Asus USB-AC68 Driver, Manual, Review and Download

Asus USB-AC68 Driver, Manual, Review and Download

Download Driver Asus USB-AC68 for Windows 32-bit/64-bit. I wanted a good WLAN adapter for my PC that could handle data volumes and speeds as well as LAN. I accepted the high price and in my eyes got what I expected.

Asus USB-AC68 Review

The Asus USB-AC68 adapter gives me the same performance that I would achieve with a cable without causing great disconnections or other problems. Signal strength is almost continuously at 100%, ping is good in multiplayer games and even if I run several data-intensive applications such as Discord + Online Game + YouTube in the background, the speed is always there, no crashes. I will still experiment with the 5GHz frequency range to increase the speed further, let's see how the adapter performs. In any case, the review will be updated if negative features are expressed over time.

The stick has power. He's bigger than others but he runs, you have to say. At last, almost all of the router's performance arrives at the PC. Other sticks before were always weaker and only 50-60% of the performance reached the PC. And they were already with an extra antenna.

The Asus USB-AC68 is around 95% and that’s an announcement. It's easy to install and Windows will recognize it without any problems. There are also no interruptions or other wifi. It costs a little more than others, but the price is worth it!

Asus USB-AC68 Driver, Manual, Review and Download

Asus USB-AC68 Test

Since I get WiFi from the neighbor who lives offset below me, it's a bit of a challenge for WiFi to maintain a decent connection here. I really tested a lot of sticks, TP-Link, FritzWlan, 0815 from Ebay - now it's Asus' turn for a little more money.

I operate the stick on a 10m USB cable which doesn't just work without hurdles. The option "BEAMcap" must be deactivated in this scenario, otherwise it is dead pants. USB3.0 is not possible in this case, which is not necessarily a disadvantage and the performance is good. All the other sticks I used before worked, but with some drawbacks. I struggled with inconsistent downloads / uploads, occasional disconnections and sometimes unsatisfactory and compulsive software.

Positive about the Asus USB-AC68 AC1900:

  • The stick offers many device settings
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Attractive design
  • Full download and upload rate
  • Download / upload are very stable, as is the connection rate.
  • No software required

You get a really well thought-out product here, which is convincing across the board. There is no software, just a driver. And I like that very much! With many other WLAN sticks, it is imperative to install proprietary bloatware in order to be able to enjoy the full (and smooth) range of functions. For me, this WLAN stick is the best of all those I have tested before, and this in all respects. In light of this, I think the price is okay / the product is not overpriced. So I am very satisfied and I recommend the stick without hesitation!

Unfortunately, the WLAN of my Thinkpad T430s is defective. The antenna module is not and further repairs would be pointless in terms of costs. Then I discovered this stick a few days ago and ordered it on good luck.

Asus USB-AC68 Pros:

1. The Nano AC1200 is very small and does not interfere in any way with the laptop when carrying it back and forth, in the bag or even on the sofa

2. Cannot bend due to the size

3. Due to the 802.11ac, standard and 5Ghz frequency operation are included the full 130Mbit that was booked with UM on my laptop.

Asus USB-AC68 Cons:

- Price quite high so

Asus USB-AC68 Driver

The processing consists of solid plastic. Clean and without defects. The stick was recognized immediately. It didn't need a driver or anything. Enter the WiFi code, done. So straightforward.

Now to the performance. Before that, my WiFi was always bad or there were failures, decoupling or I had to plug the stick in and out. That was my problem with the previous Fritz BoX Wlan Stick.

Now that I have the Asus Stick, there hasn't been a single case. I am completely convinced and the stick does a great job. As if it were a real magnet with reinforcement. Use the USB stick on my desktop PC and it is completely easy to install and does its job as it should. since I don't have a super fast line, I don't get more than a 16,000 line over DSL, it is perfect for me. If I use my cell phone as a mobile hotspot, 87 Mbit / s are no problem for the stick.

I have had this stick for a month because the Ethernet connection via the power grid in our house in my room seems to have only an extremely poor bandwidth.

In the best case, our Internet runs at a download rate of 20 megabytes, which I clearly missed with an average of 5 megabytes.

