Download Driver PCTV TripleStick 292e

Download Driver PCTV TripleStick 292e

PCTV TripleStick 292e Driver Download. This is about the one laptop tv tuner on sale within the UK which helps DVB-T2, which is required for receiving the Freeview HD channels. I purchased this for my MythTV process after reading that drivers had been written and initially I needed to assemble and set up them myself, however from Kernel 3.0 they are incorporated that i'm using Ubuntu Linux which has help for this tuner developed in.

PCTV TripleStick 292e DVB Driver Download
The PCTV Systems DVB-T2 292e is an excellent piece of kit for MythTV, it gets a greater reception than my exisiting Nova-T 500 card and is extra handy as it's USB rather than PCI the extra latest motherboards have phased out the PCI slot in favour of a PCIe one, so it is less complicated to upgrade a motherboard without stressful which slots are on it. The one downside is that it can be only a single tuner, but in MythTV that you could create more than one virtual tuners to report multiple tv channel from a single tuner, so long as the channels are on the same multiplex.

PCTV TripleStick 292e TV Tuner Driver Download
PCTV TripleStick 292e Driver Download

Download DVB Driver PCTV TripleStick 292e
On the second i'm making use of this in tandem with my Nova-T 500 card to have a whole of 6 tuners, but eventually I intend to switch the Nova-T with one more this sort of, normally concerning the time I will be looking for a more powerful mini-ITX motherboard. In case you are looking to add Freeview HD channels to your MythTV set-up then that is about the only alternative you have, at the moment, and in case you are utilising a Linux kernel 3.0 or do not intellect compiling your possess drivers for it then it practically works 'out of the field' in as a lot as something below Linux works 'out of the box'. 

Download Driver TV Tuner PCTV TripleStick 292e
Without some other configuration I set the EPG to document "The Hour" in each Digital freeview and HD each recording while. There was once no clash with tuner precedence and both programs recorded. What a difference in HD! Yes, both photo and sound was once noticely higher than the common digital freeview recording. With my set up I will be able to now report 4 digital freeview channels or three digital freeview and 1 HD channel even as valuable routinely.

Download Driver Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q

Download Driver Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q Driver Download. I've this WinTV-HVR-955Q TV Tuner related to a Raspberry Pi 2 jogging the TvHeadEnd PVR application. My Raspbian Linux OS already has the driving force constructed in and the gadget is right away recognized. I did, nonetheless, must down load the right firmware file for the tuner from the web. I connected my home made HD antenna to the tuner and i get 33 channels. And I also tried it out on my home windows 7 desktop and it worked great there as well right out of the box. There is not any have to go out and find firmware documents if you will run this on home windows. The potent how small electronics have grow to be over the last few many years.

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q TV Tuner Driver Download
I think it is a wonderful illustration of the extra for much less computer industry, I wanted a alternative for an older hauppauge tuner card that regardless of how i tried I couldn’t get it to work under Linux. In most cases I watch streaming television and don’t want a tuner but over this iciness season we've got misplaced web a number of times and even though I could go to the dwelling room and watch tv i might choose to not. This device performs well with Linux mint 17.1 out of the box utilizing every application I might throw at it. Each the digital and analogue work excellent and being plug and play set up is tremendous simple.

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q Software & Driver Download
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q Driver Download

Download TV Tuner Driver Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q
I seriously would have given 5 stars other then the fact it runs rather warm and that bothers me slightly. It doesn’t seem to intellect being plugged into a USB hub some contraptions do. If the warmness kills it i'll update this however or else a pleasant gadget. So this WinTV-HVR-955Q can be a high-quality tuner/ video recorder. It's thoroughly compatible with Vista and home windows Media center. The far flung manipulate is convenience and works excellent with home windows Media middle. It very nearly transforms your laptop/desktop into a HDTV plus a digital recorder process.

Download Driver TV Tuner Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q
Strong hardware configuration like CPU, memory and hard disk is strongly recommended. Recording 1 hour of HD contents in 720p/1080i in windows The Media middle requires 6 GB of tough disk area. The software package is excellent but I opt for windows Media core. WinTV-HVR-955Q works exceptional. My best grievance is the adapter is instead significant so when you've got aspect by facet USB ports, you is probably not ready to use the other one even as that is plugged in.

