed measurement can be exploited by a free software called Sony Action Cam Movie Creator. Available for Windows and Mac OS, this program allows, in addition to a rudimentary video editing, to update the camera firmware and other maintenance operations. If the software is stable, the video features are limited, as is the creative aspect.

Very good point however for the GPS plot analysis filter which offers several representations superimposed on the video (see photo above) and makes a "cockpit" effect for any action a little fast (bike, car, etc. .). A very clever way to take advantage of GPS information that we do not know in general what to do.

Sony FDR-X3000R 4K Apps Download

Sony FDR-X3000R Software Download

Action Cam Software Sony FDR-X3000R Download
Sensor type: CMOS Exmor R
Native definition of the sensor: 8.2 MP
Internal memory: No
Memory card support: Memory Stick Micro, microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC

+  encoding quality
+  optical stabilization
+  watch control
+  optical corrections

-  limited image definition options
-  no RAW mode
-  no ProTune mode

Sony FDR-X3000R Apps
Technically very efficient, the Sony FDR-X3000R is the most serious competitor of the Hero5 Black. More expensive but delivered with more accessories including a watch and a waterproof case, this action-cam enjoys excellent quality of encoding while its optical stabilization, active even in 4K, offers a real plus during filming "restless". A beautiful table tainted by ergonomic errors and the lack of options a little more "pros" like ProTune mode and photos in RAW, exclusive to GoPro.

  • Available from the App Store
  • ANDROID APP on Google Play

Download Software and Firmware Canon EOS Rebel T5

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Canon EOS Rebel T5 Firmware Download

Download Software and Firmware Canon EOS Rebel T5

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Software Download. Canon EOS Rebel T5 is another all-black basic DSLR with a textured grip. We really shouldn’t expect much more sizzle since, other than Pentax’s Day-Glo bodies, almost all digital single lens reflex cameras look alike. Canon fans will find nothing unusual here, neither will every buyer looking for a new DSLR. Granted, it doesn’t have the heft of the new pro-level Nikon D4S, but it also doesn’t have an MSRP that’s ten-times more expensive – this T5 is clearly for newbies and those looking to upgrade older Rebels.

At $549 with a kit zoom lens, the 18-megapixel T5 has solid imaging underpinnings but if you’re looking for “scintillating,” you won’t find it here. The camera measures 5.1 × 3.9 × 3.0 inches, weighing 17 ounces for the body, battery, and card. We know this is hard to quantify but overall it feels rather “plasticky.” At least, carrying it around your neck shouldn’t be too much of a burden.

The key feature on the front is the classic EF mount and, thanks to many years in the business, Canon offers a huge selection of glass. We can’t imagine anyone spending $1,000 for a wide-aperture prime lens to use with this camera, but the 55-250mm would be a good addition ($299); Canon sent that along for our review. Given the 1.6x digital factor, we had a 28.8-400mm focal range to play with, which was a lot of fun shooting landscapes.

  • EOS Utility 3.8.20 for Windows 02/27/18 103.56 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • Picture Style Editor 1.20.20 for Windows 02/27/18 67.99 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • Picture Style Editor 1.20.21 for Mac OS X 04/26/18 79.63 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • EOS Utility 3.8.20 for Mac OS X 02/27/18 48.84 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • EOS Rebel T5/EOS 1200D/EOS Hi Firmware Update, Version 1.0.2 [Mac OS X] - DOWNLOAD
  • EOS Rebel T5/EOS 1200D/EOS Hi Firmware Update, Version 1.0.2 [Windows] - DOWNLOAD

Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR Software and Firmware Download

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Canon EOS Rebel T6 EF-S Software Download

Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR Software and Firmware Download

Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR Firmware Download. The EOS Rebel T6 is the camera that offers the quality that your photographs deserve. Ideal for smartphone users or compact digital cameras, looking for superior images. It comes with an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS image sensor and a DIGIC 4+ image processor for vibrant, detail-rich photos and videos even in dimly lit environments. Excellent company for sightseeing or to register special moments with friends at night, the EOS Rebel T6 can help you take photos that you will surely want to share. With integrated Wi-Fi® and NFC **, it's even easier to share your favorite photos on social networks. If you're new to DSLR cameras, Intelligent Auto automatically adjusts camera settings to take the best photo regardless of the situation. Easy to use and simple to share, with the EOS Rebel T6 you'll have high image quality and impress everyone around you.