That's why I've now bought a WiFi stick and even though I'm sitting one floor above the router, it always delivers the full bandwidth with a full connection and also a consistently good ping for online games, which is also up to 10 MS better than Ethernet.

The whole, coupled with the fact that you practically only have to connect the stick and the rest installs and adjusts itself, are definitely full 5 stars for me.

Asus USB-AC68 Manual

I was put on the stick by a friend and have never had problems with reception so far, it is easy to install and even looks quite stylish in the socket.

The Asus USB-AC68 driver installation is almost self-explanatory and can also be carried out by laypersons.

The processing can now be argued. I think it's good and I can't fault it, but others may be put off by the plastic. Admittedly, it's in my socket next to the computer and it's never moved.

To decide whether a built-in WLAN antenna or an external one: it doesn't really matter, but I have significantly better reception with the device than a friend with an integrated one, but opinions are divided.

Download Asus USB-AC68 Driver and Manual

Asus Support Drivers & Tools

Asus USB-AC68 Manual

Asus USB-AC68 Driver for Windows 10 32-bit

Asus USB-AC68 Driver for Windows 10 64-bit

NETGEAR WNDA3100V3 Firmware and Software Free Download

NETGEAR WNDA3100V3 Firmware and Software Free Download

NETGEAR WNDA3100-200PES N600 802.11n Dual Band (three hundred/300 Mbps) Wi-Fi USB Adapter. NETGEAR Genie makes set up almost easy. Genie additionally permits you to effortlessly screen, join and manipulate your own home community from a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android tool.

  • Wirelessly surf, email, circulation HD video, on-line game and internet smartphone calls
  • Less interference and better connections
  • High velocity and range than other USB wireless-N adapters

NETGEAR WNDA3100V3 Firmware and Software Download

Faster Wi-Fi speeds three hundred/300 - up to 600 Mbps.

  • Dual band avoids interference for reliable connections
  • Faster Wi-Fi speeds 300/three hundred - up to six hundred Mbps
  • Works with any Wi-Fi router or modem router
  • Faster downloads
  • Push N Connect - push button security
  • Reliable and like minded
  • Easy setup with NETGEAR Genie

The Netgear driver for Win 10 required to connect to 5GHz is shockingly terrible. It disconnects non prevent. Just gave up ultimately. Windows 10 will set up a set of drivers for 2.4GHz connections and that they work pleasant but beats the entire point of having an AC well matched dongle.

Software and Firmware NETGEAR WNDA3100V3 Version Download
Wisetiger WT-AC9008 WLAN STICK Driver Free Download

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 WLAN STICK Driver Free Download

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Review

The Wise Tiger Wifi adapter became a exceptional buy! My mother bought me this product for my birthday and that i need to say i surely find it irresistible. It's a long-variety wi-fi adapter used to reinforce alerts thoroughly. It boosted my connection sign from a 48 percent to a 100 percentage signal strength! I love to sport so i use mine for gaming and it is very small and easy to transport from pc to computer. This product is one of the best merchandise that has helped me enhance my connection reliably. 

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 driver

  • High velocity wifi adapter: 1200Mbps Wi-Fi speed with simultaneous 5GHz (867Mbps) and a pair of.4GHz (300Mbps) bands;The trick to Just ensure you install the software program FIRST then plugging the 1200Mbps AC wifi adapter in.
  • Powerful Dual Antenna: High Gain Long-Range 12dBi Antenna permit you to connect even when signals are susceptible.Can even get top indicators in the basement and attic.
  • Seamlessly Compatible: Supports Windows 10/eight.1/8/7/XP/Vista (32-bit/64-bit) MAC OS 10.12-10.5; backwards well matched with 802.Eleven a/b/g/n gadgets
  • WPS Button for quick wireless connection setup;Simple deploy.The trick to use this card is to install the motive force FIRST ,then plug the usb ac wireless adapter in
  • Backs up LIFETIME Warranty.You Will Get a New One If You're not Satisfied.You may get the driving force of the 1200Mbps wifi ac wifi adapter from the legitimate internet site, http://www.Sensible-tiger.Com/English/Product/3197845043.Html