Download Driver AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q H837

Download Driver AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q H837

AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q H837 Driver Download. Totally, it is a best product for those who need, it use it with windows Media middle as a substitute of the integrated application and purchase an outside antenna to obtain VHF channels, don't intellect that the tip of the product will get very hot when observing tv. Some thing repeated within the other studies is that the product will get very scorching when it's running. That is proper, and it involved me once I was purchasing it when you consider that I used to be involved how it might influence the life of the product. At this point, i've had this product for more than two years, and it's real that it gets very hot when gazing tv.

AVerMedia AVerTV H837 TV Tuner Driver Download
Nonetheless, the part of the product that gets scorching is the very finish, the metal connection to the antenna. When you plug an antenna cable into the tuner, about 3 mm of the cable screw is left to uncovered to the air. This phase does get scorching, however as it's exposed, the warmth is probably launched outside of the tuner and on the very tip. I am not sure how so much fundamental circuitry is right near the cable screw, but many of the within the tuner--primarily the tip that plugs into the laptop runs cool.

AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q H837 Software Download
Download Driver AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q H837

Download Driver AVerMedia AVerTV VHybrid Q H837
The opposite challenge with the hardware on this product is that the antenna isn't superb at interested by VHF channels, and there are colossal, obvious jitters for UHF channels when the antenna is used indoors. I are living 9 miles from the towers in a flat, urban subject and still had problems indoors. Nevertheless, an historic television antenna that I had laying around didn't work a lot better for UHF stations. In order antennas go, the UHF reception on the included antenna is beautiful just right.

Download Driver AVerMedia AVerTV Volar H837
The actual obstacle with the antenna is its very vulnerable potential to acquire VHF alerts. I believe that you would have the identical predicament with some other small VHF antenna. You want huge rabbit ears to receive many VHF alerts, period, and the incorporated antenna has handiest small rabbit ears. I reside 9 miles from the towers and was unable to receive some VHF channels at all.

Download Driver MyGica A681 TV Tuner

Download Driver MyGica A681 TV Tuner

MyGica A681 Driver Download. I have the older TV tuner, a Diamond tvUSB which is worked first-class with my Window OS, however refused to play effectively with home windows 10 so i knew it used to be time for a brand new television tuner for my HTPC. This MyGica works however it is not plug and play to start with on Win10 sixty four-bit. You can have got to plug within the usb stick, go into device manager and you'll see the yellow exclamation driver missing error for this hardware. Click on on install drivers from CD. This incorporated CD has the drivers sixty four and 32 bit that you need. So it took me all of three minutes to get this television tuner installed.

MyGica A681 TV Tuner Driver Download
Thankfully the included CD additionally comes with free program TotalMedia to look at and document over the air television. TotalMedia is an effortless no-frills strategy to work with your tuner. I exploit Jriver Media middle but i've heard NextPVR is yet another just right one. I haven't used the incorporated antenna given that i already have a larger powered one but this tuner is the actual deal and works first-rate on windows 10.

MyGica A681 Driver and Software Download
MyGica A681 TV Tuner Driver

Download TV Tuner Driver MyGica A681
The Tuner works flawlessly on my desktop which is an older laptop, so now i will watch and document my indicates with it. The one main issue i've with the item is the software which works fine besides for one object and it used to be the one item I wanted so badly. The internet EPG carrier thru TitanTV does now not work. So I have tried the whole lot and had no luck. Don't expect an reply from MyGica aid they're non-existant. I have emailed them three times with no reply.

Download Driver TV Tuner MyGica A681
And after contacting mygica on their discussion board and inquiring about epg they produced a repair and the brand new application works high-quality! Overall this TV Tuner is very handy mounted and labored good for windows 8.1. The antenna might be hooked up on computer case conveniently. It took a at the same time for searching channels. You have got to be sufferer to attend the outcomes.

Download Driver MyGica A681 Already support WINDOW 10
Download Driver August DVB-T208 TV Tuner

Download Driver August DVB-T208 TV Tuner

August DVB-T208 Driver Download. I bought a used version as I have already got a working dual tuner satellite card jogging underneath WMC Win 7 64bit. It used to be an test to peer HD Freeview on the identical pc. The offered ArcSoft application is just a few generations in the back of brand new today's ArcSoft application. It also gave different services that I had no want for e.G. Pics and song dealing with. Unluckily the television services were not rather usable. The application didn't in finding all the to be had stations 129, finding most effective in 77.