Canon EF lens mount 
Canon EF-S 
camera APS-C format (1.6x Crop Factor) 
Pixels Actual: 18.7 Megapixels 
Effective: 18 Megapixel 
full resolution 17.9 MP: 5184 x 3456 
screen ratio 3: 2 
Type Sensor / Size CMOS, 22.3 x 14.9 mm 
File formats Still images: JPEG, RAW Movies: MOV, MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 Audio: Linear PCM 
Depth bit 14 bits 
Dust Reduction System yes 
Memory Card Type SD, SDHC and SDXC

Focal Length 18 - 55mm 
Comparable 35mm Focal Length : 28.8 - 88mm 
Maximum Aperture: f / 3.5-5.6 
min: f / 22 - 38 
Viewing Angle 74 ° 20 '- 27 ° 50' 
Minimum Distance Focusing 9.84 "(25 cm) 
Magnification 0.34x 
Elements / Groups 9/11 
Auto Focus Yes 
Image Stabilization Yes 
Filter Thread Front: 58 mm 
Dimensions (DXL) Approx 2.70 X 2.80" (68 , 5 x 71.1 mm) 
weight 7.09 ounces (201 g)

  • EOS Utility 3.8.20 for Windows 02/27/18 103.56 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • Picture Style Editor 1.20.20 for Windows 02/27/18 67.99 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • Picture Style Editor 1.20.21 for Mac OS X 04/26/18 79.63 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • EOS Utility 3.8.20 for Mac OS X 02/27/18 48.84 MB - DOWNLOAD

  • EOS Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D Firmware Update, Version 1.1.0 [Windows] 01/12/17 16.35 MB - DOWNLOAD
  • EOS Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D Firmware Update, Version 1.1.0 [Mac OS X] 01/12/17 16.41 MB - DOWNLOAD

Download Nikon Capture NX-D Software

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Nikon Capture NX-D Software Download

Download Nikon Capture NX-D Software

The Nikon Capture NX-D is a free software application that lets you edit RAW images with simple and complete operations. It ensures high-quality processing and adjustments of RAW images taken with a Nikon digital SLR camera, an advanced Nikon 1 interchangeable lens camera, a Nikon COOLPIX¹ compact camera, or any other camera that supports RAW images. Designed specifically for RAW image adjustment , it incorporates a native processing system to get the most out of Nikon camera performance.

Also supports simple editing of JPEG and TIFF images. Simple floating pallets for use with a large monitor or multiple monitors. Multiple display possibilities , including comparative display of several images or images before and after treatment. Introduction of a related format, which saves the setting data in a separate file.

After a weekend stay in nature - of course with the necessary camera - I decided to finally try RAW invasion in the new Zoner Photo Studio 18. The first couple of pictures were edited smoothly. I have to say that the ZPS is pretty brisk, the response to "pulling the sliders" is almost instantaneous in the Nikon D600, which is a 24Mpx resolution. However, the stumbling block occurred when a rather under-exposed and contrasting photo was taken. This was what it looked like when opened in the Invoke module:

Absolutely intuitively, I reached the Exposition's slider and repaired what I had to do, of course, during the shooting. However, no great miracle happened, the image remained very contrasting. So I tried to lower the Contrast parameter. But ah... instead of reducing the contrast, the program cut the shadows - moved the left edge of the histogram to the center.

Invoking contrast RAWs - Capture NX-D to be commended
To the left of the exposure, to the right to decrease the contrast. As you can see on the histogram, the shadows have been cut (lower histogram details at the bottom right)

When I failed with the Contrast parameter, I tried to work with the Black Point value, then the curve, but the result was still unsatisfactory. I do not want to blame for Zoner Photo Studio, maybe I just can not do it, but after a while I have patience and I opened the photo in Capture NX-D.

As a photographer
In the "cappuccino" unadulterated photo looked logically just as horrifying as in the ZPS, so I did the same thing - again it was the first step of the exposure correction. It can be seen that this program behaves differently: shadows are not pressed to the edge of the histogram. Left untreated picture, right after correction of exposure. Note the histogram difference to the ZPS (lower histogram detail at bottom right)

So still adjust the contrast. In Picture Control, I just selected Auto for Contrast. Heuréka! It works perfectly. The auto mode lowered the contrast by one degree, I then manually "o fous" took the exposure correction and the shot was done. Pictures are shadows or lights, tonality is almost ideal. What is the resume? I'm not saying that the Capture NX-D is the ideal program - many features are missing, the interface is not the most appropriate, it is not the fastest, but... Because I often experiment with the other "RAW" makers, I have a lot of comparative tests. However, it has always been confirmed that Capture NX-D will handle the best of all software (with Nippon NEFy or NRW files, of course) for the older Capture NX2.