Simple set up Long Range 1200Mbps wifi adapter​

  1. Easy to setup Just 3 minute:  Make sure you put in the software FIRST, then plugging the 1200Mbps AC wifi adapter in.
  2. High Speed:  802.11AC Newest WIFI Technology: WIFI speed up to  867Mbps(5GHz) and  300Mbps (2.4GHz).
  3. System Campatibility: Support for Windows Vista /7/eight/8.1/10/XP/MAC10.5 -10.12

Love this Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Drivers. I changed into having plenty of problem with 3 roommates all using the equal network and I always ended up getting the worst of the two.4 sign. I plugged this in and did the speed test at the 5.Ghz channel and my speeds are up to a hundred and ten mbps download and a 24 mbps add pace. Before they had been constantly sitting at 10 to 20 and being very inconsistent. All of my video games are now downloading in half-hour rather than 3 hours. I additionally were given a free excessive pace charger with this as a gift so that turned into actually nice. Great product and carrier!

Download Here Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008 for Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11
Download Here Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008 for Mac OS X 10.12
Download Here Wisetiger WT-AC9008 for Linux
Download Here Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008 for Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-64 bit)
Download Here Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008 for Windows 10 (32-64 bit)
Download Driver BrosTrend WNA016 AC600 WiFi USB Adapter

Download Driver BrosTrend WNA016 AC600 WiFi USB Adapter

BrosTrend WNA016 Driver Download. I have this BrosTrend WNA016 on my laptop 75 ft away from my Netgear N900 Router in a room above my garage and it's running flawlessly like I'm inside the equal room. Even thru the Drywall Ceiling and ground the signal eleven humans observed this helpful. I updgraded my Dell XPS 8700 to WIN 10 and had troubles with my mounted Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 wireless card intermittently losing my net connection, simply one of many problems with Windows 10, unluckily several instances a day. For  weeks I attempted to discern out the trouble. I have an MIS diploma and could not get to the bottom of it, besides that I suppose card/driver isn't always well matched with Windows 10.

BrosTrend WNA016 USB Wifi Driver Download
I eventually just were given tired of continuously having to go to the task supervisor to restart the offending stopped manner in WlanSvc or WLAN AutoConfig, and purchased this pup. I have been using it now for every week without a unmarried issue, so I'm very satisfied with the product. In Windows 10 set up had a terrible impact on my wireless adapter. Thanks to this product, I not have any problems with my net connections. The BrosTrend WNA016 works nicely and provides remarkable Internet get entry to. Using a hotspot modem, transferring from DSL, the rate went from 8 mbps and changed into paying for 12 mbps to 37 mbps and four times as speedy. The pace boom is incredible and the price is cheap.

BrosTrend WNA016 AC600 Driver Download
BrosTrend WNA016 Driver Download

Download Wifi Adapter Driver BrosTrend WNA016 AC600
The BrosTrend WNA016 WiFi USB receiver is one part of the whole package deal which makes for an super revel in. The BrosTrend WNA016 software program comes on a mini dvd which dropped right through one among my Blu-Ray / DVD drives however labored on my 2nd one. The problem is which you need to take a look at for the contemporary driving force on-line the packaging offers you the address if you want to use it on Windows 10. I mounted off the mini dvd after which the downloaded the BrosTrend WNA016 driver installation needed to eliminate it before putting in the new one.

Download Driver WiFi Adapter BrosTrend WNA016 AC600
You can solve your self problem on WIN 10 if you just download from here One individual determined this helpful. I try this BrosTrend WNA016 WiFi adaptor on my laptop near to my D-Link AC WiFi router, I find that the velocity I will get on 5Ghz is a good deal better than that on 2.4GHz even though. In order to work with my Windows 10, I ought to go to their legit internet site to down load the present drivers, I think it would be ideal if they might placed it inside the CD immediately.

Download Driver Edimax EW-7612UAn

Download Driver Edimax EW-7612UAn

Edimax EW-7612UAn Driver Download. After I also some time ago on my blog (link in my profile) reported about it, I would also like to share my experiences with the Edimax WLAN Stick. Actually, I am not so the fan of WLAN, use as far as I can rather cable and if necessary synonymous DLAN over the electricity network. But right now after a move to a new house, the DLAN (Powerline) has not cut as desired. Although I was able to rebuild my network as desired: office - bedroom - living room, however, in the living room then the data rate was no longer out to play smoothly HD content.