August DVB-T208 TV Tuner Driver Download
There seemed to be no way of manually discovering the lacking ones! The sign coming to the tuner is from a high powered roof prime aerial and distribution system which feeds other TVs and rooms. This used to be now not due to a susceptible signal! One more stressful bug used to be that the EPG was once flooded with chinese characters making reading or scheduling impossible. Regardless of deep Google searches of August web page and ArcSoft, there was no answer available in the market. So I deserted the in-the-field software.

August DVB-T208 Driver and Software Download
August DVB-T208 Driver Download

Download TV Tuner Driver August DVB-T208
I tried a trial of DVB Viewer professional application which right away observed all of the 129 stations like television,information and radio available in my subject. The EPG used to be utterly populated for 8 days and scheduling was a dream. I bought the full variant for £thirteen and can now use the August tuner for the whole lot i would like. The image nice and many others is great, as one would expect from a HD tuner.

Download Driver TV Tuner August DVB-T208
The August hardware works well and deserves 5 stars but giving the bad ArcSoft TotalMedia software with it is a bad transfer.So overall I award 4 stars. The hardware would work well with WMC, as others have said. However i have reserved WMC for my satellite tv for pc tuners. DVB Viewer pro shows that this diminutive tuner can work good and the tuner's low fee represents a cut price. I didn't count on much from this little stick. But i am now a believer. I exploit a usb amplified aerial and its just right image and documents great.

Download Driver August DVB-T208 for LINUX
Download Driver and Software August DVB-T208 for Mac OS X
Download Driver and Software August DVB-T208 for WINDOW
Download Driver August DVB-T210 TV Tuner

Download Driver August DVB-T210 TV Tuner

August DVB-T210 Driver Download. I bought this receiver usually attracted by means of its cost and mac compatibility. It is suitable to macs very well and works well. However the design could be very poor certainly the connection of the coaxial wit the predominant physique. This is a relatively flimsy connection that took not up to every week to snap. I constant it temporarily most effective to snap again the following day. So at this point the obtained went to the rubbish bin and it passed away. It beats me how the brand allowed for this design flaw because that their prior mannequin, DVB-T202 is a a lot sturdier make. Anyway, the loss was once now not excellent nevertheless I will not be shopping a replacement any soon!

August DVB-T210 TV Tuner Driver Download
I certainly purchased a substitute as after a quick study I was once unable to search out something near the same variety to work for a mac. This time nevertheless I provide you with a plan! I encased the tuner at the side of the coaxial inside of a polythene sleeve, reinforced with urethane resin. In other words I transformed the whole procedure to a superb flash pressure looking dongle that it is virtually indestructible. I've uploaded an photo on the product description. On the other hand in the event you can not damage proof the tuner things twice before you purchase!

August DVB-T210 Driver And Software Download
Download Driver August DVB-T210 TV Tuner

Download TV Tuner Driver August DVB-T210
This Dongle is terrific! Utilising it with home windows 7 and windows Media Centre. It's plug and play with Win7. The CD is an 8cm cd and would not slot in my laptops slot-load pressure so hasn't even been out the sleeve. The small aerial supplied works fine if you're outside. I take advantage of it to observe television on my computing device within the vehicle.

Download Driver TV Tuner August DVB-T210
The image results is first-class is flawless and using media center it files nice, time shifts and it automatically documents what you're staring at so that you may rewind it when you miss it or forget to pause it when the door goes. That is more often than not considering that of the media center software however it all works high-quality given that of this best dongle. I would endorse this to any one who wishes to make use of it outside or in the vehicle or a caravan with the move-able aerial. Or to be used indoors its fine as long as you have got a roof/loft aerial.

Download Driver August DVB-T202 TV Tuner

Download Driver August DVB-T202 TV Tuner

August DVB-T202 Driver Download. I upgraded my workplace to consolidate my historical tower pc and laptop to a single laptop and large LED screen I was left with no Freeview HD tuner, this was once a disgrace as mostly even as I work it is excellent to watch a tv program or have the radio playing. This little device works a treat! I might endorse that it is best to connect it to a decent outside aerial from your residence instead than the small aerial offered however as opposed to that it is satisfactory.