Yes, I've still tried the same photo at Apple's Aperture. It was, the "eperker" had a good idea with her, but it did give me a lot more work. For example, I had to move the curve, which is a function of computer graphics rather than a photographer. In Capture NX-D, I went "as a photographer" - corrected the exposure, corrected the contrast and three minutes later. That's the way it's supposed to be. Here is the download link!

Sony HDR-AS200V Firmware Download

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Sony HDR-AS200V Drivers Download. Unusually (but Sony Actioncam typical) is synonymous that the camera has no on / off switch. It is switched on by pressing any key - quite possibly also accidentally. Let's set the power-saving shutdown so best to 30 seconds, then the camera goes off quickly by itself. Manually switch them off by using the Prev/Next buttons to maneuver to "PwOFF" ("left" goes faster, so twice the "Prev" button) and then confirm with the Record / Enter button. The record button itself has quite a high resistance, so it can hardly be pressed accidentally. But even only these can be locked mechanically with the Hold bolt.

A started recording is signaled via two LEDs. A tiny sits in the back of the camera and a large, visible on top of the camera, but there is covered by various available as accessories mounts (skeletal support, monitor handle). A recording control light on the front does not have the Sony. The operating time is relatively independent of the recording mode at about two hours (127 minutes measured at 1080p30). As usual, a new file will be created after every 4 GB, which can then be put together seamlessly in image processing.

Sony HDR-AS200V Firmware Upgrade

Sony HDR-AS200V Firmware Download

Action Cam Firmware Sony HDR-AS200V Download
Thanks to GPS, the Sony HDR-AS200V stores the location in the Exif data of each photo. For videos, the camera also creates track files in a separate folder on the memory card. This allows the free Sony Play Memory Home software to not only display the positions of the photos and videos on a map, but also to show the way itself and superimpose videos with the track's GPS data (such as the current and maximum speed). In addition, the software can combine the recordings of up to four cameras. The viewfinder image of Sony's PlayMemories app is not all that spicy and not quite "live", but it's quite enough. Picture In the PlayMemories app, the setting is most clearly listed and there are several post-processing and publishing features. In the PlayMemories app, the setting is most clearly listed and there are several post-processing and publishing features. Bild On the back of the SonyHDR-AS200V sits the mechanically lockable recording button, which also serves as the enter button when operating the menu. On the back of the SonyHDR-AS200V sits the mechanically lockable recording button, which also serves as the enter button during menu operation.

Live View Remote Control
If you suspect that the RM-LVR2 Live View Remote would be much more comfortable to use than the Spartan menu, you will be disappointed. The monitor remote control with its at least six buttons can really only change the most necessary features of the camera. Mainly, the remote control menu is for setting the remote control itself (left arm or right arm orientation, single camera or multi camera operation, connecting to the camera, etc.). Again, not unnecessarily overloaded. That's why you get along well with it. The monitor is small, but the live image on it crisp and almost delay-free. At least as long as the remote control is near the camera. This is possible up to a maximum of 10 meters, the picture is really fluid up to about 3 to 5 meters.


Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Firmware Download

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Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Drivers Download. The PixPro SP360 4K works without a smartphone. The operation via app is but at the latest necessary if we want to change recording parameters. The free app is available for Android and iOS. Unlike all other tested competitors, it is also possible to control the camera with the computer. A version for both Windows and macOS computers is available for download from Kodak. The program also allows saving videos from different angles or using the PixPro SP360 4K as a webcam. In addition to the smartphone app, there is also software for PC or MAC. In the app and the software, the user also has the ability to change various recording parameters or watch the finished videos.

For the processing of two single recordings to a video, there is again a separate software from Kodak. The combination of the two shots, however, is somewhat problematic. Although there is a special mount for shooting with two cameras, the interfaces of the two videos often do not fit together perfectly. The result is indeed a true all-round recording; The edges of the two shots are still clearly visible. Especially with vibrations and movements, this effect is clearly visible. For steady and quiet shots, the combination works really well. What we missed in the app, is a direct playback option for VR glasses.

Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Firmware Upgrade

Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Firmware Download

Action Cam Firmware Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Software
Although we can look around in the video, a stereo image representation is not possible. The video quality of the Kodak is second to none. Although there are now other 360-degree cameras with 4K resolution, the result of the Magicsee P3 360 (review), for example, but looks by far not as good as that of the PixPro SP360 4K. The colors look gorgeous and the videos are still sufficiently sharp when viewed on a large monitor. Even in low light conditions, the videos are still very good. Image noise does occur, but the quality is far better than the other tested all-round cameras. The joining of two videos by software does not always work perfectly. Only the pictures with two cameras are not really convincing. We hope that Kodak will once again improve the stitching software for merging the frames.