Edimax EW-7612UAn WLAN Driver Download
And for me to lay a network cable specially for never came into question, so now had a WLAN solution. After I had already tested for the purposes of the WLAN stick of Edimax, I ordered it twice. And now he does exactly the same thing with me: he connects my Raspberry PI 2 in the living room with my home network (router TP-Link AC1750), which stands 3 rooms (about 20 meters) further.

Edimax EW-7612UAn Driver Download

Edimax EW-7612UAn Driver Download

Download WLAN Driver Edimax EW-7612UAn
Everything works fine, the connection is stable and the data rate is perfectly fine. Now it also works again with the HD streaming of Blu-ray's & Co. For use with Raspberry PI's be said the following: It is currently the best WLAN stick, there is for it. It is really easy to recognize and does not have to be activated by any other drivers (openELEC / KODI) and is therefore ideally suited for use at the PI Media Center. It also has a low power consumption of just 0.8 watts.

Download Driver WLAN Edimax EW-7612UAn
It can therefore be operated without an active USB hub directly at the PI, if a suitable power supply of 2,000 mAh is connected. I can only recommend the Edimax WLAN Stick. Pay the few more euros, you will not regret it. If you have any questions just let me know, otherwise simply go to the blog. I hope my review was helpful and helps to make the right purchase decision.

Download Firmware and Software Netgear WNDA3100v3

Download Firmware and Software Netgear WNDA3100v3

Netgear WNDA3100v3 Firmware and Software Download. The USB connection cable is also included in the scope of delivery of the stick, since the stick itself may not fit into the slot of the TV close to the HDD connector. In my 42er TV was it anyway, so I hanged the stick to the cable. Everything works wonderfully, VIERA CONNECT and the media server services of the TV are thus quickly and easily usable. So at least for this purpose perfect WLAN stick. I bought this Netgear WNDA3100v3 W-Lan Stick since I read in a forum, that this module also goes for Panasonic TV. I have a Pana 42GW20 and I have to say it works perfectly. It is very fast and works up to now very reliable. The original price is doubled. Just to recommend! Bought, connected, booted and worked.

Netgear WNDA3100v3 WLAN Firmware and Software Download
I have this WLAN dongle for my Raspberry Pi fetched, it is detected automatically when booting Raspbian Linux and can be easily integrated into the existing WLAN via the "WiFi Config" surface (do not forget to update the MAC filter list). According to Linux works here a Realtek RTL8188CUS, is supported 801.11bgn. The Netgear WNDA3100v3 dongle, however, is quite warm in operation. So far I could not find any failures, although I the Raspberry over VNC remote control and the dongle is therefore in continuous operation. Should changes occur, this review will be adapted.

Netgear WNDA3100v3 Firmware and Software Download

Netgear WNDA3100v3 Driver Download

Download WLAN Firmware and Software Netgear WNDA3100v3
Delivered by Amazon and was however a lapprige, open plastic bag, which contained beside the donging dongle still a CD and a guidance booklet. A reference to "Bulk-Ware" is not found here, therefore: B-Ware? However, since this is not to be charged to the device, there is no point deduction, very well for the heat development. On USB 2.0 ports everything is good. The possible ac-WLAN data rate is however technically limited by the lower USB 2.0 data rate.

Download Firmware and Software WLAN Netgear WNDA3100v3
If some consumers may not notice, the stick is also exceptionally fast. This can and must go faster. Only on a USB 3.0 port can the stick unfold the full ac-WLAN speed potential, which is also advertised. On (intel) USB 3.0 ports the stick works, but it is only recognized as a USB 2.0 device, which can be checked with the free "USB Device Tree Viewer" tool, but also shows the data rates , Which continue to reach only USB 2.0 level.