August DVB-T202 TV Tuner Driver Download
The playback is 5 stars, the motive that i'm giving it 4 stars is that the provided software isn't that excellent, yes it is realistic however it appears to scramble all of the channels right into a random order and does no longer get the channel numbers right also many channel names appeared to be in chinese. I take advantage of mine with home windows media core which personally is much better. I re-iterate although, for the first-class of photograph, playback and reliability on a roof prime aerial it is a 5 famous person product which i might advise to associates.

August DVB-T202 TV Tuner Driver & Software Download
August DVB-T202 TV Tuner Driver

Download TV Tuner Driver August DVB-T202
Established it on a Thinkpad laptop with 1.8GHz going for walks in WINDOW which went smoothly. Nonetheless, after I tried to fire up the program I had a message "set up DirectX 9.Zero or greater" which I did. Nonetheless bought the equal messsage after set up, how worrying was once that so I emailed the support line. They answered rapidly, and have been very useful. Finally, the hindrance turned out to be in the registry, despite the fact that DirectX 9.Zero had installed, the registry entry had no longer been rewritten very likely a Microsoft or IBM malicious program.

Download Driver TV Tuner August DVB-T202
After using Regedit to change the entry, the TotalMedia application fired up effectually. Utilizing my rooftop aerial, all the stations autotuned accurately; program works really good, simple GUI, very versatile, it does much more than just television/Radio and i have not yet tried the recording facility, but I assume all amenities to work as well as the fundamental functions. For a price range cost, this works "straight out of the box" when you have DirectX 9.Zero established. Even entails a far off, not like the extra pricey one I had purchased beforehand!

Version 1.0

Version 2.0
Download Driver USB PCTV SYSTEMS Memory picoStick 74e Gold

Download Driver USB PCTV SYSTEMS Memory picoStick 74e Gold

Download Driver USB PCTV SYSTEMS Memory picoStick 74e Gold. Watch HD TV in your laptop or PC with USB PCTV SYSTEMS Memory picoStick 74e Gold. This device will give you HD Video satisfaction, Support many WINDOW OS and easy to install, The USB PCTV 74e picoStick Memory Systems is the world's smallest tuner. Elegant in its small metal sheath, the picoStick 74e lets you receive and record chains HD digital TV on your computer. The picoStick 74e consumes little power and with TVCenter 6 software included can control directly with TimeShift. So simple and effective!

Product Information: Device Type: DVB-T. Interface Type: Hi-Speed USB. Digital Video Format: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVB, DivX, H.264. Interfaces: 1 x TV antenna - input - MCX. Details of the system requirements: Windows XP - Pentium 4 to 2 GHz - RAM 256 MB | Windows Vista - Pentium 4 to 2 GHz - RAM 512 MB.

Download Driver USB PCTV SYSTEMS Memory picoStick 74e Gold
Device Type DVB-T and Compatibility Compatible with MS Windows XP Media Center, compatible with MS Windows Vista Media Center. Enclosure Type External with Interface Type Hi-Speed USB.
Width 1.2 cm and Depth 3.5 cm.
Location France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain

Form Factor External: Digital Video Format MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVB, DivX, H.264
Audio Input Support Standard. Features USB 2.0 compatibility, time shift function, teletext, Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Type Digital radio tuner - integrated. Input Mode Stereo. Interfaces 1 x TV antenna - input - MCX
Connections 1 x Hi-Speed USB - 4 PIN USB Type A

Included Accessories TV aerial. Cables Included 1 x antenna adapter | 1 x USB extension cable
USB powered device properties. Certified for Windows Vista "Compatible with software and devices Windows 7" carry Microsoft's assurance that these products have passed tests for compatibility and reliability with Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

Software Included Drivers & Utilities, Pinnacle TVCenter OS Required Microsoft Windows Vista / XP and Peripheral / DVD-ROM interface, Hi-Speed USB, sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card with DirectX 9.0. Details of the system requirements Windows XP - Pentium 4 to 2 GHz - RAM 256 MB | Windows Vista - Pentium 4 to 2 GHz - RAM 512 MB.

Download Driver USB PCTV SYSTEMS for Win XP, Vista, Win 8 and Win 7