Download Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Wlan Stick

Download Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Wlan Stick

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Driver Download. Even after several years, current desktop computers are only rarely equipped with WLAN. Of course, you can buy a small Wlan-Stick for about 10 Euro, but the integrated antennas are mostly weak. That's why I decided immediately for this antenna, since I hoped to get a strong transmitting power / receive power. The Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Wlan adapter comes in a cardboard box with a colored illustrated instruction manual. The adapter and the supplied cable are well processed and look high quality. There is also a mini-CD for the driver installation included. Attention! CD is really "mini", only in removable drives, not in drives where the disc is inserted through a slot.

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 WLAN Driver Download
The assembly is done in a few hands. Then the adapter can be installed at a good transmitting position and connected to the PC with the cable. The installation ran smoothly with the supplied CD. I could then connect to my Wlan network. My computer is a little further from the router. Nevertheless, the transmission power / reception performance is really very good. The antennas can be aligned directly to the router. So I had a really good reception despite the distance.

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Driver Download

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Driver Download

Download Wlan Stick Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008
Overall, I can only recommend the Wlan adapter. Although this costs more than twice the normal Wlan-Sticks, but you get a much better range and transmission power. This really pays off in a smooth reception of the Wan. If you liked my review and I helped you with your purchase decision, I would be very happy about a "helpful". After 1 week of use, unfortunately, problems have increased. First of all there were repeated connections and the stick was no longer reliably detected. I have already tried it with new installations and switching from the USB ports. The problems nevertheless occurred. Now the stick is only extremely rarely recognized and can not be used properly.

Download Driver Wlan Stick Wisetiger WT-AC9008
I'll send him back now. Therefore I have to change my review to 1 star. I put myself in the garage a PC because I sometimes have to read my car and I need an internet connection. Unfortunately, I'm in the garage but only a bad signal strength. I then took this wlanstick. The installation of the stick is not a problem with the enclosed installation CD. The signal strength is now just before full volume and thus this optimally fulfills the purpose for me. I had to adjust the antennas a bit, but thanks to the joints is no problem.

Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0

Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0

Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 Driver Download. I have this Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for a few years and am very satisfied. Reach with the stick approx. 285 Mbps, which nearly approached the advertised value of 300 Mbps. Good product, even if it is not the most robust and must be watched, the Cap not to lose or to lay. I wish this stick also for USB 3.0. After this Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 the mind had given up on my PC, I have an older mini-stick from the drawer rummaged. Since it has proven itself to have older drivers still stored on an external HD.

Hama USB Wireless Driver Download
Via the device manager (Win 10/64) installed, I had again connection to the router, but rather badly than right. So different comparison tests read, amazed at Amazon, I decided to Hama, bought, latest driver (00062740 / Wireless LAN USB 2.0 Stick 300 Mbps - WIN 8-64bit - [1,74 MB] downloaded from Hama, installed and Really stunned: Even directly s.PC inserted I have full signal strength, and the various downloads among other things with Steam better than ever before.

Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 Driver Download

Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 Driver Download

Download WLAN-Stick Driver Hama USB 2.0
I am completely satisfied with the Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0. Keeps what it promises have no problem 5 stars Top product. Keep it up. I have bought this WLAN stick to a friend, who lives a row of houses, during a provider exchange Wi-Fi to lend. The thing has lasted 2 weeks in the tree snow and windy winter weather. The only thing I have done before is the LED holes. Also the reception and the transmission was good despite great distance. Sends with 2 antennas super through 3 walls!

Download Driver WLAN-Stick Hama USB 2.0
I have in the meantime bad reception because 5 floors with WLAN and each 5 people with smartphones send a few interfering signals. But with the HAMA I get loose still 200Mbit / s. Unfortunately, the part is very large and sticks to my PC close up front. Of course, I ran the same time on the contrary; Plastic sheath broken and completely bent and always works!! The Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 has earned 10 stars!

Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9
Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for Mac OS X 10.3/10.4
Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for Mac OS X 10.5/10.6
Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for WINDOW VISTA (32/64-bit)
Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for WINDOW 7 (32/64-bit)
Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for WINDOW 8 (32-bit)
Download Driver Hama WLAN-Stick USB 2.0 for WINDOW 8 (64-bit)
Download Driver Alfa AWUS1900 USB WLAN

Download Driver Alfa AWUS1900 USB WLAN

Alfa AWUS1900 Driver Download. This Alfa network adapter works well. This article is intended to connect a Windows, Linux or Apple Mac computer / laptop to a WLAN network if the existing network adapters do not work, do not exist or have not enough power (= range and connection quality). The connection is made with a USB cable. (3.0). The product is as usual Alfa used, comes in the original packaging with USB 3.0 cable, the installation CD and a short manual, and two antennas.

Alfa AWUS1900 WLAN Driver Download
The Alfa AWUS1900 network adapter increases the range of WLAN reception drastically and also with the new standard. 802.11ac. In the field test I have a successful and usable connection to a WLAN which is about 400m away can be created with the enclosed original antennas. Further successful connection tests: Test 1) ca 50m away between two cars with the normal antennas, by 2x single car glass windows, maximum approx. 10MB / s. Test 2) ca 300m away with Alfa 14dBi MIMO panel antenna, by 2x simple glass Windows, a concrete wall in maximum approx. 11MB / s.

Alfa AWUS1900 USB WLAN Driver Download
Alfa AWUS1900 Driver Download

Download WLAN Driver Alfa AWUS1900
Test 3) approx. 150m away to a restaurant on the other side of the street from the car (so 1x car wash) as well as double glazing of the building to the router and connection with about 8-9MB / s. Test 4) approx. 1000m away with 24dBi Alfa Parabol antenna through 2x simple glass windows to a public WLAN which had a direct line of sight apart from some people and flowers: approx. 6MB / s. The WLAN connection quality and range is the right one Software drivers one of the most important criteria.

Download Driver WLAN Alfa AWUS1900
There are a variety of driver and software versions for this adapter. I have tested several drivers under Windows, Mac OS and Linux and find that the adapter basically works everywhere. In case of connection problems you can uninstall all drivers and then download / install a new one at Alfa. There are constantly new driver variants.

Download Driver ZyXEL NWD6505 USB WLAN

Download Driver ZyXEL NWD6505 USB WLAN

ZyXEL NWD6505 Driver Download. This one is very easy setup, fast and stable connection under 2.4 and 5 GHz. Successfully tested with Asus, Netgear and Linksys. Can not recommend without a doubt. Property over the Telekom the new ZyXel rout getten and since then I had very strong problems with the Internet speed and the continuity of my connection. I have therefore the ZyXel WLAN stick added, in the hope that now these errors disappear, since the devices of a brand usually have no compatibility problems. With success. In addition, this stick delivers with a bandwidth of 5 GHz, which is especially necessary for high and real-time data rates. ZyXEL NWD6505 Pro: Easy Plug and Play in 300 Mbit / s maximum data throughput, no other interfaces on the device and no tag light on the device. Con: can be inserted wrongly by mistake.

ZyXEL NWD6505 WLAN Driver Download
I have replaced the WL0084 at the Raspberry Pi now by this, the WL0084 often had connection bins, as soon as the Pi stood in the next room. The Zyxel has a much better reception quality and runs easily at the Pi. ZyXEL NWD6505 runs under Linux (Ubuntu and Debian) with an open source driver. According to my Fritz box reached the stick in the 5 GHz WLAN between 500 and 800 Mbit / s.

ZyXEL NWD6505 USB WLAN Driver Download
ZyXEL NWD6505 Driver Download

Download WLAN Driver ZyXEL NWD6505
A clear purchase recommendation! And nowhere in the manual you can find a note. If you want to use the included USB extension, Windows will no longer recognize the stick. The WlanStick works only if you open the antenna (see product picture). Quasie like an on / off switch. This is not really good, because there is the danger of bending or tearing the antenna. Since Zyxel should improve. Conclusion: 

Download Driver WLAN ZyXEL NWD6505
If you run the stick on a stationary PC, you may overlook the negative points, but for notebook / laptop owner this could be a problem. I'd rather have to use a different stick. As an alternative would be the Netgear Dual Band N600 WLAN Adapter USB 2.0 (300 + 300 Mbps) which is also suitable for online games and the price / performance would be preferable to the Zyxel. Installation and handling of Netgear is also easier for beginners to cope with.